Freedom 16


He was practically humming, the door sliding shut behind him, cutting off Allura’s question. It didn’t matter, Lotor had no answer for her, at least not one he could truthfully give. His princess was simply too innocent, inexperience rendering her delightfully naive and ignorant to what had just happened between them. He imagined she’d be horrified to know, her prudish sensibilities set upside down by the knowledge that they had just engaged in a type of sexual activity.

Of course, it wasn’t his chosen method of sex, Lotor ruefully shaking his head no as he glanced down at the front of his pants. He was grateful the material was dark, it hid the wet stain from sight, Allura blind to it’s existence. Lotor wasn’t, keenly aware of the sticky squelching in his pants, the remains of his climax dripping down his thighs. Lotor laughed, thinking to himself this was the very first time he had allowed a woman to make him come in his pants.

“Only you Allura…” He murmured, fingers hooking over the waist band of his pants. “Only you….” He yanked them down, shucking the pants off, leaving him naked in the bathroom. He wore no undergarments, and he used his ruined pants to soak up the mess down his front. Once clean, relatively speaking, he threw them into the hamper, and turned towards the shower.

Fiddling with the faucet, he allowed warm water to flow out, blasting him in the chest. He sighed happily, body relaxed and languid, a result of some of the sexual tension he felt around Allura being released. It was growing exceedingly difficult to be around her, and not act on his feelings. She was everything to him, his ideal woman, dreams of her had plagued him for months. To have her so close at hand and do nothing to claim her was simply maddening.

His hands smoothed back his wet hair, Lotor recalling how pleasant it had been to feel her working her fingers though his mane. He knew he was starved for her attention, enjoying even the smallest of touches. Her fingers touching his mouth, soft skin smoothing across his lips, making him smile in remembrance. Now if only he could get her to do more, nice as the little touches were, they weren’t enough. At this pace he felt he’d lose his mind long before she gave her consent, Lotor fearing that he’d end up doing something she’d never be able to forgive him for!

Scented soap bubbles slid down his skin, Lotor reaching for the shower head, pulling to aim it at his torso. His thoughts were all focused on Allura, on how to make her his not just in name, but in body and heart too. Something in him whispered that Planet Arus might just be the key to it all, the place all his dreams might become a reality. But was it to much to ask for? The planet had already given him so much, riches, Voltron, his father’s respect, even Allura as his bride. Could it pull off one last miracle and give him her love?

He wanted that more than anything, perhaps even more than he wanted to join their bodies as one. There had been little room for love in his life, what small amounts he had received had all come from his mother. She had doted on him, loving Lotor unconditionally. Sometimes Lotor wondered if she had loved him so much because she had no room in her heart for his father. No family, and little friends among the Doom court had left his mother with little happiness, it could have gone either way. His mother could have resented him for tying her more firmly to his father.

He couldn’t imagine what kind of monster he would have grown up to be if that had been the case. His father never told him he loved him, though Zarkon often admitted he was fond of Lotor when he wasn’t belittling him for some sort of screw up. Some of the women in his harem had professed to love him, but he could never take them at their word. They had their eye on his crown, wanting to elevate themselves up from treasured pleasure slave to wife of a prince. Or even worse they thought to lull him into a false safety, seeking to kill him when his back was turned.

He supposed his people loved him, as much as one could adore a monarch that they saw in the news everyday. But it was akin to being put on a pedestal, being admired from afar. What he wanted was real love, the kind his mother had told him about in her stories. He was desperate to experience it, to go beyond the love of one’s family or a pet’s single minded devotion. And he wanted Allura to be the one to give it to him.

Shaking his head, sending a spray of droplets everywhere, Lotor switched off the shower. He stepped off the tile, and onto the bath mat, taking care not to slip and fall as he reached for a towel. Tucking it around his waist, he went to the mirror, his hand clearing off the fog from the glass. His reflection stared back at him, cutting an impressive figure. Sometimes Lotor wondered how Allura could look at him and not be moved to attraction.

Sometimes he feared she’d prefer someone like Keith, all pale skin and black hair, someone who didn’t tower over her in height. He wondered if his blue skin and white hair turned her off, Lotor knowing that to the Drules, his all too human qualities was a turn off to those who had been born without any visible alien impurities in their blood. The crux of it was, he found his own people ugly to look at, having grown up preferring those who resembled him and his mother, than Zarkon!

He was combing his hair out, making sure no tangles had sprung up while he showered, Lotor grateful his genetics hadn’t gifted him with Zarkon’s bald head. He didn’t think Allura was a person who relied solely on looks, and yet Lotor felt certain she’d never love him if he resembled Zarkon beyond sharing his eyes!

He set the comb down, and dropped the towel, Lotor casting a quick, critical eye towards his nudity. He was lean muscle and hard lines, Lotor wishing he knew what Allura thought when she looked at him. With a low grumble, he reached for his clothing, putting on a clean pair of pants, and a loose fitting shirt. He cinched a snake skin belt around his waist, then tugged on his boots. Thus dressed, he was ready to step out and face Allura once more.

He found her laying in bed, a book propped up on her stomach. She didn’t look in his direction as he stepped into the cabin, so intent was she on her book. He paused to admire her, liking the way her upswept hair exposed the slender line of her neck. Lotor was struck by the sudden impulse to kiss it, wanting to lick and bite at her delicate flesh. The urge came on so strongly that he had to stop himself from stepping in her direction, shaking his head no.

Instead, he settled for talking to her, sitting on the far edge of the bed, the distance feeling like miles between them. She didn’t even glance up when the mattress dipped, Allura simply turning a page as though the printed word was more fascinating than her husband. Lotor couldn’t help but feel a little annoyance at her disinterest, the man clearing his throat to get her attention.

She didn’t turn her face from the book, but her eyes slid to the side, glancing at him curiously. “Allura…” He began, and suddenly she was speaking, voice sharp, tone curt.

“Did you enjoy your shower?”

Lotor was taken aback by the annoyance she exhibited, the Drule reasoning he hadn’t done anything yet to earn her ire. “Well, yes. Yes, I did.” Lotor told her, watching her turn her eyes back to her book.

He studied her profile, noticing the way her eyes were narrowed, Allura practically glaring at her book. Her lips were pursed together in a thin line, her whole body language seemed to radiate with agitation. It left Lotor to wonder, eyebrows raising as he thought about all that could have happened while he showered. He didn’t think anyone would have disturb her while he was detained, he had standing orders that prevented such an act from occurring.

Another page was turned, Allura boring holes into the book with her eyes. “Allura, are you mad at me?” Lotor asked at last, deciding to get straight to the point.

“Mad?” She asked, voice coming out a little too high. “Why would I be mad at you?”

“I don’t know…” He started to say, but she continued, voice rising to drown out his.

“I mean, you’ve only kidnapped and forced me to marry you. You’ve only taken me from my friends and my family, only…” She fell silent, Lotor staring at her.

“Only what?”

“Never mind.” She sighed, turning to the next page in her book. He went to say something, and suddenly she was speaking again. “You’re cruel.”

“Sometimes.” Lotor agreed, seeing her sigh, frustration at the heart of that sound.

“You didn’t keep your promise.” Allura stated flatly. “To not do anything without my asking for it first.”

“Is that what you’re upset about?” Lotor asked, and in a fit of tantrum, she threw the book on the bed, Lotor watching it bounce. Allura was suddenly sitting up, fixing him with an angry glare.

“YES!” She practically grumbled, glaring at him. “You say one thing, than do another. You force me to sit on your lap, and touch you. You make me feel…” She trailed off, blushing.

“I made you feel something?” Lotor asked thrilled.

“Yes, disgust at your actions!” She groused, reaching for her book once more. “All that moving against me, fighting to keep me in place when I so clearly wanted off your lap.” Her blush said otherwise, leaving Lotor to wonder what she been about to say before she remembered herself. “What was that anyway?” She demanded, flipping through the book, trying to find her place. “Why were you….rubbing against me like that?”

“Did it feel good Allura?” Instead of answering, he asked her a question, one that made her stiffen her back and shoot him another, poisonous glare. He noticed her cheeks had reddened even further, and he smirked, thinking he understood at last. “My my!” Was all he said, leaning back against the pillows, grinning.


“Nothing.” He retorted, still wearing that grin.

“Tell me!” She insisted, making him laugh.

“I just learned something about you. Something valuable.” Lotor told her, watching her frown, not understanding him. “You’re not as unaffected by me as you would have me believe.”

“I…” She shook her head, rapid enough that he thought her bun might unravel. “I am not!”

“If it makes you feel better to keep lying you yourself…” he said soothingly, and she shrieked out a protest.

“I am not lying!” At his disbelieving look she was slamming her book into his chest, more protests issuing forth. “I’m not!” With that she was leaping off the bed, turning to pace agitatedly before it. Lotor kept quiet, just listening as she mumbled complaints under her breath. “It won’t happen again….you won’t trick me onto your lap a second time!”

He let her keep her illusions for the moment, still wearing his trade mark smirk. It was easy to smile when he realized that deep down, on some primal level he had succeeded in chipping away at her ice princess demeanor. Clearly her anger went beyond a few stolen touches, her reactions were too different from before. If anything, she seemed upset not just at him, but herself, Lotor wondering if Allura had been more aroused then he had realized at the time.

Allura was still muttering, hands clasped together as she fidgeted with her fingers. Lotor slid off the bed and approached her, trying to school his expression into one of utmost serious. “Allura…”

“What?” A guarded look from her, the princess taking an uncertain step backwards.

“All this agitation is not good for you.” Lotor said, advancing on her so that he trapped her against the dresser drawer. He reached for her, Allura slapping his hands away before he could touch her. “You need to calm down…and I think I know just the thing.”

“I’m fine. I don’t need to be calm.” Allura told him, and he shook his head, Lotor touching her shoulders.

“Look at how tense you are.” He tsked, and she rolled her shoulders, trying to dislodge him with a shrug.

“I’m not tense!”

“Yes, you are.” Lotor said. “I can feel it in the way your muscles are knotted up, see it in the way you are acting. You need to relax…” He let his hands caressed down her arms, taking hold of her wrists. “You need…a massage.”

“A massage?” For a second he saw interest in her blue eyes, interest she quickly squashed down. “No…I don’t need one.”

“Ah but you do.” Lotor said, taking her over to the bed. “Please, allow me to indulge my wife.”

“This is another one of your tricks.” Allura insisted, suspicion in her tone. “Just another excuse to get your hands on me.”

“Would I do something like that?” Lotor asked innocently, and she scowled at him. “I’ll take that as a yes.” He pushed her so she was sitting on the bed, his hands reaching for her shirt. He began tugging it upwards, and Allura cried out, alarmed.

“What do you think you are doing?!”

“Can’t do a massage with your shirt on.” Lotor said, and pulled it over her head. She reached for it, Lotor laughing as he kept it out of range. “Lie down on your stomach please.”

Her lips twitched, Allura fighting a frown as she sighed loudly. “Fine…” Turning away from him, she slid onto her belly, tucking her head on her folded arms. Lotor set down her shirt, and retrieved oils and creams from the vanity. He poured the scented liquid on his hands, slicking them up good before going to straddle her rear. He brought his hands to her shoulders, fingers flexing slightly as he prepared to massage the tension out of her. Allura was stiff beneath him, and he purred out a command.

“Relax.” His hands continued to knead at her skin, fingers working their magic on her. “Just relax…”

“How can I?” She murmured back.

“It’s easy…” Lotor said, bending over her to place a kiss on the nape of her neck. She gave a little start of fright, trying to rise up to glare at him. He pushed her back down with his hands, resuming the massage. “Allura, tell me about Arus. What’s it like?”

“You’ve been to it enough times to know.” Allura responded, a soft sigh escaping her as he moved his hands lower on her back.

“Ah, but I’ve only seen it through the eyes of an invader.” Lotor said, and he smoothed his hands past her shoulder blades. “And mostly from the sky. I don’t know what it’s people are like, what life is like down on the ground.”

“I never thought of it that way.” Allura said softly. “All right…it’s..a quiet place. Peaceful before Doom came to it’s lands…My people are very hard working, diligent and loyal. Crime rate is very small on Arus, there’s simply little need to resort to thieving and violence.”

“Even with the war going on?” Lotor wondered out loud, and she nodded.

“Even with the war…there are times when food and supplies are in short demand, but still my people strive to help one another rather than turn against each other.” She said. “We’re a helping race, ready to lend aid to all who need it….even at times, our enemies…”

“Risky that…” Lotor said, his fingers working to undo the clasp on her bra. “You never know when they might turn on you.”

“But it’s a risk worth taking, don’t you think?” She suddenly gasped when he got her bra open, Lotor’s hands holding her down though he very much wouldn’t have minded the view sitting up would have offered him. “Just relax Allura….”

“Hard to relax when you keep stripping me of my garments.” She grumbled, but remained face down on the bed. He smiled at her words, hands reaching for the oil, pouring it on her back. She shivered in response to feeling the liquid on her skin, Lotor sinking his hands into it, smearing all over her skin. His hands worked to rub the oil into her skin, Lotor urging her onwards.

“What’s it like to be the ruler of Arus?”

“That’s a funny question.” Allura pointed out. “I think it’s very much like being the ruler of anywhere else. A lot of hard work and responsibility.”

“But still….you’re awfully young to have an entire planet’s burden put on your shoulders.” Lotor said. “Most people would have caved under the pressure.”

“I had help.” Allura admitted. “My caregivers saw that I didn’t become over worked.”

“You’re caregivers?” Lotor asked, his fingertips carefully tracing her spine, feeling out the bumps that went down her back. “You mean that advisor of yours, and that woman, goes by the title of Nanny?”

“Yes. They helped raise me.” Allura told him. “They helped fill the loneliness, the void in my heart after the passing of my father.” He could feel her tensing up as she mentioned her dad, surely Allura was thinking on his murder.

“Sounds like you’re lucky to have them in your life.” Lotor said at last, hands moving upwards once more.

“Yes.” She agreed, Lotor sliding his hands to her sides, oiled fingers nudging against the sides of her breasts. She let out a little sigh, head shaking. “I miss them terribly.” He said nothing, fingers still kneading her skin. “Lotor..? Do you…do you think I could call them when we get to where we are going?”

“I think I can arrange for you to see them, yes.” He agreed, smiling as he thought of the surprise that still awaited her.

“Thank you.” She whispered, relieved.

“You’re welcome.” Allura seemed as relaxed as she was going to get, Lotor touching her bra, redoing the clasp so that the material would stay in place. “Okay….all done…” He announced, rolling off of her.

“You’re done?” She was surprised, sitting up and turning to look at him suspiciously. “But I thought….”

“You thought I was going to molest you.” Lotor finished her sentence for her, watching her nod her head yes. “Are you disappointed?” He couldn’t resist teasing her, seeing her sleepy expression become instantly alert, annoyance manifesting in her eyes.

“Hardly!” She sniffed, expression haughty. “I’m just amazed that you managed to control yourself for once.”

“Well, it was difficult, but I think I’ll be all right.” Lotor replied, grinning. He went to stand, retrieving her shirt which he tossed to her. She caught it, holding it to her chest. “Get dressed. I think an early dinner will be a nice treat for us both.”

“All right.” Agreed Allura, pulling on her shirt. Lotor continued to smile, knowing his beloved princess had little reason to suspect the surprise he had in store for her.

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