Blue 13


It was well after midnight when they arrived at their destination, the club Alabaster located some distance from their hotel. Allura was surprised to see it was located in a somewhat respectable part of the city, with expensive looking stores and neon lit clubs lining the streets around it. Some of those clubs had long lines of people, they waited impatiently to get inside, though some gasped and pointed at Allura and her husband, recognizing them for the galactic infamy caused by the war between their two planets.

Someone even snapped a picture of them, Lotor growling in the photographer’s direction. Allura pulled on his arm, urging him to be calm, reasoning there was no harm in their picture being taken.

“All right Allura.” Lotor said, giving the cowering camera man one last vicious glare. “But stay close to me.”

“Yes, I will.” She promised, relaxing somewhat now that her husband wasn’t threatening innocent bystanders. She continued to hold onto his arm, walking side by side with Lotor as they moved past the line, heading towards club Alabaster. Just like in her dream, there was no clues to give away just what sort of establishment it really was. There was no windows to see inside the building, and no posters or pamphlets hung on the dark concrete walls.

They were untouched by graffiti, the only writing being the flashing neon letters above the door, bold cursive spelling out the club’s name. The doors themselves were silver, the pink and blue glow of the letters on it’s metal surface. A small red carpet lay in the space before the doors, with a roped off post that was guarded by two men dressed in black suits.

Dark as the night was, they wore black shades over their eyes, adding to their intimidating qualities. They were tall men, and muscular, their jackets straining to stay close over their broad chests. Allura’s eyes widened slightly when she saw the blasters on their hips, blantly out in the open as a warning to all to not cause trouble.

“Maybe this isn’t a good idea…” Allura said, coming to a halt while they were still a few feet from Alabaster’s entrance. Lotor paused when she did, but his eyes showed none of her concern. “This place….those men give off a dangerous vibe.”

“It’s nothing to worry about.” Lotor tried to reassure her. “They’re just there to protect both the customers and the entertainment from harm.” She cocked her head, frowning.

“What kind of harm could happen that they need those blasters?”

“Sometimes customers get carried away.” Lotor explained. “They don’t want to take no for an answer, they expect more from the entertainment then the dancers are willing to give.”

She thought that over, remembering words her nanny had said. “I thought they did more than just dance…I thought…well….that the dancers do sexual favors if the price is high enough.”

“Most clubs would lose their license if they sold sex like that.” Lotor told her. “Of course it happens some times, with less scrupleless owners and dancers, but a reputable club wouldn’t want to tarnish their image. They’d be strict to enforce policies.”

“You seem to know a lot about this type of club.” Allura was still frowning, wondering just how often Lotor visited strip clubs.

He actually looked flustered, Lotor’s voice sounding a bit gruff as he answered her. “I’ve been to a few.”

“I bet you have.” She murmured, wondering why she felt so displeased at the notion. What did she care what he had done before they were married? He was a man after all, and her nanny had always stressed how they had urges that were different from a woman’s.

“It’s all in the past.” Lotor said, then stepped forward. “And I’ll be here to protect you, so there’s no need to worry.”

“That just makes me worry more!” Allura exclaimed, wondering what she and her cousin had been thinking to end up at such a place. But she let him lead her forward, the two covering the last few feet to the club. The two men in shades looked at them, eyes hidden, lips pressed into a menacing grimace. She could feel their attention on her, looking her over from head to toe. It made her smile, a nervous one, Allura tightening her hold on Lotor’s arm.

Slowly, one nodded, Lotor and Allura having passed some kind of test. The other moved, unhooking the velvet rope, giving them access to the door. Awkwardly, she offered up her thanks, being dragged forward when Lotor moved.

The door opened at his touch, and she could hear the sounds of music playing, pulse pounding beats that would inspire fast and furious dancing. She nearly jumped when the door closed behind her, Lotor reaching to pat her hand in a reassuring manner. They were in a long hall, narrow in size with the walls giving an almost claustrophobic feel.

At the very end of the hall was a heavy curtain, the drape a deep red that prevented them from seeing what lay beyond it. There was no where to go but forward, Lotor walking at an unhurried pace to that hanging curtain. When they reached it, he brushed it aside, lifting it up high enough for Allura to duck under. She did so, and entered a room, seeing a wide open space with many doors leading off to the Gods only knew what.

At the very rear of the room, was a stage, a pole sat up in the center of it. A half naked girl hung suspended from that pole, neither one of her feet touching the ground as she swung herself through the air, There was another girl dancing, closer to the edge of the stage, dropping down to all fours to crawl closer to the gathered men and women there. They waved credits in the air, eager for her to take their money from them.

There was a staircase that split the room in half, a small dining area that was divided from the stage. But the tables were positioned in such a way as to be able to watch the show, people sitting there nursing drinks as they watched the gyrations of the two dancing women. Scantily clad waitresses move between the tables, offering drinks and food, while barely covered dancers approached lonely looking men, whispering in their ears. Sometimes the dancers left, with nothing more than a small tip in their hand. But other times they left with the approached man, taking off for one of those doors.

Allura glanced at the staircase, seeing it’s velvet lined steps leading up to another floor. She had a small flashback of traveling up those very steps and knew without a doubt, that not only were there balconies that overlooked the first floor’s stage, but another platform upon which well oiled men performed strip teases. Her breathing came faster, Allura recalling placing her hands on a slicked with oil chest, worshipful in her touches, her cousin trying to elbow her out of the way. Romelle’s hands had been full of credits, the princess eager to give them to the man who wore nothing but a snakeskin speedo.

She couldn’t believe she had been so shameless in touching a stranger, hearing the echoes of her and her cousin’s wild laughter. Voices squealed, and Allura realized with a start it was not a memory, but happening right now, three blondes, beautiful in an overdone way that hinted at enhancements that went beyond mere make up, running towards Lotor.

They surrounded Allura and her husband, dazzling, eager smiles on their faces as they cooed and squealed, reaching out to touch Lotor. He took it all in stride, calm and not quite smiling back at the ladies.

“Lotor!” One squealed, and she grabbed at his other arm, Allura noting her large breasts squishing around it. “You came back!”

“Ah….yes.” Lotor nodded, making no move to extract his arm from the blonde hussy’s grasp. “You remember me?”

“Oh Lotor…” said another, this one clad in bright green. “As if anyone could ever forget you!” She fluttered her eyelashes at him, flirtatious in her looks.

“It seems you made quite an impression here husband.” Allura said, jealously stressing his tie to her. She was still holding onto his arm, grasp almost too tight as she tried not to glare at these dancers.

“It seems I have.” Lotor agreed, his voice low. The women were still looking him over, licking their lips and trying to touch him. Allura felt this annoyed rage, wanting to slap at their hands, but she controlled herself.

“Lotor, come with us.” Begged the blonde holding onto his arm. “We’ll give you the best dance of your life!”

“Don’t let me stop you.” Allura’s tone was stiff when Lotor glanced at her, the girl releasing her husband’s arm. She didn’t want to stay to hear his answer, walking towards the stair case, head held high. High pitched giggles followed in her wake, Allura refusing to turn and look back at them.

Instead she began climbing the stairs, hand holding onto the copper railing so tight her knuckles turned white. She reached the top, and paused, looking around with interest at the scene here. There was more women than men here, finely dressed and clutching credits in their hands. They clustered around the stage where a handsome man with red hair and green eyes was currently teasing them, fingers playing with the laces of his skin tight black pants.

She wandered closer to the stage, trying to see if anyone looked familiar to her. She heard the voices of the crowd rise, the females squealing in excitement as the redhead got his pants open, the man doing a jerk that ripped them off his body. The remains of his pants went flying into the crowd, several women lunging to catch it. Only one came away victorious, holding up her prize, a smirk on her face.

Allura shook her head, not sure she understood the appeal of claiming this man’s pants, still wondering why she and her cousin would think this was a good idea. A table near the edge of the crowd was empty, the women preferring to stand as close as possible to the stage. Allura headed for that table, wanting to sit and just soak in the ambiance, but as she walked toward it, someone grabbed her around the waist.

She almost screamed, turning, ready with her hand. And saw a chiseled face that held deep set emerald eyes, with jet black hair hanging loose and shaggy around his face. Allura gasped, jaw dropping, recognizing him as the one from her memory. He smiled at her, eyes crinkling with warmth, which set her off blushing as she remembered being taken onto the stage by this man clad in his skimpy speedo.

He had danced with her, pressing up against her body, and moving his hands all over her. He had thrust and ground against her, dance erotic and suggestive, Allura wiggling her hips back against his barely covered groin. Romelle had pouted and glared, the man noticing and reaching out for her hand, scattering her credits on the stage’s platform. Both princess had ended up sandwiching him between them, wild and free as they danced.

She lowered her eyes, embarrassed by the memory, the man still smiling at her. “I’m glad to see you again.” He told her, and Allura wished she could say the same. “Are you here with your cousin?”

“Ah no….” Allura answered, shaking her head no.

“All alone this time?” He asked, still not having let go of her waist.

“Not exactly…” Allura told him, wondering what his name was.

“She’s with me.” Lotor’s voice, the prince having followed her up to this floor. She looked at him, noticing he had ditched the three blondes, but his eyes were on the man, noting the way his hand touched her hip. A low growl issued out of Lotor, the sound holding danger and violence in it. Allura hastily pulled away from the dancer, not wanting to see his blood shed.

“Ah…..this is my husband…” Allura said, hurrying to step between the two men.

“Your husband?” The dancer frowned, looking confused. “I thought your cousin was the one getting married.”

“She still is.” Allura replied, and glanced downwards. “Tomorrow in fact.”

“Oh.” A pause, then he continued. “What brings you two here? Out for a night of fun?”

“Something like that.” Allura said, not wanting to admit she couldn’t remember everything that had happened the night before.

“We were hoping to repeat the magic that we shared the other night we were here.” Lotor, his tone casual, placed an arm across her shoulders. She leaned into him, seeing the dancer nod.

“Understandable. I’ll tell you, you two really set this place on fire with your antics.” He chuckled then, his next words making Allura reddened in embarrassment. “I thought the two cousins were hot on their own, but when your wife hooked up with you…” A low whistle then, the dancer pretending to fan himself with his hand.

“Just what did we do?” Lotor asked, and the dancer snorted.

“Try asking what you didn’t do!”

Allura held back her moan, wondering just how badly she had embarrassed herself in this place. “You said the cousins were here on their own….does that mean we arrived separately?” She glanced at Lotor, who was staring at the dancer, waiting for an answer.

“Yeah. Don’t you remember?” The dancer shrugged. “Ah, I suppose you were petty wasted that night.”

“What can you tell us about it?” Allura asked, and the dancer hesitated.

“Ah….I’m still on my shift…I really need to be out on the floor…..”

“Understood.” Lotor said, and nudged Allura. “We will pay you for your time.” Grasping his meaning, she opened her purse, pulling out a large wad of credits. The dancer’s eyes widened, a flash of greed showing as she handed him the money.

“Let’s go over to one of the balconies.” The dancer said, and began leading them over to a curtain off area. Allura noticed it was a series of balconies that were hidden from the second floor stage, each one holding a comfortable chair or couch. The dancer gestured for Lotor and Allura to sit, the two sitting side by side on a couch. “So…” The dancer began, leaning causally against the balcony’s railing. “What is it you want to know?”

“Everything!” exclaimed Allura, and he laughed.

“That’s a tall order. I can only tell you what I know from the time of my shift.”

“Does that mean we were already here when you came out?” Lotor asked, and the dancer nodded.

“Yeah. From what I heard, you were here first.” He grinned at Lotor. “You were very popular with the ladies, and not just the dancers. I swear some of our customers wanted to molest you something awful. We had to move you up here to the balcony, hoping to hide you from sight but that’s when you ran into the cousins.”

“What happened then?” Allura urged him to continue, clasping her hands together on her lap.

“Well, the both of you had very different reactions. Your cousin kept right on dancing, turning her back on your husband, but you….you squealed so loud and practically flew off the stage.”

“They were on the stage?” Lotor asked, amused. He wasn’t so happy when the dancer nodded, smirking at the prince.

“Yeah. With me.”

“What did I do when I got off the stage?” Allura asked, trying to keep the conversation from veering off course.

“Well, you went running right towards him. You knocked over some of the customers in your haste to reach him, and when you got there, you threw yourself into his waiting arms.” The dancer chuckled quietly. “Frankly I never seen anyone climb up someone’s body so fast. You did it so naturally too, kissing and cooing at him.”

Allura blushed, trying not to imagine it. “Was…..was Lotor drunk at the time?”

“Yeah, he had already had a few before we went to move him. The ladies kept sending over free drinks to him. Seemed to really like his exotic looks and air of bad boy appeal.”

“What happened while Allura and I were kissing?” Lotor questioned, seeming just as curious as Allura.

“Well….you were kinda upsetting the other customers. The ladies were getting jealous that Allura could touch you. I thought we might have a mini riot break out on us. But you offered some money to the club owner, and we let you into one of the private rooms.”

“A private room?” echoed Allura, seeing the dancer nod.

“Yeah, one reserved for dancers and their customers.”

“Can…can you show us the room?” She asked hesitantly, giving a side long glance to Lotor. “The exact one we went into.”

“I could, but you’ll have to pay for it’s use just like you did last time.” The dancer was firm on this, Allura sighing and opening her purse. “How much?”

“Fifty credits for a half n hour.” Her eyes nearly bulged out at that high price, but she grudgingly began counting out the money. She handed it to the dancer, who straightened and gestured them to follow. They trailed behind him, Allura walking side by side Lotor, so that their arms brushed against each other.

“I had no idea these types of clubs were so expensive.” She whispered to her husband.

“They capitalize on the weak and lonely….not to mention those who have low tolerance for holding their liquor.” Lotor explained, leaving her to wonder which one he was. “These types of establishments are a master at parting one from their money.”

“I see.” They had gone down the stair case, returning to the first floor. The dancer had gone purposefully to a door on the left, signaling for one of the scantily clad waitress to come unlock it.

“They paid for thirty minutes.” He told her, and she nodded.

“I’ll keep track of their time.”

“Well, you two….have fun.” A smile from the dancer, and then he was moving away, intent on returning to the second floor.

“We’re not here to have fun.” Allura called after him, but he merely waved good bye to her.

“Shall we Allura?” Lotor was already holding the door open for her, the princess sighing as she walked past him. The room was well lit, and was empty save for a large, overstuff arm chair. She frowned, looking around, wondering at the purpose to this room.

“Just what goes on here?” Allura asked, and Lotor chuckled, taking her by the hand.

“A special kind of dance.” He was leading her towards the chair, smiling as he spoke. “Normally it’s a dancer paid by a customer, he or she can look but they cannot touch. However, the dancer can touch the customer as much as she or he desires. It’s a bit about power…”

“How do they enforce the no touching rule?” Allura asked as Lotor eased her down into the chair. He bent over her, placing his arms on either side of her, and nodded at the mirrored wall.

“No doubt someone is watching at all times. The customer is usually given a second chance to behave himself. But if he persists, the bouncer comes in to break up the dance. His time and money is forfeit, and depending on the severity of what the customer tried to do, he may find himself tossed out of the club.”

“Speaking from personal experience are we?” Allura asked, and Lotor laughed harder.

“I know how to behave when it comes to these types of places.”

She jumped when the music started, Allura not having expected the loud sounds to suddenly come rushing into the room. The lights began flashing, so fast it almost hurt her eyes, Allura shaking her head no. “Ah…” Lotor said, recognition in his eyes. “It’s our song…”

She flushed, remembering what she had told him in the hotel’s restaurant, Allura having hummed along to a specific tune. But more than that, she was starting to have another memory, Allura opening her mouth to speak. “Lotor….”

She saw herself in this room, Lotor sitting where she was now, watching her with a fascinated expression on his face. His golden cat’s eyes had been partially veiled, smoky with desire as he stared, lips parted as his breath hissed out. She herself was standing before him, her hands smoothing up and down her waist, teasing him as she wiggled and danced in place.

She actually gyrated closer, letting Lotor reach out to touch her, but before his fingers could make contact she skipped out of reach, giggling. He seemed to pout, and she took pity on him, cupping her own breasts and squeezing them together so that they practically raised up out of her dress.

“You like my breasts.” Allura said out loud, and Lotor stilled.

“You’re remembering something?”

“Yes.” She blushed harder. “I was dancing for you, touching myself….I….” She trailed off, watching in a kind of horrified fascination as she began unbuttoning her dress’ bodice, showing off the lace of her bra. She could remember pouting, feeling upset that her underwear wasn’t anywhere as sexy as the dancers. But Lotor hadn’t cared, licking his lips and shifting in his seat, not trying to hide the erection tenting his pants.

She could remember pulling her dress up over her head, swinging it wildly in the air like a lasso before flinging it in Lotor’s direction. The prince had snatched it from the air, and brought it to his face, eyes on her as he inhaled her scent clinging to the dress’ fabric. He had dropped the dress when Allura fell to her knees, pressing her hand down her stomach, and gliding it lower.

She did a few gyrations, hand touching her panties, and then with a wild toss of her unbound hair, she was on all fours. Crawling as seductively as she could towards him, reaching his legs, and using her hands to pull herself up. She climbed into his lap, and shoved her bra covered breasts before his face, grabbing at his hands, placing them on her hips. She straddled him, and continued to wiggle to the beat of the music, aware of his breath on her bosom.

“No….” Allura moaned out loud, remembering the heat of him as Lotor bent his face to bury it in her bosom. She had hissed and clutched at his hair, grinding herself in a sinful manner on top his erection.

“What is it Allura?” Lotor was touching her, his hands on her arms, trying to get her to look up at him. She did but barely noticed him, too lost in the details of the flashback.

“It was me…” She whispered, seeing the vision Lotor moaning about how badly he wanted to have her. Allura had clucked her tongue and shook her head, doing a wiggle bounce on his erection. “It was all me….”

“What was?” Lotor asked. and she gasped, seeing her past self leaned in to lick Lotor’s ear. Whispering words that had Lotor clutching at her, and nodding his head rapidly.

“I was the one who suggested we get married!” Allura cried out, shaking off the vision to stare into Lotor’s surprised eyes. “I wouldn’t let you have sex with me without being married first. It’s all my fault…” She moaned, slumping down in her seat, leaving Lotor to hover over her in a concerned fashion.

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