Diplomat 09

There was a moment when Allura had lingered between half remembered dreams and the disorientation of waking up in a stranger’s bedroom. More confused than anything, the panic hadn’t immediately set in, Allura assuming she was still dreaming. Then the discomfort had set in, the lingering pains of a virgin’s body well used, the sting of rug burn on her flesh, and the weight of another’s body on top of hers. Feeling the pirate’s warm breath on her ear, the sound of his soft snore, and his fingers closed around one of her wrists, was almost enough to make Allura scream.

Slowly, counting to ten in her mind, Allura tried to take stock of her situation. Of what had happened, and of what was now, Allura aware of the soreness between her legs, her thighs bruised and wet, the now cold and sticky remains of the pirate’s climax having leaked out of her and onto the bed sheets.

She had to breathe slowly, had to close her hand to dig her nails into it’s palm in order to keep from letting out a wild scream. Allura was upset, wanting to deny what had happened, what she had consented to albeit reluctantly. She had to will herself not to cry, to not scream and lash out. It was a struggle to remain in control, to pretend she still was the woman that had dined with a pirate. To pretend she was still unaffected by him, by all that had happened, all that had been done to her. Most of all, she had to will herself not to cry, had to remind herself to keep on being strong, that she had dealt with worse at her father’s court than one mangy Drule pirate.

What did it matter that the pirate had wanted and taken her body? Compared to those who fought over Arus, to the cruel despots and invaders who would ensure millions suffered, who had already caused wars to break out, who would fight and kill, and leave the people of her planet impoverished, the pirate’s evil just did not compare. This was something Allura knew, and though she tried to accept it, it was still too real, hit too close to home. For Allura had lost something she had valued, her choice being taken from her, many of her firsts being given to the pirate.

Her first true kiss, her first caress, the many firsts of sex. It shouldn’t matter as much as it did, not when she had a whole world to get back to and provide for. A world she would do just about anything for, a world she felt responsible for, a world she had undertaken this mission for. Sex with a pirate was just another sacrifice, one of the many things Allura was willing to do to safeguard Arus. It was why she hadn’t fought him, hadn’t said no, hadn’t even told him her name. Allura was simply doing what she had to in order to survive long enough to get back to Arus. To get back to her ailing father, her friends, her subjects. Allura had to believe a chance would offer itself to her, a way opening in the future for her to escape. The pirates and their captain was just one more obstacle in a string of them, Allura determined to succeed. She’d worry later about the fact that the only proof of the agreement with Jacquol had been destroyed.

Just as Allura had to believe that she would escape from the pirates, she also had to believe Jacqoul would honor the agreement she had struck with it’s King. She couldn’t bear otherwise, couldn’t handle the idea that all of this had been for nothing, that the agreement had been as flimsy as the paper it had been written on.

She had to believe, had to hold hope close to her heart in a situation that seemed bleak at best. She couldn’t give up, and Allura certainly couldn’t give into tears. She had to be strong, brave, and as unaffected by what had happened as she could manage. But it was difficult, with the reality right in her face, the pirate Lotor pinning her to the bed, her body sore in a way it had never been before, his seed in her and on the sheets.

Worse yet was the fact that he was still INSIDE her, the pirate having collapsed at the same time she had, both of them so exhausted after nearly half a dozen couplings. The fact that there had been so many quite honestly astounded Allura. Never had she imagined such an act could be done by one man multiple times in one night. She had thought once, maybe twice, and then he’d have allowed her to rest. Instead Lotor had tried Allura to her limits AND his, the pirate almost frantic and working her hard.

She wouldn’t cry, but that didn’t mean Allura could stop the blush or the memories that caused it. Remembering his mouth kissing all over, the pirate Lotor paying special attention to her breasts. Doing things with his fingers, his lips, his body. Forcing her to feel, to experience strange sensations that were not entirely unpleasant. Allura didn’t know if her reactions were normal, if all women felt the same, or if the pirate was truly as skilled as he had claimed. Even the act of piercing her hymen, hadn’t hurt as much as she had feared, though there had been enough pain to keep her from climaxing during that first claiming. But not for the times after, Allura’s body learning the feel, enjoying the odd sensations of Lotor’s cock thrusting inside her. By the third time they had coupled, she had been clawing at his back, screaming in wild abandonment, wanton and fierce.

That was perhaps the most humiliating. That Allura could have been brought to enjoy anything he had done, let alone become as wild and frantic as the pirate had been. Her hands now touched the back of the man who slept on top of her, Allura feeling the lines of split flesh where her nails had scratched and torn at Lotor’s skin. She had been vicious at that point, demanding, practically snarling at him to go harder. It was embarrassing, mortifying, and Allura regretted it immensely.

It wasn’t her, or at least Allura tried to insist it wasn’t. She was all to quick to blame it on the drinks she had had, and the aphrodisiac the meal had been stuffed with. Anything to refuse the idea that she was that wild a woman where sex was involved. It was harder to do than she liked, dried blood under her nails, the pirate Lotor’s hair tangled and wild from all the times Allura had pulled on it, and run her fingers through it.

Again warmth heated her face, the blush blooming redder on her skin. Feeling suffocated by both his nearness and the memories, Allura began to attempt to wiggle out from under him. Her hands tried to lift him up, Allura trying to figure out how to get him out of her body. Her actions seemed to only settle him more firmly on her, his body cradled between her spread thighs, Allura’s face aflame with mortification.

He was still asleep, still snoring. But that part inside her? It came alive, growing harder inside her as Allura struggled to get away. The feel of him swelling, of him growing to full length while inside her, was so odd and alien a sensation. She gasped, hearing him snort, and then felt him begin to move. Allura was well in a state of frozen disbelief, staring up at the cabin’s ceiling by the time the pirate awakened fully. A touch on her cheek got her to look at him, the pirate Lotor smiling. It was a smile that had devastating effects, Allura blinking rapidly to keep the tears from forming even as her inside clenched and turned to liquid heat as he continued his movements. His sleepy, almost frantic thrusts took on a more leisurely pace, the pirate Lotor in control of himself now. Murmuring and cooing to her in a mix of the universal’s standard language and his own, the pirate looked far too pleased at this morning’s wake up.

Fighting back the urge to grit her teeth, Allura wanting nothing more than to slap the grin off his face. Even with his distracting movements, she hated, angry at him, and angry with herself for reacting to the sex. To the pleasure that built between her legs, to the tightening that responded to the rub and friction they caused together. To the fact his hands now covered her breasts, Lotor having lifted enough that Allura could glance down and see the point where they were joined.

She refused to look there, unable to maintain her glare as the sensations swept through her. Her body began trembling, Allura gasping repeatedly. Lotor’s smug, satisfied expression was all she could focus on, and even that was enough to stop her body from reacting. Her hands clenched over his back, nails digging into those still fresh groves. Her breath hissed through clenched teeth, Allura fighting the words that wanted to come out in response to this slow, downright languid pace.

And when she did give in, the words “faster damn you” issued out of in a growl, Allura saw the arrogant smirk he flashed her way. The knowing look in the pirate’s eyes betraying his slow pace had not been born of early morning laziness, but had been maintained in deliberate tease. The pirate wanted her wild, wanted her to beg, wanted her to know how easily he could drive her to that point. It infuriated Allura, her nails scratching harder in an attempt to somehow hurt him worse than he could her. But even as she bled him, she felt it wasn’t enough. Nothing would ever be enough, so long as he could so easily enslave her by his body’s movements.

By the time they both came, Allura was arching her back and fully voicing the scream that had been building inside her, Lotor had his face buried against her shoulder. He actually bit down hard on her skin there, muffling his own cry as his seed flooded inside her. Allura had a moment of real panic, not at all ready to believe the pirate’s claim that he and all the other Drules were on some form of injected protection when it came against making babies.

Feeling his tongue licking over the painful bite mark on her shoulder, Allura began pulling on his hair. He wasn’t quick to move, comfortable settled on top of her, and between her legs. She really wanted to kick him, or to beat her fists against him, Allura wondering if he planned to keep her in bed underneath him for the next few days.

“Get off of me.” She said, with a particularly vicious jerk on his hair. “I wish to bathe.”

He didn’t move, Lotor enduring the abuse to his hair. “There’s no need to rush pet.” He told her, still licking at the bite mark, while reaching for her wrists. “Let’s just enjoy the moment.”

“There’s nothing to enjoy.” She managed to jerk one wrist free of his grip, but the other? The other stayed trapped, Lotor lifting her hand to lave his tongue over the palm of it. “I am filthy and wish to be clean.”

She quickly made a fist before the pirate could take one of her fingers into his mouth. He was too eager, too quick to entice her with every weapon that his body possessed. His tongue might be the ultimate in his arsenal, Allura trying not to shudder as she remembered how it had felt to be licked all over by that rough velvet muscle.

Kisses brushed across her knuckles instead, the pirate staring at her as he did it. Allura didn’t hold back her annoyance, trying to shake him off as she grumbled. “Enough. We’ll be here all day if I let you have your way any further.”

“Would that really be so bad?” He wondered.

“Of course it would!” She snapped, trying to push free. He still refused to move, Lotor studying her face carefully. “I’m sure you have things to do, ships to raid, women to debauch, lives to destroy.”

“All in due time.” Was his answer. “But right now I’d rather lay here with you.”

“If only that was all you’d be content to do.”

“Come now pet. You can’t pretend it was all bad.” Lotor grinned at her, too smug with himself.

“Nor will I pretend it was all good!” She snapped, temper rising further at his unabashed laugh. “You’re a brute and a bully, working a virgin the way you did!”

“There was little complaints at the time.” The pirate countered. “And you seemed to enjoy it.”

“Seemed to isn’t the same as actually!” She sniffed haughty and shoving at him. “Now get off of me before I get really mad.”

“Oh pet. We wouldn’t want that to happen.” He was mocking her, Allura dearly tempted to slap that twisted smile off his face. “But go. Clean yourself if it’ll make you feel better. It’s not as though washing me off your skin will change the fact that I’ve been inside you many, many times.”

His words almost broke her down to tears, Allura letting out an enraged hiss a moment before her hand slapped across his cheek as hard as she could manage. “You are even more despicable than I first thought. To mock me in so cruel a manner.”

The pirate Lotor looked shocked by the slap, but this time moved in response to her shove. Allura inched sideways to the edge of the bed, trying to ignore the pains of her hips, and the soreness between her legs. She refused to crumple, refused to cry out and acknowledge she shouldn’t be standing so soon. But most of all she refused to require his assistance to the bathroom, Allura limping bravely to the shower. She’d collapse against the bathroom door, shaking uncontrollably, her breath coming out in harsh pants. And still she refused to cry, to let the pirate win in this matter.

There was a ledge inside the shower’s stall. Allura sat down on it gratefully, letting the water pelt down on her from above. Her hair and skin grew damp quick enough, Allura working to get out the remains of the pirate’s climax out of her. She examined her bruised thighs, and began scrubbing at her skin with the pirate’s pine scented soap. But no matter how hard she tried to get clean, the pirate Lotor was right about one thing. It did nothing to change the fact that she been ravished, that her body had thoroughly been used by him, had even enjoyed some of those couplings.

Allura was beyond angry. feeing an immense sense of loss. Knowing her first experience with sex, should have been one that was loving, a kind caring partner introducing her to this new kind of intimacy. Her partner should have been a man who had loved her, who wouldn’t have teased her so cruelly, wouldn’t have seen her as nothing more than an outlet for his sexual needs. It should have been desire not necessity that had motivated Allura to say yes to a lover, the sex should have, could have been so much more than what it had ended up being. Fucking. She hated that word, it offended her every sensibility. But in this moment it was appropriate. The pirate had fucked her, and she him, and nothing about it had been special.

But she wouldn’t, couldn’t cry. Not now, not when the pirate could hear. Not even when he couldn’t, Allura refusing to give him that victory for as long as she was his prisoner. She would endure, calling on all her training as a princess and a diplomat, wearing a mask that hid her true sorrow from Lotor and all the others onboard this ship. She would be poised, as regal as she dared, not only enduring but waiting for her chance. The moment she would be able to escape. Allura refused to think that moment would never come, that she might actually end up a slave, or that her true identity would be uncovered. Allura would be brave, bold, determined. She would not let Lotor or any of the pirates he led be her or Arus’ ultimate undoing. And with that decided, strength filled her, Allura drawing on it and standing tall. Ready to face the pirate Lotor and whatever other fiendish plans he had for her.

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