Report 01

This needs a tittle. Maybe the Black Lion Incident? Heck, what was the name of the episode this is based on?

Any hoo, gift fic for Botias that would not freaking end. I dunno, this Lotor is awfully chatty! And weird….okay, back story. We started talking about lion sex the other day. I think it started out with a comment about The Price of Freedom and all the places Lotor would like to have Allura.

Somehow black lion got mentioned, how Lotor would love to defile Keith’s lion in that way. I wasn’t sure though if I could work that in to the fic, but by that point we were both evolving the idea. A few other things were mentioned, such as how we both wanted to see Lotor use his sword on Allura.

Anyway, this is based on that episode, his second I believe, where it’s before he decided he was in love with her. Here he just wants to make her his (sex) slave. Keeping that in mind, it totally affected how I wrote him. Man I wanted to slap him a few times myself! XD And I also remember wanting to cover my eyes with my hands, and peek through my fingers as I typed his lines.

Oh and plenty of wrist grabbing! Just the way a certain someone likes it! XD


Princesses didn’t curse, Allura knew that. And yet right at this moment, a string of vile words was repeating themselves through her brain. She knew her nanny would be appalled, quick and all too ready to blame the boys for Allura expanding her language in such a vulgar manner. But right now Allura didn’t care, feeling the word shit exemplified her situation.At this very moment, she found herself on board the flag ship of the armada that had arrived from Planet Doom. Just thinking of the awfulness of her situation had Allura wincing, curse words flying as she berated herself for her stupidity. Her only consolation, small as it was, was that she was still inside her lion. Correction, she was still inside A lion, Allura finding herself in the woefully unfamiliar cockpit of black lion.

She didn’t have to wonder hard on how she ended up inside the wrong lion, Allura had purposefully stolen the keys to Keith’s ship. She had known it was wrong, and yet something had compelled her to do it. She thought to blame it on ghostly presences, but really it was just pride that led her into sneaking into the lion’s lair. Allura would never admit this out loud, but inwardly she felt as ruler of Planet Arus, she should be the one to pilot black lion. Why it was practically unheard of, a princess taking orders from a man who was below her in station!

And so, in the early hours of the morning, right before the sun broke through the sky, she had launched the lion, taking off into the air. She was discovered almost instantly, alarm bells ringing, alerting her to the fact that she wasn’t alone in the sky. Star cutters appeared, the fast flying attack ships that Doom employed to combat the lions. They immediately zeroed in on her, lasers firing, causing Allura to play dodge with them.

It was different flying black lion, the ship was larger, her response time slower. She tried to perform evasive maneuvers as best she could, patching into Castle Control just in time to hear Coran speak.

“An enemy attack ship!”

The boys had arrived, she could hear Keith urging them for battle. Nervous, her hands slick with sweat, she reported in, bravely announcing herself.

“Black lion, ready for action!”

Her words had had an immediate effect on the guys in the control room, she could hear Keith calling her by her title, dismayed to find her in the wrong lion. The others mumbled, anger in their voices as they pointed out the lion was Keith’s. She bristled at their words, feeling all the lions belonged to her, they were the property of Arus after all. Fighting back an angry blush, she allowed visual contact with the castle.

“Allura, what are you doing in black lion?!” Keith had demanded, a glare on his handsome face.

“I’m doing exactly what my father, King Alfor would have done.” Allura was pleased her voice hadn’t wavered, hadn’t betrayed the tremors she had felt at talking back to Keith. “Protecting my planet and my people.”

“Yeah, but you’re in the wrong lion. That belongs to Keith.” Pidge’s high pitched voice had squeaked out.

Hunk had been nodding, his hands curled into fists as he glared at her. “Now you get back into your blue lion!”

“No, there’s no time!” Coran had insisted, and Allura had nodded.

“Just because I’m a girl, you think I can’t lead.” Her words had taken on a boastful, confidant edge. “Well, come on, I’ll show you!”

“We’ll settle this later.” Keith had replied, glancing away from her. “For now I’ll fly the blue lion.”

That was the last thing she had heard from castle control, Allura having to focus on the battle that was taking place all around her. Even with support fire from the castle, she had a difficult time of it, barely able to avoid being caught in the cross hairs.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, some kind of contraption fell out of the flag ship, splitting apart and surrounding the castle. She didn’t know what it’s purpose was, but she knew it had to be sinister. But she couldn’t focus on that, not when wave after wave of star cutters continued to swarm towards her.

She had been greatly relieved when she saw blue lion burst through the waters that surrounded the castle of lions, flying towards her. The other lions soon joined them in the sky, all the colors gleaming as they faced the Doom ships’ head on. For one brief instant, everything had been going perfect, Allura giving out commands, the boys obeying her. And then, in the blink of the eye, it happened. Black lion’s controls jammed.

Keith had tried to talk her through it, and somehow she managed to stay airborne. Keith quickly took over, orders flying from his lips as they prepared to form Voltron. Once again Allura was too slow, her speed allowed black lion to be hit by an electric ray. She didn’t see the culprit who hit her, she could only focus in on the pain, Allura screaming as the lion went spiraling down towards the planet’s surface.

She had actually lost consciousness during the crash, Allura’s body being rocked against the seat. Allura didn’t know how long she had been out of it, but apparently enough time had passed for her lion to be captured. Right now restraints were on all four legs, metal coil that shot currents of electricity into the lion. It knocked the view screen offline, leaving her blind and deaf to what was going on at the castle.

Not that she could afford to worry about Castle Control when she had soldiers of Doom knocking on her door, literally! She could hear them yelling and pounding, something heavy being brought against the lion’s roof. What’s worse she could hear the faint sound of buzzing, realizing they were using some kind of saw on the metal, attempting to force their way in.

Already she could see sparks pouring in from the ceiling, Allura realizing that at anytime they could break in. She had to do something, but what she did not know. “Shit!” She exclaimed loudly, her voice seeming to echo in the small confined space. Allura quickly unbuckled her seat straps, noticing the pain in her shoulders. She was sure to be bruised from all the bouncing around she had done, but she’d worry about that later.

Allura knew bruising would be the least of her problems once she was taken out of black lion. She stood, body posture cautious as she stepped around the seat, looking for something she could use. She had her blaster on her hip, it’s cartridge full, but she’d save that for a last resort, not wanting to actually kill anyone. Stepping carefully to the rear of the lion, she began digging about the junk Keith kept as emergency supplies. It was mainly food and some flares, with one or two spare parts for the radio. Nothing useful.

Disgusted, she tossed the box of energy bars down on the ground, feeling black lion shake as the ceiling began to groan. Bit by bit it was pealed like a can being opened, the sounds getting louder. One voice in particular was heard, a man’s, confidant and commanding, barking out orders to the soldiers.

“Hurry up. I want that lion open, and I want it now!”

“Yes, Prince Lotor!” Came the answering chorus of voices. Allura’s eyes widened, she recognized the name. He was the son of King Zarkon, a new player on the field. He had seemed to show up out of nowhere, arriving a week ago on her planet, making demands. She remembered ordering him off the planet, seeing him glare. Lotor had not liked being told what to do, he had said as much, snarling at her.

She tried to think on what else she knew about this prince, and none of it was pretty. He had lied to them, claiming if one of them met him in fair combat and won, he and his people would leave Planet Arus, stop terrorizing her people. Keith had won the fight, but Lotor had used a dirty trick, hitting him with a rock and leaving him for dead. It was a small miracle that Keith had survived, and had been in condition to pilot a lion.

Together, they had formed Voltron, defeating Lotor’s robeast, and driving the prince off. Only, like his father, King Zarkon, Lotor returned, and this time he had the upper hand, holding the lion and the princess captive.

“I know you’re in there.” Lotor’s smooth baritone carried into the cockpit, a hint of mocking to his tone. “And I know that you are scared.” Allura said nothing, determined to not even dignify his words with an answer. “You have a right to be, Captain. I intend to finish what I started back in the canyon.”

Allura shivered, realizing his intent was murder, the girl staying crouched by the supply boxes. The hole in the roof was widening, sparks showering down on her as Lotor’s men worked diligently. She knew she was running out of time, whispering a prayer that Keith and the others would rescue her soon.

“If you come out now, I will give you a sporting chance for your life.” Continued Lotor. He paused a beat, waiting for an answer that did not come. “Have you nothing to say to me Captain? Well…ha ha, I have plenty. Do you know what my first task will be once you are gone, and the castle is mine?”

“I’ll tell you.” Lotor said, his voice brimming with satisfaction. “I will seek out that lovely princess of yours. I believe Allura is her name.” The princess in question was placing her hands to her mouth, biting down on her knuckles to keep quiet.

“She’s very beautiful.” Lotor laughed. “One might say she is the prettiest wench in the known universe. I’m sure she will make an excellent slave. One I intend to have serve me day and night. Day AND night Captain. You know what that means!” More laughter from the prince, Allura’s heart beating in her ears. She hoped he just wanted her to cook him dinner, and mend his boots. She certainly couldn’t imagine doing anything that would deserve around the clock supervision!

“Nothing to say in defense of your princess, Captain? Or perhaps you don’t quite understand the position your being here puts her in.” She could practically hear the smirk in his voice, Lotor purring. “I’ll have her warm my bed with that delectable body of hers. I’m sure her squeals will be a delight to the ears, I’ll have her moaning my name as I take her again and again!”

Allura frowned, wondering just where he wanted to take her. Did he mean like a date? His next words had her paling, a shocked gasp escaping her. “She’ll spread her legs willingly for me captain! She burn for my touch, you will be just a memory, one that quickly fades away as I make love to her.”

“Still no response captain? Let me put it in even plainer terms you can understand.” Lotor said, unperturbed by the silence from the lion. “I am going to fuck her, Captain. Fast, slow, hard, gentle. Whatever and whenever it suits me. She’ll scream and cry at first, but eventually she’ll sing for me, sweet moans of pure bliss as she learns what it’s like to have a real man between her legs.”

By this point Allura was trembling, body shaking violently as she sat huddled on the floor. Her eyes were wide with shock, and she was sure her skin had gone pale. She realized that capture was beyond her worst nightmares, a fate worse than death to fall into this fiend’s hands. And yet, the roof was almost open, the space wide enough for a body to drop down.

“Time’s up.” Lotor broke out into laughter, and Allura bit back a whimper. She realized she had no choice. Whatever happened, she had to fight for not only her life and freedom, but her honor. Why her very chastity was at stake! So it was with a trembling hand that she drew her blaster out of the holster on her hip, the girl crouching behind a box of supplies.

She saw shiny black boots appear in the opening, followed by blue clad legs, a person lowering themselves into the cockpit. He landed with his back to her, but Allura recognized the long white hair that belonged to Prince Lotor. Her fingers tightened on the blaster, the princess willing herself not to shake.

“Captain?” Lotor approaching the pilot seat, hand reaching forward to grip the top of it. He must have thought Keith was awfully short in order to not be seen from his vantage point. “Come now captain, it is beneath a man of your caliber to hide.” His other hand was reaching for his sword, slowly drawing it free of it’s leather scabbard. His fingers tightened on the chair, Lotor preparing to twirl it around.

It was now or never, Allura realized this, leaping up, her blaster aimed at his back. Only, Lotor wasn’t facing away from her anymore. Faster than she could follow, he turned, the sound of uncovered lazon in the air. That sword of his slashed across the front of her uniform, Allura taking a step backwards, screaming.

“Captain! You scream like a girl!” Lotor laughed, stalking forward.

“Stay back!” Allura shouted, blaster raising towards him. She had free arm pressed over her chest, trying to keep her breasts from spilling out. Lotor’s laughter died down with a gasp, the man doing a double take. Allura thought to press her advantage and shoot, but he slapped the blaster out of her hand, his fingers grabbing cruel hold of her wrist.

“Well now!” Lotor grinned, a slow twisting of his lips that revealed his fangs. “What do I have here?!”

“I order you to let me go at once!” Allura said, trying to sound brave. Lotor merely laughed, eyes traveling over her body. He especially lingered over the arm in place over her breasts, Allura bristling with anger at the presumptuous way he looked at her.

“My, things are beginning to look better and better.” Lotor smirked. “I thought I had captured myself a captain, but I find I have a princess instead.” With a laugh he was pulling on her wrist, drawing her against his chest. His sword was still out, blade glowing and looking deadly, Allura uncomfortable with how close it was. But she had bigger things to worry about, namely the prince grinning at her.

“Mine at last.” He said, voice purring with satisfaction. She watched him lower his face towards hers, her eyes widening. Allura could see herself reflected in his eyes, looking small and afraid. She didn’t like being presented with that image, her eyes narrowed into a glare. Letting go of her chest, she hauled back with her arm, seeing Lotor ogling her as her breasts came dangerously close to falling out of the tear in her uniform.

He didn’t get to enjoy the view for long, her hand came smashing into his face, hard enough that she was shocked he didn’t bear the imprint of her glove. “Ooooh I hate you!” She cried, feeling him let go of her wrist in his shock.

She backed up a few steps, crossing her arms over her chest. His eyes narrowed into a glare, his sword was moving, illuminating her features. “I could make you pay for that!”

“Go ahead! I’m not afraid of you!” Allura bluffed, eyeing his sword as she pressed herself against the wall of the lion. “And it’s better than being your slave….or….or doing those awful things with you!”

He blinked, a slow closing of his eyes, and his lips twitched, Lotor fighting what appeared to be a smile. “Ah, you heard that…?”

“Yes, I did!” She snapped, leveling her best glare at him. “And I am not impressed!”

“I would have never said such vulgar things if I had known it was you in black lion my dear…” Lotor began.

“I am not your dear!”

“I thought you were that captain, Keith I believe is his name.” Lotor continued as though she hadn’t spoke. He was just standing there, watching her, not making a move. “You know princess Allura, you are even lovelier now that I see you up close.”

“And you are even uglier than your father!” She lied, thinking beauty was a curse in this case. She was surprised when he burst out laughing, a deep belly full of mirth.

“Now who is being less than truthful?” Lotor demanded. “I may be many things, may rival my father when it comes to wealth, power, and smarts, but fortunately my looks came from my mother’s side of the family tree.”

“So not only are you vile and disgusting, you are arrogant too!” Allura said, watching Lotor step closer to her.

“You’ll learn in time that I am all that and more.” Promised Prince Lotor. “I’ll become your world, the apple of your eye, your reason for living.”

“Oooh I can’t stand listening to you speak another minute!” Allura glared at him.

“Prince Lotor, is everything all right in there?” A voice echoed down into the cock pit, Allura glancing upwards. Lotor kept his eyes on her, never looking away as he spoke.

“Yes, everything is fine. Maintain our status, keep the other lions away from this ship.” Again that flash of fang as he smirked at her. “I will be dealing personally with this lion’s pilot.”

“Now….Allura….may I call you by your name dear princess?” Lotor asked, and she shook her head no. “I feel we are already on such intimate terms….it would be a shame to distance ourselves with titles…”

She took a step forward, trying to see if she could squeeze past him and retrieve her blaster which had landed near the floor by the cock pit’s chair. But at her movement, Lotor stepped forward, his sword coming close to her uniform. She gasped, feeling the heat of the lazon on her, Allura once again plastering herself against the metal.

“Now…I think you should remove that helmet of yours.” Lotor said. “You have no need of it’s protection, and it simply hides your lovely face from me.” She made no move to comply, and a low growl escaped him, the sword moving warningly towards her. The lazon cut into her sleeve, tearing the fabric but leaving the skin unmarked. Allura gritted her teeth, lifting her arms reluctantly.

“Very nice.” Lotor grinned, eyes glued to the swell of her breasts peeking out of her uniform. She almost growled herself, yanking the helmet off, feeling some of her hair come undone from her strict bun. Lotor was still busy staring at her exposed flesh, and a sudden impulse over took her. She screamed, throwing the helmet at his head, Lotor ducking too late.

With a lunge, she was past him, dropping to her knees, trying to get her hand on the blaster. A sudden wrenching on her hair had her shrieking, Allura being pulled back, dropped onto the floor to lie flat on her back. That sword of his was pointed at her throat, Lotor glaring down at her.

“Don’t do that again!”

She didn’t even dare nod, so scared of the placement of his sword. Her fear must have shown in his eyes, his expression softened, a smile appearing on his face. That smile grew as he looked down at her, eyes considering her chest once again.

“My my…” Lotor purred. “We have to do something about this uniform of yours. It’s simply too distracting.” Never had she felt more exposed than she did now, with the body hugging lycra of her uniform clinging to her curves, the slash over her chest threatening to expose her breasts with every breath she took.

“Now hold still…” Lotor said, slowly drawing the tip of his sword down towards the cut in her uniform. “We don’t want any accidents…”

“What are you…?” She started to say, feeling the heat of his sword on her breast.

“Shhh….” Lotor urged her, still grinning. The tip of his sword nudged the torn lycra aside, finding the tear, widening it so her breasts came popping out. “Very nice.” Praised Lotor, tongue licking across his lips as he eyed her ample charms. But he wasn’t done humiliating her, he began dragging the sword along the seams of her uniform, splitting it open. The top fell away like paper, leaving her exposed down to the waist.

“St….stop!” Allura cried out, sure she was blushing as red as could be. Lotor merely chuckled, his sword slicing through her belt. He then traced it along the lines where her legs met her body, carefully cutting the lycra open. Down the center of her legs he went, the pants’ leg splitting open and curving in half. She was left with just the lycra around her hips, forming an odd pair of white panties on her.

To her horror he did a slow slash, splitting that open as well, revealing her lace panties beneath it. “Well!” His golden eyes gleamed with approval. “Lace panties…I always thought of you as a cotton kind of girl, but I suppose first impressions can be wrong.” A sheer and utter wicked look was directed at her blushing face, Allura trembling with rage beneath his sword. “I wonder what other surprises you have for me Allura.”

“None I can assure you.” She spit out with all the bravado she could muster. That sword of his swung away from her panties, the glow of it on her chest, causing her to tense up as she watched his next move. He seemed to be considering her, Lotor quiet for the moment as he stared at her face.

“Get up.” He suddenly said, and she blinked.


“I gave you an order!” He snapped, his hand grabbing her right wrist, yanking her upwards. Her breasts bounced from her momentum, Lotor smirking as he watching them jiggle. Allura glared at him, pulling on her hand, when he brought the sword close to her face. “Be nice.” He threatened, and she stilled. “And lose those gloves, they looks ridiculous on you.”

He had to let go of her wrist so she could remove her gloves, but once they were off, he seized control of her hand again. She was sure to be bruised by his rough handling, the prince dragging her over to command seat. He gracefully plopped down, one leg hooked over the arm rest, the other planted on the floor. The grip on her wrist moved her forward, propelling her onto the seat, right between his spread legs.

Only then did Lotor let go of her wrist, Allura sitting stiff backed against him. He kept his sword out, ready to move it at the slightest sign of trouble. She fought to keep from shivering, keenly aware of the all too male body she sat fitted against. Lotor sighed, and his next moved surprised her, his hands reaching for her hair, finding the pins and discarding them onto the floor. Her blond hair tumbled downwards, and he played with it for a moment.

“Luxurious…” He murmured this, as though he was talking to himself. “It’s like the finest silk!” She started to shift away from him, leaning forward so her hair slide out of his grasp. He quickly brought the sword to bear before her face, Allura freezing.

“You move only when I tell you to move.” Lotor told her, and his arm slid across her chest, pulling her up against him. “Relax…” He added, crooning softly in her ear.

“It’s kind of difficult too…” Allure said, stiff against him.

“Try.” He ordered, pushing on her until she eased up, her body molding into the fit against him. That seemed to satisfy him, he actually kissed the curve of her ear, purring out praise. “Good girl.”

That hand on her chest moved, lifting off her towards Lotor’s face. She felt movement, saw out the corner of her eye he had his glove to his mouth, using his teeth to remove it. A hand as blue as his face touched her cheek, gently feeling out the smoothness of her skin. “Soft…..smooth….not a pimple to be found…” Lotor said, sounding far too happy to be describing her skin.

He caught hold of her chin, turning her face this way and that, Lotor leaning forward to study her profile. “It’s true. You are perfect from every angle!”

“I am not perfect!” Allura quickly insisted. “I uh..I have a birthmark!”

That was the wrong thing to say, his eyes lit up with interest. “Where?” A gesture of his sword. “I didn’t see any birthmark. Believe me I looked.” She flushed, and his gloveless hand dropped to her knee, fingers smoothing up along her leg towards the leg band of her panty. “Unless…it’s in the one spot I haven’t checked.”

“It’s under my arm pit.” Allura got out, squeaking, trying her best not to move as his fingers brushed the lace of her panties.

“Well, I’m sure we can overlook that little flaw.” Lotor said, seeming distracted by the patterns the lace made on her panties. “Tell me Allura…is the rest of you as soft as your cheek?”

She wasn’t about to answer him, fearing anything she could say would goad him into exploring to find out. However Lotor wasn’t pleased by her silence, that sword moved, Lotor’s voice issuing out a command. “Answer the question!”

“I don’t know!” Allura answered truthfully. “I’ve never really noticed.”

“Hmm….shall we find out together…” His fingers were caressing over the front of her panties now, right in a spot that had her squirming. He noticed her small movements, chuckling lightly as he ducked in close to kiss the back of her shoulder. “I told you not to move Allura.”

“Then stop touching me there!” She hissed, sure her blush had found a permanent home on her face.

“Do you like me touching you down there?” Lotor asked, sounding far too amused.


He made a tsking sound. “Soon you’ll like me touching you. Of that I am sure.”

“You think far too highly of yourself.” Allura retorted, relieved when his fingers stilled their caressing motions.

“It’s a fact. I am known for being quite the ladies’ man.” Lotor boasted. That hand of his was on her belly now, just resting for the moment. His skin was warm, though nowhere near as hot as the heat the lazon from his sword emitted. “It will be your immense privilege to serve me.”

“You are insane.” She hissed, incensed when he laughed. “Nothing you do to me, could ever, ever make me like the touch of your hand. It is sheer agony to be close to you like this, it is my immense SUFFERING to have to endure your hands upon me.”

“Why my dear Allura, that sounds like a challenge.” He licked her ear, Allura shivering at the sound of his voice, a deep throaty purr. “And I do so love a challenge.”

“It’s simple fact I state.” Allura said, and then gasped as his hand moved. His fingers slid under the waist band of her panty, she found him sifting through the curls of her hair, Allura trying to stand up, jaw dropping in shock.

“Ah ah ah!” Lotor said, sword moved in front of her throat once more. “Sit down and behave.”

Glumly she did so, though this time she remained stiff, keeping her back straight and away from him. “Lotor….stop….don’t do this…”

“Begging already Allura?” Lotor laughed. “How sweet. Yes…continue…I should like to hear you ask me to stop in those dulcet tones of yours. Oh but do keep your legs spread as you do it.”

Allura realized she had no choice, her teeth grinding together as she allowed her thighs to part. Lotor nuzzled his face in her hair, breathing in her scent, his fingers sliding down to cup her womanhood. He moved one, what she assumed was the middle finger, bending it slightly as he rubbed the tip of it back and forth across her slit. It was a strange sensation, Allura not sure she liked it.

“Allura? Nothing to say?” Lotor goaded her, his finger rubbing her faster. She tried to ignore him, but that left her concentrating on the hand between her legs, feeling the sensations of his finger caressing along her slit. He was rubbing slow, finger moving almost lazily like, and she found herself shifting, uncomfortable. A warning tsk in her ear had her freeze, Allura conscious of the sword he held.

Soon his other fingers joined in, they were spreading her lips open, allowing his middle finger to slide along her creases. That really made Allura want to squirm, and she tried to be subtle as she moved her hips. Lotor’s laughter in her ear let her know he knew what she was doing, though he didn’t threaten her to stop this time. He continued that intrusive caress, fingertip rubbing along her folds, and to her shame she felt herself start to get wet.

No chance of Lotor not noticing, he had a hands on experience, she could hear how pleased he sounded. “You’re getting wet Allura. Are you sure you don’t like this?”

“I hate it.” She said, trying to ignore the sound of his laughter.

“At least your body is more honest than you are my dear.” Lotor said, and his finger touched a part of her that made her gasp, just a deep huff of air. “Ooooh you like that, don’t you Allura?”

“No, I do not!” She denied.

“Then I won’t touch that spot again.” His words left her confused, torn between liking and loathing, Allura shifting, finding his finger on the move again. He probed another part of her, her eyes opening in alarm.

“Lotor……DON”T!” She all but shrieked when he inserted his finger inside her, the sensation alien and new.

“Ooooh, tighter than my fist…” Lotor’s voice sounded distorted behind her, he was liking what he felt, wiggling his finger inside her. Allura cried out, voice begging him.

“Please, take it out…”

“What’s that?” Lotor asked, giving a little thrust with his finger. “You want more?”


“Here you go…” A second finger was added to her, Lotor doing that maddeningly wiggle, his fingers rubbing against the sides of her passage. A low whine escaped her at the feel, Allura feeling dizzy when he began to withdraw his fingers. She thought to let out a sigh of relief, only to find him thrusting them back inside her, deeper this time. His reach was incredible, his fingers surely longer than a human’s, Allura finding he had sunk them in to the knuckle inside her.

He pulled on his hand, beginning to work his fingers in and out of her, mimicking a thrusting motion. Allura was biting her lip, trying to keep quiet, finding she was rocking herself back and forth in time to the rhythm of his fingers. Lotor was speaking to her, but she couldn’t concentrate on his words, feeling the pleasure building inside her. Allura was moving her hips, feeling her rear bump against Lotor’s crotch, her wiggles grinding against him.

If he moaned she did not notice, to caught up in the feelings. She found herself bucking against his hand, trying to force his fingers in deeper. They were at their limit, and still they weren’t enough, Allura crying out, a frustrated whine as her body clenched around those thick digits of his.

Her body wanted something, something his fingers couldn’t give her, Allura desperately riding his hand, trying to stimulate herself. Back and forth she rocked, whining louder, finding his fingers curling inside her and hooking against a spot that made her moan. Her body arched, she was holding onto the armrest and his knee, digging her fingers into the material, nails tearing away at it. Pushing herself downwards, trying desperately to meld herself with his hand.

She could hear his fingers making a sound, a slick sliding noise as they moved in and out of her with ease. She knew her panties were getting stained, she couldn’t seem to stop dripping, and it was all Lotor’s fault! She damned him, and heard him laugh, his voice intruding on her pleasure.

“What was that my dearest slave?”

“Damn you!” She muttered, squeezing all around his fingers. She nearly wept when he removed his fingers for good, leaving his wet hand just resting inside her panties, fingers not doing anything.

“That is no way to speak to your lord and master.” Lotor said.

“You’re not my master!” Allura snapped in between pants.

“I beg to differ.” Lotor said, and this time his wet finger touched her clit, a gentle pinch that brought her screaming and shaking. “Your body certainly recognizes my mastery of you.”

“I hate you.” Allura hissed, and again he pinched her.

“Now you are repeating yourself. I do find such things tiresome.” Lotor said, and now his fingers rubbed her clit, chasing away the sting of his pinch. Again Allura felt the pleasure building up in her, her voice coming out a low whine as her hips seemed to shake with their own accord. In the back of her mind, she was aware of rubbing her rear against his crotch, aware that something was starting to poke against her backside.

Her eyes snapped open from their half lidded state, Allura letting out a strangled cry as she realized just what that was she felt. Unfortunately for her, it was at that precise moment her body decided to give in to the feelings Lotor was building up inside her. Her release was earth shattering to say the least, Allura falling back against his chest, her body limp against him, feeling as though she had melted.

Her head rested on his shoulder, Allura staring dully at the view screen in front of them. She was aware of Lotor brushing his lips against her forehead, his hand pulling out of her panties. Her brought it before her face, and she blushed, seeing how his blue fingers glistened, coated with her arousal. He actually touched his fingers to his lips, tasting her essence, a deep rumble escaping him.

“Delicious.” Proclaimed Lotor. “Princesses always do have the sweetest of surrenders.”

The absurdity of what he just said made her want to laugh, Allura lacking the energy to muster up even a giggle. She wasn’t sure how much time passed, but suddenly Lotor was urging her to stand. Dimly she did so, seeing him gaze at her body, the wet stain on her lace panty making her red with embarrassment.

“Take those off.” Lotor said, and she hesitated. “Come now Allura.” A smirk then, his look wicked devastation. “No need to preserve your modesty. Not after what I just did to you.” Still she made no move to remove the last of her garment, and he frowned, eyes taking on an annoyed light. “Remove it, or I shall remove it for you, and this time I won’t take care not to burn you with the lazon!”

That got Allura moving, closing her eyes as she shoved her panties downward. She stepped out of them, and stood before him completely naked except for her boots. His annoyed mood changed to one of pleasure, Lotor dropping a hand to his crotch. Her eyes followed that motion, watching as he unzipped his pants, the zipper sounding far too loud and ominous for her liking.

His cock immediately sprang out, Allura taken back by his size. He looked huge! It set her to trembling, Allura wondering if this was average size for a healthy Drule Male. She hoped not, it left her fearing for the well being of the female population.

Lotor was watching her look him over, his hand closing around his length, stroking it so that it became firmer. Like his hand and his face, his cock was blue, that pretty shade known as azure. The head of his cock however, was a darker blue, and it glistened with his arousal.

“This will be yours every night…” Lotor was speaking, locking eyes with her as he continued to manipulate his erection. “You will learn the taste and smell of it. You will learn to love it, to worship it and me.”

“Ne….never!” Allura said defiantly, hearing his laughter.

“It is a fact. Inescapable destiny!” Lotor boasted, moaning as he stroked himself. “Ah…I am so excited, I don’t know what to have you do first….should I have you on your knees, see how deep you can take my cock? Or should I just fuck you where you stand?”

Neither option appealed to Allura, and she glared at him, trying not to cower. “Leave me alone!”

“I don’t think so! After all the fun is just starting!” Lotor gestured with his sword. “Sit that finely sculpted ass of yours down, Allura.” He was pointing at the console panel, Allura relieved he didn’t want her anywhere near his erection. The buttons on the keyboard bit into her flesh, sending input into a dead view screen.

Lotor carefully sheathed his sword, and stood up, grasping hold of her ankles. He pulled her legs wide, positioning himself between them, Allura gasping. “What are you doing?!”

“What does it look like?” Lotor smirked. “I am claiming you for myself.”

“You can’t!” Allura said panicked, trying to push at his chest.

“You’ll learn not to tell me what to do.” Lotor told her, rubbing himself against her. Allura could feel him twitching, she tried to shift away but the hold on her legs kept her pinned in place. With a hiss of pleasure, Lotor began pushing the head of his cock inside her, Allura crying out as she felt it start to stretch her open. Pain accompanied his penetration, Allura biting back an angry sob as Lotor moaned.

He shifted his hands onto her hips, and sank into her, inch after inch disappearing into her body. Allura pushed at his chest, trying to move him, but he refused to budge. He smiled as he gazed into her eyes, buried to the hilt in her. He leaned forward and she gasped, feeling every movement, every tremor of his body. Lotor brushed his lips against hers, and she jerked back, frowning.

He merely laughed at her, explaining, “It feels weird not to kiss after everything we’ve done together.”

“You’ll never kiss me again!” swore Allura, watching as his expression turned serious.

“You can’t stop me, my dear.” He began moving, Allura crying out, hands grabbing onto the console, scrabbling for purchase. “Just like you can’t stop me from doing this!” He was punctuating his words with each thrust, stabbing deep into her, making her moan and shake.

Just like with his fingers, she could feel him caressing her from the inside, a pleasurable friction that soon dulled her to any aches and pains she might have felt. She started to feel needy, Allura beginning to move with him, bucking against his thrusts.

“Yes, Allura, just like that.” Lotor groaned, picking up speed, pushing her into the console so hard she was sure the buttons would be imprinted on her skin. He ducked his head down towards her chest, peppering the tops of her breasts with his kisses. Allura gasped, arching her back, shamelessly thrusting her breasts into his face. Lotor responded, licking his tongue across a nipple, Allura moaning at this new sensation.

He continued to pound at her body, he was a thing of beauty to watch, all muscle and power, Lotor exerting a fine control as he moved between her legs. Every time his cock left her body, she felt empty, whining a protest. Lotor would answer her call by thrusting back in, leaving her feeling full, Allura squeezing down on his length.

She was soon making soft squeals, biting down on her lip as she trembled. A particularly hard thrust had Allura screaming, arching upwards, eyes and mouth wide open as her body clamped down on Lotor like a vise. He actually shouted her name, burying himself as deep as he could go, hitting the entrance to her womb. She cried out again, finding he was shooting his seed into her, leaving her to feel warm and full.

There was so much it dribbled out of her, down her thighs and onto the floor. She gave a hysterical giggle to think about how Keith would have to clean up the mess she and Lotor had made, and then the prince was pulling out of her, having finished taking his pleasure from her. Allura didn’t move, staying plastered on the console, watching as a panting Lotor slowly regained control of himself.

He tucked himself into his pants, zipping up quickly. He then retrieved his sword, sheathing it. Allura stayed silent, glaring at him, wondering what was next. Would he parade her naked before his men? She shivered at the thought, watching as Lotor calmly ran his fingers through his hair.

“Sire! We have a message from the Voltron Force.” A guard’s voice hesitantly intruded from above. “They want to negotiate a surrender!”

“A surrender?!” Lotor looked as surprised as Allura felt. “Good….tell the men to land the ship in a neutral place. Before this night is through I will have all five lions within my hands!”

“Yes, Prince Lotor!”

“Oh and Sergeant….see about sending down a spare uniform.” Lotor smirked at Allura, who crossed her arms over her chest. “We have a guest who is woefully underdressed.”

“Yes, your highness!”

Lotor turned to Allura, his eyes full of gloating. “Well, my pretty little slave, it seems not only do I get you, but I get Voltron as well. Isn’t that just grand?”

“You haven’t gotten your hands on Voltron yet!” Allura pointed out, and Lotor smirked.

“But I will. Your friends will see to it themselves, in order to save you.” Lotor stepped towards her, fingers tucking stray curls behind her ear. “You really are prize fit for a prince.”

She ignored his touch, inwardly fretting. What was Keith and the others thinking, how could they risk her planet and her people by handing over Voltron. She may be the princess, but one life no matter how royal did not equal the lives of millions. It simply did not make any sense, and Allura found herself summing up the situation with one word that was apt and descriptive.



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