Diplomat 10

He honestly hadn’t been expecting her to strike him, for his pretty little pet to give in and act on the anger that was never far from her eyes. It was such an unexpected, shocking move against him, that Lotor actually moved at her shove, realizing that perhaps he had gone a little too far, been a little too cruel with his taunts. But never had he expected her, for any woman, to haul up and slap him with all her might AFTER he had thoroughly fucked her for hours on end.

Just thinking about the sex was enough to make him smile, Lotor laying back against the bed’s pillows. But his cheek was sore, throbbing enough that he felt it would bruise beyond the red imprint of the woman’s hand. Holding back a rueful chuckle, he touched fingers to that throbbing cheek.

“I probably deserved that.” Lotor murmured to himself. But he was hardly ready to apologize, or even consider it. Not when he had lived the entirety of his adult life, taking what he wanted, when he so desired. Even if that what was a who, as she most assuredly was in this case. And he did want. Hell, Lotor had wanted her from the moment he had first laid his eyes on her, the woman a blue eyed, blonde beauty that was exactly his type where looks were concerned. That her passionate nature, and bold personality suited as well, well that was just a pleasant bonus as far as Lotor was concerned.

She was a woman like few other, Lotor having known a handful of females, all Drule, who would stand up to him. But never a human, never until now. And never a human who knew she was powerless, a woman who would either end up a slave, or be valuable enough to ransom off. But this pretty little blonde, she was an enigma. Holding strong, keeping her head. And though she couldn’t always hide the rage in her expressive eyes, she had managed to keep from tears. Never hysterical, able to hold her own against his more verbal flirtations, this woman hadn’t even cried when he had torn through her hymen.

It was quite the refreshing change, not to mention amusing. She was bold, spirited, and Lotor knew he shouldn’t allow such behavior any longer. Especially if she were to be sold into slavery, her spirit expected to be crushed long before most men would even consider buying her. And yet Lotor found her attitude such a delight, that he was loathe to stop her. Besides there was always the chance that she was someone of value, someone whose family or planet would pay handsomely to get back.

Lotor was certain that was the case, despite what the woman had been wearing when the pleasure yacht had been raided. He’d no sooner believe she was someone’s servant, than he would believe pigs could fly. Her manner was simply too bold, too strong willed, the woman not hesitating to speak her mind. She had none of the meek and submissive mannerisms of a true servant, was too beautiful a girl to have been left toiling in someone’s kitchen. Lotor might have been willing to believe she was trained to be someone’s mistress, but before last night she had been untouched. He supposed there was always the chance she had been on her way to meet with some noble patron, but Lotor doubted anyone would have waited to lay hands on her before that.

He was betting she was someone’s daughter. Some fat aristocrat or rich noble, someone of importance. Someone able to pay the pirates’ high ransom, and most likely someone desperate enough to want her back. Lotor was troubled by the thought of the woman traveling on so defenseless a ship as the pleasure yacht had proven to be, but even that was bound to have an interesting story. Perhaps she had been traveling in secret to meet with a lover, some man she wanted to elope with that her family didn’t approve of. That would suit Lotor just fine, the pirate thinking of the bidding frenzy the ransom could take if two opposing parties both wanted to gain control of the woman.

In the moment, Lotor had gold on the mind. The amount he would get in exchange for the woman. The huge payoff he was expecting, regardless of the fate Lotor ushered her into, was enough to make him forget the pain of his slapped cheek. He actually grinned, relaxing in bed, thinking how enjoyable the next three or so weeks would be. He’d have the woman in his bed, and she’d continue to entertain him beyond the act of fucking.

Sated for the moment, Lotor was able to think back on the past night without his cock reacting. Remembering the woman’s surrender, her ultimate fall headfirst into feeling the effects of lust. The passionate responses she had proved capable of, Lotor’s back the canvas in which her nails had torn and decorated with his blood. Such a wild spitfire, the kind of a woman who could only be truly satisfied by a Drule.

He was still in bed, grinning to himself about the excellent find he had made in choosing the woman, when the bathroom door opened. He lazily looked her over, seeing she had found his bathrobe, and put it on. The bathrobe drawfed her body, even with the sleeves rolled up, and the hem of it nearly touched the floor. Her blonde hair was still damp and smoothed back, and what little skin he could see had tiny drops of water slicking across it. He made a mental note to spend some time later, licking her dry after one of her showers, then smirked as he wondered how she would react to licking HIM.

Almost tempted to find out, Lotor sat up. Some predatory intent must have been revealed in his eyes, for he was suddenly the recipient of yet another fierce glare. He just grinned wider, not bothering to try for an innocence he had long since abandoned years ago.

“Well pet, do you feel better now that you’ve showered?”

“Hardly, you brute.” She scoffed in response. “I may have washed off the worst of your filth, but I still ache, sore in places I never imagined could hurt.”

“That part is just not used to such a rigorous workout.” An unrepentant Lotor said. Nor was he bothered by the insult she had implied in calling his seed filth, or the fact that her expression had turned even angrier.

“You don’t have a shred of compassion do you?” She demanded. “You could at least be sorry!”

“For what we did together?” Lotor asked, shaking his head no. “Never.” Another sly smile, Lotor letting the memory of the past night fill his eyes, the hedonistic pleasures they had shared, and how even now the recollection affected him. The woman practically sneered in response, Lotor barely holding back his laugh. “There was few complaints from you at the time, pet.”

She colored. “A mistake on my part then, but I am voicing them now!” He gestured at her to go on, noting the deliberate way she kept from looking at his naked body. “Last night cannot be repeated.”

Lotor didn’t have to say a word, his face showing what he thought of her words. She had to realize how absurd it was to expect him to keep his hands off her, the woman sighing exasperated. “I am….WAS…” she quickly corrected, a grim set to her lips. “A virgin. And while I understand you are vastly more experienced than I, it still doesn’t excuse you for….bedding me so many times in so short a period.”

“Ah but pet, you excite me so.”

“Curb that excitement then.” She snapped crossly. “Otherwise I fear I will be unable to walk in the coming days…”

He let concern fill his eyes. “You hurt that badly?”

“You are…” A hesitation. “Rather large. Not to mention the time it took for the actual sex to come to it’s completion.” His grin threatened to split his face in half, the woman scowling as she hastily made an additional comment. “I say this not to stroke your ego! If anything I wish you’d be quicker about it…”

“Trust me you do not.”

“I believe I know what I want. If I must endure you on top of me, then I wish it to be as brief and painless as possible.”

“Endure?” He arched an eyebrow. “You make it sound as though fucking me is some chore, as boring as it is tedious.”

“You’re in denial if you think it’s anything BUT a chore.” She countered. “Believe me captain. I did not seek out your bed. It is you who forced your…attentions on me. It is you who persisted in repeating such an act numerous times. I dare say it is you who will insist on it in the future.”

“I see I’ve done you a great wrong, if you are not relishing the thought of returning to my bed.” Lotor tsked, shifting forward to do a slow, panther like crawl towards the edge of the bed that was closest to the woman. It was a seductive movement, one that had made more than one woman quiver in anticipatory excitement. But this woman merely crossed her arms over her shoulders, frowning at him.

“You’ve done me many wrongs, it’s true.” She retorted, watching him. He came to the edge of the bed, and extended a hand to her. She did not take it, didn’t even look at it, her eyes locked onto his. Lotor wondered how much of a concentrated effort it took for her to ignore his naked body, for her to not look anywhere but at his face.

“Then allow me to make amends for this one thing.” Lotor said, his hand still held out in invite for her to take it.

“I don’t see how getting into that bed will do anything to make this right between us.”

He couldn’t stop the smirk, chuckling softly. “Ah pet, still so sweetly innocent. But as much as we did last night, I haven’t begun to finish educating you on your body.” He tried this time to take hold of her, the woman quickly shuffling out of reach.

“You’ve taught me enough.” Stiff toned was her voice, her expression angry, her skin flushing pink.

“Not nearly enough it seems.” Lotor muttered to himself. She was already turning her back to him, casting her eyes about the room. It was clear she wanted the conversation over with, the woman walking over to the dressing shade.

“Do not put on that dreadful disguise you were wearing when I captured your ship.” Lotor said, slowly rising from the bed.

“It is not a disguise.” She retorted, without looking at him. “And it’s all I’ve got since someone saw fit to tear off the black gown you had lent me.”

“You mentioned numerous times that it was too tight.” Lotor countered. “And I could not wait a second longer to see you out of it.”

“Someone needs to school you on patience.”

“Perhaps that will be you.” He said, walking over to her. She froze when his hands touched her arms, the blue and gray maid’s uniform limp in her hands. She didn’t exactly fight him when he took it from her, but neither did the woman hand it over eagerly.

“Ah pet…” He nuzzled his lips over the curve of her ear, breathing in deeply of her scent. “You smell divine…a mix of us both.”

“What am I to wear?” Was her stiff retort.

He was starting to get hard, just from pressing against her, and inhaling her scent. As though she hadn’t just wrung out a string of climaxes from him in the span of a few hours.


Lotor shook his head, trying to clear the lustful haze he seemed to be diving into. “Help yourself to anything in my closet.” Was his own stiff answer, Lotor abruptly stalking away from her. The haze didn’t clear, his body excited, but not to the point it was unbearable. A cold shower would quickly take effect, Lotor all but hurrying into the bathroom.

The water he pelted himself was downright freezing, Lotor shivering under the liquid’s assault. Cold though it was, it accomplished two things. One it took care of his burgeoning erection, and two it cleared his mind to the point he could focus on something other than wanting to fuck senseless the intriguing beauty in his bedroom.

It was troubling, the way he reacted to her. The way just being near to her got him lusting, his mind focused on thoughts of what he wanted to do to her, and have be done by her. She really was like no other, and though Lotor had had a strong instant attraction to other females in the past, none of them had held his interest long after the first bedding.

Eyes closed, Lotor shook his head while the shower sprayed on. He had been right to think her dangerous, to know he could become completely besotted with this woman. Even the fact that he had bedded her so many times in one night? It amazed him, Lotor more used to pulling such a feat off with the help of several different partners. Never had his interest stayed on one woman for so long, never had he wanted it too. And yet his pretty pet was doing just that, making him not only lust, but look forward to the things she would say, even the things she might do.

He was enjoying himself just a little too much, while in that woman’s company. Lotor knew he should really send her away, let some one else among his crew have her. And yet some possessive part of him raged at the thought, as though Lotor already had formed an attachment to her. It was exactly why he shouldn’t go and fuck her for the eight time. He shouldn’t, couldn’t feed into an addiction that was struggling to form. And though he couldn’t give her up to another of his pirates, Lotor would do his best to get rid of the woman in another way.

He would do it reluctantly, Lotor not even looking forward to the gold her ransom would surely bring him. But do it he must, Lotor finishing his shower, and securing a towel around his waist. He’d exit the bathroom with the intent to learn just who exactly that woman was, determined to at last have her name. Only to stop short at the sight of her, the woman wearing one of the least provocative of the dresses he kept in his closet.

She had turned towards him when the bathroom door had opened, Lotor’s eyes drawn to the way the dress molded to her body, clinging almost lovingly over her curves. This dress was shorter than last night’s gown, flashing her legs from mid thigh on down. And though it had sleeves, it’s neckline was practically indecent, plunging downwards to prove that even the least provocative of his wardrobe was still downright scandalous.

Sadly he didn’t get to ogle her for long, the woman pulling on one of his shirts. He mourned the loss of the sight of her cleavage, the woman quickly buttoning up the shirt. She gave him a defiant look, chin up as she spoke.

“You said to help yourself to anything in your closet.”

“So I did.” Lotor murmured, fighting not to prowl closer to her. “I’ll be much more careful with my words in the future.”

“I’m hardly sorry to admit your sense of fashion does not suit mine.” She said, moving away from the closet. She drifted over to his dresser, studying the things on top of it. There was a few baubles there, including the ring he had removed sometime during the night. The woman seemed instantly drawn to that ring, picking it up carefully with her fingers.

“Odd piece for a pirate.” She said at last, eyes studying the gold band, with it’s blood red ruby, and obsidian carvings. She cast a look over her shoulder at him, her eyes judging. “Did you steal it off some prince?”

For one second he was startled, and then privately amused at how close she was to the truth. The woman had no idea whose ring she held, had no idea of the significance of the obsidian carvings, or the fact the ring was a symbol of the crown prince of planet Doom and it’s Empire.

“Do you really want to know?” He asked, watching as she turned away, the woman trying on the ring. It really was too big for her fingers, the ring ready to slip off at the slightest of movements.

“I’ll make a deal with you pet.” He pressed against her, trying to ignore how her body felt, how good she smelled. “You tell me your name, and I’ll tell you about the prince that ring belongs to.”

“Surely you don’t think me THAT curious, do you?”

“I guess not.” He caught her hand, and gently eased the ring off her finger. He immediately put it on his own, Lotor glancing down at the symbol, the proof of his noble lineage.

“Do you always wear such…flashy jewelry?” She asked him. He wondered if she spoke, merely to distract him, to keep him from acting on the sexual tension that built between them every time he approached her.

“Not often, save for this ring.” But he wouldn’t go into details, wouldn’t explain to her that the ring not only identified who he was, but was a symbol everyone on the ship would respect. Even those in the black market would recognize and understand the significance of the ring. Whoever wore this ring, be they the actual prince, or just some emissary on his business, would be allowed to travel unmolested through the seedier parts of the galaxy.

“So tell me, my sweet pet.” He touched her hair now, finding enough time had passed for it to have dried and curled. “What will it take to get your name from you?”


“Nothing?” He arched a brow at that. “Everyone has a price pet, even you.”

“You have nothing I could want, and can do no worse to me than you did last night.”

“You’ll hurt a man’s ego with your continued attempts to belittle the sex we had.” Lotor told her, fighting the urge to rub up against her.

“It meant nothing.”

“It was fun, pleasurable.”

“That is not enough for me.” The woman told him, tone as cold as her eyes when she turned to look at him. “The only thing I valued you took from me. And even the return of it would not be enough to get me to tell you my name.”

“Virginity is so prized by females, and so overrated.”

Her eyes narrowed, Lotor thinking she was going to strike him again. “I’m talking about CHOICE, you ignorant pig!”

“Choice? I wasn’t aware of that being an issue.”

Her pretty little mouth fell open in shock. “You….Do you think I wanted to sleep with you? That I wanted to allow you to do the things you did?! That I wouldn’t have….”

“You always had a choice.” Lotor interrupted her, wanting to kiss and lick at that tempting mouth of hers. Especially when it kept falling open like that. “You could have refused, could have fought me. But no, you did neither. You never even said no one time.”

“That…” She was practically sputtering, so shocked. And then a change came over her, a certain steeliness that ate away her shock, and steadied her expression. “I knew I had no choice in the matter, and acted to accept the path that would cause ME the least amount of hurt.” She leveled a fierce gaze at him. “You know as well as I do, it was going to happen regardless of my wishes.”

“True enough.” Lotor agreed. “But the fact is you accepted it the instant you decided not to say no, not to fight me, not to resist me in the slightest. You all but consented to it, and nothing you say, nothing you do to try and justify it, can change the fact that you gave in.”

He should have known the slap was coming, the woman hauling back and striking faster than his own reactions. The slap struck him on the same cheek, almost exactly on the bruising spot. Lotor could only be grateful she hadn’t been wearing his ring when she had slapped him.

“Get out.”

Lotor blinked slowly. “Excuse me? Are you actually trying to throw me out of my own cabin?”

“GET OUT!” She snarled louder this time. “If you have any decency at all, you’ll leave.” He didn’t move fast enough for her liking, the woman suddenly squeezing past him to run for the door. Lotor lunged after her, his towel almost falling off the second before he caught her up in his embrace.

“If you won’t leave, then I will!” She snapped!

“You’ll be walking into a lair of wolves if you do.” He retorted. “Do you honestly think there is anywhere you can go on my ship, that will keep you safe from the lusts of my men? Do you understand what you risk, that it will be a hundred times worse with groups of them alternating their use of you?!”

That stubborn set of her lips, turned uncertain, her mouth beginning to tremble. Lotor could see she understood exactly what the danger was, and the dawning sadness that her best hope really was to stay with him. She didn’t like that truth, but she accepted it, sagging in his embrace, stopping her attempts to fight.

For once Lotor felt a shred of decency, picking her up and carrying her over to the bed. But he didn’t get in with her, just laying her down. She didn’t start crying, wouldn’t even look at him, rolling onto her side. He stared down at her a moment, before walking away, intent on getting dressed. That tiny kernel of sympathy for the woman’s situation? It unsettled him, Lotor deciding he had to get away before full out pity blossomed in him. It wasn’t a feeling he liked, nor one often experienced. And Lotor wasn’t about to rethink his own behavior where women were concerned, or the fact that his pirates were just as bad if not worse. Most if not all would have spent the night cavorting with the captured women. Most would be expected to play a part in breaking the captives’ spirits. Lotor refused to regret this, to feel bad about doing the things needed to groom these people into the perfect slaves that he could then sell and profit off of.

The profit was what he had to keep thinking of. The profit was that mattered. Not soulful blue eyes that screamed of hurt and pain, and yet were brave enough to keep from crying. The profit would be what Lotor tried to keep focus on, but the look in the woman’s eyes would linger, haunting him long after he left the cabin.

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