Wish 12

The sound of glass breaking was followed up by a curse, a deep growl of anger that spoke of rage barely controlled. Fists were clenched together, tight and digging his claws into his palms, drawing blood up to the welts he slashed into his skin. The pain didn’t calm him, didn’t succeed in distracting him, Lotor grabbing another empty bottle, and throwing it across the room.

It crashed into the door with a brilliant smash, splintering into dozens of shards that clattered to the floor. Lotor watched them as they fell, hand reaching for another bottle, feeling the weight of it’s contents heavy in his hand. This bottle he did not throw, pausing to drink greedily of it’s contents, feeling the berry nectar go down his throat. It was a sweet wine, but it left a bitter taste in his mouth, Lotor choking on his anger as he thought back to a few hours ago.

Emotions welled up within him, the prince picturing Allura in the moments of her climax, the seconds before her face softened into a look of love. His vision of her changed, her eyes regaining their focus as she gazed up at him, the corners of her mouth turning upwards in a gentle smile. Her eyes had echoed that smile, the blue of them bright with emotion, Allura feigning love in it’s purest form.

He didn’t even finish draining the bottle dry, Lotor throwing it at the wall, a puddle of red liquid spreading out from the broken glass. He heard the sharp inhale of his breath, Lotor muttering curses in Drule as he wondered why she couldn’t have looked at him that way and have meant it. Pain flickered in his heart, Lotor staggering over to the couch, plopping down on it’s cushions. His head dropped downwards to rest in his hands, Lotor moaning pitifully as he realized Allura had shown him everything he had ever wanted from her in that moment.

But it was all meaningless, a calculated deception she used to get control over him. Even as he refused to give it to her, his body failed him, his control slipping further from his grasp as she rendered him less than a man. Perhaps that is why he raged so hard now, Lotor pissed beyond measure at the fact that he hadn’t been able to finish. It was a foreign concept to the prince, Lotor always managing to find his climax even with the most unsatisfying of bed partners. That he could prove so inadequate in Allura’s bed, shamed him, almost as much as it enraged him, Lotor letting out a howl of protest as he wondered how he could have been brought down so low.

~She’s ruining me.~ Lotor thought angrily, letting his hands slide down his face to uncover his eyes. He stared up at the monitors, seeing Allura laying in her bed, the girl in a deep slumber as though untroubled by what had had happened. He glared at her images, resentment festering at her relaxed state. ~Of course.~ Bitter was his thought, Lotor seething. ~Why wouldn’t she sleep? She’s gotten her satisfaction and a victory over me. She’s got me all but defeated, control wrested from my hands completely.~

He wanted to take back that control, force her into the position of loser in their battles. But Lotor didn’t know how, finding her triumph over him was complete, leaving him scrambling, desperate for something to do to her. His mind, hazy with drink, shuttled through recent memories, trying to find the key towards her defeat, Lotor desperate to inflict as much pain as he had received.

He continued to stare at the screen, the watching of her peaceful sleep helping to build his rage until he was standing. Lotor took an unsteady step towards the door of his room, hearing the crinkle of glass his boot crunching onto broken remains. He didn’t pause, opening the door to trail wine colored foot prints down the hall. He continued to mutter to himself as he moved, Lotor reaching for the remote, the tiny device always on his person night and day.

He used it now, waiting impatiently for the door to finish it’s opening slide, Lotor lurching through the threshold and into the prison he had forced Allura into. He was once again struck by it’s barren state, such an odd contrast to the riches and lavish surroundings he had hoped to gift her with once upon a time. Now there was almost nothing, as empty as he claimed his heart to be.

The hiss of the door opening hadn’t awakened Allura, Lotor stalking over to her bed, his feet silent for the moment. He towered over, eyes glaring and full of animosity as he stared down at the sleeping princess. She was curled up on her side, blonde hair spread behind her like a golden cape. Lotor had to fight every instinct to touch her hair, wanting nothing more than to run his fingers through that shining mass.

Instead he reached for her blanket, jerking it off her in a violent gesture. She was revealed to be clad in her under garments, that little bit of lace having an effect on Lotor as though she appeared nude before him. He held back a growl, hands reaching for her shoulders, Lotor shaking Allura awake.

Her saw her thick eyelashes flutter, the girl slow to rouse as her blue eyes looked up at him, sleepy confusion in their depths. “Lotor….?” She questioned, finding he was still gripping her shoulders though he had ceased shaking her. “What time is it? What’s going on?”

Lotor stared at Allura, hoping his expression was unreadable. His mouth opened, he meant to issue out an angry retort, but instead a baleful question escaped him. “Why couldn’t you have meant it?!” Allura blinked, confused, moving to sit up. Lotor growled at her, and held her down, pinning her shoulders against the mattress as he repeated himself. “Why couldn’t you have meant it?!”

“It?” She echoed, her eyes now as worried as she was confused. “I don’t know what you mean….”

“Of course not.” Lotor said bitterly. “You play with my heart, and just as quick as you can, you forget all about it!”

“I….I haven’t been playing with your heart.” She said quietly, her words angering him to the point he started shaking her again. Allura gasped, and tried to sit up, Lotor letting out a growl as he forced her to remain on her back. “Lotor, have you been drinking?” She surely could smell the alcohol seeping off him, Lotor not bothering to deny it.

“A little. But mainly I have been thinking.”

“Thinking?” A lift of her brow, Allura sounding surprised. “About what?”

“About you, about us…about everything that’s gone wrong.” Lotor retorted, his hands holding her still now. “Wondering how much longer I’ll have to fuck you before you’re gone completely from my mind!”

“I don’t think love works that way.” She said quietly, her words making Lotor snort in displeasure.

“Love? Bah! What do you know!” Lotor hissed. “I’m far too angry to be in love with you any more…I just…”

“Just what?”

“I just have these urges to do things to you…” Lotor said, watching her face for her reaction to his confession. “To fuck you, and drag you down to new lows, to humiliate you the way you have humiliated me…I’m not through with you by a long shot Allura, do you understand?!” She didn’t pale, she didn’t so much as start in fright at his words, Allura merely looking at him with wide eyes.

“Don’t give me that look.” He muttered, letting go of her to turn away.

“What look?” Her question set him off to pacing before her bed, movements agitated as he reached one hand to his head.

“That look!” Lotor hissed, fisting his hair in his hand. “That innocent look of bewilderment. As if you don’t know what you’ve done to me….the torments you have bestowed on me!”

“Because of Keith?”

“Because of YOU!” He roared that last word out, whipping about angrily. Allura had sat up, drawing her knees to her chest, watching him as he paced. “You’ve rendered me less than a man, and all with one look! How can I let you have such power over me?!”

“I don’t know…” She said, making him want to scream. “But…I don’t think you’re any less of a man, even with what happened recently. I…I don’t understand why it happened but…”

“You are a witch Allura!” Lotor said, coming back to the bed. He leaned over her, pressing his hands on either side of her body, feeling her knees against his chest. “You hold the power to bedevil a man with your eyes, to bring ruin down on me with a practiced glance. The worst thing is I let you! I let you!”


“How you must be laughing at me.” He said over her voice, eyes searching hers for a hint of smugness. “You should congratulate yourself Allura, your victory over me is almost complete…” A ragged laugh then, Lotor shaking as he breathed out.

“I’d never laugh at you Lotor.” Allura told him, the prince not believing her words. “No matter what happens, I’d never take pleasure in your misfortune.”

“Tell me…” Lotor began, eyes still locked with hers. “Just how do you muster the sincerity to make your words ring true? It’s an accomplished tongue you have Allura, in more ways than one.”

“Why must you insist that everything I say is a lie?!” She demanded, her eyes flashing with the first real hint of anger.

“What do you expect?” Lotor said, his voice just as heated as hers. “When all you’ve given me is deception and falsities!” He pulled away from her, straightening up to stand looking down at her. “I used to believe in you Allura! I used to think you were a woman of your word!”

“I am!”

“You are not!” Lotor shouted back. “You lie and you deceive, and what’s worse I believe! I believe, but no more! Save us both a lot of grief and stop pretending to care about me!”

“But I do care!” She protested, rising to perch kneeling on the bed. It brought her even with his face, Allura’s eyes staring into his as she yelled at him. “More than I can ever say! I know I can’t fix the past, but…but let me help you heal!”

“Heal?” He snorted. “Is that what you think you are doing with your tender touches, those stolen kisses, and those loving looks of yours? You think I want your false affection!?”

“It’s not false!” She snapped, hands on her hips. “And if you would have believed in it, what happened today wouldn’t have ended in disaster for you!” He growled at that, but she did not flinch. If anything her expression softened, Allura reaching up with a hand to his face. “Lotor….we could have reached satisfaction together…it would have been perfect, our hearts connected together for that one instant.” Her fingers grazed his cheek, Lotor letting out a sharp breath at the contact of her hand.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you…?” Lotor asked, seeing her take on a frustrated look. “It would put me under your power once more.”

“It’s because you think like this that we have problems!” She cried, dropping her hand. “If you’d stop being so suspicious, and just accept me and what I offer you….you’d never have failed me in bed!”

Her words stung, Lotor hearing himself let out a growl, a feral sound that reminded him of a wild animal. The sound shook Allura, her eyes widened and she shifted on the bed as though wanting to put distance between them. “A failure am I?” Lotor demanded, and lunged forward to grabbed at her arms. “So now your true feelings come out!”

He toppled her over, Allura landing on her back with Lotor on top her. Her knees were spread enough for him to fit his body between them, Lotor continuing to growl as he pressed her harder into the mattress. She made a sound, panicked as she began wriggling beneath him, Lotor’s breath catching in his throat at the feel of her soft body’s movements against him.

“I didn’t mean it like that!” She quickly protested, staring up at Lotor. He flashed his teeth in a deadly calm smile, eyes angry as he looked her over.

“Oh? and how did you mean it then?” He didn’t give her a chance to respond, talking over her. “I’ll make you eat those words Allura…I’ll prove that I still have what it takes to put you in your place….and make you enjoy it at the same time!”

“Then do it!” She shot back, squirming harder. “Do it and be done with it. But don’t run away this time! Don’t run from whatever I may show you, no matter how much you doubt me!”

“Then don’t show me any false faces.” Lotor retorted. “Be honest in what you’re feeling for me, and maybe, just maybe I’ll believe you!”

“I won’t hold anything back!” It was practically a threat, Allura glaring viscously at him.

“Neither will I!” Lotor retorted, his words a fierce promise he meant to keep.

“Fine!” Allura got out that one word before his lips claimed hers in a searing kiss, his hands fisting hold of her hair. For one brief instant she struggled against him, lips stiff and held together against the firm pressure of his. That was before she gave in to a sigh, her mouth falling open as she relaxed, lips nipping hungrily at his. He had time to wonder what he was doing, an instant before Allura’s hands were on his back, holding him to her as she wiggled and writhed, making Lotor lose all sense of reality as he got swept up in passion’s embrace.

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