Night 01

The instant the shower’s glass door is closed, the overhead sprinklers come on, soaking him to the bone with it’s warm wetness. For one brief instant Lotor merely stands there, enjoying the spray of water against his skin, his head upturned to welcome the light splattering on his cheeks. It is a soothing feeling, tempering away some of the excitement within him.

But not all of it, the water can’t reach inside him where his blood boils and his heart continues it’s furiously fast pace. Impatient is his body, and though he tries to control it, his mind’s thoughts follow a similar pattern. And it’s all because of the girl, the woman who he’s tied himself to this very eve. He doesn’t quite smile as he thinks of her, his nerves are too wound up for that. He’s expecting it to end at any moment, to wake up and discover it’s all a dream, or that someone, the captain most likely, would find a loophole, a way to annul this union.

But the water feels too real to be a dream, and he had made sure the contracts were iron clad before presenting them to Allura. No doubt her lawyers went over it with a fine tooth comb, seeking any faults, any room to wiggle out of signing it. There had been none, Lotor overseeing the creation of the documents himself. He had been tireless, exerting meticulous care in every word, every sentence that was written down, detailing the conditions for an Arus Doom merger.

Truth be known, he gave little care to the acquisition of Arus, the planet being insignificant to his plans for the new Doom Empire. It was all about the planet’s princess, because of her, and the desire to make her his, that he even continued to bother with Arus. With his father dead, killed by Lotor’s own hand, he had set about to forge a new path for his people.

A path that included Arus, and what little resources that came with it. With Voltron destroyed during the war between the planets, Arus had little to endear itself to prospective protectors. It wasn’t known for having many technological advances, the planet more a world of unending forests and farmland that could be easily found on a dozen different worlds.

No longer a sought after planet, Allura’s choice in husbands had dwindled, the rich and powerful turning away once Voltron was lost. Far too many planets had abandoned Arus, conveniently forgetting the favors they owed that world, forgetting that they could count their very freedoms due to Arus and Voltron’s interference. Arus itself was now just one name on a long list of poverty stricken planets seeking aid from the Galaxy Alliance, the governing leaders having little time to devote to maintaining the world and it’s defense.

It wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration to say Allura and her people had grown desperate by the time Doom came a calling. He had let months go by, letting things get worse for Arus, knowing Allura’s people were growing poorer, working themselves to the bone to farm enough goods to sell to pay Alliance’s fees. There was barely enough
money to pay for the ships and weapons needed to defend itself from other planets, Arus becoming open prey to anyone with military might and the desire to use it.

Arus became a sitting duck, just waiting to be blown out of the water when Lotor approached Allura. She had been pale and besides herself with worry, dark smudges under her eyes that hinted at a lack of proper sleep. He found her no less beautiful, Lotor having to hide the loving feelings that swelled up in his heart at the sight of her. He had approached her with a serious offer, marriage to him in return for Doom’s protection and financial aide. He made no threats, simply laid out the bare facts to her, letting her people’s hunger and need be the seducing force in swaying her mind.

Even still, Allura had been hesitant to accept right away, retaining her fire, her spirit not broken by the hardships of her planet. He admired her for that, Lotor positive he wouldn’t have wanted her if she had openly shown her desperation. Allura had actually made him wait for her answer, the princess needing time to seriously consider his offer.

The time had ticked away, until almost a week had passed, but at last Allura had given him the answer he had so desired. With a simple yes, and lowered eyes, Allura agreed to marry him. It was a victory Lotor had waited nearly three years for, and his heart had soared with her choked out agreement. It had been all Lotor could do, not to reach towards her, suffocate Allura in his embrace, so ecstatic had he been.

But he maintained his composure, offering only a stiff bow towards her hand, allowing his lips to graze the back of it before he had sent for his lawyers. Between dealings with the lawyers and the contracts, and arrangements for the wedding, it had taken another two months before the ceremony could be held. He often thought Allura would back out of their engagement, so skittish was she around him, so prone to flinching at his sudden movements.

Frankly he was surprised she didn’t come to him dressed in black, for all the enthusiasm she showed at her impending marriage to him. But Allura had been a vision in white tonight, with the palest of pink accents on the bodice of her elaborate wedding gown. The veil had hid her face from him, leaving Lotor to wonder what sort of expression she wore.

It wasn’t until the minister declared them wed, that Lotor had felt the first real moment of relief go through him. The King had peeled back her veil, taking a moment to study her face before pressing his lips against hers in a chaste kiss. That contact of their lips had alerted him to her trembling, Allura holding herself stiff as she tried to remain unfeeling to him.

The ceremony wasn’t the time to begin breaking down her emotion’s defenses, Lotor pulling back to face the mixed crowd of Drules and humans. Some of the humans were openly weeping, and none were doing the cheering that the Drules had expressed. It didn’t matter, Lotor knew the Allura and he were as united as their two worlds, and the evenings celebratory feel could not be extinguished by a few tears.

He couldn’t remember much of the actual festivities that followed the ceremony, Lotor too impatient for his wedding night to enjoy merry making. There had been a parade, and a near endless line of well-wishers, along with a private party of food and wine. He had tolerated little wine to pass by his lips, Lotor wanting to be clear headed on his first night as husband to Allura.

He was sure it would be a life changing experience, for him as well as for her. He’d finally be able to stop holding back, to touch her to his heart’s content. He’d get to show her what it meant to be a woman, to love her in a way she’d be sure to appreciate despite her reservations about him. Lotor would finally have to stop pretending to be indifferent to her presence, he’d show her just how he felt about her, without fear that she’d run away. She couldn’t, now that they were wed.

A glance down at his hand showed the gold ring gleaming on his finger, the band a bright contrast to his powder blue skin. He smiled to see it, Lotor knowing it was a permanent reminder of his victory, of his ties to the woman who wore the ring’s match. He looked forward to seeing Allura clad in nothing but the ring, his imagination taking hold and forming a vision of her waiting for him.

It was enough to make him react, Lotor feeling his cock start to lengthen in anticipation. If just the thought of Allura waiting on their marriage bed was enough to make him this aroused, how much worse would it be when he was in her presence?!

He frowned down at his cock, but the images of Allura wouldn’t let go of him, Lotor imagining her reaction to his arousal. Would she look on him with approval, or would the sight of his erection frighten her? He was betting it wouldn’t be the former, Lotor biting back a curse at his misbehaving body part.

Even a switch to cold water didn’t have much effect in cooling down his heated body, Lotor letting out a growl as he finished washing the soap off his body. The water switched off at his jerking open the shower door, glass rattling in it’s frame at the violent way he moved it. He then reached for a towel, and wrapped it around his lower half, erection prominent against the soft cotton.

Ignoring his aroused state, Lotor strode towards the mirror, hand wiping at the steam that had fogged up the surface. His reflection was revealed to him, Lotor looking disgruntled as he frowned. Even grumbling he couldn’t help but think he looked good, his water slick hair smoothed back from his face, showing off his cheekbones. Drops of water clung to his skin, several streaking down his bare chest. His desire had almost swallowed up the black slits of his eyes, another sign of arousal in Drules.

To Lotor’s practiced eyes he looked hungry, wild enough with desire that even a naive human like Allura would be able to see. A hard slap of his cheeks with both hands, Lotor trying to force himself to calm down some, absolutely positive Allura wasn’t having any problems combating wayward desire on her part. He had the sobering thought that she was probably having second doubts about what she had done, and it wouldn’t surprise him if she wasn’t trying to escape from their bedroom.

His slits started to thicken, some of his desire getting under control as he thought of Allura, alone and most likely tearful in their bedroom. His erection wilted, and Lotor began hurriedly seeing to his grooming, running a comb though his hair, and slapping after shave on his neck. He even went so far as to brush his fangs, the King primping far more than he ever had for a woman before. But this was no ordinary woman, but Allura, his love and his wife!

Discarding the towel, he slipped on a black satin robe, the bottom falling just past his knees. He made sure the belt was secured, then took a deep breath, reaching to open the bathroom door. He almost expected to see the room empty, but there on the chair in the corner was Allura, her knees brought up to be hugged against her chest. She made such a distressed picture, that his heart hurt for her, Lotor noting that though she did not look up at his entrance, she did flinch when he closed the door.

He didn’t approach her right away, just studying her from across the room, noting how she seemed to be making herself appear smaller by the second. Her head was lowered in such a way that her unbound hair, a shining mass of golden curls, obscured her face. Her symbol of office, the pearl circlet of Arus was gone from her brow, Lotor wanting no crowns and status to cross over into their private moments.

She was also wearing the nightgown he had requested, the silk fabric a soft, creamy white. He had no doubt it would look good on her, although with the way Allura was sitting, all he could see was the ruffled hem flashing her ankles at him. She wore no slippers, her feet bare save for the pink polish on her toes.

“Allura…” She shifted at the sound of her name, but otherwise made no response to him. He could feel the frown returning to his face, Lotor not wanting Allura to play at ignoring him or the tension that was mounting in this room. “Allura, LOOK at me.”

To his relief she raised her head, Lotor spying the emotions that lay heavy in her sapphire eyes. She wasn’t crying, but neither was she smiling, the girl seeming resigned to her fate. A fate she didn’t like, reminding Lotor that it had not been love for him that had inspired her to make those wedding vows. He held back a disappointed sigh, Lotor asking her a question. “Are you cold?”

Just an inclination of her head, the slightest of nods, but he strode towards the stone fire place, reaching to add several wood logs to the pit. Soon a crackling fire was blazing in the stone pit, Lotor staring at the dancing flames as he thought on what to say to her. There wasn’t much coming to mind, Lotor realizing that much of their courtship, a word he used loosely, had been left to be settled by their lawyers. This was the first time they were alone together, and all he wanted to do was strip her of her gown, and worship at her feet.

Such an act would only serve to make a fool of himself, Lotor not wanting Allura to realize how much power she could hold over him. His love for her, and his desire would weaken him, maybe make him less of a man if he didn’t keep in control, Lotor restlessly stirring the fire with a steel poker. The heat of the flames couldn’t compete with the heat of his body, Lotor at last standing, turning to look at Allura.

“Come here.” It was no idle request but a direct order he gave her, Allura’s hesitation worsening at his smile. But she moved anyway, slowly uncurling her body, and setting her feet down on the shag carpeting of the floor. The white night gown flowed all around her, and as she came into view of the fire’s glow, it turned transparent, giving him a hint of the splendors of her body.

Allura seemed unaware of the kind of show she was giving him, Lotor forcing himself not to suck in an overly loud breath. The gown was full, but thin enough to mold to her body, every curve defined, from her breasts, to her hips, and her bottom. He can see how curvaceous she is, how sweetly inviting her body looks, and before he knows it, he was standing directly before her.

He knows his thoughts are starting to turn wild, Lotor fighting to keep from grinning as the realization that this girl, this beautiful princess who is on the verge of becoming a woman is all his. He wonders how long it will take Allura to understand that she belongs to him now. He knows she’s not stupid, and though she is naive, even she can’t ignore his claim on her.

Lotor hopes he’ll be able to claim more than just her body, wanting her heart to open up to him as well. But he knows it will take time, and he’s prepared for her to hate him. Especially after tonight, after what he is going to do with her.

Allura shifts, uncomfortable with his study of her. “You’re staring.” Her quiet voice speaks, and it’s to administer an admonishment to him.

Before he can stop himself, Lotor blurts out a deeply felt compliment. “You’re beautiful.” A blush blooms on her cheeks, Allura lowering her eyes. “Do you know that?” A slight shrug from her, and Lotor can’t tell if she’s denying what he said, or really just that insecure with her looks. Either way, he’ll make her accept the validity of his statement, with his words and his actions.

“You are. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen….” He brings a hand to her face, but she is stepping back, fast in her need to avoid being touched. Lotor frowns again as he advances on her, Allura backing up for each step he takes.

“I’m sure you exaggerate.” She managed a response, back hitting the low end of a table. Before she can slide to the side, he is there, pinning her with his body. But not with hands, Lotor keeping both at his sides as he just stares at her. Allura’s blush deepens, her eyes averting from his gaze. “You’ve had countless women….surely there was one who was more beautiful than I.”

“You’re wrong!” Lotor insisted, and this time his hand lifted, making contact with the side of her face. He felt a tremor shiver through her at his cupping of her cheek, Allura closing her eyes at his words. “I’ve sampled many women yes, but none hold a candle to you.” He leans in to kiss her, and at the feel of his breath on her lips, Allura opens her eyes.

“Please.” She says softly, but there is no hesitation in her request. “Can it wait…I am tired….”

He shakes his head no, seeing the disappointment flash in her eyes. He’s not a cruel man, Lotor can understand about being too tired or feeling bad. But just as he understands that he knows the time for that is later. For if he gives in to her pleas now, he knows she’ll never be ready for him, Allura will always find excuses to put off their joining.

Disappointed though she is, Allura doesn’t try to fight him as Lotor leans down to capture a kiss from her lips. An instant before their lips connect, she issues out a warning, a terse edge to her words. “I’ll do this but….but don’t expect any reactions or participation from me.”

“Fair enough.” Lotor agreed, and licked at her bottom lip. “Tonight can be all about you.” He kissed her then, but not before Lotor spies the confusion in Allura’s eyes. She doesn’t understand what he means by that, can’t imagine that he’ll see to her pleasure as well as his. He won’t ask her to do anything unreasonable, but he’s damned determined to make sure she comes away enjoying herself.

He’s certainly already enjoying himself, even though it’s colored with her tension. It’s a bliss just to be holding her, to finally have Allura in his arms. Lotor grows almost dizzy with excitement, loving the feel of her lips against his. Just like at the ceremony, she holds her lips tight together, refusing to give in to his mouth’s caress. But she
closes her eyes, leaving him to wonder if she’s trying to block out what he;s doing, if she’s imagining herself somewhere else.

He continues to work at coaxing her to respond, his own lips soft and caressing. He knows he can be brutal, could force her mouth open to his tongue’s invasion, but wants to be gentle with Allura. And there it is, the faintest response, a flicker of movement against his own mouth which encourages him to continue the kiss. Another flicker, and then she’s gasping, a sharp sound that hints at surprise.

He’s not kidding himself that she did that as an invitation, but he slides his tongue into her mouth all the same. He enjoys tasting her from the inside, Lotor spending much time on a leisurely exploration. He licks and strokes his tongue about her mouth, exploring every inch of it, getting to know her both inside and out. She gasps again, Allura proving more responsive than she wanted to be, her hands coming up to grip at his arms.

Miracle of miracles, she’s attempting to kiss him back, Lotor unsure if it’s desire for him sweeping through her, or a desire for the kissing to end. Either way he’ll accept her kiss, even as he notes she’s not very experienced at it. But her innocent buss charms him, endearing her to him even as he promises to help her become better at the experience.

When Lotor finally pulls back from Allura, they are both breathing heavily. Her eyes open, and she stares at him shocked, the blue of her eyes dazed from what they just shared. He wonders what his own eyes are showing her, Lotor fixing a lazy stare on her lips. Lips that are a little kiss swollen, the pink blurred from his mouth, and looking so inviting he can’t resist kissing her once more.

He’s surprised to hear a low moan, Lotor realizing the sound came from him. He’s almost embarrassed by it, Lotor breaking away from Allura’s mouth to kiss up the side of her face. His lips nuzzle and kiss along the spot behind her ear, Lotor’s voice a husky murmur as he speaks to her. “Go sit on the bed.”

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  1. This remains one of favourites of yours. 🙂

    Reread it several times. Loved everything ♡

    P. S. Don’t get disheartened that there might not be more comments. I think it has to do with the Lotor/Allura fandom being quite small online, eapecially the one of the original series. From personal experience, some people may often be shy to comment amongst other reasons lol However, this does NOT mean your works are not interesting. I am gripped by almost every story and cannot stop untill I finish it to the end, usually it takes me most of the night when I should be sleeping isntead lol XP The unfinished ones are like a dagger touching my soul, I swear. I hate cliffhangers too. ;_;

    I take a lot of pleasure and happiness reading your many works!

    1. Well I do admit by the time I got to Diplomatic Relations, which was like…what four years ago, I was getting less and less comments which did make me feel discourage. However no worries, I post on and Livejournal, and have gotten a LOT of comments and feedback there. It just feels like most people don’t bother to come to the word press site and actually comment is all. I used to first post my stuff on LJ, and slowly release it on fanfic net. So most people were on those two sites doing the majority of commenting.

      That said, i ahve to go look up which one you are commenting on, cause I am clueless based on what wordpress email alert told me! XD

      1. When you post a story, specifically ask people to comment. It perfectly fine to let people know you want attention. ♥ ^_^ However, do not get discouraged. In my experience, people often look and read stuff without commenting. Just create for the sheer pleasure of it. People that appreciate it will let you know anyway some day.

        I am in the fandom relatively recently. I started after watching the newest Dreamworks reboot. The promised our sexy Prince in season 3. ♥😗😍

    2. Oh my goodness, did you see the April Fool’s joke that they did? They did ther reveal of Lotor, and I hope most of it IS in the scene, cause when he took off his helmet, all this glorious long white hair fell out…sadly the april fool’s part was him turning to the camera, and instead of showing Lotor, they showed a cow’s head winking at the camera. But the white hair had me so excited even if they didn’t show his face. friend Paige says she read somewhere that they are planning to NOT have him interested in Allura which makes me super sad and frustrated….

      I don’t know about asking for comments. Sometimes I think I have on fanfic net, in my author’s notes, when I am feeling extra unsure or frustrated by a chapter I had written. Sometimes a chapter gives me cause to need a LOT of hand holding. *blush*

      I just hope they do Lotor justice in the new show! I’m so worried they will butcher him, character wise..not just looks wise. I mean Voltron the 3rd dimension and that other show sucked. The comics seemed to do a little better, but…the comics never seem to do well, always seem to get canceled before they get anywhere. So i really hope their Lotor is a good one, and inspiring to me as well! XD

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