Porcelain 40

It took all of Lotor’s self control not to jump on Allura the instant the cruiser door was slammed shut. Such was his lust for her, his every thought consumed with the desire to claim what was his. And she did belong to him, he had the papers to prove it, the girl giving over her body to him for the next three years. It didn’t seem nearly enough time, Lotor wanting to do so much to her, and wondering if he would ever get tired of the girl.

She was the most expensive purchase he had ever made, costing nearly eight hundred thousand credits. The Madame had driven a hard bargain, refusing to be talked down from her asking price. It gave Lotor the distinct impression the woman had not wanted to part with the girl, the lofty asking price surely being named to get him to reconsider making the purchase.

But Lotor had been just as stubborn as Madame Elianza, having set his sights on Allura, and knowing he would sooner die than leave without the object of his body’s lust. So he had paid her price, not without grumbling, fortune being transferred via a data pad. Elianza had checked over the transfer twice, confirming that the money was indeed in her account before bringing out Allura’s contract.

That contract was currently tucked away in the cruiser’s safe, Lotor having made sure all the signatures were in the proper place. He wanted nothing to go wrong, wanted no one to be able to challenge him for the right to Allura. A part of him wondered at his sudden possessiveness, but Lotor shrugged it off as just one of the many strange reactions he was having to this girl.

Her scent continued to tease and arouse him, Lotor feeling as though a portion of his brain was being stolen away. He hoped his sanity would return once he satiated his lusts on her, Lotor reaching up to press the buttons that were wired into the cruiser’s ceiling. A low hum of sound was heard, the partition raising to separate the back of the cruiser from the driver, Lotor wanting privacy with Allura.

She actually jumped at the sound, the movement betraying how nervous she was. She was on edge, frightened and unsure, and he knew his stares weren’t helping matters. He supposed he couldn’t blame her, he knew his lust was practically rolling off him in waves, nearly palpable to the touch, ready to consume and suffocate them both. He reached out to touch her, placing his hand on her knee, and just the contact of her skin had him hissing, his eyes falling close to savor the feel of her. Too long had he gone without the softness of a woman, to feel them tremble beneath his finger’s caress.

Allura was watching him, and her sapphire eyes seemed so huge in the moment. Her lower lip trembled, Lotor reaching with his other hand to trace fingers along her mouth’s seam. She didn’t fight him, letting her lips part just enough for him to feel her gasp. Her breath was warm against his fingers, Lotor hand gliding downwards to take hold of her chin. She raised her head at his urging, Lotor leaning in to kiss her.

Her lips fluttered against his, the hesitant action hinting at her uncertainty. Lotor smiled and kiss her harder, his lips coaxing and exerting pressure, trying to get her to let him in. She didn’t, just sitting there caught in his grip, Lotor letting out a growl as he pulled back to issue a command. “Open to me.”

He didn’t wait for her answer, Lotor catching at her mouth again, letting his lips sear a claim into them. He forced his lips harder, and felt her give way, mouth opening on a gasp. Smiling his victory, Lotor slid his tongue inside her mouth, feeling the warm, wet feel of satin around him. Her tongue was like velvet, and it moved cautiously against his, returning his heated strokes.

Another growl escaped him, excited and pleased, Lotor grabbing at her arms, fighting the urge to pin her down to the cushions and just take what was his. ~Mine.~ He thought possessively, slowing the plunging motions of his tongue, to pull back and breathe. Her flowery scent was heavy around them, Lotor suddenly pulling her against him, burying his nose in her hair.

His blood raced, pulse beating harder as he inhaled a good whiff of her fragrance, Lotor again wondering if she was wearing some kind of perfume. If she was he’d have to forbid her it’s use, it’s affect was simply too great on him.

His arms locked around her, Lotor rubbing his cheek against her silk soft hair. She ended up pressed tight against him, Allura feeling like a fragile thing, something that could easily break if he mishandled her. With her scent in his nose, he fought for control, for some semblance of sanity, even as he urged her onto his lap. Both their breaths caught when she brushed up against his erection, his cock twitching insistently in his pants.

He maneuvered her so that her legs were planted firmly on either side of his lap, the center of her body placed directly over his cock. He found the position exciting, even with the barrier of clothing in the way. Lotor knew it wouldn’t take much for him to reach under her robe, and free her of her undergarments. His hands were already moving to do just that, when Lotor bit back a curse, stopping himself.

Patience was the key, he couldn’t descend on her like he was some half starved animal. His body argued with him that Lotor was exactly that, the prince letting his teeth scrap at the curve of her ear. Another amusing flinch of her body, the girl shocked at his actions. But she wasn’t pushing him away, merely sitting there on his lap. Sitting was perhaps too mild a word, the girl was squirming, trying to avoid the throbbing mass between his legs, Lotor realizing he had been unconsciously grinding it against her all this time.

He hid a smile, choosing instead to kiss down the side of her face. His fingers tightened on her hips, trying to hold her steady so he could continue to move against her, teasing them both with the desperate way he ground against her. Something like a whimper escaped Allura’s lips, but Lotor didn’t stop, his hips moving almost mindlessly in the moment.

They kissed again, Lotor groaning into her mouth, his fingers digging into her, Lotor hearing the tearing of silk. His claws were ripping open her robe, and he couldn’t for the life of him be sorry. Instead he shifted his right hand, moving it up towards her waist where he found the belted sash of her robe. He had to use both hands to undo the
knots that held it closed, but upon the loosening of the sash the robe opened enough for him to peek inside.

He caught sight of smooth, sun kissed skin, Lotor dipping a hand inside to press over her heart. It beat like a wild thing, frightened pounding that he wouldn’t be surprised if it hurt her. He gave her a quick kiss against the lips, and then was easing her back to pull at her robe’s sleeves. Down they moved, and long with them the fabric over her breasts, Lotor letting out a pleased hiss.

She turned the loveliest shade of pink, her eyes cast downwards so as not to look at him. It lent a demure air about her, Lotor watching as she fought not to cover herself. He would have stopped her if she did, Lotor exposing her down to the waist. “Do…” It was the first time he had heard her speak since they had left the Madame’s property, the girl’s voice catching with anxiety. She vibrated with tension, body stiff under his watchful eyes. “Do I please you?”

He was taken with her timid uncertainty. Lotor never having been with a woman who wasn’t confidant to the point of grating on his nerves. He smiled, the expression genuine in the pleasure of this moment. “You do. More than I can say.”

Her blush seemed to redden, Allura muttering out a hesitant reply. “I’m glad then.”

He was more than glad, suddenly gripping her hips, pulling her forward once more. His actions were rougher than he intended, Lotor bowing his head to bring his mouth towards one of her breasts. Hungrily, he devoured her, biting and kissing, tongue laving attention all over her skin. He did a hard suck of one nipple, pulling it and a generous portion of breast into his mouth. Allura cried out at that, the sound holding a surprised quality to it.

He moaned, finding she tasted like hot honey, Lotor pausing around her nipple, pressing his tongue against it to rub teasingly across it. Allura’s body bucked, and she made that sound again, Lotor smirking as he all but inhaled his mouthful, drawing the flavor of her deep into his mouth. Allura’s hands moved, and he tensed for rejection, not sure what he would do if she tried to push him away.

Fortunately for them both she didn’t, her hands landing on his shoulders, fingers clutching at the fabric of his shirt. He didn’t linger, his mouth switching to her other breast, teeth nipping at the already pearled nipple. His lips closed around it, Lotor biting it till she writhed in place on top of him, her actions sending small shivers of heaven down his shaft.

Almost blind in the moment, he reached down to tear at his pants, his erection seeming to rip free of the fabric. Like a heat seeking missile, he pushed it harder against her, moaning as he felt the barrier of her panties. She shifted on his lap, gasping, Lotor grabbing at her to hold her still. He just needed to get her panties out of the way, and then he could soothe the madness her presence cast over his body.

“Ah…..no…” She began, to his surprise putting her hand on his cock. It lurched into the warm softness of her palm, Lotor growling both pleased and angered in this moment.

“What do you mean no?” He demanded roughly, even as he thrust his hips slightly, letting the silk of her palm glide over his shaft. “You’re mine to do with as I please…”

She looked hurt at the reminder, Allura shaking her head no. Her hair cascaded over her shoulders, strands falling to cover her breasts. He suddenly wanted to tie back that hair, incensed that it blocked his view of her body. “I know my duty is to please you..” She began without affliction to her voice. “It matters not what I want. Only…”

“Only?” It was getting increasingly harder to think with her hand moving the way it was.

“We don’t have the proper oils.” That blush of hers bloomed the reddest he had ever seen, the girl not looking at him. “I didn’t have the time to order them…them or the…the lubricating fluids…for when we connect.”

He was confused for an instant, and then he began to laugh. Allura’s cheeks burned in combined humiliation and embarrassment. She was worried about her comfort, and rightfully so, Lotor belatedly remembering the Madame telling him that the girl was a virgin. In his current state, he’d tear her apart, it was all he could do not to plunged forward and rip the panties off of her. Just thinking of sinking himself into her virgin tight passage had him seeing red, Lotor letting out a low growl. He wanted in her now, and he didn’t want to wait for her body to soak on it’s own, or for the items she spoke of to arrive.

He tried again for her panties, and she grabbed at his wrists, struggling to stop him. “I…I know other caresses!” She cried out, and he paused, an eyebrow lifting at that.


She nodded quickly, one hand cautiously letting go of his hand to reach down and give a meaningful touch to his cock. “Pleasurable ones…”

“All right then…” Lotor said, and left her panties alone for the moment. “Show me.” It was a snarled out command, the prince impatient for his pleasure. Allura climbed down off of his lap, to sit on the plush fiber fabric of the cruiser’s floor. She looked at his erection, and he saw her swallow, the girl nervous even for this much.

Allura couldn’t keep from staring at his cock, the powder blue length of skin seeming to throb before her eyes. It seemed a dozen times bigger than that of the slave she had practiced on, Allura intimidated enough at the thought of handling such a powerful piece of flesh. So she didn’t, starting out slowly by reaching out to massage just above his knee. He jumped at the contact, and she pulled back.

“It’s all right.” Lotor said quickly. “Your hands were cold.”

His words were meant to reassure her, but more than ever Allura wished she had the oils she had used to practice with. She just nodded at him, hands back in place and sliding upwards to his thighs. She slowly pulled them back towards her, managing to complete the movement three more times before the prince was cursing. “Shit!”
Wide eyed, she continued to move her hands, being sure to tighten the intensity of her grip with each pass.

She was not prepared for the results, the prince arching up off the cushion seats, almost hitting her in the face with the head of his cock. “Your hands, move them!” He managed to calm down enough to lower himself to the seat, but his eyes looked no less wild. “Move them to my balls. I want to feel you squeezing them.”

Allura hesitated, knowing his command went against everything Madame Elianza had taught them. Indeed this situation seemed much like one the woman had told her about, a man in such a state of need he lost all semblance of patience, wanting her hands to touch directly where he ached the most. Madame Elianza had stressed to do exactly the opposite of that, explaining that a man’s climax should be spread out over all the nerves of his body.

“Why do you hesitate?!” The prince demanded. “I gave you an order!”

Surely Madame Elianza had never had to deal with a man of royal status, Allura quickly reaching over to cup his balls in her hands. He sighed when she did, teeth gnashing together as he growled out approval. Allura fondled them, noting how heavy with seed his balls seemed to be. She rolled them in her hands, fingers kneading and squeezing, the actions driving the prince wild.

“Harder.” He growled, shifting about to squirm before her. “Squeeze harder!” Quick to obey, she did as he ordered, Allura watching as fluid began to glisten out the slit of his cock’s head. A rumble of contentment came from the prince’s chest, Lotor enjoying the massaging of his swollen scrotum. Perhaps a little too much, the man leaning
back against the seat’s cushions, watching her as he tried not to pant.

In fact she soon had him writhing from side to side, and all she had done was a slow, steady fondling of his balls, with the occasional hard squeeze at his command. Even the slave hadn’t reacted in quite this manner, though to be fair he had been chained down and unable to move for much of the lessons.

She released her finger’s grip, and he panicked, Lotor clamping his hands around her wrists, pulling her hands towards his shaft. “Tease me here now..” Again she nodded, her hands wrapping around his thick length. She barely began to move them, and already Lotor was panting out words, purring his pleasure to her. “Yes, move them. Move them up and down NOW.”

She moved them, startled by how hot his flesh felt, and swearing his veins was pulsing beneath her hands. She continued to stroke her hands up and down his cock, noting the way it began to throb even more violently, the prince moaning loudly. So loud she worried the driver in the front seat could hear him, Allura blushing and watching as he began to arch up off the seat once more.

“Again!” He ordered, voice sounding hoarse after that moan of his. “Slower and harder this time. Relax into it. Do not allow your fingers to stiffen.” His cock was so hard her squeezes barely had any give to them, Allura alternating her stare from the cock she worked over and his face. Lotors’ eyes had started to close, his head bowed back as perspiration gleamed on the sides of his face.

She found herself leaning into him, noting the way the his cock’s slit continue to leak steadily. Lotor moaned when she blew her breath across it, the prince groaning and gritting his teeth.

“It’s not enough…” Lotor realized, snapping his eyes open to stare down at Allura. She looked liked a frightened mouse at his words, her hands still moving over him. “I need more…”

“I…I can use my mouth…” She suggested timidly, Lotor nodding his head in agreement.

“Do so.” He was aware of shaking violently, his tremors increasing when her lips kissed the tip of his dick. He moaned, something incoherent escaping him as she gave a tentative lick of the fluid seeping out of him. He was hardly in a mood to be teased, Lotor reaching down to grasp handfuls of her hair, tugging her down onto his cock. He heard her gasp, and then he was plunging into her mouth, his world shattering as he felt the warmth and the pressure of being inside her.

He experienced one fragile, glittering moment that might have been the peace his sanity had been looking for. It didn’t last nearly long enough, Lotor beginning to move his hips, thrusting almost violently into Allura’s mouth. She made panicked sounds, but didn’t try to pull back, her own fingers digging into his hips for a better grip. As he had his way with her mouth, stray details seemed to overwhelm his senses. Such as her scent, or the soft rattle of her breathing. And he mustn’t forget the way her lips quivered around him, Allura being careful not to hurt him with her teeth.

He paused to look at her, to truly see her face beyond the pleasure she was causing him. Her eyes were closed, and her face was stark with tension. Damn it, he knew he must be hurting her with his thrusting. His reason insisted he stop and withdraw, give her a moment to recover. To find some other way to attain his satisfaction. But the second he tried to pull out, his hardened flesh felt the pleasure slide over him, his breath catching in his throat.

Before he could even think to stop, he was thrusting back in, ignoring the muffled yelp of pain she made. She couldn’t take him all, he was simply too big for her, Lotor having to be satisfied with what flesh she could fit. A few more thrusts into her mouth, and then white light exploded before his eyes, his climax spilling into Allura’s mouth. She made a distressed sound, some of his release spilling down the sides of her mouth and onto her breasts.

That sight excited him anew, another jet of come escaping from him. He pulled back from her, and her hands flew to her mouth, the girl spitting out what he had spilled. Allura seemed not to know what to do with it, Lotor forcing himself to move long enough to reach for an empty wine glass. He held it out to her, the girl dumping his come into it, her cheeks still flushed so red.

He fell back against the seat cushions, just trying to recover his wits. He heard the rustle of silk, a shaken Allura pulling the robe closed around her. He risked another look at her, and saw her staring downwards, the girl pretending to concentrate on tying the sash of her robe close.

“Are you all right?” His words came out more gruff than he intended, Allura keeping her eyes lowered. “Allura? Answer me when I question you.” A pause, and then she slowly licked her lips, the sight of her tongue’s movement suddenly sent a smoldering boil to his loins. Suddenly he didn’t feel quite as exhausted as he had been just
seconds before, Lotor biting back a curse to find he still wanted her, perhaps just as desperately now as he had then.

“I’m fine…” She said at last, her polite, detached tone worrying him. Perhaps he had really hurt her after all, Lotor leaning forward to reach out and touch her face. She flinched at his touch, making him frown as he forced her to look at him. Her beautiful blue eyes stared back at him, but they seemed unreadable in the moment. What did that blank expression hide, pain, fury, upset? He did not know, and that worried him anew. Almost as much as the desire coursing through him did.

“Bloody hell.” He managed to mutter, before he hauled her up off her knees, jerking her against him so he could kiss her again. She stiffened in surprise, and for one instant he felt her hesitation. She must have remembered his earlier command, for she parted her lips, the act more dutiful than passion fueled. Right now he didn’t care, Lotor thinking he’d work on soothing her hurt feelings at a more convenient time. A time when his sanity was returned to him more fully. If it returned, Lotor suffering doubts of that, what with the reaction just having Allura in his arms caused him.

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