Blue 14

They hadn’t spent much more time at the club, Allura had been too distraught by the startling revelations the return of her memories had brought. Lotor had been wise to her moods, quickly helping her up, and ushering her out of the club. She had let him lead her, Allura in a daze, numbness working it’s way through her. She was barely aware of him flagging down a transport for hire, the ride back to the hotel almost a complete blur.

She didn’t even remember changing her clothes for her night gown, wondering if Lotor helped her with that particular bedtime routine. She knew she hadn’t been protesting when he laid her down to sleep, Allura snuggling close to her pillow. But sleep had been a long time in coming, Allura staring off at the ceiling. She couldn’t stop thinking about the club, and the memories it had unveiled.

It was unsurprising to her when she did sleep that the memories persisted, flashbacks occurring, looping in circles. Playing over and over again as though trying to burn their imprint into her mind so that she never forgot again. She didn’t think she would, the doors of her memory open so that nothing was left unaccounted for.

She now knew her cousin and herself had been pleasantly buzzed when they left the hotel’s restaurant, having indulged in one too many drinks. Instead of returning to Romelle’s hotel room like planned, they had hailed a transport, taking it downtown towards the entertainment heart of the city. They had giggled and stumbled their way into one of the casinos, gambling almost as heavily as they had been drinking.

It became a game for them, for every loss they had a sip from their cups, Romelle soon becoming almost too shaky to pull the lever of the coin slots. It was then that they had hit it big, the numbers lining up for a large cash payout, credits spilling onto the floor. They had giggled and laughed, making no move to pick up their winnings, a kindly waiter stopping by to helping them to gather up the credits.

At that point they had decided they were through with gambling, Romelle suggesting to Allura that they have some real fun. Allura had been more than agreeable, looping her arm with Romelle’s, the two drinking their way to the club next door. Unfortunate for them, all the lines had seemed too long, and soon Allura had the burning need to pee. It was how they ended up at Alabaster, having noted the lack of lines, and easily passing inspection by the doormen.

Once inside the cousins had made a mad dash to the club’s restroom, and once done, they stumbled back out, taking their first good look at the club and it’s denizens. They had been awestruck at the sight of all that flesh on display, and even in their less than sober frames of mind, had realized this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Neither Allura nor Romelle had ever been in a club like this, each one having strict chaperones that kept them sheltered from sin.

She could remember how she and her cousin had grinned, mischief at the heart of their smiles. They set about to exploring, picking up more drinks, and somehow managed to make it to the second floor without falling down. They had screeched pretty loudly when they realized there were men here, gleeful as they saw them moving about half dressed.

Like moths to a flame, the two cousins had been drawn to the stage, openly ogling the male dancer and his distinct lack of clothing. By the time they had pushed their way to the front of the crowd, a new dancer had come out, the green eyed, black haired man Allura and Lotor had talked to the night before. Allura and Romelle had been dancing in place, gleeful and giddy, going absolutely wild as each piece of his clothing was stripped off. They screamed for his attention, shrieking his name and lusty phrases, but it was all right, they weren’t the only ones making a spectacle of themselves.

All the women were hot for him, throwing money onto the stage, even a few sneaking love notes in with their credits. It didn’t matter, he danced for them all, and his nightly selection of dance partners was random, the man snagging Allura’s hand, pulling the eager princess up onto the stage with him. She had gone crazy dancing with him, trying to put her hand on the front of his speedo. He had easily avoided her drunken gropes, turning her so that her back was to him, the dancer pressing against her body.

Allura had felt giddy, proud to know she was the envy of all the women who watched them dance. Even her cousin Romelle was looking jealous, pouting so hard it looked as though she’d cry at any moment. Perhaps that is why the dancer invited her up on the stage, the two proving to be a handful of excitement for him, squishing him between their bodies.

In the midst of their dance, Allura had looked out across the floor, and that’s when she had seen Lotor. No feelings of terror or embarrassment had overtaken her, she had actually been glad to see him, squealing his name with joy. She forgot all about her cousin and the dancer, leaping off the stage, and running towards a delighted prince of Doom. He had opened his arms to her, and without a single doubt in her mind, she had leaped into them, hauling herself up his body to kiss and whisper sweet nothings in his ear.

It didn’t take long for them to end up in a private room, Allura doing her best to appear sexy and inviting to Lotor. She needn’t have tried so hard, he loved everything about her, enjoying the attention and the removal of her dress. She had been wild and unrestrained, straddling his lap, wanton in the way she moved on top of him. Lotor had been thrilled by her actions, she could see it in his eyes, feel it in the way he touched her, his erection straining the material of his pants.

“I want you.” Lotor had moaned, his hands landing on her hips, trying to guide her wiggling movements. Allura had purposefully fought against his urgings, doing teasing pressings against his covered cock that would drive him further wild, but never give him the relief that he needed.

“How badly do you want me?” She had purred back, enjoying the way she ground her sex against his twitching erection. “How desperately do you need me Lotor?” He had let out a sound, almost a whimper, his fingernails digging into her hips, his breath coming out just a bit harsher before he answered.

“Desperately.” He got out, voice catching on a gasp. “More than life itself.”

“Hmmm.” She had sighed, regret at the heart of that sound. She lifted her hips, Lotor arching, trying to bump his crotch against hers as Allura leaned into his face, lips by his ear. “It’s really too bad…”

“What’s too bad?” Lotor had asked, seeming to only pay half attention to her words, bringing a hand to rest on her ass. Allura recalled liking the weight of his hand on her bottom, wiggling into it as she purred and nibbled on his ear.

“That we really can’t go any further.”

“Further? What?” Confused, he moaned, hand sliding down the curve of her ass, Allura moaning at the caress. “Why not?” Lotor had demanded in a husky tone, fingers moving in an attempt to nudge underneath the fabric of her panties. She actually had slapped his hand away from her, shaking her head no, pulling back to look in his eyes.

“Because…” Allura had pouted at him, sitting back down on his erection. “We’re not married.” Lotor groaned, grabbing at her again, forcing her to bounce on his lap, his teeth clenched tight together. A crafty light appeared in Allura’s eyes, and she had wriggled, tearing a growl out of Lotor’s throat. “Do you want me Lotor?”

“You know I do!” He had panted, leaving her to wonder how close he was too coming.

“Would you do anything for me?” She had asked, staring into his eyes, wiggling her breasts against his chest.

“Name it!” Lotor had said, and she smirked, the expression victorious as she leaned in to whisper once more in his ear.

“Then marry me.” He hadn’t even hesitated, nodding his head rapidly, a thrilled look in his eyes. Allura had giggled and crooned softly in his ears, allowing him to thrust his covered erection as hard as he liked against her. Lotor ended up making a mess in his pants, but neither one had cared, knowing the lower half of his tunic would cover the stain from sight.

Frankly Allura was surprised in their drunken states that she and Lotor had even managed to make it back to the hotel, left alone to it’s chapel, and she was shocked and dismayed to realize she had left her cousin Romelle behind. Though she knew her cousin had managed to make it back to the hotel on her own, Allura felt bad that she had abandoned the princess, and hoped against hope that Romelle hadn’t done anything more than dance wildly at the club.

She stifled a moan at that thought, knowing that’s all they needed was for another princess to have done something stupid that night. Even with her sound stifled, she felt the bed shift, Lotor stirring. Allura wondered if he sensed she was awake, the princess still not wishing to speak to him about what she had remembered. So she kept her eyes closed, feeling the mattress shake, pretending to still be asleep.

Lotor didn’t question the act, the prince getting up off the bed, but not before he brushed his fingers against her cheek. Allura didn’t so much as flutter her eyelashes, keeping her breathing light, listening to the sounds of his movements. His feet padded across the floor, almost silent against the carpet, and she heard the bathroom door open and close. The sound of the shower started soon after, Allura opening her eyes and sitting up with a sigh.

She hauled her knees closed to her chest, wrapping her arms around them to hug them in place. Her thoughts kept on playing out the scenes of the night she had married Lotor, Allura wondering what she had been thinking to suggest they wed. ~That’s the problem. You HADN’T been thinking.~ She chided herself angrily. ~Not clearly at any rate.~

She really didn’t understand it. Allura had always known that alcohol clouded your judgment, and made you do things, wild things. But she hadn’t known it was capable of making you like someone, especially an enemy as feared as Lotor. And yet she could remember her reaction to him, clearly now, excitement and pleasure building inside her at the mere sight of him. It had increased tenfold when she was touching him, Allura eager to go into his arms, and experience his kiss.

It was a first for her, and from what she remembered, it had been a night of many new experiences. Allura had always been scared of Lotor, frightened of what he would do to her if he got his hands on her. She had also always feared for her planet, and rightfully so, knowing the rulers of Doom could be capable of anything once they got their hands on Arus. And yet, Lotor had done his best to keep her fears from happening, going through great lengths to ensure a treaty was in place. A treaty he did not have to agree to, for he already had her right where he wanted her.

Nothing was making much sense to her, her world turning upside down in these last forty-eight hours. It made her wonder what other surprises would be in store for her, Allura stifling a shudder as she realized things would probably only get more chaotic once they left Las Tibayas behind. She didn’t even want to think about what awaited them back on Arus, of her people’s reactions, of Nanny’s disapproval.

Their marriage solved one set of problems, only to bring her new ones, Allura feeling she could cause herself a headache if she thought to hard on it. She wasn’t even sure she was prepared to see Lotor living inside the castle of lions, to see Drules down on the surface of her planet. And she had little time to get used to this notion, knowing they were going to start the long trip back to Arus tomorrow morning.

The ringing of the alarm clock startled her, Allura glancing and seeing it was already close to nine a.m. She uncurled herself from her hunched together form, and shifted towards the night stand. The clock persisted in it’s noise, chiming out the seconds as her hand reached to press the button that would shut it off. Alarm clock silenced, she sighed and inched her way off the bed, setting her feet down on the floor. It was time to get up, and though she had only had a few hours sleep, she knew she did not have the luxury of sleeping in. She had to be at the chapel before eleven, for the wedding was scheduled to start promptly on the hour.

Shoulders slumped, she walked towards the closet, hearing the bathroom door open. Lotor emerged, clad in a towel and nothing else, the sight causing her to look away. But not before he caught sight of her blush, Lotor grinning at her.

“Morning Allura.” He didn’t ask how she had slept, Allura having a feeling he had kept up as long as she had, waiting for her tossing and turning to settle down.

“Good morning.” She mumbled back to him, yanking open the closet doors. Allura heard Lotor approach her, the girl hiding a frown as she began pushing aside dresses, searching for the garment bag that contained her bridesmaid gown. Lotor pressed up against her back, his hand reaching past hers, fingers touching the railing in which the clothing hung from. It stopped her from moving the dresses, Allura stiffening, aware of his damp skin against her nightgown.

“We didn’t get to talk last night.” He said, and she kept on staring into the closet, hoping he’d go away. “You were too upset after your announcement.”

“Can you blame me?” Allura asked, dropping her hand to her side.

“No….I guess I can’t.” Lotor answered, placing his other hand on her shoulder. “I’m surprised you didn’t cry.” Silence from her, Lotor adding the following. “You certainly looked like you wanted to. A blow that was crushing to my ego, I’ll admit that much!”

“I had just learned something shocking.” She was quiet, refusing to apologize for any hurt she may have caused him with her stunned reaction to her recovered memories.

“Yes, of course. I understand.” He soothed, trying to turn her to face him. She didn’t move willingly, but bit by bit she was turned, left to stare at his bare chest, that had drops of moisture pearled on his skin. “It was more than a little shocking to me as well. Never did I expect you to be the one to suggest marriage between us!”

“Neither did I.” Allura admitted with a sigh.

“Would it have made it easier for you if I had been the one?” Lotor asked, his question making her nod. “It still wouldn’t have change the fact that you would have agreed to my proposal…”

“I know that!” Allura snapped, still refusing to look at his face. “I don’t understand why I did any of this! Why I could….”

“Could what?” Lotor touched the side of her face, long fingers stroking downwards to grasp gentle hold of her chin.

“Could be so glad to see you.” Allura whispered, reluctantly raising her face at his insistent touch. “Why I could throw myself in your arms, and do the things we did. Why I could be so foolish and….wicked, tempting the both of us like that.”

“Do you hate me Allura?” He asked, making her hesitate and bite her lip.

“I…not exactly.” She was uncomfortable with his question, wanting to avert her eyes from his piercing gaze. “Hate is such a strong word for what I feel.”

“Ah so you do feel something for me?” A half smile played on his lips, Allura frowning at him.

“I thought I feared you.” She said truthfully. “If anything, seeing you when my cousin and I were out alone without protectors should have had me running in the opposite direction. And yet….I ran to you. I was shameless in my pursuit of you…I know that now!” She blushed harder, shaking her head free of his finger’s hold. “I almost wish I didn’t remember. As much as it tormented me, the not knowing, I almost think it’s worse to know the truth!”

“I wish I could remember.” Lotor’s tone was wistful, the prince gazing at her with an odd expression on his face. “Allura, would you tell me sometime….fill in the blanks of my memories?”

“I…I don’t know if I can.” He looked disappointed at that. “I’m embarrassed by the way I acted. I’m almost glad you don’t know.”

“It couldn’t have been any worse than yesterday’s peach snappler induced antics.” He grinned at her, and she wondered if she could turn any redder. “And I’d like to know. Please…it won’t cost you anything to give me those memories.”

“Nothing except my pride.” She whispered.

“Allura, I doubt there is anything you could have done that would make me think less of you.” Lotor tried to reassure her.

“I’ve got to hurry…” She said instead, seeing him arch his eyebrows in a quizzical manner. “I can’t be late for my cousin’s wedding.”

“Ah…yes…Romelle is marrying that space explorer today.” A smile then, Lotor grinning. “I’m looking forward to the festivities.”

Her eyes widened in alarm, and she grabbed at his arms, tempted to shake him. “You mustn’t come! It would devastate Romelle!” He looked about ready to argue with her, Allura practically begging him with both eyes and words. “Please Lotor. Do this for me. Stay away from the chapel….”

He stared at her, eyes considering. “I will.” She wilted in relief, only to stiffen up at his next words. “But you must promise me something.”

“What?” She asked warily, on guard for his demands.

“I want your word that the captain is to no longer sleep in the same room with us. Here or on Arus.” Lotor said, making a tsking sound. “We are already married, and as such we require no chaperone.”

“It’s a moot point.” Allura frowned, thinking of how angry Keith had been yesterday evening. “I doubt Keith will interfere after what happened last night.”

“Still, he could change his mind. I do not want him or anyone else, be they space explorers or that nanny of yours, thinking to interfere with us when it comes to our being alone.”

It was a small price to pay for her cousin’s happiness, Allura giving a reluctant nod of her head. She’d deal with the fall out of this promise when it happened, Allura seeing Lotor flash her a dazzling smile. “Excellent.” He bent over her, brushing a kiss against her forehead before withdrawing. He had a hanger in his hand, a freshly pressed uniform of Doom’s hanging down from the wire hook. “I’ll order us a light breakfast.”

“Okay.” She quickly turned to the closet, digging through her dresses until she came across her garment bag. She took it, and headed for the bathroom, door swinging close on the sounds of Lotor’s conversation with the hotel’s front desk.

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