Two 08

“You bastard!!” Allura heard Lotor scream, before jumping on top his twin, the man who been staring down at her, with an absolutely tender look of love on his face, when Lotor crashed into him.
The two Lotor’s fell to the side of her, and as intriguing as being at the bottom of a Lotor pile up was to Allura, she quickly scrambled out of the way. She did not want to be crushed under their weight, or accidentally hit.

“How dare you!” One howled, rolling about, grappling with his twin. “She’s MINE!!”

“Finder’s keeper’s, Lotor!” hissed the other. “To the victor, goes the spoils!”

“Then here is a reward you forgot to collect!” Lotor’s fist smashed into the other Lotor’s face, and Allura cried out in horror.

“One good blow deserves another!” retorted the other, back handing Lotor across the face.

“I’ve received stronger slaps from my grandmother!” snapped the other.

“STOP IT!!” screamed Allura. “Both of you just stop!”

“I can’t believe you actually kissed her!” Ignoring her pleas, the Lotor’s continued to scream insults and accusation amidst punches.

“You should get your eyes checked! I did more than that!” The clone chuckled. “I can see why you kept her hidden from me, Lotor! She is truly a prize worth fighting for!”

“Then you realize I do not intend to give her up so easily!”

“I mean it! You two stop this instant!” Allura stamped her feet indignantly. “I will not be fought over in this manner!”

The two completely tuned her out, intent on bruising each other’s faces beyond recognition. Thinking, then Allura wouldn’t want the ugly one. Thinking, then she wouldn’t want the DEAD one.

“If you don’t desist this childish behavior, I’ll leave!” Allura shouted. “I really will!” More fighting and cursing. “I mean it! Here I am…walking away now!”

“Don’t go my love!” cried the clone. “I want to make a gift to you of his still beating heart!”

“Tokens of affection–not a bad idea!” laughed Lotor. “I’m sure a necklace of your teeth would adorn her neck just as well as a strand of pearls would! It will be a lovely sight.”

“You will not be seeing anything much longer!” hissed the clone, flinging a clump of dirt into Lotor’s eyes.

Lotor cried out, clawing at his eyes. The clone shoved his unresisting body off of him, and got to his feet. “Now you die, weak inferior one!” He unsheathed his sword, the lazon humming to life, and took aim at Lotor’s neck.

“I said BREAK IT UP!!” Allura screamed. “Move one step, and I’ll shoot!”

The clone glanced away from his predecessor and froze. His water vixen held a small laser pistol in her hands. “Put that away my love. You might hurt yourself.”

“Back away from Lotor…er Lotor!” She order, pleased to see the gun not shaking in her nervous, sweaty grip.

He laughed. “My love…I know you can’t shoot me. Not after what we’ve shared.”

“It’s because of what we’ve shared I can’t let you kill the other Lotor.” She didn’t know which one was which, and who she had done what with. “Now move!” She snapped, eyes flaring.

“Even in anger, you’re beautiful.” The clone feinted moving away from Lotor, only suddenly to rush at him, still intent on killing him.

“NO!!” cried Allura, shooting the sword out of the clone’s hand.

“You…you shot me!” He exclaimed in disbelief.

“And I’d do it again in a heartbeat!” She told him. “So back off!” To illustrate her point, she shot off seven more blasts, aiming at the ground before his feet. He was forced to hop away, to avoid getting his toes blown off.

“Such fire!” breathed the clone, a fanatical look in his eyes. “You only make me want you more!”

“Er…um..ew!” Allura made a face. “You have got to learn to read the signs of knowing how to tell when the mood has been ruined.” Keeping her gun carefully trained on him, she advanced on the temporarily blinded Lotor.

“Don’t touch him!” ordered the other Lotor.

“Don’t give me orders!” She snapped.

“Perhaps you want to be the one to kill the inferior one?” He smiled widely. He liked that idea very much. “Then we can toast each other with his blood.”
Allura shuddered. This Lotor was TOO creepy for her! She had to get away from him…and judging by the event she had witnessed, she had to get the other Lotor to safety! Otherwise this psycho would certainly kill him, and then come after her!

She wasn’t even sure which one had been the Lotor she had been kissing. She flushed, what should have been a pleasant memory now soiled forever. She really hope she hadn’t been about to give herself to that nutjob…but then…she couldn’t even be sure the Lotor at her feet wasn’t a sociopath as well! But it was against her nature to leave anyone to die, even a bad guy.

Keeping her eyes on the standing Lotor, she shifted the gun to a one handed grip. She managed to change the setting to stun, just as he rushed at her. She actually had to shoot him three times before he fell to the ground in a stunned stupor.

“There, there…” She said soothingly to the blinded Lotor, placing a hand on his shoulder. She wished she could say she was just attempting to calm him, but her heart was also racing. “He’s been…neutralized. For now anyway. But we have to get out of here fast.”

“Allura?” He asked, head turning in the direction of her voice.

“That’s right.” She said encouragingly. “We’ve got to leave before he wakes up.” She didn’t even know how long he’d stay stun…normally one blast was enough to take down a person. Gripping his arm, she half pulled Lotor to his feet. “Let’s go.”

“Where to?” Lotor asked, leaning against her body as a crutch.

Allura hesitated. She couldn’t take him back to the castle…well she could, but he might refuse. Even if he did not, if they showed up there, questions would be asked, and they probably would lock Lotor in a cell. “There’s some caves nearby.” She said at last. “We can hide there.”


“Oh man…what a fender bender…” muttered Keith, limping towards the castle. He still had a long way to go. It was also the second time that day he had awakened without any recollection of how he had ended up in the ravine. Or how exactly his condition had been earned…that of a broken wrist, a body full of a myriad of bumps and bruises decorating the skin.
“It must have been a lion practice session gone horribly wrong.” Keith started coughing, and was shocked to see some blood mixed in with the mucus. “Where is Allura with that medical kit when you really need her?”

Suddenly the ground shook, small rocks sliding about. “An earthquake?” He muttered, as the ground rocked again. And then again, and again, and again…”What the?”

Now the rocking was accompanied by sounds. An ominous thumping, echoing throughout the canyon like ravine.

“Uh oh…” Keith whispered as a large shadow eclipsed the sun. “A robeast!”

The thing was heading straight for him! He tried to run, but his limp impeded his progress. “SHIT!!” He cried, as the flower petal like hand came down over him. He shut his eyes, praying for death to be quick and painless…and was shocked to feel the claws close almost gently around his body. He was suddenly wrenched into the air, his stomach protesting violently. Vomiting out his breakfast all over the hand that held him, the robeast resumed it’s trek towards the Castle of Lions. Keith realized he was to have a front row seat to it’s demolition. “I don’t see how this day could possibly get any worse.” He mumbled.

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