Bad Girls 3 03

Five foot five inch Lia Ledon, an attractive woman with light blue eyes and shoulder-length brown hair, put her shopping bags on the kitchen counter of her little house in a New Arus village. Nothing about her stood out and that was just fine with both her and Lance, who was due to arrive about nine.

“I’d better get cooking,” she said with a naturally slightly husky voice.

She took a wrapped packet of meat out of one of the bags and put it aside. Then she turned, intending to walk to the fridge.

Keith stood in the kitchen doorway.

She restrained her fright. It wasn’t the first time he had done that. But it was still…inappropriate. Not that he cared. He hadn’t cared for nearly two years.

“My lord. I…I didn’t expect you until tomorrow.”

Keith fiddled with his pants.

“I couldn’t wait. Service me NOW.” He finally loosened his pants and they slid to his ankles, revealing an impressive manhood that was not yet fully ready to rut. “And don’t call me ‘lord’.”

Restraining a sigh, Lia walked over and dropped to her knees in front of him.

Keith inhaled as she took his manhood in her mouth; he whispered her name as she expertly sucked him.

“Are…are you pregnant?” he suddenly demanded.

She shook her head. Did he honestly expect her to speak?

“Good. Because I don’t want to lose him. Hurry, make me come. I have things to do. Ahhhhhh, yes, yes….good, grab my ass…”

He didn’t think that being sucked by another woman was wrong because the Viray Treaty basically looked away, whistled tunelessly and twiddled its fingers abot male royals’ sexual behavior. That the Treaty meant natural-born or those who had naturally inherited their ranks didn’t make a difference to Keith. He had needs that he thought that one woman alone couldn’t satisfy, so his rank allowed him to “wander”; restraining himself to just one woman who wasn’t his wife was a huge sacrifice in his mind. It was merely coincidence that the woman also happened to be Lance’s girlfriend.

Not that that mattered. His word was law. He spoke, he was obeyed. Or there was trouble.

He winced, tensed up, then sagged a little and spurted deep in Lia’s mouth and down her throat. He always came hard with her. He supposed it was because Allura could sometimes be very demanding. But whatever the reason, he was glad that no one else knew how he released his excess seed, the seed that he didn’t intend to bloom in Allura’s body. He didn’t want to expand his kingdom too quickly, and Allura didn’t really want to expand it at all. Fortunately, she was a good mother. Neither Ambra nor Baby Alfor would suffer for her lack of interest.

Lia sucked him dry, then waited. Sometimes he wanted it up to three times in a row.

I HATE this! Why won’t he find someone else? There are THOUSANDS of women who would DIE to suck the King of Arus.

“Release me. You’ve done well. As always. Thank you.”

As though that was enough.

He was pulling up his pants now, as casually as if he’d just used the toilet.

“Now prepare for your date.”

Ignoring Lia’s glare, he turned and left.

She waited a full minute before smacking the floor with her palms.

“DAMN IT!” she screamed.

Why, oh why…

She was just a simple, hard-working woman. What had she done to deserve her predicament?

“I can’t continue to live like this. I have to tell him. Maybe he can forgive me, and then we’ll run away somewhere. Anywhere. As long as it’s far away from here.

Feeling a little better, she stood up, then began to pack away her groceries.


Lance is a bad boy here. And Allura is VERY bad here!

A little over an hour later, she was wearing a towel over her freshly-showered body and checking on her cooking when someone knocked on the front door.

She gasped, jerked, then cursed. Surely Keith hadn’t returned for another go…? He never had before, but did that matter?

Nervous and a little fearful, she called out: “Who is it?”

“Your Queen,” was the imperious answer.

Lia gasped again. Why would Allura…what could she possibly…

Keith. That was it, she knew! That HAD to be it!

Well, time to face the music. But this is your opportunity to tell her the whole story!

Shaking, and her heart pounding in her ears, she slowly walked over to the door.

It’s okay.

But when she opened it and saw the evil-eyed Allura, she knew she was wrong. And she also knew that Allura did not know about her and Keith, because the Queen’s brimming anger was due to jealousy.

“My-my Lady-”

“SILENCE!” Allura blazed. She was dressed casually, but surely now everyone in the neighborhood knew who and where she was. “WHERE IS HE?”

Oh, yes, definitely now.

But Lia didn’t have time to be in a sarcastic mood, because Allura suddenly shoved past her and was now striding towards the bedroom. She knew where it was of course; she’d approved all of the houses’ floor plans. “WHERE IS HE?!”

Lia followed her.


“My Lady, he isn’t here-”

Allura stopped short, whirled, rudely looked Lia over, then nodded.

“So you are the bitch who-”

Lia stopped walking and glared at Allura.

“My Lady. Forgive my interruption. But this is not the-”

I will determine the time and place to end this situation, and I have determined it to be here and now! You are a conniving whore, and I will permit it no more!

Lia’s eyes widened. She was now certain that she was going to die. The Queen was INSANE with jealousy!

Lance, I’m so, so sorry.

Moving so quickly it was almost inhuman, Allura grabbed Lia by the shoulders and nearly slammed her against the nearest wall.

“I don’t understand what he sees in you.”

Lia scowled.

The longer she talks the longer I’ll live, is that how it goes? Or will my death be worse?

“Your breasts are small and you’re not beautiful. But you can cook and obviously can hold a conversation. Good whore qualities. However, that will not save you.”

Allura’s upper lip twitched.

Now. How to begin.”

Lia wondered how she was going to be killed. Strangulation? Punching? Slammed onto the floor and then kicked?


He was supposed to be the target of Allura’s anger. Did she think that Lance wouldn’t get another lover? That Lia’s death would destroy any thoughts about “defying” Allura again?

There was no point in telling Allura this. She wouldn’t listen. And if she listened she wouldn’t care. And this scene would be repeated over and over again…

Allura was looking her over again. Slowly. With relish.

“You’re not afraid of me. I like that.”

Lia couldn’t restrain a gasp. There had been interest in that statement.

Oh. No.

Dying would be preferable to whatever lustful activities Allura was contemplating.

NO! Don’t touch me. NO!

“No! No freaking way. DAMN IT-”

Allura slapped her face open-handed.

Don’t be rude to me!” she commanded rather than said.

Lia didn’t care. Ignoring the stinging pain, she tried to wriggle free.

Don’t touch me don’t touch me don’t you FUCKING TOUCH ME!


She managed to shove Allura away.

But the Queen only laughed wickedly.

“You have spirit and fire! But you can’t escape me! This is my planet and I know every inch of it!”

That couldn’t be true. But how to reason with the insane?

No. She’s truly enjoying this. Like she’s playing with her food.

“GO HOME!” Lia yelled.

Allura actually cackled.

“I am home! Wherever I am on this planet is home!”


“The gods are IN me! They want JUSTICE for what you’ve done!”

Lia wanted to run, but refused to. This was her house and regardless of what Allura said she was an intruder.

“Leave, my Queen. You step into danger.”

Allura gave her an incredulous look.

“From you? Or because of you?” Another I-like-it look. “Little bitch, this is my domain. I am the danger here.”

She suddenly reached out and yanked away the towel.

“And you are going to be my victim.”

Lia was suddenly very fearful for her life. But she still wasn’t afraid of Allura.

“NO, my Queen. You are a BITCH! And I’ll be waiting for you in HELL!”

Allura let loose with a volley of curses that only justified Lia’s low opinion of her. Then she grabbed Lia, plunked her on the floor with almost inhuman strength, and raped her, cursing Merla, Keith, Lia and Lance the entire awful time. There were some choice words for Lotor, as well.

Lia tried to withstand it without words or physical protest. Every rough gesture, every uncaring movement. And the potential for permanent mind-damage was great. But she was going to come despite being battered and bruised, which to her was far more disgusting. She wasn’t interested in women. Even if she was, she would never even look at Allura with interest. NEVER! She was a slut, a BITCH! An unfeeling, selfish…

Her thoughts began to drip with skin-peeling acid.


She jerked up and into Allura’s tearing nails and biting mouth, then came, gritting her teeth while sending Allura to her gods. She and Allura couldn’t have the same gods, because Lia’s gods would never ever tell or allow her to abuse someone.

Allura didn’t appear to notice that Lia had come. Either that, or she didn’t care. Her hands, her nails, her tongue, lips and teeth, were still inflicting damage.

Lia had had enough. Finding a strength from someone deep inside, she shoved Allura off.

But Allura only looked at her with triumph.

“I’ve ruined you,” she said with a sneer in her voice.

Lia’s eyes narrowed. So Allura did know that she had come. Not that it mattered, right now.

“You’ve ruined the one you love,” Lia said.

Those words were like a slap. Allura jerked and gasped; tears filled her eyes; then she fled from the house without another word.

Lia let out a long, long sigh.

“At least…I am alive.”

She had to get up. Had to…

Her kitchen phone rang. She cursed herself for not having more phones in the house.

“I’d…better…get that. OWCH!”

It was no good. She couldn’t move.

“Please. Don’t be Lance. He’ll get worried and run over the first chance he gets.”

The answering system picked up and she winced, then relaxed. The caller was a male friend wanting juicy details about Lance.

She rolled her eyes. Everyone wanted Lance.

“I need to get up. The food-”



It was Lance! She froze.

“Lia? I’m coming in. Hope you’re decent! Or else I’ll have to punish you!”

She muttered a thankful prayer. This was the first time that Lance had come over during the day, and he’d likely come straight from patrolling or training. What a man he was.

“Oh SHIT!”

Uh-oh. But better now than this night.

A furious Lance ran over.

“Who the FUCK – Are you hurt? What-”

She managed to stick a hand out to him.

“Do me a favor and turn off the oven. Then let’s sit down. But I doubt that you’ll be surprised by what I have to tell you.”


He wasn’t surprised. But it made him absolutely furious. And after bathing her and putting her to bed to rest, he stormed back to the Palace.

A few patrolling Guards grabbed and all but carried him to the Gym, where they forced him to work off his anger. He couldn’t go around the Palace in a rage, was he CRAZY? Yes, Allura could be a bitch and Keith a heartless bastard, but that was no reason by itself to kill them! They were royals, and everyone knew that royals lived by their own rules in their own universe! So Lance just needed to calm down and keep his head on! And remember the children for the gods’ sake! Ambra definitely, but Baby Alfor liked him too! Semper fi, man, semper fi!

When he was calm and pouring with sweat they walked him to his room, teased him to make him laugh, then left him.

He stopped laughing as soon as they turned the corner.

I could NEVER EVER be a Palace Guard. But never mind that. Keith and Allura need to be punished.

He stepped forwards, the door opened, and he was grabbed by the wrists.

He knew it wasn’t Allura. He knew her touch.

“Come in. Quick,” said a very familiar voice.

He groaned even as the Monster Prick perked up.

“Merla,” he said.

She yanked, the door closed behind him, and the lights came on to show the apologetic-looking Drule Queen.

“It’s my fault. I have to apologize,” she said.

She was truly sorry. But her eyes flashed hunger as she looked him over before letting him go.

He grimaced.

“You’ve been here all day. Hiding. Or in disguise.”

She nodded.

“I gave her your woman’s name.” She scowled. “I didn’t know that she’d do what she did. I never thought that she could do something like that! Her of all people. She’s still soft-hearted…I thought that she would cry and scream and bitch but finally accept that you have a LIFE.”

Lance’s eyebrows went up as his suspicions of the early morning were tickled.

“What do you mean…”

Merla exhaled.

“Your woman didn’t tell you?”

Lance shook his head. Lia had begun to say something else after telling him about the rape, but had changed her mind and shaken her head instead.

Protecting something, Lance realized. Protecting the secret that Merla was about to bust wide open. But WHY? Why protect ANYTHING about Allura? Especially after what she had done?

“You’re so fucking dense. Allura loves you. Maybe she doesn’t realize it herself. No…she doesn’t want to accept it or that you came close to feeling the same but it just wasn’t meant to be. She’s fucked up. And she took it out on Lia instead of…what’s that you humans say…thrashing it out with you.”

Lance glared at her.

I know that! I know how she feels! That’s really why I told her and Keith to get married. Shit. I wasn’t thinking, though. But it was the right thing to do.

“I’m done with her.” Merla looked him over again. “I don’t want to be part of this drama. I’ll accept my punishment and leave her alone.”

“Bull. Your addiction knows no bounds. But just in case,” and he looked her over then winced as he realized what he was doing, “what do you want in exchange for your promise?”

She licked her lips.

“You’re not married. Or engaged. Or tied down.”

“What if I say no?”

Now who’s flinging bull? It’s your word against mine anyway. And, there’s the fact that you’re still in here…and the Monster’s saying ‘hello’ to me.”

Lance let out a long, long sigh.

Lia, forgive me.

“Good boy.”

She grabbed one of his wrists and led him to his bed, then lay on it, pulling him with her.

“I hate it when you’re right,” he said.

“Shutup and fuck me, flyboy.”

They undressed each other.

“I’ll really need a shower after this. And I have a date-”

“I’ll lick you clean.”

“That won’t help!”

He slid into her slowly. Of all the slits he’d had, she was still the best one, and he didn’t want to rush things.

She spanked him.

“Move it! Work that beautiful ass. I have duties too, you know.”

“Heh.” He complied. “I’m just another casual fuck, aren’t I?”

She shook her head.

“No. And you know I mean that. I fully appreciate why women seek the Lance Experience.”

He glared at her.

“Don’t try to flatter me.”

“And don’t insult my intelligence.”


“Deal. By the way, how are you going to punish them?”

“Don’t know yet.”

“You’ll think of something. Now, my dear Monster, make it count.”


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