Snow 01


The planet Mieve was a dark, frigid land, snow and ice covering every available inch, leaving little room for life to flourish in these parts. Only the sturdiest of creatures could tolerate the sub zero temperatures for long, and they were wisely staying hidden in the face of all the activity going on at the moment.

The cruiser speeded across the land, snow being kicked up in it’s wake. Behind it, in close pursuit was five much larger ships, shaped like lions. They were magnificent, bright spots of color that broke up the never-ending white of the landscape. Their long legs pounded deep groves into the snow, footsteps echoing all around them, their voices competing with the wind as they let out ferocious howls.

It was an intimidation tactic, meant to rattle the one they chased, scare her into making a mistake. So far they hadn’t been successful, Allura watching as the cruiser lurched up the side of a round block of ice. It paused at the very top, teetering over the edge as though daring them to draw near. By the time the lions began their ascent towards the cruiser it had vanished, leaving only piles of snow to mark where it had been.

Trailing behind black lion, Allura guided her ship up the ice, alert for an attack that did not come. All five made it to the top, Allura seeing the ice give way to a deep depression, a round hole cut in the ground, surrounding on all sides by thick impenetrable ice. Black lion roared, and without waiting for the others, charged into the depression, his descent made easier by the downward slope of the ice.

Allura had blue lion dig it’s claws into the ice, making her careful way down to the bottom. She ended up lagging behind the other four, the boys hasty where she was cautious. It didn’t matter, the cruiser was nowhere to be seen, leaving them all alone inside the pit.

Her radio crackled, Keith’s voice coming in over the air waves. He sounded angry and impatient, pissed beyond measure at their quarry eluding them. “Where did Haggar go?!”

Before any of the other pilots could offer up an answer, laughter broke into the conversation. Masculine and rich with satisfaction, it echoed over and over, Allura unable to pin point the origin of that sound. It left her trembling, old fears coming to the surface as she recognized the voice as belonging to her enemy, Prince Lotor of Doom. She took little comfort that she was surrounded by her friends, safely encased inside blue lion.

The laughter continued, twisting things in her stomach, Allura hearing her friends let out angry exclamations. Keith’s voice was loudest of all, the man growing angrier at the sound. “That’s Lotor’s happy chuckle!”

A rumbling sound was heard, the far side of the crater shaking as along it’s edge a large ship rolled into sight. Allura felt her dread increase to see the dark metal that covered the flag ship, it’s black surface only interrupted by bold splashes of green and red. It made it’s careful way along the edge of the ice, bits of the frozen snow breaking off to drop down into the crater.

Yellow lion and green lion were forced to jump out of the way of the snow, leaping to the rear of the lion’s formation. Keith growled, a dangerous whisper of words. “I figured he’d be close by.”

The ship had rolled to a stop, and for one brief instant it just stood there. Allura couldn’t hear much over the sound of the wind, watching as a door opened up on the side of the ship. Figures stood in the archway, Lotor towering over a terrified woman that hugged a much younger boy to her body. Standing next to the trio was one of Lotor’s subordinates, a general called Morgor if Allura remembered his name correctly.

Lotor laughed again, placing one hand on his hip, right above where the hilt of his sword lay. It was a subtle warning to not make any sudden moves, all five lions going still at the sight of the hostages.

“He’s got my cousins!” Allura cried out, distressed.

“Yes, Allura!” Lotor had ceased that infernal laughter of his, leaving Allura to wonder if he was wearing some kind of device that would allow him to hear the transmissions of the lions’ radios. “And I will send them back to freedom. But! For that favor you must come to me….alone.”

She felt frightened at the very idea, shrinking back in her seat as a wave of helplessness came over her.

“She what?!” demanded Keith in disbelief.

“I don’t believe he’ll give anybody up.” Muttered Lance.

A passionate Pidge spoke up, angrily sputtering, “You can’t bargain or trade people like animals you creep!”

“You have two minutes to accept my generous offer.” Lotor was slowly drawing his sword, face deadly serious as he spoke. The lazon was a bright burning red against the snow, Lotor thrusting the point of it directly before Romelle’s face. “Or say good-bye to Romelle!”

Allura bit back her cry, falling forward against the panel of controls in blue lion. Her hands were clasped together, and she offered up a silent prayer as she debated on what to do. But there really was no other choice, not with the threat to Romelle so close at hand. She sighed and straightened, determined not to cower inside her lion. “He leaves me no choice.” She said, pleased her voice held no waver of nervousness to it. “I really believe he might harm Romelle and Bandor. If going to him is the only way I can save them….then I must do it.”

“No princess! There’s got to be some other way!”

Protests came over the airwaves, the other pilots not liking her words. “It’s the only way.” Allura said softly, Lotor voice carrying to them, impatience in his tone.

“What is it going to be?!” The dark prince demanded. ‘The sands of time are quickly running out for these hostages!” Allura closed her eyes, but she couldn’t block out Lotor’s words, hearing his insidious whisper over the radio. “Have you no compassion?” He asked, a lone tear escaping down Allura’s face at the sound of his mocking laugh.

The wind picked up, Lotor and Romelle’s hair whipping wildly around their faces. It howled, a terrible sound that was as lonely and full of despair as Allura felt in this moment.

“We may be in luck. There’s a nasty storm coming up!” Keith’s words had Allura glancing up at the sky, seeing it darken as storm clouds pulled together. “Go to Lotor princess, and leave the rest to me.”

“What?” Disbelief in Lance’s voice, followed by Hunk’s shocked cry.


“He’s crazy!” Pidge shouted. “I don’t believe you said that!”

“You got to trust me!” Keith snapped, pounding a fist against black lion’s control panel. “There isn’t time to explain. Just trust me.”

Allura nodded, speaking support for the captain of the Voltron Force. “I trust you Keith.” She was already unbuckling her seat belt, rising to stand. She left the control key in the lion, hoping she’d get a chance to use it to make a quick getaway. With one last glance at her beloved lion, she reached for the hatch on the roof, pulling herself up onto it’s head.

She shivered, the wind assaulting her in a way it had not inside the lion. It was frightfully cold out here, and her lycra uniform did little to warm her up. A sound to the right of her, Keith grunting as he climbed out of black lion. He shared a glance with her, just as it started snowing, the wind blowing the thick chunks of snow all around them, making it hard to see the captain in his white uniform. Only the red accents on the lycra distinguished him from the snow, Allura knowing it was much the same for the pink on her uniform.

Keith nodded, and then was moving, leaping from joint to joint of the lion. She mimicked his actions, making her way down to the snow covered ground, pulling up close to Keith’s side. Her teeth chattered from the cold, but she didn’t mind, grateful she could hide her fearful trembling in this way.

“Okay Lotor!” Keith shouted to be heard above the snow storm. “We accept your offer. She’s on the way but I want the others released at the same time!”

“Don’t worry!” Lotor’s voice easily carried down to them, the prince looking pleased. He clearly felt his moment of victory was at hand, and right now Allura didn’t know how Keith planned to turn the tables on him. “I made a bargain, and I am a man of honor!”

That remains to be seen, Allura thought, wondering how honorable Lotor would be once she was in his clutches.

“Don’t do it Allura!” Bandor had found his voice, screaming out a protest of his own. Romelle merely hugged him tighter, staring down the crater at Allura. “He doesn’t know the meaning of the word honor!”

“Now! Get out!” Lotor growled, and was suddenly shoving Romelle and Bandor away from him. They fell off the ramp of the ship, landing on their hands and knees in the snow. Allura gasped to see he had put away his sword, holding a small but deadly looking blaster instead. “But I warn you, no tricks. I’ll be watching every move!”

“Now go slowly princess.” Keith’s voice was a whisper, she almost couldn’t hear him over the wind. “Take all the time you can.”

She nodded, taking a slow step forward. “I’m ready.” It was the last thing she said to Keith, not so much as looking back at him for one last glance as she began walking towards the far end of the crater. At the very top Romelle and Bandor were making their way over the edge, the wind battering their bodies, making them walk even slower so as to avoid tripping. A fall from that height would prove fatal, Allura cringing at the thought.

As she walked she thought back to the events that had led them here, remembering the distressed call her cousin Princess Romelle had sent to the castle. She had meant for the transmission to only go to Pollux, but the two planets were so close in orbit that Arus had intercepted the signal. They had been shocked and awed to think the princess had managed to escape from Doom, even as they felt fear for her to realize Lotor had shot her down.

Fortunately for Romelle, the ice planet Mieve was close enough to reach, the princess being force to land in that desolate place. The Voltron Force had known she wouldn’t survive long in that icy climate, and they hurried to rescue her. It shouldn’t have surprised them that Lotor had tracked down Romelle first, taking her captive once more. But they had been blinded by hope, exploring the ruins of the ship Romelle had stolen. There had been bodies of other women laying there, long dead not from the cold, but from laser blasts.

Prince Bandor had arrived while they explored the wreckage, and he had been the one to discover Romelle’s body. He hunched over her, checking for life signs and that was when they discovered a new betrayal. Haggar the witch had taken the princess’ form, and with a malicious laugh, took the prince as her hostage. She had quickly made her escape, leading the Voltron force into the crater Allura now traversed.

The wind picked up, the snow fall almost blinding her. Allura lifted a hand, covering her face, lips trembling from both her fear and the cold. There was no sign of Keith, and Romelle and Bandor were drawing near, leaving her to wonder what the captain was up to.

She tripped, falling to her knees with a cry. “Uff!”

“Don’t stop princess!” Lotor was taunting as he called down to her, watching her struggle to stand. She glared up at him, but the expression was wasted at this distance. “If anything goes wrong, you know what will happen!”

She didn’t need him to remind her, Allura beginning her walk once more. Lotor gestured with the gun, lips spread in a wide smirk. ‘I’ve been patient!” He shouted. “But my moment of triumph is finally here!”

Haggar appeared in the entrance way of the ship, speaking too softly for Allura to hear. Whatever she said had the General moving, the man disappearing inside the ship to do the witch’s bidding. Allura continued to walk, feeling the snow piling up on her helmet and shoulders. Romelle and Bandor were similarly covered, the boy dressed warmly for the snow, but Romelle only had a thin blanket to keep her from freezing.

She drew near to them now, eyes touching upon Romelle’s face. She was once again taken back by the resemblance her cousin bore to her, Allura wondering what sort of hardships the princess had had to endure these past few months as Lotor’s prisoner. Allura shuddered to think she might learn first hand the kind of things Romelle had been forced to do, Allura whispering a prayer in the hopes that Keith would be successful in whatever he had planned.

“Uh!” Romelle cried out, falling to her knees, tears glistening in her eyes.

Bandor immediately voiced his concern, trying to help his sister stand. “Just a little further Romelle!”

They looked up at Allura’s approach, Romelle openly weeping now as she stared at Allura. Not a word was exchanged, Romelle and Bandor gazing at Allura with sorrow in their eyes. Allura knew Romelle could have hated her for all that had happened. Lotor would have never taken Romelle prisoner if not for her resemblance to Allura, and yet the princess showed nothing but remorse, no anger or hatred, looking as though she already mourned Allura for the fate that awaited her.

It happened in an instant, the shared glances, Allura moving past them, shoulders sagging just a little bit more with resignation. She had just left them behind when Lotor cried out a command.

“Robeast! Attack!”

Allura’s eyes widened, she was spinning around to see, watching in horror as the ice cracked, snow erupting every which way as a coffin burst forth from beneath it. Romelle and Bandor fell back, too close to the explosion of snow to remain standing. A beam from a ship in the sky shined down on the coffin, allowing it to grow in size, the robeast clawing it’s way free of it’s prison.

The robeast raised it’s arms, spreading them wide as red lights flashed on it’s body. The three remaining pilots of Voltron moved into action, charging towards the robeast. Yellow lion was the first to reach it, being smashed down to the ground by a fierce slap of the monster’s hand.

A crunch of the snow behind her, Allura turning back with a gasp, spying Lotor standing in front of her. He looked so smug, his mouth a cruel leer as he approached her. “So you finally come to me, my proud princess!” She went to take a step back, crying out when he lunged for her. “You don’t know how much I relish this moment!” Lotor said as his fingers closed around her wrist.

“Let her go Lotor!” To her relief, it was Keith who shouted out those words, Allura and Lotor both freezing, looking for the captain. She saw nothing amidst the snow storm, leaving her puzzled and confused. That confusion cleared up when slowly, the snow seemed to part, falling down to the ground to reveal Keith standing there in his red and white glory, a blaster in hand.

“Keith!” Allura cried, an instant before Lotor tugged on her arm. She was thrown behind the Doom prince, and she landed backwards on the snow. She lay stunned for an instant, watching as the two men began to face off.

“How did you get so close without me noticing?!” Lotor demanded with a snarl, and Allura was surprised to see Keith smirk.

“I used my magnetic attractor to pull the snow to me, forming a covering that would leave me completely invisible to the naked eye.”

“How very ingenious of you.” Lotor didn’t sound impressed, he sounded mad, drawing his sword. The lazon hummed, snow flakes touching the blade, and melting instantly with a hiss. “You’ve gone to all this trouble to die! I won’t disappoint you!” He was already charging Keith, the snow not slowing him down one iota.

She felt foolish, but she screamed all the same, a warning on her lips. “Keith, watch out!”

“I see him princess!” Keith said, tone grim as he took aim at the dark prince of Doom. Gold laser blasts shot out of his weapon, Lotor sliding to a halt, his sword’s blade a red blur. Each blast ricocheted off the lazon, flying wildly to crash into the sides of the crater. It stirred up more snow, small balls of it that grew large in mass as they rolled down into the crater’s pit.

For one brief instant all Allura did was watch, sitting shivering in the snow. That was before she remembered the blaster on her side, her shaking hands reaching for it. She wasn’t even interested in standing, not wanting to draw Lotor’s attention to her as she took aim at his back.

“Ah ah ah!” Something tapped her shoulder in warning, Allura gasping as she recognized the voice as belonging to the witch Haggar. “It’s not nice to interfere in a duel of honor between men!” The witch was using her staff, gnarled knob placed on the crook of her shoulder, pulsating with power as Haggar held her down. Allura was aware of the implied threat, lowering her hand though she did not let go of the blaster.

Haggar made an approving sound, and Allura could only pray the witch would be distracted by the fight long enough for Allura to think of something to do. Keith had noticed her predicament, a cry escaping him as he slowed down his attack on Lotor. “Princess!”

“Now, now, your partner today is me!” Lotor shouted, taking careful step forward, arm constant movement to block the blasts Keith shot at him. It took time, and Allura grew colder and colder as she watched, Lotor making slow progress toward the captain of the Voltron Force. Keith took a step back, and then another, trying to get away from the advancing prince of Doom.

Lotor let out his laugh, grinning sadistically as he advanced. “What’s the matter captain? Are you afraid to die?”

“I’m not the one dying today!” Keith said bravely, shooting off another round of laser bolts.

“That remains to be seen.” Lotor said, and in these close quarters, some of the blasts nearly hit Keith, the captain being forced to stop shooting to dodge his own attacks. Lotor took the opening, rushing in close to Keith, sword stabbing forward. The captain did not have much in the way of defense, lifting his arm up to protect his face.

“AH!” Keith cried out in pain, the blade splitting open his glove and sinking into the skin it covered. Crimson drops dotted the snow, a splashed pattern of red that had Allura letting out a horrified no. Haggar cackled her approval, the sound grating on Allura’s nerves.

“I always knew it would end like this!” Lotor boasted, drawing back his sword to hold it high above his head. “With me as the victor!” Smug was his laugh, Lotor hesitating as though to let Keith contemplate his final moments.

Allura felt movement in her uniform, the girl biting back her surprised gasp as she remembered Cheesy tucked away for warmth. She said nothing, just feeling the mouse’s little feet as it scrambled up towards her neck, poking it’s head out of her collar. It gave a little squeak of surprise, mimicking the worry Allura felt to see Keith in so deadly a predicament.

And then, before she could stop the mouse, it crawled out completely, taking a wild leap from her throat to her shoulder, landing on the gnarled end of Haggar’s staff. The witch did not notice right away, not until the mouse let out a loud, angry squeak, rushing up the length of the wood and towards Haggar’s hand. Hagger shrieked, the sound hurting Allura’s ears, the girl risking moving to see that the witch was dropping her weapon.

But not before Cheesy jumped onto her wrinkled hand, sinking his little teeth into one bony finger. “Get it off, get it off!” Haggar screamed in panic, Allura remembering that the witch had a paralyzing fear of mice.

“Thanks Cheesy!” Allura grinned, and was scrambling to her knees, blaster aimed at Lotor. He was still toying with Keith, allowing the captain time to kick out a leg, a feeble attempt at kneeing the prince in his gut. Lotor easily avoided the blow, twisting to the right, and slashing his sword across Keith’s back. An arc of blood flew out, coating not just the snow but the front of the prince’s uniform.

“Keith!” Allura shrieked, and took aim, but the men were too close together for her to risk a shot. She might hit Keith just as well as Prince Lotor, leaving the princess frustrated on what to do. Behind her Haggar continued to scream and rant, her sounds attracting her blue cat Coba to the fray. It meowed, licking it’s chops as it eyed the mouse hanging onto it’s mistress’ hand.

“And now it ends!” Lotor smirked, grabbing Keith by the back of his neck. His sword was aimed at Keith’s chest, Lotor ready to plunge it into his heart. Allura was left with a choice, save the mouse or save the man, and she didn’t even hesitate, lurching to her feet. She didn’t say anything, just did a wordless scream as she ran towards Lotor, waving her blaster wildly in hopes of intimidating him.

Lotor turned at her shout, eyes surprised to see her. Her finger tensed on the trigger, the blaster barrel growing hot as it prepared to unleash a laser bolt. She blinked and suddenly Keith was in front of Lotor, taking the brunt of the blast head on. He screamed, and so did Allura, horrified at what had just happened. Lotor laughed, and threw Keith to the ground, the man just laying there, a groan escaping him. His blood continued to darken the snow, too much of it for the snow flakes to hide.

She hadn’t slowed down, her brain working too slow, her legs putting her in reach of prince Lotor. He snagged her wrist, forcing her blaster arm back, Lotor sheathing his sword. “Now, now Allura. Is that any way to treat your future husband?!”

“You’ll never be anything to me but a monster!” Allura shrieked, even as Lotor pulled the blaster from her hand.

“You’re wrong. You”ll learn to love me.” He retorted, and turned, kicking Keith in the side. That motion was all the captain needed to go tumbling down the crater’s high wall, Allura screaming as she watched him roll quickly downwards, heading for the robeast.

“Monster!” Allura snapped, making a fist of her free hand. She tried to drive it into Lotor’s chest, the man easily avoided it, and bringing the blaster holding hand forward. She felt pain in her stomach, Allura struggling not to faint from the sensation of a blow to her belly.

In one smooth move he had her up over his shoulder, Allura dangling awkwardly, seeing the snow covered ground from too high a height. Woozy and disoriented, she could only seethe angrily, bringing a weak fist to hit at his back. That earned her a slap on her bottom, Lotor laughing as he began walking.

Haggar was still shrieking, Cheesy having run up her arm to sit on her shoulder and squeak insults at her. “Calm yourself witch!” Lotor snapped, reaching out to snag the mouse by it’s tail. It squealed, the sound stirring Allura enough to issue out a mumbled protest.

“Don’t hurt him!”

But Lotor was already making a throwing motion, the mouse flying through the air to land in a pile of snow. Unfortunately that pile of snow was right before Haggar’s blue cat, the feline letting out a low growl as it lifted it’s paws, deadly claws extended. Allura couldn’t see what was happening from her current vantage point, but she heard Cheesy’s panicked squeals, and the cat’s threatening growls.

“No!” Allura cried, and resumed smacking her fist against Lotor’s back. He grunted but did not stop, walking past Haggar who was scrambling to her feet, staff already retrieved in her hands.

She heard the sound of his boots on the metal ramp, Lotor carrying her onto the ship. Haggar smirked at her from behind him, and she wiggled her fingers in the cat’s direction. “Come Coba. No need to play with vermin.” A soft cackle then, Allura closing her eyes.

She must have lost consciousness for she didn’t remember the trip inside the ship, Lotor pausing outside a set of double doors. He was speaking to the witch, giving her explicit instructions on what to do. She listened with vague horror, hearing him tell the witch to command the crew to lift off, leave planet Mieve behind for planet Doom.

“You don’t want to stay and watch my robeast take care of the space explorers?” A surprised Haggar asked.

“I won’t risk them pulling a last minute defeat out of their bag of tricks.” Came Lotor’s reply. “No, we leave for Doom immediately.” She felt him shrug then, Allura wondering when he would put her down. “Even if they are victorious against your monster, we’ll still have won the day with the princess of Arus as my prisoner.”

“I doubt they will win against my robeast.” muttered Haggar. “They are two pilots down after all.”

“The Volton Force has made come backs before in these kind of situations.” Lotor retorted, Allura finding he was moving closer to the doors. “Overconfidence will lead to our defeat if we’re not wise.” He turned his back to the witch, Allura quickly closing her eyes, feigning sleep. She heard the sound of the doors being unlocked, one creaking open an instant before Lotor stepped inside the room.

She waited until she heard the door close to risk opening her eyes, but her surroundings told her nothing useful. Allura held back a disappointed sigh, being carried deeper into the room. Lotor paused by a panel on the wall, his gloved fingertips touching a few buttons. Light flooded the room, along with the soft lilting tones of a string quartet, pleasant to the ears.

Blinking owlishly, she took note of the soft colored walls, so different from the harsh metallic grays of the corridor outside this room’s doors. There was furniture spread throughout the room, giving it a homy touch as chairs and a couch took up space on the floor. The floor was carpeted, soft rug muffling the sound of Lotor’s boots as he carried her.

She caught sight of a mirror, Allura seeing how pale with fright she looked. Beyond her appearance she was quick to notice just what Lotor was heading for, a large bed that took up most of the space by the rear wall. If possible she grew even more frightened, Allura quickly closing her eyes shut to pretend she was still asleep. She felt Lotor come to a stop, his hands touching her hips as he began to lower her down from his shoulder.

She landed on a bed that was far softer than anything she had ever slept on, Allura keeping her eyes closed and her breathing controlled. She wanted Lotor to think she was still passed out, hoping it would give her the chance needed to make an attempt at escape.

Fingers touched her face, lightly caressing her cold cheeks. It took all of Allura’s self restraint not to cry out in disgust, the girl forcing herself to be still and endure that gentle touch. Another stroke of her skin, and then she felt herself being lifted up off the bed, just enough for Lotor to remove her helmet. The carpet could not completely disguise the clattered sound of it hitting the floor, Allura stifling a shiver.

Again that touch on her face, fingers now tracing the shape of her mouth. “Poor thing…” She was surprised at the sympathetic note in Lotor’s voice, the prince actually sounded caring. “You’re so cold. Your lips are almost turning blue.” A laugh then, so different from the sound in the crater, a throaty seduction. “But I’ll warm you up.”

She couldn’t help herself, she trembled at his words, Allura not liking the promise in his voice. She was even less happy to feel him touching her, hands drifting down from her face, onto her neck. Those fingers of his nudge at the collar to her uniform, tracing the stiff edge to the center, where the zipper lay, cold metal he took a hold of. The sound of the zipper being eased down filled the room, Lotor slow in his movements. He pulled it down just past her breasts, his other hand reaching to the touch the plain white cotton bra she wore.

“Simple and without frills…” He commented, sounding amused. “That’s so like you Allura.” The bed creaked, and she suddenly found his lips by her left ear, his hair spilling on her face, tickling her nose. “Once we get back to Doom, I’ll have you wearing undergarments befitting my Queen.” A laugh then, the sound shivering it’s way all down her spine. “That’s if I allow you to wear anything at all.”

She nearly jumped when his lips captured the lobe of her ear, Lotor giving a gentle tug with his mouth. He made a noise, a happy sound as he began kissing his way down the side of her face. She mentally geared herself for his kiss, instinctively knowing he intended to claim her cold lips next. Allura didn’t have to pretend to be ice to withstand his kiss, she was so cold both inside and out, her uniform wet in places, the snow having melted into damp puddles that soaked through her lycra.

But more than that, she shivered and wailed over the horror of what he had done, already mourning Keith and her dear mouse friend, knowing there was little chance for their survival. A sob was building up inside her, Lotor muffled it before it could escape her. He moaned at the touch of her mouth, and that’s when Allura snapped open her eyes, hands forming fists which she brought up.

Unexpected was her attack, Allura pounding her fists hard against his head. At some point he had removed his helmet, leaving his head unprotected to her attack. She felt him sputter against her mouth, Allura biting down viciously on his bottom lip. That got him to rear back, and with a cry Allura shoved him off center, enough so that she could leap from the bed.

She didn’t even pause to adjust her clothing, running with her bra exposed towards the door. It seemed so far away, the room stretching on for far too many yards. The sound of pursuit did not come, Allura not pausing to look at Lotor to see what he was doing. That proved to be a mistake, her hand reaching for the door knob an instant before a laser blast scorched the metal.

The blast had just missed grazing her hand, Allura gasping, turning to look at Lotor with startled eyes. He had SHOT at her! Even worse, he was sitting up on the bed, lip slightly split so that it bled, a blaster in his hand. She recognized it as hers, Lotor now aiming it directly at her. Chilled to the bone, she stared at him, meeting his golden gaze, than gave a stiff nod of her head.

“Go ahead.” She said, willing herself not to cower. “Shoot me.”

For one instant his surprise showed, and then his gaze steeled itself back to it’s usual arrogance. “I just may, so don’t think too goad me too far Allura.” His other hand came up to his lip, wiping at the blood there. “You know, I was going to be NICE to you.”

“Nice?!” She choked on the word, hateful laughter rising in her. “You don’t know how to be nice. You hurt, and you kill, and you enslave people. You’re a monster…both man and animal are not safe from you!”

“They might have survived.” Lotor said, tone causal and unconcerned by her accusations. “It’s a long drop, but Keith wasn’t dead when he went over the side of the crater.” She felt hope flare up within her, but she refused to let it show. “As for the mouse, I did not stay to see if Haggar’s cat finished it off or not.”

“You still threw Cheesy to him!” She snapped, seeing his lips quirk in amusement at the childish name of the mouse. “You still left Keith for dead. And it was you who ordered those women aboard Romelle’s ship shot, wasn’t it?!”

“The punishment for slaves who try to escape their masters is severe.” Lotor told her, expression deadly serious. “My men knew what to do without my having to order anything.”

“That doesn’t make it better!” She shouted, making helpless fists of her hands.

“You will learn to get over such things.” Lotor said, and made a come here gesture with the blaster. She shook her head, both to his order and his words, Lotor’s eyes narrowing in annoyance. “Come here Allura. Come here or…”

“Or what? You’ll shoot me?!” She demanded, feeling fear course through her body. She pushed it down, trying to be brave, staring back at him with a glare of her own. “Go ahead, I’m ready to die.”

“Oh I won’t kill you.” Lotor cracked a smile, his hand making an adjustment on the blaster’s side. “I’ll simply stun you. The setting is low enough that you should be unable to move but feel everything I am going to do to you. Would you like that Allura? To simply lay there and take everything I have for you without being able to voice complaint?”

“You wouldn’t…” She breathed out, grateful that tears did not appear in her eyes.

“Wouldn’t I?” Lotor demanded, once again aiming her weapon at her. “Don’t test me Allura…you won’t like the results. Now come here!”

Angrily she strode towards him, her body stiff in it’s movements. He gestured at the bed, at the spot besides him, Allura slowly sitting down on the edge of the mattress. “Now what?” She asked, refusing to look at him. But she could still see his movements out the corner of her eye, Lotor rising to stand.

“I want you to remove your boots.”

“My boots?” She repeated, surprised. Her boots were the last thing she had ever expected him to request she remove!

“Yes…” He didn’t explain, just stood there waiting impatiently for her to comply. She moved into action, easing down the zipper on the side of the pink vinyl of her boots. She then tugged them off, revealing her bare feet, toes a little shriveled from the melted snow that had been inside her footwear.

“Now what?” Allura asked, still refusing to look at him.

“Stand up.” Lotor said, taking another step back from the bed. “Slowly.” She did as he commanded, fighting back the urge to sneeze. He noticed, pushing concern into his voice. “Ah Allura, you’re shivering. We have got to get you out of those wet clothes before you catch a cold.”

“I’ll risk it.” Allura said, staring straight down at the floor.

“Ah….but I….” He used the blaster to raise her face up towards his, point sticking into her chin. “I insist.”

Reluctantly, her hands moved, reaching to yank the zipper down as far as it could go. It stopped just above her belt, the leather getting in the way. But Lotor smiled and moved away from her, backing all the way to a chair in the corner. “Keep going.” He ordered her, as he made himself comfortable.

Cheeks burning, she reached for her belt’s clasp, hearing it snap apart. She kept one hand on the leather, not letting it fall to the floor as she looked at Lotor. He gave a nod of his head, a mocking smile on his face as he watched her. Alllura wanted to close her eyes, to block out the lecherous way Lotor looked at her. He settled more firmly in his seat, leaning back against it’s high back, relaxed as though he wasn’t holding a deadly weapon trained on her.

Wordlessly, Allura reached for the bulky pink shoulder pads of her uniform, using slow movements to toss them down onto the floor. She then reached for the sleeves of her uniform, a slow jerk of it off her shoulders, Lotor’s grin widening. He was all but leering at her, Allura turning away to avoid his expression.

“Ah ah ah!” Lotor called out to her. “Stay facing me.”

She held back a sigh, turning in place as she pulled the sleeves free of her hands. A slight wiggle from her, had the uniform falling down to her waist, leaving her top bare except for her bra. She saw Lotor lick his lips, nodding his approval. “How much farther must I go?”

“I’ll let you know when you can stop.” He said with a smirk.

She had a feeling he’d make her strip completely bare, Allura red faced as she jerked the zipper down to her crotch, revealing panties that matched her plain bra. She had to bend over to tug her pants down, her cleavage swelling, dangerous close to falling free of her bra. Lotor made a sound, a sharp inhale of breath, his eyes on her chest as Allura got her uniform down past her knees.

She shucked the lycra off one foot, then the other, left to stand there uncertainly before him. She was in her undergarments, but she might as well have been nude, Allura shivering and no longer having her uniform to offer her any semblance of warmth.

“Hmmm.” That was a pleasured moan if ever she heard one, Lotor’s eyes half lidded as he looked her over. “Now the bra.”

“Lotor….please….” Allura hated the begging tone in her voice, especially when Lotor showed no compassion at hearing it.

“The bra Allura! Off with it!”

She held back a sigh, reaching behind her to fumble with the clasp. Immediately the cotton loosened, the shoulder straps falling down her arms. This time she did close her eyes, her trembles increasing as she pulled the bra free of her body.

“Perfect.” Lotor breathed out, admiration ripe in his tone. “Just like I always knew you’d be.” She was in no mood for his compliments, saying nothing in reply to his praise. “Now the rest of it.”

“It?” She tried to play dumb, looking at him. He smirked, expression mocking as he nodded. Gritting her teeth, Allura hooked her fingers over the waistband of her panties, intending to jerk them down in one fast movement. Lotor moaned when she did that, Allura standing awkwardly in place, her hands moving to cover herself.

“No, no!” Lotor protested, waving with the blaster. “Don’t try to hide yourself from me.” She froze in place, not liking the way he eyed her, and was even less thrilled when he patted his lap with his free hand. “Come here my dear.”

“No thank you, I’ll stand.”

“Oh, but I insist!” Lotor said, finger tensing on the trigger of her blaster. “Yes, that’s it.” He purred approval when she walked towards him, eyes on her hips as they swayed. Without saying a word, she sat down on his lap, body stiff with tension. Lotor grinned, his free hand wrapping around her waist, pulling her closer to him. She ended up plastered against his chest, Allura keeping her eyes fixed on the weapon in his hand.

Lotor nuzzled his face against her hair, the man breathing in deep as he inhaled her scent. “You smell wonderful, my sweet.” He purred into her ear, still rubbing his nose in her golden tresses. He used the blaster to brush back her hair, Lotor placing a kiss on the side of her face. He didn’t stop at just one, lips ghosting across her jaw line, Allura trying her best to lean away.

Lotor moved on from her face, lips planting onto the side of her neck. “You’re so cold, my love.” He murmured into her skin. “You’re shaking…”

She was cold, but that wasn’t the only reason Allura trembled, finding goose bumps were rising on her skin the more he kissed her. His lips touched down on the spot between neck and shoulder, Lotor’s tongue coming out to taste her. He licked a path to her shoulder, teeth grazing her soft skin, moving her into action. Allura’s hands came up, the girl itching to smack him, Lotor making a tsking sound.

“Now, now. Play nice Allura.” He said, touching the blaster’s tip to her lips. She lowered her hands with a resigned sigh, making loose fists at her sides. “Better.” He purred, but did not draw back the blaster. Instead he dragged it down her chin and onto her throat, making slow and steady progress down past her collar. The blaster ended up right between her breasts, the metal cold and making her nipples stiffen in fright.

He noticed, a smile playing on his lips, Lotor twisting her to face him. “What are you going to do?” She whispered fearfully, aware of the dig of the blaster in her skin.

“Just want a taste…” Lotor’s voice was just as soft as hers, husky with arousal. He moved the blaster, replacing cold metal with his face, Lotor snuggling his face between her breasts. The move made her gasp, Allura squirming as his hair tickled her skin.

Lotor made a sound, and then she felt it, puckered lips kissing along her skin. They moved across her breast, kissing circles around her stiffened nipple. She was unprepared for his mouth to fasten on that hardened bit of flesh, Lotor immediately sucking down on that pebbled nipple. He did it fast, and he did it hard, Allura crying out from the sensation of it, so sudden and intense.

She couldn’t help herself, her hands came up, grabbing at his hair, trying to wrench him free of her breast. He gave another hard suck of her nipple, moaning when he broke contact with her skin. His eyes had darkened, gold thick with desire as he stared at her. Guiltily, she dropped her hands, aware of the ache in her breast and the increased speed of her pulse.

“You’ll be a good girl, won’t you Allura?” He asked, setting the blaster down on the arm rest of the chair. Her eyes immediately went to it’s resting spot, noting how close it was, and wondering how difficult would it be to reach it. He brought his hand to his mouth, teeth catching at his glove’s fabric, Lotor jerking it off in several tugging motions.

He then brought his hand to her chest, touching her chilled skin. She leaned into his touch, hating how greedy she was for the warmth he offered. “We really must get you warmed up.” His hand caressed warmth down her body, Allura hardly relieved when he left the proximity of her breasts to touch her belly. His hand paused, caressing circles in that one spot, a faint hint of smile on his face.

She couldn’t relax, her breath hitching in her throat, coming out in harsh, panicked pants. Lotor made soothing sounds, his hand dropping lower, touching the curls that covered the apex of her thighs. “Stop…” She whispered, feeling his hand hesitate.

“No.” He told her, and was suddenly touching between her legs, making Allura cry out in dismay. It was just a stroke along her center, and yet it was far more intimate a touch than she had ever had to endure. Her breath came out faster, Lotor staring at her face as his finger moved along her flesh, watching the blush that increased it’s red hue on her cheeks.

“Allura, you’re absolutely adorable.” He chuckled, fingers spreading open her nether lips, and touching the pink flesh they guarded. It was a strange feeling, once she wasn’t sure she liked, feeling Lotor stroke his finger up and down the furled folds of her flesh.

“I…” She gasped, not liking the careful way he explored her most private spot, fingers being sure to touch every inch of her. “I thought you wanted to get me warm?” She was surprised when he laughed at that, Lotor dropping a kiss on her shoulder.

“I’m working on warming you up right now.” He answered, fingers continuing their insidious movements.

The only thing that felt warm was her face, her heated blush spreading across her cheeks. “It’s not working!” She snapped, mouth a round o of shock. He laughed harder at that, the sound muffled against her skin.

“I guess I’ll have to try harder.” Lotor said, and she felt him renew his efforts with his fingers, those elegant digits changing from a slow, relaxed pace to a quicker, friction inducing speed. It made her squirm against him, his other hand tightening on her hip, holding her steady so she did not fall off his lap. Her cries continued, voice coming out of it’s own accord.

She shivered and shook, feeling strange, and hating how lewd her own voice sounded. “Stop…” She moaned, feeling Lotor kissing her neck, lips playing over her pulse point. He didn’t respond to her plea, and she felt a helpless frustration surge through her, an instant before she glanced at the blaster once more. Without warning, she was suddenly lunging forward, grabbing the blaster in both her hands.

“Allura!” Lotor cried when she shoved it against his right temple, hand shaking as she gave a command. “Get your hands off of me.” She hissed, and finger tensing as she began pulling back the trigger.

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