Porcelain 36

It was to a dry mouth and fingers caressing down his back, that Lotor awoke, the prince letting out a moan, pain at the heart of that sound. He didn’t open his eyes immediately, content to just lay there while hammers continued to pound their marks into his head. The pain in his head almost drowned out the other sensations, Lotor aware of a nauseous feeling, and laying in something cold and sticky.

He had a good idea what that fluid was, and he wasn’t happy about it, nor did he like the fingers that were dancing up and down his spine. The touch was flirtatious, intimate when his mood neither wanted nor warranted such closeness. He groaned again, and forced open his eyes, realizing he was face down on a flattened pillow. He wondered how he didn’t suffocate, Lotor struggling to push himself up right.

It was more difficult than it should be, Lotor cursing himself for the amount of wine and booze he had drank the night before. He nearly slipped, hearing a giggle that sounded too loud, the noise grating, sending his head throbbing even more. Yes, he had definitely had too much to drink, and the drugs he had taken probably didn’t help his hangover.

Lotor wondered what he had been thinking, accepting those red colored pills from the companion he had picked up the night before. She had promised him a buzz like no other, and Lotor ever in the mood for pleasure had accepted. He could remember nothing of the trip that followed, leaving Lotor to wonder if he had passed out immediately after swallowing the pills.

He managed to roll over onto his back, somehow avoiding the sticky spot in the process. His movement forced the person touching him off the bed, a loud thump following her fall. She just laughed, like it was the funniest thing in the world, Lotor moaning and throwing an arm over his eyes. Her laughter grated on his ears, but more than that the dim lights of the room burned his eyes.

He wasn’t sure how long he laid there, trying to recover. A female voice spoke to him, and he realized it was different from the one who was laughing. “Lotor baby, it’s time to get up.”

“How dare you address me so informally!” Lotor growled, but it was a weak sound, the prince hardly able to muster up the proper anger.

“You weren’t complaining last night when you were making me scream your name.” The woman retorted with a laugh.

“Then last night was a mistake..”

“Oh your highness…” The title was spoken, but in a mocking manner, Lotor growling again. “Don’t be like that.” The bed dipped with the woman’s weight, she was crawling her way on top of his body. He felt the tips of her breasts brush against his chest, Lotor realizing she wore no shirt and neither did he.

“Get off me…” Lotor began, feeling her plant moist kisses down the center of his chest. She laughed again, and continued her way downwards, lips grazing his abdomen. He forced his arm down, opening his eyes even though the light hurt him, and stared. For a second he didn’t see anything beyond the oil black hair, the woman’s ruby red lips kissing and licking further down on his body.

She rolled her gold colored eyes up to watch his face, moving purposefully slow as she revealed her white teeth, biting down gently above his navel. Lotor bit in a hiss, but it was more a shocked sound than one of pain, the prince having noticed the rest of the room. It was a sight to be seen, a small tornado having worked it’s way through, leaving destruction everywhere it touched down.

Lotor had a pretty good idea that tornado had been him, the prince shifting his gaze from wall to wall, seeing curtains torn and blinds lopsided. Lamps were overturned, and in some places smashed to pieces, and numerous wine bottles lay scattered all over the floor. Puddles of booze were a common sight, as was the blood that seemed to have splattered every where, on him, on the woman, on the walls.

His gaze locked onto a bloody hand print on the wall opposite the bed, it’s size matching his right down to the fingers. He swallowed nervously, suddenly becoming aware of the scent of blood spilt, Lotor biting down bile. The woman who was biting him wasn’t the only female in the room, there was close to a dozen Drule women, laying in various states of undress, clothes torn by claws that hadn’t been careful of the delicate skin beneath them.

~What have I done?!~ A horrified Lotor asked himself, and the woman lifted herself up off him just enough so her breasts dangled teasingly over his cock.

“You were magnificent last night.” She said, as though she had sensed his thoughts. “A real animal, ruthless and demanding. It was…exciting.” He stared at her with wide, shocked eyes, the woman rubbing her breasts against his cock. His body was a traitor that reacted to that touch, but Lotor had no interest in bedding this woman a second time, or even a third time.

“You were insatiable your highness.” One of the women on the carpet called out to him, smug satisfaction radiating off her. She was like a well fed cat, pleased with the dinner she had been fed. “I thought you’d never get enough.”

“He still hasn’t.” The woman on top of him said, shifting enough to drop a kiss on the head of his cock.

“AH!” A sharp gasp, Lotor trying to move away. “Don’t do that!”

“You don’t like my kiss?” The woman faked a pout, and kissed him again, Lotor seething at the way she disobeyed his command.

“No, I don’t.” Lotor told her, and she laughed.

“Liar!” Her hand grabbed at his manhood, holding him steady as she lowered her mouth onto his cock. He didn’t want this, but his body reacted, gratefully seeking out the moist heat of this bold tart’s mouth. She smiled around her mouthful, doing a low purring hum that sent vibrations down his shaft.

“I’m so jealous…” whispered the woman on the floor, and the one who was laughing stopped long enough to agree.

“Vaspa is always so greedy, never sharing the good treats with us.”

The throbbing in his temples warred with the pleasure being wrought out in the lower half of his body, Lotor reaching to grab the woman by her hair. She made an approving sound, thinking he meant to help her bob along his length. She thought wrong, Lotor hauling her off him, Vaspa’s teeth scraping over that last bit of skin. Wincing, Lotor growled and viciously he shoved her onto the floor, her startled yelp furthering the pain in his head.

Ignoring his half erect state, Lotor half stumbled, half crawled to the edge of the bed, trying to find where he had left his clothing. He found his tunic underneath the bed, Lotor hurriedly pulling it on. It fell down to the top of his knees, Lotor padding around on bare feet, and trying to avoid the numerous women who lay sleeping on the floor. He stepped into puddles of the spilt liquid, splashing wine and waking women with his curses.

The women were happy to see him, calling out in seductive tones, or reaching out to leave flirtatious caresses on his legs. They begged and pleaded, trying to entice him into their arms, Lotor tuning them out for the most part.

“Where’s my sword?!” Lotor demanded with a snarl, wondering how he could have been so foolish as to part from his blade. He always kept it near, going so far as to sleep with it sheathed underneath his pillow. And now it seemed a moment’s carelessness had cost him his blade, Lotor cursing out loud to the amusement of the gathered women.

He started bending over the females, lifting them up to check under their bodies. Still no sword, the prince knowing he could not leave without it or his pants. “Damn it, stop sitting there staring, and be of use for once in your life!”

“What do you want us to do, my Lord?” It was a solicitous tone from the white haired female, her eyes staring longingly at Lotor.

“Find me my sword!”

“You were a lot more fun last night.” Another woman complained, and none of the gathered females moved to help him look for his weapon.

“But just as bossy then as he is now.” A female with overly curly hair said with a grin. “Of course his orders then were a lot more fun, for all involved.”

Lotor had no doubt of that, the women were tired and wearing satiated smiles, though the after sex bliss was starting to give way to shared annoyance at the prince’s
behavior. He didn’t care, Lotor continuing to turn the room even more upside down than it already was in the quest for his sword.

The women grew bored with his actions, some settling down to return to sleep’s embrace once more. Lotor growled under his breath about how useless the whole lot of them were, the prince growing more frantic to find his sword.

Vaspa sat up, her elbows on the bed, chin resting in her hands as she studied him. He ignored her as best he could, and then the banging started, loud and obtrusive. For one brief instant Lotor mistook the shaking of the door for the pounding in his head. That was before the shouting started, Lotor recognizing the voice as belonging to his father.

He gasped and stared, dumbfounded in the moment. What was Zarkon doing here, how had his father managed to track him down? Panicked emotion began working it’s way through him, Lotor wondering what his father’s reaction would be to the scene inside the hotel room.

The women were making faces, some shouting over the noise, aggravated and annoyed at the disturbance to their attempted sleep. Lotor forced himself to move, charging towards the door, reaching for the handle just a second too late. The door was forced open, the wood slamming into his face, Lotor letting out an angry bellow. “Damn it father, I was about to open the door!”

“Learn to be quicker then.” Came Zarkon’s snapped out retort, his men rushing into the room. They were dressed in full riot gear, and armed with laser assault rifles, the red lights aiming at the startled women on the floor. The Drule females began to scream and shout, panicking over their fate. “Shut them up.” Zarkon ordered, striding into the room.

“No please!” Vaspa begged, a soldier having twisted her arm behind her back. The assault rifle was pressing into the crook of her shoulder, a clean blow should the trigger be pulled. The other women were adding their voices to the pleading, some crying out as soldiers grabbed them by their hair, jerking them cruelly up onto their knees.

“Father, what are you doing?!” An alarmed Lotor asked, chilled by the look Zarkon flashed him.

“I’m cleaning up your messes son.” Came his answer, his hand giving the signal for the soldiers to open fire. The women barely had time to scream, the blasts firing into their bodies. The women’s bodies sagged against the soldiers’ hold, Lotor staring horrified at the scene. There was no blood split, the lasers doing their job by shooting high voltage charges into the women, frying their synapses.

“Close your mouth son, you look absolutely foolish with that stunned expression on your face.” Zarkon said, the King giving a cursory look at the room. His gaze lingered on the blood, but Zarkon was without comment, instead speaking an order to his men. “Get the bodies out of here. I’m going to have a talk with my son.”

Zarkon stepped carefully around the puddles on the floor, his booted feet avoiding the glass as the King moved closer to Lotor. The prince opened and closed his mouth, trying to form the words, Zarkon holding up a hand for silence. “Hold your tongue.” He said. “Lest you say something foolish.” Lotor glared at him, but did as ordered, the two watching in silence as the soldiers carried out the last of the women.

“So…” Zarkon’s upper lip curled, the man looking disgusted as he gestured to the room. “This is where you’ve been the last three days.”

“Three days?!” Lotor’s eyebrows rose in surprise, the prince staring shocked at his father.

“Just how much drug and drink have you had to lose track of that much time?” Zarkon demanded, and Lotor muttered out a response.

“I only had three red pills.”

“And I suppose you didn’t even bother to find out what they were giving you?” Lotor felt heat rise to his face, embarrassment burning away at his father’s question. “Typical.” Zarkon snorted.

“It was a one time thing.” Lotor retorted, feeling defensive. “I’ve never taken drugs before this time!”

“Well…I certainly hope the experience made a lasting impression on you. Because you won’t be repeating such behavior.” Zarkon said.

“Believe me, you don’t have to tell me that. I’ll never trust any pills ever again.”

“It’s not just the drugs.” Zarkon told him. “It’s all of it, The women, the drinking, the sex.” Lotor stared, surely his father did not mean to forbid him the only outlets for pleasure he had left to him.

“It’s not hurting anyone…” Lotor began, but Zarkon cut him off with a snort.

“It’s hurting you. It’s hurting this kingdom.”

“Hurting it how?!” Lotor demanded.

“You’ve been busy making babies behind my back.” Again Lotor was left to do nothing but stare, Zarkon nodding grimly. “You’ve been foolish. You haven’t been using protection. You’ll be lucky if you don’t end up with as many diseases as babes you’ve made.”

“Babies?!” Lotor whispered, barely having heard the rest of what his father had said. Zarkon nodded, and Lotor cried out. “But all the women told me they were on birth control!”

“And you believed them?!” Zarkon laughed, but it was a grim sort of amusement, the King angry. “Do you have any idea how many fortune hunters and social climbers exist in the middle class?! And here’s you, offering yourself up on a silver platter, you and the keys to the kingdom.”

“I…I didn’t mean to…”

“What you meant and what you did are two entirely different things!” Zarkon snapped. “Do you have any idea how many women have been found with unexpected bundles of joy? DO you?!” He couldn’t even hazard a guess, Lotor just standing there awkwardly. “Nineteen!” Zarkon roared, his anger such that Lotor actually flinched back. “Nineteen in two years time!”

Lotor stumbled towards the bed, dropping down to sit on the edge of the mattress. “I’m a father?!”

“You were a father.” Zarkon said, his teeth flashing in a displeased smile. “I’ve since taken the measures to dispose of the bastards and their mothers.”

Lotor jerked his head up at that, horrified anew at his father’s words. “Don’t tell me you…”

“What else could I have done?!” Zarkon demanded. “Welcome them and their disruptive capabilities into the castle? Begin plotting how to divide my Empire nineteen ways?!” A snort then, Zarkon derisive. “I think not.”

“You…you could have sent them away, sent them to a planet far from here…” Lotor said, and Zarkon gave a cruel laugh.

“And risk my enemies learning of their existence?! Think for once in your miserable lfie!” Zarkon began pacing before Lotor, talking fast and furious. “Baron Traak already found out about one of the babies, he was poised to set up a coup using the child as his means to get his hands on my throne. And trust me when I say it wouldn’t be a bloodless coup!”

Lotor was still trying to process the news that he had been a father, and that any and all children he had made were dead.

“It was for the best son.” Zarkon said, laying a hand on Lotor’s shoulder. The touch proved too much, Lotor suddenly lashing out, on his feet and throwing a fist at his father’s face. “Best for who?!” Lotor screamed, his movements sluggish. Zarkon easily evaded the punch, throwing up a hand to catch Lotor by the wrist. “Best for you?!”

“Best for us both, best for this kingdom!” Zarkon snarled, squeezing down on Lotor’s wrist. The prince ignored the pain, driving his left fist upwards in an attempt to smash it into his father’s jaw. His father saw the move coming, leaning back so the upper cut flew harmlessly past his face. Growling, the king then twisted Lotor’s arm behind his back, his leg kicking out Lotor’s feet, the prince dropping hard to the floor.

Lotor continued to struggle, his father hissing in his ear, ordering him to calm down. He refused, trying to buck back, his head smashing backwards into Zarkon’s face. His father growled, and the next thing Lotor knew, he was on his back, Zarkon’s fingers closing around his throat. Still Lotor remained defiant, eyes blazing with anger. “And the women today?! Why did you kill them?!” Lotor demanded. He may not have liked them very much, but he hadn’t wanted them dead. “To prevent more accidents?!”

Zarkon nodded. “Any one of those females could have been impregnated by your seed….I wasn’t about to take the chance.”

Lotor gaze’s smoldered, he glared at his father. “Damn you!”

“It’s fine with me if you want to hate me boy. But remember this.” A sharp tipped claw was thrust before his face, Zarkon snarling. “Father ALWAYS knows best.” Lotor doubted that, he doubted that with all his heart. “Clean yourself up.” Continued Zarkon, moving off him. “Forget about these women, but don’t forget the lessons you have learned today.”

Stone faced, Lotor got up off the floor, walking towards the room’s bathroom. “This can’t be repeated Lotor.” Zarkon called out after him. “You can’t keep picking up these undesirables to sleep with.”

“Then what do you suggest I do?!” Lotor whirled around, his eyes flashing. “Become chaste like a monk?!”

Zarkon laughed. “Hardly. But from now on you will be closely monitored, your associations with these women of loose morals will be stopped before anything can happen.”

“I have needs!” Lotor snapped, and Zarkon nodded.

“I haven’t forgotten what it’s like to be young. Don’t worry Lotor, I will see that you have an outlet for your sexual energy.” He didn’t like the sound of that, Lotor hesitating in the doorway of the bathroom. Zarkon waved him onwards, the king smirking at the look on his son’s face. Fighting back a shiver, Lotor stalked into the bathroom, and stripped off his tunic.

He was still trying to process Zarkon’s baby revelations, the prince tempted to rush back out and once more attack his father for making such horrible choices for his mistakes. He wondered if he’d stand a chance against his father, even if he could find his sword. With a muttered curse, he stepped into the shower, letting the cold spray hit him hard in the face, the water mingling with the tears he hadn’t realized he had let out.

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