Diplomat 04

Silence followed his purred out statement, the woman shocked, her lips parted in slack jaw disbelief. It wasn’t quite the reaction Lotor had expected, no scandalized gasps, no stricken look of horror. It was as though his beautiful captive had readied herself for such an eventuality, steeling herself to not let so much as a single tear or protest fall. She certainly didn’t erupt into hysterical weeping, didn’t slap him for his audacity, didn’t scream and faint in response. She didn’t do any of the expected things, as though she scorned the idea of being as predictable as the women who had come before her.

It was oddly refreshing, Lotor finding this woman was making things a whole lot more interesting for him than if she had settled into the weeping role of a damsel in distress. And it was that interesting that had him pausing, waiting for her to say something rather than take advantage of her open mouth.

She recovered enough to close her mouth. Then promptly opened it to let out the softest sounding laugh he had ever heard. It made him want to smile, Lotor thinking it had been a long time since he had heard a woman truly laugh. Or heard a laugh that didn’t hold any malice or perverse enjoyment at another’s expense.

Her expression was almost amused, a softening to her eyes as she looked at him. “Captain….” She said, her voice almost chastising now. “We may do many things in this room and on that bed. But one thing I can assure you, it will not in any way be considered love making.”

Lotor blinked slowly in response to that. The woman gazed back at him, serious and practical about what she thought would happen. And she was right, it wasn’t true love making they would do. Not when neither one of them was in love with the other.

Amused once again, Lotor stroked the back of his fingers against one soft cheek of hers. “Dear girl, you are absolutely right. There’s no need to sugar coat what will we do. I will fuck you. and you me, and a grand time will be had by all.”

Two spots of pink bloomed on her face, the woman wincing at his choice of words. Now it was Lotor’s turn to laugh, the Drule delighted again by this woman who could be so practical and bold, and yet still flinch at too coarse a term spoken.

“A grand time will be had. But it will not be I who enjoys it.”

“Trust me pet….” He thumbed her bottom lip, noting how full and lush looking her mouth was. “When I fuck you, you WILL enjoy.”

She stiffened then, narrowing her eyes at him. “Must you say that word?”

“You mean fuck?” He grinned, the satin feel of her lip against his thumb arousing him as he imagined how his dick would feel sliding across those rosy lips of hers. “But that’s what we will be doing.”

“You needn’t be so crude!” She protested.

“Does it offend your ladyship’s sensibilities?” Lotor teased. “Ah but it’s best you set aside such things….else you’ll never get through the night if you allow yourself to be shocked and bothered by such things. After all pet, we will be doing a lot more than just talking.”

“Yes. I realize that.” She was cross now, glaring. It made him want to kiss her anger away, to see how much time and effort it would take for his lips to coax a sweeter disposition from his captive. But Lotor knew if he truly kissed her, he wouldn’t be able to stop. Not any time soon. But he was enjoying their verbal banter, liking how she continued to surprise him with her refusal to conform to the predictable patterns a woman in her position would normally follow.

“You’re such an enigma.” Lotor finally murmured. He stepped back from the chair, studying her with blatant curiosity. “You’re not shocked by what will happen, and you want no illusions between us about what this night really is.”

“I am being practical.” She said, with haughty lift of her chin.

“Not many are when put in your situation.”

“And I’m sure you have had extensive experience with this!” She snapped.

“I’ve been a pirate for several years.” He acknowledged. “You are not the first to be captured on one of my raids.”

“Nor will I be the last.”

“Let’s not think so far ahead to the future.” Lotor told her. “For the present time, you are here, and you are mine.”

“Captain, you may consider me many things. But the one thing I am not, is yours.”

He loomed over her, using his height and size to intimidate the woman sitting in his favorite chair. She didn’t shrink back in fear, glaring up at him defiantly. He smirked, being sure to flash his pointed fangs at her, then spoke.

“You most assuredly are. For the duration of this trip, I own you, body and soul.”

“You can’t own a person that completely!” She protested, disturbed.

“Drules have built whole civilizations on the act of owning people.” Lotor shrugged. “Whether you are ransomed or sold as a slave, it doesn’t matter. I will decide your fate, and if I say you belong to me, then it’s really that simple. ”

She stared at him stone faced, Lotor waiting. He knew he would be immensely disappointed if she threw out some hysterical statement about how he might own her body, but never her heart or her spirit.

“You are STUPID if you think it’s really that simple.”

Again he blinked, taken aback. There wasn’t many who would dare call him stupid, and even less that would live to tell the tale.

“But go on.” She mocked. “Keep on saying you can control and own a person so completely. We’ll both know the truth.”

“You dare to challenge me?” He asked with a lift of his eyebrow. She nodded, and he laughed. “You are proving a delight.”

She looked insulted. “I am not trying to please you in any way!”

“Pity for you, but it seems you can’t stop yourself.” He was grinning again. “I can see this trip is going to be more entertaining than first anticipated.”

“And just WHERE are we going?” She demanded, quick to try and distract him.

“You needn’t concern yourself with that.” Lotor replied. “In fact, you needn’t concern yourself with much of anything, save to think of ways to keep me happy and entertained.”

“So now I am to play jester in addition to satisfying you sexually?!” She scoffed. “Is there no end to your demands?”

“No, none.” He told her. “As you will soon realize. Now come. Have a drink with me.”

“No, thank you.” She said firmly.

“It wasn’t a request.” He told her, his hands reaching for her and guiding her up out of the chair. He didn’t release her arm once she was standing, the woman reluctantly allowing herself to be walked over to the bar set up in the corner of the cabin.

“So…you’re a drunk as well as a louse.” She said with disdain, eyeing the many bottles that were revealed once he opened the bar’s bottom cabinet.

“Hardly.” Lotor chuckled. “I just appreciate a fine wine.” He began to uncork a bottle, making no effort to find out which if any she would prefer to drink.

“There’s appreciation, and then there is over indulgence.” She muttered, taking the glass from him. He tried not to have expectations of what she would do, knowing the women in his past had fidgeted rather than drink, one even going so far as to throw the drink at him in a foolish display of tantrum. But this woman here began to resolutely drink, not sipping but downing half the cup in a few swallows.

She didn’t balk at the taste of the wine, leaving Lotor to think she was familiar with drinking such a thing.

“Are you intending to get me drunk for this?” She asked when he immediately refilled her cup. “Or perhaps purposefully starving me?”

“You are hungry?” Lotor asked, downright amazed and wondering if her nerves would really allow her to eat something.

“It’s been hours since I had dinner. Why it’s got to be close to morning if we go by the universal standards of time.”

“I see I’ve been remiss in my duties as your host.” A snort from her, letting him know what she thought of that. “Very well…I can do something about your hunger.” Just as she would do something about his. “But first you must do something for me.”

A suspicious look his way, Lotor laughing in response. “No, not THAT. Though there will come a time soon enough when it will happen.”

“Then what?” She demanded, the suspicious look in her blue eyes hardly going away.

“Allow me to do something about those dreadful clothes.”

She frowned. “What is wrong with my clothes?!” The frown became unforgiving when he blatantly looked her over, his own eyes disapproving of the sky blue and gray uniform.

“They are hardly suited to one of such beauty. Ill flattering, downright ugly, this disguise of yours has got to go.”

“This is no disguise!” She protested.

“Your protest fools no one, pet. Least of all me.” He turned coaxing. “Come. Agree to my bargain. It is harmless enough.”

“If you don’t feed me, I will faint from hunger.”

“Then you best hurry and get changed.” Lotor set down the bottle, and took the glass from the woman. She followed him, a suspicious frown on her face, as he headed towards his closet.

“And just what will I put on?” The woman demanded. “Something of yours?” She started to scoff, but stopped at his smile.

“I find I like the idea of you in one of my shirts all too much.”

“It would hardly be appropriate!” She protested.

“On a pirate’s ship there is little that isn’t appropriate.” Lotor told her. “But worry not, I have just the thing.” He didn’t have to dig far, finding a selection of a few woman’s dresses he kept on hand for just such a situation. His pretty captive took the black silk from him wordlessly, though her eyes gleamed with an unspoken question.

“I like my women to look and dress a certain way.” He explained. That frown appeared again, but she didn’t waste her breath on needless protests about not being one of his women.

“One would think you would prefer them to wear nothing at all!”

“I do prefer that look on occasion.” He agreed. “But there is something to be said about the eroticism of a certain kind of clothing.” Another grin flashed her way. “And of course, I do so enjoy peeling a woman out of her clothing.”

She turned her nose up at that, disdain in her every expression. “And just where am I supposed to get dressed without risking you jumping on me at the first sign of skin?”

“A woman like you is at risk of that even if you showed no skin at all.” Lotor told her. “But, you can change over there.” He nodded at the one corner of his room, where a large dressing shade stood. On it’s front was a water color painting of a tall walkway, with green forests beyond it, and mountains that grew from the midst of it.

The shade was made of a thin paper, the kind that would allow him to see the shadowy form of her figure. He could tell the woman realized that as well, a disapproving look flashed his way, before she went behind it.

“The meal?” She reminded him.

“Ah yes, I’ll get right on it.” Keeping his eyes on the shade, he dialed down to the ship’s kitchen. It was a simple meal he ordered, but more than enough food for two so that the woman would have no excuse to complain about quantities. It was also a meal of known aphrodisiacs, Lotor not at all trying to hide the message hidden in the food. He wanted her fed, and he wanted her aroused, ready to see to the latter through any means available to him.

By the time he was done ordering, his captive had stripped of her clothing. What hadn’t been that apparent, was now revealed, the shadows defining clearly the curvaceous shape of her body. Lotor liked what he saw, sauntering over to his favorite chair. He hooked a leg over one arm rest, and sat watching her graceful movements as she began to shimmy into the clothing he had given her.

“Your name.” He said out loud. “You never did tell me your name.”

“And I am not going too.” She insisted firmly. “Besides…” Her elegant fingers were adjusting the straps of the gown. “You’ve yet to introduce yourself to me.”

“How thoughtless.” Lotor said. “I am Lotor, captain of these ships, as you no doubt already surmised.”

“Well I will not say it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

“That will soon change.” chuckled Lotor.

The shadow moved, the woman preparing to come around the dressing shade. “You are overly confidant….” She was saying. “In your skills, to think anything you can do would ever change my mind about knowing you.”

“It’s a confidence well earned…” But he was distracted, staring at her in the gown he had given her. The black silk was tight and clingy across her chest, it’s long skirt billowing around her legs with her movements. Her arms were bare, the dress held up only by thin spaghetti straps that she kept trying to adjust.

“It’s too tight.” She complained. “I barely have room to breathe.”

“You look stunning.” He breathed out, his eyes on her. “Even more so than I had imagined.”

“I feel indecent.” She muttered.

“Trust me, you are not.” At some point when she had stepped into view, he had sat up, both his feet now planted firmly on the ground. Now he patted his lap, inviting her to come sit with him.

“The food?” She asked, instead of accepting his invite.

“Will take a few minutes more to prepare.” Lotor told her. “Till then we can talk.”

“Talking is not what your eyes say you want to do.”

“Then what do they say?” But he already knew, his eyes surely have grown dark, his lids heavy as he stared at her with keen desire and open appreciation on his face.

“I will not say. Especially not in the vulgar terms you prefer.”

“I do want to fuck you.” She winced at that. “But right now, I just want to touch you.” Again he patted his lap, downright daring her to come to him. She let out a loud, put upon sigh, but did not refuse to his delight. It was also his delight to watch her move, her hips swaying slightly, in an unconscious seductive fashion.

She wasn’t so bold as to not hesitate before him, Lotor reaching for her hips. He pulled her down, settling her firmly on his lap, his nose buried in her hair as he breathed in the scent of her.

“It really is too tight.” She complained again, uneasy and refusing to relax against him.

“You won’t have to wear it long.” He murmured, knowing such a promise would only add to her unease.

A sigh was his answer, the woman shifting slightly against him. Lotor bit back a moan at that, wanting to touch her, to roam his hands all over her silk incased curves. But he knew once he started doing such things, he wouldn’t stop for no meal. And so he tried to behave himself, or at least that was the plan.

“Why were you pirates in this sector?” The woman asked. He could tell she was trying to fill in the silence, perhaps even trying to distract herself from the fact he kept rubbing his cheek against her hair. “Pirates, especially those that are Drule, are not welcome here.”

“Pirates aren’t welcome anywhere.”

“Except by Doom.” She said.

He nodded. “Pirating has been very lucrative for that Empire. But I would say the current ruler tolerates us more than welcomes us.” But that would change once Lotor sat on the throne.

“So even your own people disdain you.”

“Is that what you think?” he asked, more amused than anything.

“Not that it matters to you what I think.”

“On the contrary. I find myself fascinated by the way that mind of yours works.” She shifted then, turning to face him with surprise in her eyes. Lotor found himself distracted by how close her face was now to his, eyes locking onto her pretty little mouth.

“Why would you be fascinated by that?” She demanded. “Are you making fun of me?”

“Not on this.” Lotor said, though he was having trouble focusing on anything but how much he wanted to experience that mouth of hers. “You’re proving to be quite a refreshing change from what I am used to.”

“Why?” She asked. “Because I am being practical on what will happen? I hardly think I could be the only one…”

“Most women in your situation find it hard to think.” Lotor told her. “They scream, they fight, they throw tantrums and have hysterics.”

“What would be the point in that?” She truly sounded puzzled. “Crying would accomplish nothing, and you are much bigger and stronger than I am. There is no point in trying to fight you physically….”

“I suspect some women fight because it makes them feel better.”

“Better how?” She asked.

He shrugged. “Many don’t want the pleasure I give them. If they fight me, they can tell themselves they did no wrong, that they didn’t really enjoy it.”

“I am sure they didn’t.”

“And yet they ALL changed their mind, after they experienced my skill.” Lotor told her, watching her sensual mouth turn down into a frown.

“Now THAT I don’t believe.” She started to shake her head no. “No one is that good….”

“I am.” He told her, sinking fingers into her hair to secure a grip.

“Such arrogance!” She snapped, tensing up the moment before his lips covered hers. She didn’t gasp, trying not to react in any way to his hungry kiss. It didn’t matter. He’d force a reaction from her, Lotor’s lips beguiling, trying to first coax a reaction from her that was beyond that determined stillness.

Her soft lips remained closed, Lotor nibbling at and kissing them. Pressure built between them, her lips seeming to quiver the second before their reluctant parting. Victory surged through him, Lotor not yet using his tongue to plunder the inside of this beauty’s mouth. He was too busy noticing the way she kissed him back, a clumsy inexpertness that had nothing to do with hesitation or disdain.

Flicking his tongue one time against her lips, he pulled back to stare searchingly at her. She stared back, her eyes looking just a little wider than before. He pressed his lips to the corner of her mouth, giving her a small, sweet kiss that again made her quiver. That response was too telling, Lotor almost sure of the answer before he asked the question that had her flushing.

“You’re not very experienced, are you pet?”

She didn’t look away, proudly defiant. “I’m sure that won’t be a problem for you.”

“No problem at all.” Lotor said smoothly, already moving to seal their mouths together. He practically purred, holding her to him, as his kiss became more demanding. He wasn’t at all trying to pace himself, eager to taste all of her, and conveying such feeling with his lips. She couldn’t help but respond, trying to mimic his lips’ caress, trying to pretend she hadn’t begun to tremble with her whole body, that she wasn’t at all afraid or bothered by his attention. Lotor grinned to himself, thinking how enjoyable and interesting the remaining night would prove to be.

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