Night 02

Mercifully, Allura doesn’t argue his request, the princess giving a slight bow of her head in acceptance. It is with difficulty that Lotor steps back from her, allowing the girl just enough room to slide past him, the cool silk of her nightgown growing rumpled as it catches on his body. He shivers at that contact, forcing his eyes closed so that he need not witness Allura’s shaky walk towards the bed.

He endures the torture of her silent footsteps, straining for any sound to betray her movement. There is none, only the thunderous sound of his own heartbeat, and his breath coming in harsher pants. Heat had spread through him, coiling down to focus on his groin, the shock of her kiss’ effect on him. How long has it been since a woman has been able to affect him so? It’s all he can do to remain rooted in the spot, Lotor driving away the voices in his head that demands he take his due now, and tumble her to the floor.

He will not be so uncouth, he will not fall on her like a savage animal. He will prove to them both that though a Drule’s blood runs hot with desire, it can be controlled so she need not fear their marriage bed. And still it’s torture, the sweetest kind, Lotor holding himself back to deny himself just a little longer. His hands clench at his sides, his nails digging into his palms, the pain helping him to focus.

Only a few seconds have gone by, but it feels like an eternity before he hears the sound of the bed dipping with her added weight. He sucks in another ragged breath, and turns, opening his eyes to see Allura perched on the edge of the bed. She is watching him, expression so wary, her hands laying flat on either side of her lap. He wonders if she can tell the struggle going through him, then realizes Allura would most likely display thrice the fear if she had even an inkling of how starved for her Lotor was.

Three years. Three long, cruel years he has waited for her, for this moment. It’s not the picture perfect fantasy of his dreams, but it is close, reality a dozen times better. If only she would smile, would show some kind of longing or love on her face. But that will come later, weeks, months, God forbid years, before he could thaw the ice she built around her heart against him.

He’s prepared to melt her ice one heated touch at a time, Lotor striding towards her. Allura watches quietly, but she is not without displayed reservations, her body tensing up noticeably. She looks poised to leap out of the bed, and Lotor has to give her credits for maintaining her ground this time. Especially when he reaches for her, Lotor noting the fine shiver shaking through her body.

It almost stops his hand, and then he is reaching for the buttons that holds the front of her night gown close. They are tiny, and made of pearl, each one carefully sewn into the silk. He doesn’t rush either of them, Lotor meticulous in unfastening each and every one, seeing the gown split down the middle to reveal a hint of sun kissed skin. The buttons stopped at mid waist, Lotor’s hands trembling as he uses his fingers to grip either side of the gown’s fabric.

A glance at her face, Lotor licking his lips in anticipation as he moves to part the edges of her nightgown. It moves easily enough, sliding half off her shoulders in the process. That is when a hard shudder goes through Allura, the girl closing her eyes as her cheeks turn pink with shame. Lotor is pretty sure this is the first time a man has seen to her undressing, the first time her body is revealed to anyone other than servants and doctors. And even then, she would have been clad in something,
undergarments for her maids, one of those flimsy paper night gowns for the doctor.

No, this was a sight reserved for him alone, and that pleases him as much as her body does. He wants to take the nightgown off completely, but forces himself to give her something to cling to, some false sense of modesty. For now he’ll settle with what he can see, Lotor pulling back to study her, though his hands are never far from her body.

He had always thought Allura beautiful, but now partially undressed, she was a Goddess. His eyes raked over her, taking in everything. Slender neck, straight shoulders, long, graceful arms, high breasts with pink tipped crests. Her belly was flat, punctuated by the sweet hollow of her naval. His eyes dipped lower, knowing what waited just out of view of the silk gown. Even with the sight of her fully nude, heat surged through him, tightening already hard flesh even further.

“Say something.” Allura surprised him by breaking his stunned silence, her head downcast as though to hide her embarrassment.

“What can I say that you haven’t heard a million times, from a hundreds of men…?” Lotor breathed out, forcing himself to look up at her face again. She flushed even harder, her sapphire eyes darting a quick glance at his face.

“They’re not the ones who have seen me in this state…” A shy confession, Allura’s fingers flexing as though she would force the nightgown back closed over her body. He couldn’t’ bear it if she did, Lotor reaching to catch at her wrists. But his grip was gentle, Lotor bringing her left hand up to his face, the King pressing a kiss against her palm.

“Don’t ever doubt you are anything but beautiful.” He told her in all earnest admiration, allowing the tenderness of his action soften his expression more. He let his admiration and respect for her fill his eyes, Lotor not trying to hide the adoration he felt for her in the moment. “You’re breath taking…” He kissed onto her palm, lips tasting her pulse, feeling how it raced for him. “Glorious!” He continued kissing up her arm, forging a tender path for his lips to travel.

“Stop it…” She shook her head, that glorious mane of hers falling around her face, tempting him to sink his hands into her golden curls. “I’m not…”

“You are.” Lotor said, and brushed back the hair that had fallen across her shoulder, his lips murmuring the insistence into her skin. Another shiver from her, Lotor kissing across the line of skin between neck and shoulder. “I’ll never lie to you about that.”

“Lotor…” His fingers speared through the hair at the nape of her neck, grasping hold of it to control her head’s movements. Whatever protest she had been about to make was lost, Lotor bringing his mouth crashing down on hers. He groaned into the feel of the moist cushion of her lips, flattening at the press of his own mouth. He coaxed and beguiled her into opening for him, Lotor slipping his tongue in to stroke against her tongue.

For one uncertain second, she let him do all the work, Lotor’s heart singing when he felt the hesitant returning flutter of her tongue. He deliberately lifted his tongue to the rooftop of her mouth, doing a teasing stroke of it’s contours. She made a sound, her tongue brushing against the underside of his. All exploration of her mouth was lost, Lotor returning to caressing her tongue with his.

It felt like a miracle to be kissing Allura like this, Lotor reluctant to part from her. It showed in how breathless she was when he did finally pull back, her bare breasts heaving enticingly. Lotor let out a laugh, the first joyous sound in months as he rested his forehead against hers, staring into her startled blue eyes. His hand had strayed up the side of her rib cage, sneaking towards her breast with a determined purpose.

She started to shy away from Lotor’s hand, Lotor stilling in that moment so as not to frighten Allura any further. Slowly her breathing evened out, and she held herself still, lips pursed together as though his touch was something horrible to be endured. He was determined to prove her wrong, Lotor bringing his fingers to rub across her nipple. It took a few seconds of friction, but Allura gasped, her nipple starting to pebble enough for him to pull gently on it.

Her hands raised, clamping over her mouth to hold in her shocked reaction. Lotor forced his expression to remain smirk free, but inwards he was gloating over the victory of such a pronounced reaction to his touch. She was appearing to be a sensitive thing, a sinful body made for pleasure. A pleasure he intended to capitalize on, Lotor pressing both thumbs now to each nipple.

He applied furious friction to them both, even as he bent over her to kiss her mouth once more. His tongue licked across her mouth’s seam, her lips swollen and red from his earlier frantic kisses. Allura let out a sound, a moan that echoed the torment he felt for her. If possible he grew even more excited, vowing to show her everything good and pleasurable about sex, even if it took him several days to impart all his knowledge to her.

She was without comment to his whispered entreaties, Lotor kissing down her chin and onto her throat. He wasn’t just lips, he used tongue to lick, and teeth to nip playfully at her skin, his hands busy manipulating her breasts with a gentle massage of her flesh. Allura sighed, and even she could not hide the blissful quality to that sound, her head lolling back to give him the long line of her throat.

Kiss marks were all over her skin, Lotor kissing across her collarbone, before going lower. She gasped when he reach her breast, but the time for talking seemed at an end, Allura letting out a whimper of pleasure when he sucked in one sweet point into his mouth. His hands gripped her waist, helping her to arch into him, Lotor paying strict attention to the nipple in his mouth. He sucked and he licked, and only when she trembled and moaned did he turn to the abandoned nipple.

He was happy as he saw to her, pleased that her determination to remain indifferent to him was fading. He could coax reactions from her body, it was proving easier than he dared hope. Could her heart remain out of grasp when he sought to woo her with all his unbridled ardor? Now was not the time to find out, Lotor suckling another cry from Allura.

Her hands landed on his shoulders, the girl trying to push him away. He stayed connected to her, even as she muttered about how such actions were unnecessary. He almost frowned to hear it, thinking her mad if she thought he wouldn’t see to making her body ready for him. He wasn’t a small man, he feared he’d tear her in two if her body didn’t soak itself to extremes.

He’d be damn if he let that happen, Lotor dropping his right hand, easing up the hem of her nightgown. Allura immediately tried to stop him, Lotor snagging a hold of her hand, holding it to the side so as not to impede his intentions. Hem pulled up, her sun bronzed thighs were revealed, Lotor continuing to feast at her breasts as his fingers went questing through the curls that guarded the flesh of her sex.

“Open your legs for me.” He said in a hoarse voice, staring up at her. Hesitant though she was, Allura obeyed, legs falling apart in ready anticipation.

“A…aren’t you going to take your robe off?”

“Later.” He said insistently, kissing up her throat again. His hand cupped her groin, fingers being used to spread her open. He heard a loud oh, a gasp of surprise from Allura. That delicious moan of hers sounded again as he explored her folds, Lotor taking his time in getting to know the texture and feel of her body. He savored the feel of her damp delight, twisting his fingers about in teasing pleasure.

Allura’s hips jerked forward, the princess crying out in surprise. “Have you ever touched yourself here Allura?” Lotor couldn’t resist asking her. The blush still bloomed on her face, Allura embarrassed as she shook her head no. “You poor deprived girl…” He chuckled then, fingers stroking heat through her. He found what he was seeking, and a harsh shudder shook through Allura.

He smiled then, resting his cheek on her breasts as he stared up at her face, wanting to watch her reactions, embarrassment and all. He began to tease her mercilessly, working her over just short of a climax. Even without the orgasm initiated, she tightened uncontrollably in response, Allura letting out a soft, guttural cry that let him know how ready she was.

He withdrew his hand from her, pleased at how steady it was. Allura watched, and her expression was one of anguish, the girl not understanding what she had been denied. “Lotor…” She began, then gasped when he brought his slick fingers to his lips, tasting her wetness.

“Shh…I know what you want. What you need.” He stood, and reached for the robe’s belt, making fast work of it’s knot. The robe opened immediately, his rock hard member revealed to the shocked princess. Her eyes widened, and it was as he feared, the girl frightened of his size.

“That’s going in me?!” She squeaked out in a panic, Lotor catching at her hands. “It won’t fit.” She said plaintively in response to Lotor’s nod, leaving him to hide a smile. He knew she wouldn’t appreciate his good humor at the moment, Lotor working to maintain a tender expression.

“It will…and your body is more than ready for me…” Lotor said, bringing one of her hands to her groin, forcing her fingers to feel the wetness she had produced. The color had faded from her face, but now it flared back in a blush, the girl embarrassed by her reactions.


“Lie back Allura.” He said, and saw her swallow, eyes showing her increasing panic. It pained him to see her so frightened, Lotor knowing that their joining was not a thing to damn, but to revel in. He was now more determined than ever to make her enjoy herself, Lotor swearing to any God that would listen that he would make Allura come tonight. Again and again until she was so satisfied she couldn’t see straight.


“Trust me…” He was pleased she didn’t laugh in his face, Lotor sure trust was the last thing Allura felt for him. Especially in this moment, with his cock throbbing with
need, trying to overwrite his control and just take her.

She nodded and laid back, staring up at the ceiling. Lotor moved over her, so his body covered hers. He dipped his head to lick at a shoulder, even as his hands angled her hips upwards, Lotor rubbing his cock against her sex. The urge to just thrust inside her was strong, the pain of his ignored erection screaming at him to take her now.

Instead he teased the head of his cock over her wet folds, letting it rub her moisture onto it. He brushed against her clit, and some bit of passion must have flared in her, for she let out a wanton moan that nearly had him spill his seed outside her body. He was almost blind to his need now, Lotor pushing his cock into her, heat immediately surrounding the head, as did the tight pressure of her body.

Tight, too damn tight, Lotor hovering over her for an instant. Her sweet scent floated around him, tinged with the musk of her arousal. He could hear the sound of her breathing, Allura trying to keep her panic at bay. She feared him, feared what he was about to do, quivering beneath him. He looked at her face, and saw it tight with tension, her eyes closed, a stray tear on her cheek.

He frowned and damned himself for hurting her. Lotor knew he should stop, that he should pull out and let her pain ease with the passage of time. He meant to do just that, moving to withdraw from her body. But the sensation of tight sheath pulling over his throbbing flesh proved to be his undoing, Lotor groaning as he thrust back in, this time deep enough to completely tear her maiden head.

His moment of good will faded, Lotor reacting on pure instinct to the warm embrace of Allura’s body. He thrust again, harder this time, demanding. She moaned, the sound an odd mix of pleasure pain. He felt bad for her discomfort, but luxuriated in the welcoming fit of her body. Another thrust, and then another, Lotor starting up a rhythm.

At first Allura just lay there, eyes closed, lips parted as though she was desperate for air. Occasionally she’d let out a moan, the sound resonating through him, and driving him madder with lust for her. He continued to thrust into her, and she began to respond, her fingers relaxing their hold on the bed sheet, Allura angling her hips up to meet his thrusts.

He watched her face as he claimed her, Lotor reacting surprised when her eyes suddenly snapped open. The pupils were dilated, the blue a blazing brightness. Her arousal was beautiful to watch, Lotor staring in rapt fascination as her eyelashes suddenly fluttered down, Allura arching her back with another pleased cry. What little restraint he had managed to hold on faded, Lotor beginning a fierce pounding into her body.

“Touch me…” Lotor growled into her ear, biting at the curve as he continued his frantic pace in and out of her. She reacted in surprise, Lotor growing more demanding. “Damn it Allura, put your arms around me!”

“Li…like this?” She asked, and he felt her arms clasp around him, the girl clinging to him. He purred out his satisfaction, continuing that unrelenting pace inside her. He felt her stiffen beneath him, the glory of her most ecstatic cry yet filling his ears as Allura reached her climax. Her body clenched around his cock, a fluttering sensation squeezing about him as he continuing his thrusting.

His own body tensed, Lotor finding a tightening of his every muscle, the sensation in his balls almost agony as his pace became mindless. No more rhythm to his thrusts, Lotor simply sought his own satisfaction now, and within a few more thrusts he got it, volcanic heat flooding out of him and into her. She continued to hold him, even as Allura squealed in surprise at his release, Lotor doing on endless shudder as he rode the waves of ecstasy.

Slowly, he sank his weight on top of her body, Lotor feeling exhausted from the knee shattering orgasm he had experienced. Allura’s arms were still around him, and seeking to spare her his heavy frame, he rolled them both onto their sides, leaving them to stare into each other’s eyes. She was flushed face with exhilaration, her breath still coming to her in short pants.

“I…I never knew…” She whispered, seeming stunned. He touched his forehead to hers, and licked at the sticky tear tracts on her cheek. Allura fell quiet then, and Lotor did not prod her to continue speaking. He was content to just hold and kiss her, the king certain he had made head way in breaking down the barriers of her heart’s resistance.


The End?


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  1. It would be nice if you could continue this and Allura falls in love with Lotor. After all, no one can have sex and not become intimate.

    1. This one will probably not be continued. It was meant to be a PWP, plot what plot…but I found even when trying to write PWP smuts, I always ended up with a feeling or something, that could have become more…But yeah, this one was never meant to be continued into a story. Sorry. ^^;;

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