Slave 008

He could sense her nervousness, Allura’s steps hesitant as he led her into his room. She was pulling against his grip on her hand, trying to draw back into the hall. Lotor wouldn’t let her, tightening his grip possessively, guiding her unwilling form deeper into the bed chamber.

“See Allura….” Lotor spoke softly to her, keeping up a soothing tone meant to lull her into feeling safe. “It’s just you and me this time. No one else.” He turned, pulling her to him, trying not to laugh as he remembered what happened the last time he had summoned the feisty slave to his chambers. He wondered if she preferred it this way, or if the thought of being alone with him frightened her more.

From the wary way she was looking at him, Lotor decided she was definitely uneasy about the situation. She went unwilling into his embrace, squirming slightly, words escaping her as she snapped at him. She reminded him of a kitten, tiny, weak, with ineffectual growls that were all bluster but no bite.

She placed her hands on his chest, trying to wiggle free of his hold on her. It amused Lotor to watch her squirm, enjoying the way her body felt as it rubbed against his. He knew it would feel even better once they were naked, Lotor’s grin widening as he imagined rubbing her across his chest.

She frowned at the sight of his grin, not at all reassured by that expression. He chuckled, and leaned his face towards hers, nuzzling his cheek against the side of her face. She made a sound, a shocked exclamation, Lotor sneaking a quick kiss against her ear. She still wouldn’t let him kiss her, the girl quick to bite anything of his that came near her lips.

“Such a shame.” Lotor whispered in her ear, wondering how her lips would feel against his. Were they as soft as they looked, would they plump up nicely from a little pressure from his mouth? He wanted the answers, wanted to experience kissing her for himself. “Allura..maybe you’ll let me this time…?” As he asked that question, his hand was taking hold of her chin, turning her to face him.

She watched as he brought his mouth closer, his breath almost on her lips, when she suddenly snapped her teeth in warning. Lotor sighed in disappointment, pulling back with a tsk. “Another time perhaps.”

She said something, he could guess at the meaning, her look defiant as she narrowed her eyes at him. She had such an unbreakable quality to her spirit, a certain essence of commanding as she spoke, her bearing regal and proud. He enjoyed toying with her, seeing her hardness yield away to the pleasures he offered her body. And yet when all was said and done, she remained unchanged, glaring at him, eyes almost angry at what he had done.

Such a spirit was rare in a slave, it never lasted long. Sooner or later they all crumbled, giving in to him as all women must. This one would be no different, but for now Lotor would enjoy her defiance. Savor it, let it amuse him. It helped chase the boredom away, made life worth living again.

“Come Allura…” Lotor purred, trying to draw her towards the bed. She dug her heels into the carpet, Lotor laughing at her efforts to stop him. “You know I’ll just carry you if you refuse.” He said, and then smirked. “Or would you rather do it here? Up against the wall, or on the floor?” Such questions were wasted on her, she still didn’t understand, looking confused as she resumed struggling.

Lotor picked her up so that her feet dangled a few inches off the floor, holding her up so she was level with his face. He couldn’t get a good look at her eyes, she was struggling too much, turning her head to the left and to the right. Her hair bounced around her face, a golden cloud that sent whiffs of perfume teasing across his nose. He inhaled deeply, enjoying the scent of lilac and jasmine, laughing as he carried her towards the bed.

Lotor tossed Allura onto the mattress, watching as her body bounced against it. She immediately sprang up, an angry cry emitting from her lips as she threw out her arm, slapping his hands aside. He got a knee up on the bed, once again making a grab for her. She crawled backwards away from him, kicking a lithe leg upwards, aiming for his hands. Lotor could have easily taken hold of her ankle, but he let her think she succeeded in keeping him away. He felt it made it more exciting this way.

Allura moved until she reached the pillows lined up against the headboard, drawing her knees in close to her chest as she tried to curl into herself. Lotor knew his look was predatory, the Drule slowly crawling towards her, drawing things out so she had time to think on all the things he was going to do to her.

Her eyes were wide, two luminous blue pools he could very easily lose himself too. Lotor had to drag his gaze away from Allura’s eyes, concentrating instead on the slope of her neck, seeing it still bore the marks of his lips from their first encounter. Pride flared within him, Lotor growling softly, just a word. “Mine.” He saw her shiver from the sound of his growl, it spoke to something primal within her.

His hands were on either side of her legs, he was crawling on top of her, letting his shirt smooth over her skin, as she tried to contort in on herself in an attempt to be smaller. Just a touch, but he could feel the tension in her as he tried to force her legs to straighten. She shook her head, saying his name, the sound of it almost lost amidst all the other foreign nonsense she babbled at him.

“Relax Allura…” Lotor told her, crawling right up to her so that they were face to face. “I’m not here to hurt you. It’s pleasure I’m after, mine and yours.” She was still trembling, her head doing rapid head tosses as she tried to tell him no. He ignored all refusals, ducking to lick at her neck, just a long swipe of his tongue.

“AH!!” She cried, a sound of revulsion in her tone. Lotor merely smiled, this time dragging his tongue slower across her cheek. She shivered, but otherwise remained still, Lotor practically cooing to her.

“That’s a good girl….good girl…” He sank his fingers into her hair, petting her as he returned his mouth to the front of her throat. A tug on her hair had her offering up the line of it to him, Lotor biting and kissing her soft flesh. Lotor knew if he was to sneak to the side, and taste her pulse point, Allura’s heart would be beating rapidly. She was in a heightened state of alert, and her nervous fear set his blood boiling in a way that had him moaning.

His mouth worked at her throat, working just above the collar, trying to darken the skin into a bruise. His eyes fell close as he found his rhythm, sucking hard on her skin. Allura was shifting, restless beneath him, soft murmurs escaping her.

He paid no attention to her movements, finding she was relaxing beneath him, quick to respond to his touch and his mouth. He smirked, feeling victorious, feeling this slave was like all other women, easy to seduce, easy to bend to his will. He was just opening his eyes to look at her when he felt it. Something smashed into his head, a loud sound of porcelain breaking, Lotor seeing the pretty patterned pieces falling all around him.

For an instant he was stunned, and that was all the time Allura needed. She shoved, somehow bit by bit pushing him off her, Lotor moving dully as he tried to get his bearings. By the time he recovered, his head was throbbing, his mood soured as he snarled. “Allura!”

She was already gone from the bed, the slave making fast time to the door. The door he had thought not to lock, the girl pulling it open. He caught sight of her frightened face, and then she was gone, the door falling half closed behind her. He swore, Lotor leaping off the bed, porcelain pieces still sticking in his hair and on his shirt. He had never, ever expected the little slave to attack him like that, Lotor feeling anger at letting his guard down while around her.

He ran to the door, almost ripping it off it’s hinges as he threw it open, scanning the hall. No sign of Allura, and no guards either. They were never around when they were really needed, and yet Lotor found himself risking a half smile. He found it would be much more satisfactory to chase down the girl himself, rather than rely on his men to drag her back kicking and screaming.

With a laugh that could only be described as excited, Lotor was off, booted feet pounding on the hallway’s marble. He skidded to a halt at a cross roads, looking left and right, wondering which way she had gone. He sniffed the air, getting the faintest scent of her hair’s perfume, his smile almost feral as he took off to the right. He didn’t shout as he ran, keeping a lid on such urges.

He went round another corner and he came across grinning guards, the fools just standing there! “She went that way, your highness!” grinned one of the armored men, pointing with his spear.

Lotor nodded his thanks, making a note to have them punished later, his mind more consumed with tracking down Allura. He ran, hair streaming behind him, and turned another corridor. This one led to a dead end, a door partially opened, leading to a storage room.

“Allura…” Lotor called out softly, cautious as he entered the room. “I know you are in here Allura. You might as well come out Allura.” He kept saying her name, pointed intent to convey his ire at her. She didn’t respond, hiding in the shadows, forcing Lotor to step towards piles of supplies, lifting sheets and searching under tables. As he was bent over one such desk, he heard a sound, out the corner of his eye he saw her hair, that golden mass of curls bouncing as she moved.

He straightened, intending to leap after her, but she evaded him, running back into the hall. Amused more than annoyed, he took off after her, the girl only a few feet ahead of him. He saw her hesitate at the corridor’s turn, such pause allowing him to get two steps closer to his quarry. And then she was running again, past those grinning fools that pretended to be guards, the slave being herded back towards his bedroom.

“You can’t get away Allura!” Lotor called out to her, grinning. This chase she led him on was invigorating, he felt more alive than he could ever remember, forced to exert himself in a way he had not done since his days at the military academy. He laughed, the sound giddy but mocking, watching as she got confused at the three way path. Allura ended up running back the way she came, right towards his bedroom, another dead end, and he grinned.

She was attempting to shut the door behind her, when he slammed into it. He heard her scream, and jumped away, moving backwards on unsteady feet. She nearly tripped, eyes wide as Lotor towered over her menacingly. “Lotor…” She started to say, and he lunged forward, arms going around her waist as he tackled her to the floor. He took the time to twist mid fall, aiming it so that he was between her and the floor, cushioning the impact her body would take.

But he didn’t let her go, rolling quickly so that he ended up on top of her, smirking at her. “I’ve got you now Allura.” He purred, not at all winded by the chase. She on the other hand was breathing heavily, chest heaving in a most enticing manner, breasts straining against her thin top.

She started shouting, voice angry, body bucking underneath his in a desperate attempt to throw him off her. He merely settled his weight more firmly on her, amused. He knew he was too heavy for her to move, why didn’t she?

He watched her continue her struggles, waiting until she tired out. Allura seemed to let out a weary exhale of air, body going limp beneath his. But her eyes continued to glare, defiant to the end. He went to touch the material between her legs, that laughable bit of silk they called a skirt. Allura struggled, and her words surprised him.

“Lotor no!”

He blinked, taken aback. It was the first time he had heard his spunky little slave speak Drule. The first time he had understood anything she had said beyond his name. Surprise quickly was pushed back by annoyance, Lotor growling out a question. “How dare you tell me no!?”

Her language bubbled forth from her, Allura alternate parts desperate and demanding. His name and the word no were repeated, Lotor vowing to find out who had taught her that word, and punish them for it. He hated being told no, despised being denied, but most of all he hated being told no by someone who was nothing more than a slave to him. She seemed to sense his displeasure, falling quiet except for the sound of her breath.

They stared at each for a brief second, and then Lotor was moving. He touched the silk again, Allura shrieking, her struggles renewed. He shifted his legs, getting a knee in between hers, forcing them to spread. She tried to push him, Lotor gathering her wrists up in a one handed grip, the other hand dropping under the silk.

“No!! Lotor no!!” Allura repeated it like it was her mantra, the little slave struggling even as he rubbed along her center.

“Yes Allura, yes!” Lotor hissed, his fingers stroking along her womanhood, spreading her lips open. He caressed along her satin folds, trying to encourage her arousal by force. She whined and wiggled, crying out that blasted word again. But her struggles were lessening, her legs no longer fighting to close as he petted her. Her protests turned to warbled coos when his thumb brushed across her clit, she shivered and shook, biting her lip to hold in her sounds.

“See Allura?” Lotor asked, smiling as he stared at the fight of emotions being played on her face. She was battling arousal, trying to hold onto her anger, and it was magnificent to watch. Almost as magnificent as seeing her lose to him, the girl weakly giving in with a cry. “Lotor…” She whimpered his name, no longer saying no, letting him do what he wanted.

He risked letting go of her hands, keeping his thumb pressed on her clit, tormenting her with pleasure. His free hand dropped to the front of his pants, Lotor all but tearing his erection free of the material. The little slave only gave the weakest of protests, Lotor rubbing his cock against her now wet center, slicking the tip with her arousal. He teased them both by grinding against her, Allura doing a little hip wiggle, her legs spreading wider as she whined.

He made sure she was looking at him when he thrust into her, their eyes locked on each other, Lotor wanted to see defeat in her gaze. But though she gave in willingly enough to his dominance of her body, her spirit refused to knuckle under. She stared at him, a challenge in her eyes, one that set him off muttering, as he began thrusting viciously into her.

She was sure to be bruised on her thighs from the way Lotor had at Allura, the girl crying out again and again. He grabbed at her hands, pinning them back against the floor, working his hips as he stabbed in deeper. Sweat formed on his skin, Lotor growling to himself, trying to wring out every ounce of satisfaction from Allura’s body. She seemed to do the same, bucking her hips, pushing back against him as though she would follow him when he tried to withdraw from her body.

Her sweet moans and his harsh grunts mingled together, a symphony of pleasure as master and slave worked their way towards release. He squeezed her wrists, hard enough that it hurt her, Allura crying out, “No!”

That only made him go wild, doing short but deep thrusts, enjoying the friction that he built up in her body. He was so lost to the feeling of dominating her, he almost missed it when she came, her back arching up off the carpet, her insides squeezing him tighter. It still wasn’t enough, he worked himself into a frenzy, pistoning his hip several more times before he reached his release, almost painfully so.

He collapsed on top of her, hands still keeping her arms pinned. He was breathing heavily, and so was she, a feeling of exhaustion over taking Lotor. Contentment made itself known, Lotor smiling as he laid his head down on her covered bosom seeking a soft spot to perch on. He found the chase had made the sex even better, Lotor pleased that his little kitten had claws after all.

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