Wish 11

Allura’s cries were in Lotor’s ear, vocal enthusiasm as she pushed and wiggled into his thrusts, her body squeezing him tight with the orgasm that was mounting in her. Her legs were locked into place around him, he could feel her pressing her bare feet into his butt, urging him deeper. It annoyed him that she made demands of him, Lotor trying to cease his movements. But it was impossible, her body feeling too good, giving his own hips a mind of their own as he thrust continuously in her.

And still he tried to fight her, rearing back as best he could, but her arms were suddenly around him, Allura pulling him down so that his weight pressed into her small frame. She didn’t seem to mind his heaviness, growing more excited, writhing in place so that he could feel her nipples through the lace of her bra, poking into his chest. Her fingers wound into his hair, and he felt her trying to draw his face down towards hers, her lips puckered for a kiss he wanted no part of.

The change came over her slowly, her head giving a toss as her eyes rolled back in their sockets. Her screams grew louder, and she raked nails down his back, tearing into his shirt and the skin it covered. Lotor hissed at the sensation, finding her hot little body grew unbearably tight, constricting around his thrusting cock in a rhythmic squeezing motion.

It should have been enough to get him to spill his release, but Lotor’s thrust had faltered, his rhythm disrupted when Allura grabbed at him. He didn’t like that she tried to hold him to her, didn’t like the way she screamed his name, and he epsecially hated the look that came into her eyes as she began to recover from her climax.

Her eyes were bright, almost shining with emotion as she gazed at him. A smile turned the corners of her lips, Allura heaving a happy sigh as she tried to catch her breath. One hand still wound around him, she brought the other to touch his face, Lotor not quite flinching when her fingertips grazed his cheek. Her smile grew happier, and her eyes were soft, a tender look of love contained in their blue depths and aimed at him.

He thought her face during climax had been entrancing, now he found her look of love positively bewitching, Lotor thrusting harder, watching the gasp escape her lips. She continued to gaze at him with love and happiness shining in her eyes, and it was everything he had ever wanted from her, directed at him and it was all wrong, terribly so.

“Stop it…” He said through gritted teeth, his blood running cold at the look of love in Allura’s eyes. “Stop looking at me that way.” She said nothing, just continued to smile, unnerving him to the point he faltered in his thrusts, dick feeling a little softer in his distress.

He stopped trying to fight free of her hold, bringing one large hand to cover her eyes, trying to block out that loving expression of hers. But he could still see her sweet smile, Allura moaning softly as her body trembled around his. The damage was done, Lotor giving a few aggressive pumps of his hips, then withdrawing in disgust from her body.

She actually cried out in protest, legs squeezing him tight, trying to draw him back to her. But he was rapidly growing soft, unable to maintain an erection in the face of all that had happened.

“Lotor…” Allura’s lips formed his name, he could hear the confusion in her voice. “Why did you stop? You….you didn’t…”

“Let go of me.” He growled, uncovering her eyes to wrap both hands around her wrists. He could see her staring at him, the loving look still there though it was being chased away by her rapidly growing confusion. “Damn it let go!” His anger slipped into his voice, Lotor losing his patience as he jerked hard on her arms, forcing them back against the mattress.

“I don’t understand…” She said, then wiggled against his limp cock. “You didn’t finish….” He drew back from her with a gasp, letting go of her hands to grab at her legs, fighting with her to untangle them from his waist. Allura didn’t want to let him go, Lotor growling as he dug his claws into her skin, making her bleed and whine in pain. He saw his claws chase away the remnants of her loving look, the sparkle in her eyes dying down as she shrieked.

Feeling a strange sort of satisfaction in the action, he dragged his claws down her legs, listening to her pained sounds and felt her relax her legs. Lotor immediately sprang up and away from her, rolling to the side as he made his way towards the edge of the bed. Claws that were stained with red touched his pants, Lotor stuffing himself into his breeches.

“Lotor…” He didn’t want to hear her voice, feeling the bed move as she sat up, drawing her legs to her chest. “Talk to me….tell me what’s wrong…” Lotor found he was shaking, the prince angry at her and at himself, his lack of finishing putting him in an even more foul mood than when he had started this encounter.

“There’s nothing to tell.” Lotor retorted, hurriedly close his pants. The mood was ruined, Allura had seen to it with those looks of hers, leaving Lotor unable to perform. He was fastening his belt’s clasp when he felt it, her small hand touching his back. He froze once more, mind screaming with rage that she would touch him.

“DId I…did I do something wrong?” She asked in a small voice, fingers catching at his torn shirt.

“No, Allura. You were just doing what you do best.” Lotor retorted, his words not lacking the bite of his anger as he spoke.

“And that is what exactly?” Allura demanded, confusion and upset warring for dominance in her voice.

“Manipulating me…” Lotor said, and heard her let out a long drawn out hiss, displeased by his words.

“I wasn’t manipulating you!” She exclaimed, and that made him snort, Lotor turning to look at her face.

“Oh? A lift of his brow, Lotor pointing a claw in her face. “Then what was with that look? Hmm? Showing me such an expression, so loving and happy…”

“I…I was happy.” She said quietly. “You pleased me, to the point I just felt emotion welling up inside me…” Another disbelieving snort form him, Allura narrowing her eyes at him as she angrily cried out. “It’s the truth!”

“You wouldn’t know truth if it bit you on the ass.” Lotor said, then hissed. “Tell me Allura, how did you do it? How did you manage such a convincing act?” He glared, fingers catching at her chin, keeping her looking at him as his voice raised louder and louder in volume. “Did you pretend I was Keith? Is that how you did it?”

“No!” She gasped, trying to shake her head free of his grip. “No…I didn’t. I wouldn’t…Lotor….it was you…everything was all for you…please believe me…”

“Bah…” Disgusted he let go of her chin, seeing her eyes were welling up with tears. “Why would you give me anything, unless it was all an act to get me to let you go.”

“No..it’s not. I wasn’t even thinking of escape…” Allura told him, her head shaking no. “I’ve not one time thought of leaving you.”

“Then you’re a fool.” Lotor retorted, and went to stand. Before he could step away from the bed, she was there, pressing against his back as she kneeled on the edge of the mattress. He could feel the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed it, Allura burying her face in his hair.

“Maybe I am…” She whispered, Lotor surprised by her agreement. Her arms wrapped around him, hands pressed flat on his chest, leaving Lotor to glower as he muttered something under his breath about how he should have tied her down before attempting to fuck her.

“But I like holding you.” She confessed, tightening her hands around him. “I miss being touched by you…I miss that closeness, I need it…:”

“We can’t always get what we need.” Lotor said, and yanked free of her arms. He turned to look at her, seeing a tear spill down her cheek, and for one second he was tempted to brush it away for her. Lotor controlled that impulse, looking over her body, seeing the blood on the sheets from the claw marks in her legs. Guilt flared up in him before he could stop himself, Lotor sighing as he spoke. “It seems I am always hurting you in one way or another.”

“It’s my fault.” Allura quickly retorted, a hand touching her thigh. “I didn’t let you go when you asked.”

“Be that as it may, those cuts need cleaning lest infection set in.” Lotor moved across the room, heading into the bathroom. A few short steps had him in front of the sink, the prince kneeling as he rummaged through it’s cabinet. He pushed aside rolls of toilet paper, finding some gauze and cleaning alcohol. Gathering those supplies up, he returned to the bedroom, just in time to see Allura brushing at her eyes with the back of her hands.

He said nothing about her tears, approaching the bed with an impassive expression on his face. A gesture from him had Allura swinging her legs over the side of the bed, Lotor kneeling down before her. He let his hair sweep forward to cover his face, Lotor concentrating on pouring the alcohol on some of the gauze. He then brought the soaked fabric to one of the cuts in her legs, hearing her let out a pained hiss as the cleaning fluid worked itself into the wound.

For a few minutes he worked in silence, not looking at anything but the claw marks as he worked to clean them. It was when he was wrapping the gauze around her thighs, that Allura spoke, startling him with her question.

“Lotor…? What if….what if I get pregnant?” A long pause from him, his hand still for the moment as he lifted his head to look at her face. She was staring anxiously at him, teeth biting her bottom lip as she waited for his answer.

“It doesn’t matter.” He said at last, watching her brows pull together in confusion.

“How can you say that? A baby would change everything!” She exclaimed, a frown on her face.

“OH?” His tone was mild as he made his inquires. “What would it change exactly?”

“Well…” Allura seemed uncertain by his lack of reaction to her words. “You’d have to…have to marry me for one.” He could see how startled she was when he burst out laughing, Lotor shaking with amusement. “What’s so funny?”


“Me?” She frowned, not understanding.

“Yes. You and your naive ideas.” Lotor said, hurrying to clarify, “There will be no marriage Allura, even if you get pregnant with my child.” She didn’t understand, he could see that much. “It’s a form of revenge you see. Saddling your husband with the task of raising my bastard. My child, should you carry it, would always serve as a reminder to the captain and you, of your indiscretions with me.”

“You can’t be serious!” Allura exclaimed, shaking her head no. “Lotor, I….I know you. You would treasure a child, you wouldn’t be able to give up the chance to be a father to him or her.”

“I don’t think you know me at all.” Lotor retorted angrily. “I’ve changed Allura. Changed since the last time we met. That’s what deception and lies do to a man, it’s made me harder, willing to do things I would never have considered once upon a time.”

“I don’t believe you…” She said insistently. “A baby needs it’s father….you wouldn’t turn your back on your own flesh and blood.”

“Flesh and blood that would be half yours Allura.” Lotor snapped, resuming wrapping the gauze around her leg. “Do you think I want a reminder of you when I work so hard to free myself of the fascination you hold for me?!”

“But….” Again that nervous chewing on her lip, Allura hesitating. “A person can’t just shut off their heart like that!”

“Believe me I know.” Lotor said, weariness creeping into his voice. “If we could, then there’d be no need for us to be here. I’m trying to escape you, not tie myself further to you with a baby.”

“You won’t be able to do it.” He was unnerved by the confidence in her voice, the surety in her eyes. “Our child will prove your undoing…”

He had finished tying the gauze, Lotor pushing up from his knees as he left the remaining gauze and cleaning alcohol on the floor. Allura stared up at him, craning her neck back, waiting for him to respond. She might very well be right about that, but he wouldn’t let her know, steeling his face to be cold and uncaring. “You act as though you would be the first to carry my child. Let me enlighten you on that point. I’ve fathered plenty of bastards, children I don’t even know the names of. Yours certainly won’t be the first, and I’m sure it won’t be the last!”

That hurt her, Lotor could see it in her face, her eyes watering once more. “No…no!” She covered her face with her hands, hiding from him. “I know you have a harem….I know you have urges…..desires you use them to satisfy, but…I didn’t even think you would be so careless as to father babies with those slaves!”

He was lying through his teeth, a part of him feeling anger that Allura would be so quick to believe the worst of him. But he merely shrugged his shoulders, turning away from her. “I’ll get you new bed sheets.” Lotor said, and moved to leave the room, listening to her quiet sobs. She made no move to chase after him this time, sitting there weeping bitterly.

Lotor wasn’t sure what was upsetting her so much, feeling unsettled by all that had happened this evening. Her reactions, her look of love, her talk of a baby tying them together, all gave him much to think on, Lotor pondering what it could all mean.

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