Chained 06

The red chamber lived up to it’s name, the color predominant in every spot. The walls were papered with shades of red, faint hues that had darker colored designs painted on it. That dark color was matched to the floor, looking almost like the blood that had surely been spilt in this room many times before. He went into the room with little expectations, sure they would bleed him as punishment for the men he had beaten and in one case killed.

Every time he started to recover his wits about him, a guard would slam a metal rod into his side. The electricity would be triggered, shocking him senseless, Lotor’s whole body a tingle with horrid sensations. It kept him weak, and it kept him limp, Lotor being dragged over to a rack. It was similar to the one he had been locked into the day before, different only in color and the fact that it rotated.

They moved it to lie flat, and dumped him onto it, the guards quick to secure him into place before turning the rack up right once more. Such was the strength of his bonds, that he didn’t sag out of them, Lotor letting the restraints support him for the moment. He simply lacked the energy to do more than glare. The guards glared back at him, they were beyond angry, incensed that he had killed one of their own.

It was with great pleasure that they turned the hose on him, the water shooting out at full blast, and cold enough that he shivered and shook. His teeth chattered, and if he wasn’t already naturally blue, he was sure he would have turned that color from the cold.

“The Queen said to clean you.” One said, his voice a mean snicker of cruel enjoyment. “She didn’t say how!”

“I doubt she would care what we did to him after what he’s done.” Said the second, batting his rod against his glove covered hand. He was eyeing Lotor with interest, grinning evilly. “He’s not only killed one of her guards, he’s gone and damaged her property.”

“It’s not right.” Said the third. “That a slave can get away with so much.”

“I say we teach him a lesson.” The one with the metal rod said. “Help break things down for him in a way he can understand.” He held up his hand, and the hose as shut off, leaving Lotor to sputter angrily.

“Do your worst.” He said when he could speak. “I’m not afraid of you! Anymore than I am of that bitch you call Queen!”

“Did you hear what he called the Queen?” gasped one of the guards.

“It’s atrocious to think he would get away with such a vicious insult to our beloved ruler!” complained another.

“Lesson number one.” The one with the rod stepped in close to Lotor, smirking into his face. “The queen is not a bitch.” In a flash his arm was moving, striking Lotor in several key places with the rod. No electricity came out, but the rod was hard enough to cause him pain even without the added zaps.

Lotor was still groaning when they told him the second lesson. “You do not ever, ever strike a guard!” He was backhanded across the face, so hard he bit his lip in response. That had the guards gasping, one worried.

“Careful! We can’t hurt him too bad or the Queen will get suspicious!”

“I’m sure she won’t notice a few extra bruises. Especially after that brawl he caused!” But the guard was careful to avoid Lotor’s face, hitting him this time in the stomach and the knees.

“What’s the third lesson?” Lotor demanded, after the pain had subsided to a dull tingle. “That you guards are too craven and cowardly to face me on even terms?!” The eyes of the guard with the rod tightened, Lotor had hit a nerve with those words. He moved to strike Lotor with the rod, and only the interference of another guard stopped that blow from connecting with Lotor’s face.

“Don’t let him goad you into something you’ll regret!” said the guard. “The Queen won’t like it if his face is damaged…”

“Hmph…” The guard glared at Lotor. “You’re lucky.”

“I highly doubt that.” Lotor retorted, jerking on his restraints. His strength was slowly returning, but he still couldn’t get loose. He refused to stop trying though, jerking his arms and legs forward, the guards watching in amusement.

“Oh but you are! You get to please the Queen. You know how many men would kill for a chance to be in her bed?”

“Not I!” Lotor retorted. “She’ll never truly have me. I’ll never break, and I’ll never surrender to her. And when this is all over and done with, she and you will pay.” The guards exchanged looks, and Lotor snorted. “You doubt me, but soon you’ll see. What’s more you’ll feel.” An unpleasant smile then, and even one of the guards shivered to see it. “And trust me when I say a prince of Doom neither forgives nor forgets.”


“Don’t waste your time with him.” Interrupted the one who had hit him with the rod. “He’s just trying to scare you.”

“No scare tactic.” Lotor told them. “I speak nothing but the truth.”

“Yeah….right. So tell me, prince…” He was sarcastic. “How did you end up a slave?”

“I…I don’t know…” admitted a frustrated Lotor. “But believe me when I say I intend to make the people responsible for this indignity pay.” His eyes smoldered with that promise, Lotor glaring intently at the guards. They stared back uncertainly at him, their apparent leader shrugging his shoulders.

“He’s all talk and no action. There’s no way he’ll be doing anything but what Queen Allura decides.” The guard’s tone was dismissive, and he was already turning to lead the others out of the room.

“I was going to grant you all a quick death!” Lotor snarled after them. “But now I see that would have been too good for the likes of you!” The one guard just laughed, and then the door was slamming shut, leaving Lotor alone in the red chamber. He set about to struggling vigorously, hoping to somehow snap free of the rack’s restraints. All he got for his efforts were welts on his wrists and ankles, and a tired feeling in his body.

“Bitch!” Lotor grumbled, sagging as best he could. “I’ve got to find a way out of here.”

The water they had used on him had disappeared, Lotor realizing that this room had a drain built into the floor. It left him unsettled to realize it was a room designed for quick clean up, Lotor wondering if the red chamber would see his precious Drule blood spilled this day. He growled and gritted his teeth, trying one last time to break free. The restraints just dug in deeper to his skin, Lotor hissing at the feel of it rubbing him raw.

He wasn’t sure how long he hung there on the rack, the red chamber had no clock within view. It could have been just minutes, or it could have been hours, but eventually the door unlocked. A parade of naked men entered, Lotor recognizing the faces as those of the harem slaves. There was five in all, he even saw Zane there, with his nose bandaged with a splint.

The men stood in a line before Lotor’s rack, staring back at him with expressionless faces. There was no hint of animosity to them, not even from Zane who by all rights should be the maddest. Nor did they mind their naked state, standing stiff back as though presenting themselves for Lotor’s inspection. Lotor narrowed his eyes at them, and growled. “Well? Get on with it!”

“My, my, so impatient.” The dulcet tones of Allura swept into the room, and the men reacted, faces coming alive with longing and delight. They seemed to tremble in place, fighting to turn towards her, but obeying some order that had them staring at Lotor. Allura stepped into the room, and it was as though just her presence brought arousal with her, one of the men’s cocks starting to go hard in anticipation.

By the time she strolled in front of them, two more had gone erect, Allura wearing a self satisfied smile. She reached out to pet one of the men, the gesture almost absentminded, as though she was stroking an animal that had wandered too close to her. The man let out a moan, sounding ecstatic to have Allura’s fingers stroking through his hair.

It was clear by the man’s body how much he enjoyed the queen touching him, his cock swelling to an impressive length. Lotor could not help but stare, wondering what power this little girl held to get men to react so strongly to such simple acts of affection.

She smiled knowingly at him, hand still petting the man’s blonde hair. “Someday too, you will be a slave, not only to me, but to your body’s needs.”

“Never.” Lotor hissed in retort. “I will not be some mindless animal that is controlled by his dick. My cock will not rise just at the mere presence of you, of any woman!”

“You say that now…but really slave…how long can you resist?” She lowered her hand, and the man seemed to weep, mourning the loss of her touch. “I’ve heard the tales of the Drule. Of your appetites when it comes to sex. Your hungers are strong, your desires raging nearly out of control. It shouldn’t take much effort to twist those to my advantage.”

She had stepped near to him, not quite touching as she went on tip toe to look up at him. She was smiling, and the look held both promise and threat, Allura raising her hands to hover them over his arms. “You have such strength about you.” She praised. “Such fury and skill…it’s a shame you used those talents to do my harem harm.”

He hissed when she touched him, Allura skirting her fingers across the length of both arms. “You let loose a monster in your harem. If anyone is at fault, it is you for thinking you could tame a Drule.”

“A Drule is just a man at heart.” Allura replied, pressing her hands firmly on him, fingers resting just above his restraints. “And men are so easily breakable. You just need to know the right buttons to push.”

He lunged forward at her, meaning to scare her. She did not so much as gasp, just staring up at him with that infuriating smile. “You are wrong about the Drule! my people never break!”

“Never?” A coy toss of her head. “Then you will be the first to fall.”

“Just try it.” Lotor snarled. “You won’t like the results.”

“We shall see.” She stepped back from him now, an unspoken command having the slaves come forward to touch her. “It’s a damn shame Lotor.” She was being touched, fingers and hands caressing and stroking all over her body. It didn’t affect her voice, Allura not so much as sighing in pleasure. “You could have spent this night pleasing me….now you must suffer your punishment.”

“Fucking you would be a punishment in and of itself!” Lotor retorted, and she raised an eyebrow at that.

“Oh how clever Lotor! Trying to hurt my feelings!” But she was smirking. “But my heart is not that fragile, nor is it solely devoted to you.” She raised a hand, caressing the face of the one who stood directly behind her.

“Yes…” he moaned in bliss, voice husky with desire.

“That will never be me!” Lotor let all the disgust show in his voice. “Never will I simper, never will I scamper after a woman for her affections. Never will I be consumed to the point of obsession for one.”

“They love me Lotor.” Allura said as one took her hand, raising it up so he could kiss and lick at her fingers. “They worship and adore me as no other. It will be the same for you. I’ll make it so you can’t live without me.”

He laughed in her face, confidant that nothing she would do would break him to that desperate a point. She stared calmly at him, waiting for him to tire of his mirth. “Do it.” She said, and two of her men broke away to approach Lotor. He eyed them warily, not trusting what they would do, and was shocked when they ripped off the skimpy shorts he had been given.

“Now what?” Lotor growled, noticing the way Allura and the men stared at his cock. Some even showed jealousy, and that almost made him smirk. Humans never could match up to the reality of a Drule.

The men stepped away, retrieving something from out of his range of sight. It was a bucket, some glistening concoction that they began rubbing into his body. He growled and snapped his teeth, not liking men touching him like this. They ignored him, working studiously to massage the liquid into every spot of his body. When it came time to do his cock, Allura stepped forward.

“Allow me.” She said with a smile, dipping her hands in the bucket. They came up wet to the wrists, and it was with a firm touch that she grasped hold of his cock. Her hands were cold from the liquid, fingers curling around the thick length of him. She stared up into his eyes as she handled him, Lotor trying not to hiss as she began carefully stroking the liquid up and down his shaft.

“What is that?” Lotor demanded, finding his whole body was beginning to feel strange. The liquid had been cold, but a feverish heat was spreading through him, not quite burning as tingles set his nerve endings alive.

His own cock was betraying him, blood funneling to it at an alarming pace, making it grow thick and long in Allura’s eager hands. She continued to rub the liquid into him, pausing to rub her thumbs over the crown of his cock. The first inkling of pre come appeared on the tip, and that too was smeared by her fingers.

“It’s Nanny’s own special blend.” Allura explained, stroking down to the base of him now. She began fondling his balls, kneading and squeezing them, making Lotor aware of how heavy with seed they were becoming. “It’s very powerful…far stronger than any of the aphrodisiacs you would find out on the market.”

“Aphrodisiac?!” he cried in alarm, and tried to jerk his hands free. No wonder his whole body was burning up, she had literally doused him from neck to toe in that damned liquid.

“Do try to bear it for a little longer.” Allura purred, and went up on tip toe, to smear the remains of the liquid on his lips. He growled, teeth clenched together so he would not accidentally taste the aphrodisiac, fearing what it would do to him if he got it inside him. If just the touch on his skin could make him so crazed, he refused to think what it would do if he drank it.

“Is that the key to your success?” Lotor demanded, feeling himself start to perspire. She looked at him confused, Lotor growling once more. “You keep your slaves pumped up on aphrodisiac till they can’t think of anything but satisfying their urges?”

“They are devoted to me because they love me.” Allura answered. “Aren’t you boys?” A murmur of agreement followed her words, the men looking almost fanatical in their devotion. “No, Nanny’s special blend is reserved for errant little slaves. It’s meant to punish not please you.”

“Punish?” But he could already guess, Lotor watching as Allura stepped back into the embrace of her men. Hands reached for the sash of her robe, shaking fingers carefully not to rip it as it was pulled open. She stood watching Lotor with some satisfaction, letting the men help her to slip out of the robe. He wasn’t surprised that the little queen was naked underneath it, her nipples rosy and stiff.

His eyes were drawn to wander over her body, and Lotor almost forgot and licked his lips at the mouth watering sight of her. Allura knew what sort of reaction she was having on him, she smiled and took her aphrodisiac covered hands, and ran them down the front of her body. When her fingers went to go between her legs, a harem slave cried out in protest, touching the back of her hand.

“Allow me…” He begged, and she allowed it. He and another man dropped to this knees, hands massaging her thighs to open for their inspection.

Allura seemed to grow limp, sagging in a way that forced the five men to support her fully. Zane stayed behind her, kissing at the nape of her neck, while stroking his hands along the sides of her breasts. The other two who remained standing were kissing up the length of her arms, Allura fixing Lotor with a satisfied smile.

Her feet left the floor, the men supporting her, one moving to kneel between her spread legs. The lips of her sex were spread, showing off the glistening pinkness of her core, the narrow opening of her body. A growl left Lotor’s throat, his cock rigid and throbbing, wanting to bury itself inside her. But no relief was coming, not to him at any rate, the men continuing to kiss and pet her.

“Hmm yes!” Allura cried out when the one kneeling pressed his mouth to her sex. It was more than just a quick tasting, he began to sample her, face buried against her as he made obscene sounds. He showed how much he relished the taste of her, hooking his arms around her thighs when she kicked out with her legs. It was his hold that prevented the little queen from locking her thighs around his head, giving the man room to maneuver as he dined on her flesh.

Zane was cupping her breasts, rubbing his fingers affectionately on their under sides. A man had latched onto each nipple, each one’s technique different. The one on the right licked and suckled gently, laving affection onto nipple, while the one on the left was fierce and wild, sucking greedily on it and the breast around the nipple. Allura’s head fell back with a moan, and Zane began kissing the side of her neck, even biting over her pulse point.

The fifth man was also on his knees, and he ran his hands over Allura’s bottom, following the pleasing shape of it. He even went so far as to plant kisses on her rear, the man moaning as if the act was the greatest honor anyone had ever let him perform.

If it wasn’t for the fact Allura kept looking at him, Lotor would have thought she forgot all about him. But she kept locking eyes with him, the blue dark with her desire, her lips parting on pleased moans. Lotor could only hang there and watch, shifting restlessly on the rack as Allura continued to be pleasured.

The torments would continue, the men pausing long enough to switch positions, Allura writhing with impatience. Each man had a different technique for pleasing her with their mouths, and the new man between her legs went so far as to use his fingers on her. She moaned and cried out, legs bending as he fingered her clit, his tongue probing the opening of her body.

The men themselves cried out in ecstasy, seeming to get drunk on the nectar of Allura’s body. Zane now had his turn at her right breast, and he was biting as much as sucking at her nipple. Allura seemed to enjoy everything they were doing to her, her body’s sensitivity such that she could not get enough. Even when she climaxed, she was demanding more, and the men were all too eager to give it to her.

What’s worse, Lotor wanted to give it to the little queen as well, the prince struggling against his restraints. His cock was so hard he could barely think, and all he wanted to do was throw the men off of Allura, and sink into that lush and juicy body of hers. His growls of frustration nearly out did Allura’s moans, Lotor doing a mindless thrust into the air. That thrust did nothing to alleviate his need, and he howled his fury.

“Lotor…?” She almost sounded concerned for him, Allura somehow speaking past the pleasure.

“Free me!” Lotor ordered, voice gruff as he gave a brutal jerk on his restraints. “Free me or I’ll…”

“You’ll do nothing.” Allura said, then was laughing, “You’re proving such a disappointment! It’s barely been an hour, and you’re already out of your mind with the need for pleasure!”

“Not quite!” Lotor growled. But he knew he would be and fast. He needed to sink into her in the worst way, to take his pleasure, and pound out his fury on that curvaceous body of hers. He knew he would be rough, merciless in the moment, but also felt she would be able to stand up to a Drule’s sexual appetite unrestrained. “Free me, or Allura, I vow I will make you suffer a hundred times more than what you made me suffer!”

“I think it’s time you learn I don’t respond kindly to threats.” Allura gestured for the men to put her down so she was standing on her own two feet once more. She approached him, and raked her long nails across his chest, drawing faint lines and scratching over his stiffened nipples. It was more pleasure than pain, Lotor thrusting once more, trying to grind himself into her front.

“Oh no..” Allura said, and gripped him by the balls. “There will be no pleasure for you this night. Not after what you did.”

“Bitch!” Her face hardened, she didn’t like the insult. So he said it again, and was reward with a hard slap to the side of his face.

“Zane…” Allura purred out the redhead’s name, still staring up at Lotor. “Since it was your nose he broke, I think it’s only fair you get to go first this night.”

“Thank you Mistress, I am honored.” Zane said, and moved behind her. Lotor growled, not sure what he expected, even as Allura let out a sensual sound. That damn bastard Zane was thrusting inside her, putting his cock in the very place Lotor wanted to be. His fury snarled out of him, Allura watching him as she leaned against him, rack seeming to shake every time Zane thrust into her.

Her large breasts jiggled and shook from the force of the man’s thrusts, Lotor wanting to reach for them, to hold them in his hands. To squeeze them and kiss them. His fingers were unconsciously clenching, as though imagining the feel of her breasts on them.

Allura gripped his arms, fingers holding on for dear life as she was pressed more firmly against his chest. He couldn’t stop the moan that escaped him when he felt her breasts squishing against him, Lotor trying to arch his cock upwards in a desperate attempt to touch them. Allura sensed what he was trying to do, and always she evaded him, keeping her breasts dangling just out of reach of the only part of him that could touch her.

She stared up at him as she moaned, watching his face carefully for any and all signs of his frustration. Lotor couldn’t have hidden it even if he had wanted too, the Drule Prince desperate for her, wanting and needing, and thinking only of the woman before him. No other existed, no other could have handle the fury of his pent up desire. Lotor vowed then and there, that not only would he get free, he would be the one to bring this little queen to heel.

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