Attraction 05

His words set her off trembling, deep shivers that shook her from head to toe. Seated behind her, Lotor frowned, not liking that she could become so scared of what was meant to be a seductive promise. He didn’t understand it, didn’t understand her, and why Allura continued to react in a way that was opposite everything that was expected of one’s destined mate. It confused him, but more than that it left him frustrated, Lotor left with urges he couldn’t act on.

He wanted to do so many things with her, needed to touch her in the worst way possible. The urges lessened somewhat with the contact of her body against his, her small frame pressed against his front. But it wasn’t enough, would never be enough so long as the barrier of clothing was in the way. And yet, Lotor knew he couldn’t start to undress her, not while she was so frightened of him.

At least she was no longer trying to get away, sitting docilely in his embrace, though her whole body posture screamed of her tension. Lotor cautiously lifted his right hand away from her belly, bringing it up to his mouth so that his teeth caught at the fingers of his glove. With a slight tug of his teeth, he eased the skin tight fabric off his hand, letting the glove fall to the mattress.

Allura was looking away from him, staring off to the distant wall. It left her unprepared for his hand to touch the side of her face, the girl nearly jumping out of her skin at his touch. Lotor made a soothing sound, inwardly noting how scared she seemed of his gentle touch. It left him upset, the prince knowing this was exactly why they needed to bond, if only to help Allura get over her fear of him.

He cupped her cheek, feeling the soft smoothness of her skin, her trembles vibrating against his hand. He tried to ignore them, Lotor doing a few strokes of her cheek before gliding them down towards her lips. His thumb caressed over her bottom one, Lotor likening it’s feel to that of a rose petal. “You’re so soft…” He said, nuzzling his nose into her hair.

Allura said nothing to that, merely allowing him to traced his fingers over her lips, memorizing her mouth’s shape. He long to get acquainted with her soft lips, to kiss them into plumpness, and lick away at the taste of her mouth. For now he settled for kissing the curve of her ear, his fingers stroking down to her chin. Capturing it, he held her steady, tilting her head back as he kissed down the side of her face.

Each kiss felt like a small victory, Lotor pleased she was tolerating his lips’ touch. He was soon kissing the side of her neck, hand shifting to land just above her breasts. He nibbled his way over to her pulse point, feeling it’s rapid beat against his lips. It seemed to speed up at the movement of his hand, Lotor caressing down between the valley of her breasts.

Allura’s breathing grew ragged, the girl taking in a deep inhale of air before speaking. “Don’t…”

“Don’t?” Lotor echoed, hand purposefully staying in place between her breasts. He felt every breath, her chest rising and falling with it, nudging against his hand. She merely shook her head, leaving Lotor to wish he could see her face better. He had a feeling though he’d be less than pleased by the expression she wore, it couldn’t be good if she was this stiff with tension. Wanting to ease it from her, he moved his hands, cupping her breasts so that they rested against his palms.

They both inhaled sharp breaths for different reasons, Lotor liking the weight and feel of her breasts in his hands. She had more than enough bosom to be pleasing to him, Lotor smiling, feeling some of his tension ease at touching her like this. He couldn’t resist taking it a step further, caressing his thumbs over the peaks of her breasts. It was a move that set her off squirming, his mate trying to pull free of his hands.

“Easy…” He murmured into her ear, his thumbs behaving themselves once more. She didn’t stop her actions, and Lotor bit back a moan to feel her grinding motion against him.

“Stop it.” She said on a hissed out breath, Allura grabbing at his wrists, trying to pull his hands free of her chest. “Leave me be…”

“I only want to touch you.” He said, trying to reassure her. “Nothing else, I promise.”

She made a scoffing sound, her words holding far too much anger in comparison to what he had done. “What good is the word of a Drule?!” That left him blinking, Lotor displeased by her words and her attitude, the prince lifting his hands, feeling his mate let go of his wrists.

He dropped them down to her waist, gripping her sides and began lifting her. She made startled noises, and for all her squirming, Lotor found her easy to lift, her weight no problem to him. With a movement that was less than smooth, he turned her to face him, forcing her legs to straddle his. Allura’s eyes still smoldered with a flame of upset, the girl looking nervous but trying to be brave.

Lotor considered his mate for a moment, just staring into her eyes as he thought on the reputation Drules had. Naturally it was a less than stellar resume when one considered all the lying, cheating, killing, and raping his kind was known for. But he hadn’t lied to her, Lotor being honest when it came to his mate and his promises to her. She needed to understand that before they went any further.

“I know my people have been unkind to your people…” Another snort from her, it seemed Allura’s rage bypassed her fear of him, allowing the girl to make rude noises at his words. “And it’s true that to the other races you can’t normally trust a Drule. But…and this is important, I will not lie to you. I can’t.”

“Why?” Suspicion was in Allura’s tone, the girl following up her question with another. “Because you are my mate?” He could practically hear the derision in her tone at that word, but he nodded all the same.


She frowned, doing a head shake that had the curls around her face bouncing. “You know I don’t believe that. This mate business.”

“It’s real.” Lotor told her, reaching to brush back her curls from her cheek. “I don’t understand why you resist it, resist me…..but the connection is there. I feel too strongly for you for it to be anything else.” His fingers went to her mouth, rubbing across her bottom lip as he looked at her in a wistful manner. “If you were Drule….if you had even one ounce of Drule blood in you, you would know as well.”

“But I am not Drule. I’m human! How can I be your mate?” Allura asked when he left her mouth alone to place both hands on her shoulders. He stared into her troubled eyes, thinking it over carefully.

“I am not entirely sure.” Lotor admitted at last. “I expected my mate to be Drule.” It would have made things easier on them both if she was, Lotor knowing as a Drule there would have been none of these doubts, or uncertainties Allura seemed to be experiencing. And yet, for all the ease in the world, he wouldn’t have traded her for another, already loving her from the moment he had spied her in the lake.

“Can’t you go find someone else?” Her question shocked him, Lotor gaping at her as though she was mad. His horror at her suggestion must have gotten through to her, for Allura blushed and lowered her eyes, murmuring out a response. “I guess not.”

“Mates are special. Revered.” Lotor told her. “Once found, there can be no one else. They exist as the other’s half, the sun to their moon.”

“You make it sound as though to a Drule, one’s mate is their whole world.” Lotor smiled, pleased she was getting an understanding of it.

“Yes. We do everything for our mate. We see to their care, their comfort. No matter what their needs be, we take care of it. A happy mate means a happy household.” Lotor explained.

“What if your mate wants something you cannot in good conscience do?” Her question confused him, Lotor mulling it over quietly. He ended up shaking his head no, trying to choose his words carefully.

“There are times when…a mate will overrule the other. But it’s only for good reasons, such as the safety of one’s mate.” He wanted to explain, not wanting Allura to think he would dominate her completely. “The men are the protectors in the relationship….the female’s safety is of the utmost importance. It….it would be devastating to lose your loved one, especially if you could have prevented such a thing from happening.”

“Loved one?” She seemed to pounce on that word, staring searchingly at his face. “You Drules love your mate?”

“Unconditionally.” Lotor confirmed, seeing her frown. “It’s instantaneous from the moment we first find our other halves.” She still looked like she didn’t believe him, Lotor sighing. “What do you humans believe?”

“Not in love at first sight!” Allura quickly protested. “Love takes time to build, to develop between two people. You have to know and like the person first.”

“It sounds complicated.” Lotor grumbled, thinking the Drule way was easier.

“It might be.” She agreed, a half smile on her face. “But it’s worth it in the end.”

“This is worthwhile too.” Lotor said, once again touching her face with his fingers. “It may be different from what you know, but it feels right to me.”

“What happens if a Drule never finds his mate?” Allura asked, Lotor’s hand gliding down to touch her neck.

A shrug from him, Lotor more interested in touching her than answering questions. “It happens more often than you’d think. The Empire is vast, and covers many worlds. Often a Drule can go years without finding his destined love. Some do not ever find their mate, some give up looking and marry for something other than love.” Hand back on her shoulder, he guided it down the length of her arm, feeling the thin material of her pink sleeve. “My father did that.” Lotor confessed, capturing her hand.

“Your father?” Fear was back in her voice, Allura watching as he lifted her hand to his face. “King Zarkon?”

“Yes.” Lotor said, placing her hand on his cheek, pressing down on it so she could feel his skin. “He married a human.” Lotor was encouraging Allura’s fingers to move, wanting to feel her stroke his cheek. “He thought it would help his children to be born free of the defect of the Drules.”

“Defect?” Even as she questioned him, her fingers moved, a slight hesitant touch that would end if he released her hand.

“My father strongly dislikes the whole aspect of being mated. Feels it weakens our race as a whole.” Lotor kept quiet about how he used to agree with his father, now pitying his former self for ever thinking to go without Allura by his side.

“And does it?”

“I…..I don’t know.” Lotor admitted at last. “We lose our best warriors when they find their mates. They become devoted to their women and family, rather than wanting to wage war.”

“It doesn’t sound like a bad thing to me.” Allura said softly. “War is terrible!”

He kept quiet at that, not sure he wanted to get into a discussion about why war was a necessary evil. Instead Lotor focused on her touch, liking how her small hand felt pressing against his face. “Please…” He said, releasing his hold on her. “Touch me of your own accord.”

She looked uncertain, but at least she didn’t drop her hand, hovering it hesitantly over his skin. Lotor smiled at her, and once again touched her face, mirroring her hand’s movement.

“I’ve never touched a Drule before.” She confessed, looking shy as she at last moved her fingers. Lotor felt her stroke down to his chin, caressing circles with her fingertips. He mimicked her movements, watching her and feeling happy.

“Now is your chance then.” Lotor told her, feeling her stretch her thumb so as to touch his bottom lip. It was just a brief flicker, a caress so quick as to be imagined, but Lotor melted all the same. His own hand slid to the back of her head, fingers entwining in her silken hair. Allura became more bold in her touching, brushing back his hair from the sides of his face, sweeping it to hook it behind his ears.

His ears seemed to fascinate her, his mate tentatively touching the pointed tips. Lotor tried not to show his excitement at that touch, watching her through heavy lidded eyes as she ran her fingers over every inch of his ears.

“You’re sensitive here.” Allura noted, and at his nod she went to pull back her hand. Lotor’s eyes flashed with disappointment, the man fighting a pout that she had stopped touching him.

“It’s because of the length.” He explained. “We have room for more nerve endings.” He wondered how Allura would react if he told her the ears were an erogenous zone for a Drule, highly pleasurable to be touched, and even more so to be kissed. He touched her ear, just the round curve of it, and smirked. “Of course, your ears are very cute. As is the rest of you.”

Her blushed deepened, Lotor charmed by it. He knew a Drule wouldn’t be able to show their shy embarrassment in such a way, Lotor liking that he could read his mate’s emotions so easily. “Here….touch me some more…” Lotor said, inviting her hands to rest on his chest. Allura began shaking her head no, and Lotor bit out a desperate plea. “Please…!”

He saw her teeth, white against the pinkness of her lips, the girl chewing on her lower one uncertainly. The gesture endeared her to him all the more, Lotor waiting in breathless anticipation for his mate to touch him further.

“All right.” Allura said at last, moving her hands to feel up his pectoral muscles. He grew happier, leaning into her hands’ caress, Lotor nuzzling the side of her face with his. He wanted to purr like a cat at feeling her touching him, her hands gliding over to his shoulders now. He felt her fingers grasp his hair, Lotor sneaking a kiss onto the side of her face.

Running her fingers through the length of his hair, Lotor began kissing down the line of her jaw, his own hand holding her head steady so she could not turn away from him. “Lotor…” It was the first time he could remember hearing her say his name, and he loved the sound of it on her lips. What he didn’t like was what followed, vocal refusals of his lip’s actions. “Please…..don’t…”

“Don’t what?” He had a good idea what she wanted, but he pretended ignorance all the same, quickly moving to capture her lips before she could answer him. Lotor kissed Allura gently, but with no less passion than before, trying to sear a claim into her via his lips’ urgency. She made a sound, a muffled mewl of protest, fingers clutching at his hair as he molded their mouths together.

He began licking at her lips, trying to beguile her mouth open for his tongue to thrust inside. She squealed harder, and suddenly pulled on his hair, the pain jarring him enough to break the kiss and frown at her. Her cheeks were flushed, and her eyes were wide, Allura’s breath coming just a little faster as she stared at him.

“Please don’t kiss me!”

“Why?” Lotor asked, not sure he understood. “Why won’t you let me….?”

“I don’t like it.” Her words were like a slap to his face, Lotor reeling in place. Did she think him a bad kisser? “I don’t know you.” Allura continued, letting go of his hair but keeping her hands on his shoulders. It was as though she felt she had to hold him back, though Lotor made no move to push against her hands. “You’re a stranger to me, and I…I don’t just fool around with anybody, let alone a person unfamiliar to me.”

“But…” He hesitated, completely confused. “I am not a stranger to you. I’m your other half, your mate.”

“Maybe to you, that is what I am. But to me? You’re just some guy whose grabbed me from my home!” Allura said, and he just stared at her, feeling frustrated. Minutes seemed to tick by, the two just gazing at each other, still as statues.

“This is why we need to bond.” Lotor said at last, and was again moving her. For all her protests, she went down on the bed, laying flat on her back with him on top of her.

“What are you going to do?!” She demanded, eyes sparking with fear at their positions. He hardly put her at ease when he loosened his belt, getting his tunic free so that he could pull it up over his head. For one brief instant Allura glanced at his muscled chest, Lotor wondering if she liked what she saw. And then she was glaring at him, so fierce and furious.

“Need to touch you.” Lotor explained, touching the white leather belt she wore. Her hands immediately grabbed at his, trying to stop him from opening the gold buckle. “Need you to touch me back.” He got the belt off her, throwing it onto the floor, to join his tunic in a crumpled mess. He paused long enough to pull off his other glove, needing both hands bared to feel her skin.

“No one is going to do any touching!” Allura exclaimed, then did a wordless squeal when he jerked her shirt up over her breasts. He saw her bra, white lace with pink frills, his mate moving to cross her arms over her chest to hide from him. He didn’t care, dropping his hands to touch her belly, feeling a jolt of electricity at the direct contact.

Allura seemed to feel it too, eyes going wide as she lost her glare. “What was that?”

“Did you feel it?” Lotor asked, eyes curious and watching her face as he continued to touch her, hand moving up higher. She gave a reluctant nod, and Lotor smiled pleased. “At least some part of you recognizes me…”

“It’s just static electricity.” She said, quick to write it off as nothing more. But she looked uncertain, leaving Lotor to wonder if she had felt it when he had touched her previously.

“If it is, it should be discharged by now.” Lotor pointed out, hands sliding back and forth along her waist. “Go on….touch me. See if it happens again.” A shake of her head, Allura refusing. His own eyes narrowed as he subtly issued out a challenge to her. “I understand if you’re too scared too…”

“I’m not scared!” She immediately protested.

“Then touch me.” Lotor said, knowing that without the barrier of clothing, the electric jolt would be repeated.

“Fine! I will.” She gritted out through closed teeth. Her hands were already moving, going towards his chest as though Allura wanted to touch him before she changed her mind. At her fingers’ touch, that bit of electric feeling happened again, a warm undercurrent of energy that had her gasping. Allura jerked back her hands, staring at them with shock. “It’s a trick…”

“No trick…” Lotor said, a pleased smile on his face. He lowered himself on top of her so that his skin pressed against hers, bodies seeming to crackle with energy, just enough to be noticeable but not distracting. Allura immediately places her hands on his bare arms, trying to ignore it as she pushed at him. Lotor refused to be moved by her, his own hands wandering her body, going up the sides of her waist to touch her breasts.

She gasped at that, mouth a round o of shock as his hands expertly caressed her through the fabric of her bra. He very much wanted the bra out of the way, but Lotor knew that would be pushing Allura too far, the prince settling for stroking the lace over her nipples, until the two stood out as stiff little points against the fabric. He bent his head towards one, intending to kiss on it through the material of her bra.

At his lips contact, another gasp was torn from Allura’s lips, the girl’s head lolling back against the pillows. He smirked, kissing it again, wanting to hear her make more noise. He actually brought his tongue out to lick at the fabric, Lotor wishing he could lick her directly.

As he flicked his tongue, her nails dug into his arms, just enough pressure for him to really feel it. “Lotor…” Again she said his name, Lotor rolling his eyes up to look at her face. She was gazing down at him, and he went still with shock to see her eyes welling up with tears. “Please don’t rape me.”

“Rape?” He repeated the word, distaste in his tone. She thought he was going to force himself on her?! Disturbed he rolled off her, but she didn’t move, just laying there as though frightened any action from her would invite him back. “I’m not going to rape you!” He told her, angry that annoyance slipped into his tone.

Allura said nothing to that, keeping her eyes fixed on the ceiling. He stared at her, wondering how she could think that, even after all he had told her about mates and their preciousness to a Drule. “I wasn’t going to have sex with you.” Lotor told her, reaching towards her chest. She seemed to flinch at his hand’s movements, Lotor biting back a growl as he jerked down her shirt to cover her once more. “I said I was going to touch you, and that’s all I intended to do!”

“Then why?” At last she was speaking, voice whisper soft. “Why did you…lick me there? Why did you even take off our shirts?”

“It was a mistake.” He retorted, furious that the bonding attempt had gone so horribly wrong. “One I won’t be repeating!” Lotor got off the bed, and began pacing about the room, his hands clenched at his sides. Movement from the bed, the mattress creaking as Allura slowly sat up, drawing her knees against her chest. She just watched him as he walked, and Lotor could sense her unease growing at his show of agitation. But he couldn’t calm himself down enough to try and hide it, even though he badly wanted to reassure his mate that everything would be all right. The problem was he didn’t know if it would be, Lotor not sure what to do with his all too human mate now that she had rejected him yet again.

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  1. PLEASE UPDATE THIS AND “PRINCESS AND THE PIRATE”! They are my favorite two stories!…and Divine Missunderstandings! I wasn’t going to say it before because I didn’t want to be greedy but DANGIT you’ve left me hanging at REALLY good parts!

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