Slave 003


It was proving to be the worst week of her life, Allura holding back a bitter sob as she lay in bed. The arms of the alien, a blue skinned Drule, were around her, the man spooning against her back. His face rested on a pillow of her hair, she could feel his breath hot and heavy against the back of her neck and it made her shiver.

Just thinking about the Drule, thinking about what he had done to her during the long, never ending night had her trembling, Allura feeling a white, hot rage at being taken like some thing, some unfeeling possession of his. He treated her like a toy, like she ceased to be nothing more than here for his sole amusement and pleasure. He was no different from the rest, she realized, Allura’s fingers tightening with anger on her pillow.

She was awake, and yet she felt as though she was still dreaming, living a nightmare that she constantly prayed would turn false. Allura would give anything to awaken in her bed, see her nanny come forward to chide her for sleeping late as she opened the curtains to her room. Sunlight would flood the bedroom, a welcome relief after the never ending darkness she had been thrust into.

The sun never shined on this planet she had been taken to, it was always dark and dreary, and what little views she caught of the outside world depressed her. For the most part Allura was kept inside, away from windows, kept under close guard. It was different from back home, the soldiers meant to protect her, not keep her confined like these men did.

She kept a constant parallel between her home and this world, finding little if anything to endear the planet to her. For the most part it kept her from thinking, from reflecting on the horrors of the past. But when she closed her eyes, she could see it then, her father’s proud form, cut in half by the demon’s blade. Her screams echoed in her ears, Allura able to recall the feeling of wetness dripping down her cheeks, the hands of the guards on her as they tried to drag her away.

If only she had allowed them to do that! But instead she had run forward, picking up her father’s sword, standing in her cumbersome gown, threatening the demon. How the evil alien had laughed, easily knocking the blade out of her hands. Her guards had rushed forward, intent on protecting her, but they proved no match for the alien. He had smiled at her, a cold, cruel grin that left her shaking, his hands seizing hold of her arms.

She had struggled, finding his fingers dug cruelly into her skin, clawed finger tips drawing her blood as he looked her over. He had liked what he had seen, she could see it in his eyes, the demonic alien’s eyes lighting up. Ignoring her screams, he had dragged her behind him, forcing her onto his waiting ship. Allura could remember his soldiers coming forward, one carrying the head of her father on a pike. She had nearly fainted then, only fear for what would happen to her kept her going, the pain on her arms stinging as she was dragged up a ramp.

Once onboard the alien craft, she was thrown to her knees, Allura holding back a cry of pain. She could remember his fingers gripping her chin, forcing her to look up at him. All her hatred and malice was in her eyes, the alien saying something to her, voice sounding pleased. She could remember him snatching off her crown, her hair falling forward from the motion. She watched shocked as he tossed it on the floor, foot stepping on the thin pearl carving, crushing it underfoot. It had splintered into many pieces, Allura glaring at him as he laughed.

She could remember the relief she had felt when the demon’s soldier had left her unmolested, Allura being locked away in the bowels of the ship. Her ordeal was just starting, the girl having to endure the long flight away from home. She had barely been shown the respect she deserved of her station, being thrust into a room with several other girls. Her eyes had been wide with disbelief, staring at how skimpily clad their garb was, a blush on her cheeks as she realized they were practically naked.

They touched her, stripping her of her gown and jewels, leading her to a hot bath. She had sat stiff as they bathe her, unable to relax with their touching her, scenting her skin with oil, spraying perfume in her hair. They then forced her into an outfit similar to their own, leaving her shivering and humiliated at her body being left exposed to any wandering male’s eye.

She didn’t know what was to happen to her, and no one seemed to care to fill her in. They either did not, or would not speak her language, leaving her to flounder about in confusion and despair. Allura was left alone to weep, not even food had been offered to her, leaving the girl half starved when they approached her days later. That hated collar was brought forth, far more lavish than anything the other girls had worn. She had known what it meant the instant her eyes landed on it, Allura screaming out a protest, fighting so that the women had to struggle to hold her down.

The collar had snapped around her neck with a finality that left her screaming. The instant she was free, her hands had come up, clawing at the silver metal. It made no difference, she couldn’t find the clatch, and she wheezed as though it was choking the life out of her.

Preoccupied with the feel of the collar around her neck, Allura offered no resistance as they dragged her out of the room, and through darkened halls. They brought her to a lavish bedroom, the very room she found herself in now. She had been confused when they led her to the bed, guiding her down onto the mattress. The cord had come out, Allura struggling, screaming out protests as they bound her to the bed.

It wasn’t enough to take away her hands, they sought to take her eyes away to, securing a blindfold across them. She continued to shout, and they ignored her, Allura hearing the door slam shut and lock behind them. For a long time she screamed, desperate for someone to come save her. But no one ever came, no one ever answered her.

And then he had arrived, his all too masculine laugh sending shivers down her spine. He had touched her and taken off her blindfold, Allura struck by his alien beauty. He wasn’t at all ugly like the demon or his men, he could almost be called handsome if the situation hadn’t been so scary.

Allura had drawn on the reserves her strengths, issuing commands, but he like the others simply ignored them, doing what he wanted. His intentions were amorous, her orders to be left alone turned begging. It didn’t matter, her pleas had fallen on deaf ears.

Just like that she found herself deprived of the only thing she had left, her innocence gone, taken not by her husband to be, but by some fearsome stranger. She had thought he would be done with her after that, she prayed for it, and yet he kept her close by, and soon she learned why. His appetite for her body was insatiable, the Drule waking her up several times during the night to take her again and again.

Her attempts at resistance only amused him, the alien taking pleasure in her struggles. Allura soon gave in, too weary to fight him, letting him take what he wanted with little protest. She wanted to cry, and yet except for the brief pain she had felt when he first stabbed into her, she refused, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of her tears.

It took monumental effort on her part not to sob now, Allura opening her eyes, the memories of the past few days still playing out, over and over in her mind like a broken record. Still she must have made some sound, the alien behind her was stirring, his voice a sleepy murmur as he questioned her. She only understood her name, Allura trying to keep quiet and feign sleep.

It didn’t work, his hands were starting to wonder, and she could feel him rubbing against her. As he moved, she could feel it, the sign of his arousal, and her eyes widened as she whispered. “Dear Gods, not again!”

Again he said her name, a throaty purr as other words issued out of him, their meaning foreign but easily guessed at. He shifted, moving so he could turn her over, the alien smiling at her as he smoothed back the hair from her face. She hated these tender touches of his, hated how he smiled at her, and most of all she hated how he positioned himself on top of her.

It was with a heart felt sigh that Allura gave in, little struggle on her part except to damn him with her words. It was after all just the latest in a string of indignities he had visited upon her this past night.

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