Dinner and a Show

A long table stretched out before her, blood red tablecloth made of expensive satin draped across the wood. A top it lay a feast fit for several people, expensive delicacies from all over the galaxy spread out before her. Their smells mixed together, forming a mouth watering aroma, but to Allura it left her sickened. All she could think about was the sweat and hard work of the slaves that had endeavored to make this meal, the people who surely had gone hungry from having their food stolen.

Across from her, at the very end of the table, separated by food, candelabra and several feet of table, was Prince Lotor. He had no problem eating the food, showing a healthy appetite and an unquenchable thirst for the wine that flowed freely at the table. He had been trying for several minutes now to entice Allura into eating the meal, the princess steadfastly refusing.

“It’s very simple, Allura.” Lotor suddenly said, setting down his wine goblet. A humorless smile was on his face as he met her eyes over the long expanse of table. “We can eat, or we can fuck. It’s your choice.”

She couldn’t quite contain the gasp that escaped her, Allura’s cheeks burning as she reacted to his words. She felt shock at his coarse language, but was even more stunned and dismayed by the choices he offered her.

“Very well, we will eat.” She said, tearing her gaze away from the gold gleam of his eyes. But not before she saw his lips twitch in a smirk, Lotor reaching for a hunk of meat. He tossed it down onto the floor, where his pet, the ghoul dog as he had called it, eagerly snapped up the meat. Allura herself picked at the food, thinking on what an eventful day it had been.

Her cousin, Princess Romelle had put in a distress call to Planet Arus, announcing Doom’s arrival on Planet Pollux. Allura and the Voltron force had immediately gone into action, rushing over to lend assistance. But on the way they had encountered an asteroid field, and something had happened. She had started to doze in her lion, slipping in and out of consciousness, just barely avoiding being hit by the rocks hurtling at her lion at light speed.

Keith’s voice had snapped her out of her daze, but then a throbbing headache had overtaken her, making her unable to concentrate on piloting blue lion. She sank out of formation, moaning in pain, not even aware of where her lion was going. When the pain lessened, she realized her lion had crashed into the canyon on what seemed to be an abandoned planet. Allura hadn’t been able to raise anyone on her communicator, and her lion seemed to be powered down for the moment.

She had been left with no choice but to leave and explore her surroundings. Only she stumbled upon a hidden Drule base, Doom soldiers advancing on her. She was slow to realize she had wandered into a trap, Allura backing away fearfully from the soldiers and their rifles. Her own blaster had been in hand, Allura trembling as she order the Drules to stay back. They had merely leered at her, continuing to back her down a corridor.

Allura was so concerned over the danger in front of her, she was caught unaware of the presence of it looming behind her. It wasn’t until it was too late, Allura feeling herself backed into a broad chest, hearing a familiar laugh. She had turned, blaster raised, and a dirty looking Drule that had stood next to Prince Lotor had cracked the whip he carried. It’s lash struck her wrist, tearing open her glove and hurting the skin beneath the leather. She had let go of her blaster on reflex, more concerned with the red welt on her skin.

Lotor had been all smirks, purring in that seductive tone of his as he introduced the whip wielder. Cossack the Terrible, who certainly seemed to fit his name. There was not much time for interaction, Lotor had taken hold of her arm, and dragged her off deeper into the base. Which led to her present situation, an intimate dinner for two that she was hardly eager to attend.

“Allura?” He calmly lifted his goblet to his lips, taking a deep drink of his wine. “You’ve stopped eating again.” A smirk then, Lotor leering at her. “Are you that eager to be with me after all?”

“You misunderstand me.” Allura glared at him, angrily spearing a potato with her fork. “I simply find the company dissatisfying. It’s quite detrimental to my hunger!”

“Really? How odd. I find the company quite invigorating.” Lotor responded, not at all bothered by her anger. “Fine cuisine, delicacies from all the planets I’ve conquered, surely something here must tempt you.”

“Do you really think I would willingly eat food that was stolen from innocent people?” Allura demanded, setting down her fork. “I am a princess, sworn to uphold the honor of the royal house of Arus!”

“Oh come now Allura!” Lotor was hardly swayed by her words. “One does not eat because of one’s honor. One eats because one is hungry. Take my little ghoul dog here for example.” He gestured at the horrid little creature that lay resting by the side of the table, eager eyes on Lotor. The prince did not disappoint, throwing a leg of some unidentifiable animal meat onto the floor. “His conscience will not interrupt his meal!”

The sounds of the animal viciously tearing into the meat filled the room, it’s teeth gnashing as it chewed on meat and bone. Lotor once again picked up his goblet, Allura nervous by how heavily he was drinking. “But if you don’t want this…” His touched a remote with his free hand, aiming it at the near wall. “Let’s move ahead. To the show.”

Allura’s eyes widened as the wall lifted up, revealing a view screen. A terrified looking man was on the screen, his arms raised as he tried to guard his face from the lash of a whip. “This farmer is from Planet Pollux.” Explained Lotor, his face cold indifference to the display of violence on the screen. Cossack the Terrible was laughing, whipping the man cruelly, blood starting to soak the farmer’s clothes.

“Lotor!” Allura slammed her hands on the table, rattling the plates nearest to her. “How can you do this?!” Lotor was calm, refilling his goblet, staring at her with an unreadable expression in his gold eyes. “You must let him go!” She urged him, staring at him.

“I’ll grant your request, if you’ll grant mine.” Lotor said, setting the wine bottle down. He was smiling, his eyes lit up with amusement, even as the man continued to scream and beg for mercy. “Be my bride.” Lotor commanded. “Say yes and he’ll go free. Say no and…” Other slaves appeared on the screen, more people from Pollux cowering as they waited their turn to be whipped. “And the whole lot of them will be slaves forever!”

There were women and children amidst the men from Pollux, even a small toddler being embraced in his scared mother’s arms. Allura felt tears come to her eyes, and she had to look away, staring at her hands which were curled into helpless fists. “Well? What’s your answer?” demanded Lotor, the viewscreen returning to the man being whipped.

She said nothing, merely let the tears slip down her cheeks, as though the sight of her crying would move him. Lotor responded to her tears by raising the volume on the view screen, the farmer’s cries growing more and more intense, the man agonized and begging for mercy. Allura risked a glance at the screen, seeing his shirt in tatters, the remains blood soaked.

“Stop it!” She shouted, shaking her head so hard her tears seemed to go flying.

“Only you can stop this Allura.” Lotor told her, his finger paused on the remote. “This man is almost dead. Only you can grant him mercy. And all you have to do is say yes to me.” Still she said nothing, starring at him through blurry eyes. “It won’t be such a hard life with me. You’ll have riches, slaves to wait on you hand and foot, the whole universe laid out before you.”

“Love….what about love?” She choked out, and now Lotor smiled.

“Yes that too.”

“I don’t believe you!” She snapped back, her fingernails digging into the palm of her hands. She squeezed them into fists so tight, she was surprised she wasn’t bleeding, glaring at Lotor through a haze of tears.

“Believe whatever you like.” Lotor retorted. “Only your consent will save this man, not your beliefs, not Voltron! Only you!”

“Fine then!” Allura said, looking away. “I agree. I will be your bride.”

“Excellent.” Lotor smiled, and pressed a button on the remote, opening a direct line of communication to Cossak. “Commander, leave that man be.”

“He needs more than just to be left alone.” Allura said, voice loud and angry. “He needs immediate medical treatment if he has any hope of surviving.”

“Ah yes…see that he gets treated by the finest doctor we have on the base. My bride to be and I will be checking on him personally to see how he is recovering.” Cossack looked surprised at Lotor’s words, leaving Allura to wonder how often a slave was allowed to be treated for their injuries.

“If you’re sure Prince Lotor…” Cossack said, tone full of doubt. He gestured, and two soldiers came forward, hooking their hands under the farmer’s shoulders. They hefted him up, dragging the unresisting man away. “What shall I do about the rest of the slaves?”

“Stay your hand for now, but remain close by. Allura and I still have some…..negotiations to work out.” Lotor said, and pressed a button, the view screen going black. Allura looked at him, one eyebrow raised in suspicion.


A slow smile from him, Lotor lifting up his wine goblet once more. “Yes. I have you as my bride to be, but I find myself not wanting to wait for the wedding to consummate our union.” She flushed and looked away, Lotor draining his cup dry. “You look so beautiful when you blush Allura. I can’t wait to find out if that flush of color extends beyond your cheeks.”

“You’ll never find out!” She snapped.

“Oh?” He slammed down the empty goblet, shaking his head no. “But we are to be married. A husband must know his bride. In every way, down to the most intimate of details.”

“You can wait until the wedding night for that!” Allura quickly retorted, and Lotor laughed.

“Surely you don’t think to make me wait that long?” Lotor asked. “Or are you hoping the Voltron Force will come rescue you?” He made a tsking sound, leaning forward to stare intently at her. “Is your consent just a delaying tactic Allura?”

“N…no.” She denied, not liking the dangerous growl in his voice.

“Then you shouldn’t have a problem with proving to me you’re serious about this marriage.” Lotor said, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth.


“I’m very glad you asked that, my dear bride to be.” He gestured at her to stand, Allura warily doing so. She did not like the way his eyes traveled up and down her body, a slow leisurely crawl that left her feeling naked and vulnerable before him. “You can start by taking down your hair.”

“My hair?” She was surprised, taken aback by so innocent a request. He nodded, and she raised her hands, Allura figuring she could grant him this small request. She found the pins that held her hair up in her bun, setting them down on the table’s edge. Lotor smiled in approval, watching as her hair came cascading downwards, to settle against her back and across her shoulders.

“Why don’t you shake it out a little?” Lotor urged, his eyes on her. “Yes, slowly…just like that.” He looked pleased as she did as he bade, shaking her head slightly, hair bouncing around her before settling down. He rose to stand, his eyes never leaving hers, and began to walk towards her. Allura had to fight to remain standing still, all her instincts screaming to back away.

It took him several seconds to cover the ground to her side, his first act to raise a hand to her face, brushing back her bangs. He was smiling as he did it, fingering golden strands, seeming to watch the play of light as it reflected off her hair. “Beautiful.” He announced, and she fought back her blush, just staring at him without speaking. “And now…” His hand dropped down to her neck, Allura letting out a gasp, fearing he would grab her in a choke hold. “I think it’s time you lose this uniform.”

“Pardon?” Allura asked, dismayed as his fingers touched her collar, easing it back from her skin.

“You heard me Allura.” Lotor bent over her, his face against her cheek, whispering in her ear. “Strip.”

She pulled back from him, her hand already rising, intent on slapping the smirk off his face. Unfortunately for Allura, Lotor was prepared for such a move, catching her by her injured wrist. She cried out in pain, even as Lotor hissed at her, voice angry. “You refuse to obey me Allura?!”

“I won’t make things easy for you!” She snapped, struggling, trying to ignore the pain of his fingers touching her injury. “I won’t just take my clothes off and lie back for you to….to…” Allura trailed off, unable to finish her thought. She knew she was blushing, anger and embarrassment mixing together as she glared at Lotor.

“Then let me make the decision for you.” Lotor said, letting go of her hand. “There’s still plenty of slaves from Pollux, just waiting for their turn at Cossack’s whip.” He stalked away from her, returning to his seat. A press on the remote’s button had the screen lighting up, showing Cossack leaning against the cavern’s wall, looking bored out of his mind.

“Ah Cossack.” Lotor’s voice caused the Drule to snap to attention, the man straightening up, whip coiled on his side. “I believe we need a further demonstration for my beloved bride.”

“What are you doing Lotor?!” Allura asked, seeing the way Cossack’s eyes lit up with excitement. The gray haired Drule walked over to the gathered slaves, uncoiling the whip. He randomly selected a person, cracking the whip in the woman’s direction. She screamed and fell down to her knees, hands thrown up over her head.

“Well, Allura?” Lotor looked at her. “Will you still refuse to do as I command?!” She glared at him, having to tighten her hands into fists, forcing them to remain at her sides. She would not give him the satisfaction of giving in so easily.

“Perhaps something a bit more special is required.” Cossak suggested, his smirk a cruel mockery as he looked over the cowering slaves.

“What do you have in mind Commander?” asked Lotor.

“A child.”

“No.” breathed out Allura, her eyes horrified as Cossack gestured for the soldiers to draw a screaming kid of eight years old out of his mother’s arms. “Lotor no! I’ll…I’ll do it! Just stop. No more, please!”

“Very well Allura. But no more delays.” Lotor said. “Cossack, leave them be for now.”

“What?” Cossack was disappointed, his smirk fading as he looked away from the child. The Drule soldiers let go of the hysterical kid, who went running back into his mother’s waiting arms.

“Be on standby.” Lotor said, and switched off the monitor. He turned expectant eyes to Allura, who looked away, a furious blush on her cheeks. “Now your uniform if you please.”

Staring at the floor, she reached for the zipper of her uniform, drawing it down from her collar to past her breasts. Her top opened, revealing a hint of pink lace, the bra she wore underneath her uniform. “Very nice.” praised Lotor, striding towards her. She said nothing, Allura reaching for her belt, hands fumbling with the buckle. Her body was shaking, hands unsteady, and her fingers seemed unable to do the catch.

“Here, let me.” Offered Lotor, reaching to chase away her hands. She didn’t look up at him, Allura staring downwards at his hands, seeing his long, elegant fingers easily unbuckling her belt. Lotor set it down on the table, just out of reach, Allura leaving her hands to hang stiffly at her sides. His hands were on her waist, just resting there, Lotor leaning in to sniff at her hair. Allura had to fight not to flinch back, uneasy with his nearness.

“So silent…” Lotor commented, his hands remaining on her waist. “Nothing to say to your husband?”

“You’re not my husband yet!” Allura quickly retorted, and saw him smile.

“Ah but I will be husband to you in everything but name in just a moment.” Lotor said, and his right hand moved, gloved fingers reaching for the zipper. He yanked it down past her waist, all the way down to her groin. His hands then gripped the material of her uniform, yanking it apart to reveal her torso. She could see he was pleased by what he saw, Lotor pausing just to stare at her. His looks only made her blush harder, Allura shifting uncomfortable.

“Help me get this uniform off you.” Lotor said, tugging her sleeve off her left arm. She moved, letting the sleeve come down her right, Lotor easing the uniform down past her waist. His hands touched her back, rubbing across her spine, Allura shivering as the leather of his gloves rubbed across her skin. “You’re trembling Allura.”

“Can you blame me?” She demanded.

“No, I suppose I cannot.” Lotor said, and sighed. “But you know I would never hurt you.”

“That remains to be seen.” Allura muttered, finding he was drawing her against his chest. His hands held her trapped against him, Lotor ducking down to kiss her cheek. She stared wordlessly at him, bemused by the tender gesture.

“Allura I love you. I will treat you good….this I promise.” Lotor told her, lips brushing against her cheek, soft like satin.

“If you loved me, you wouldn’t order me to marry you.” Allura told him, her anger growing with each word. “You wouldn’t threaten people, innocent children. You wouldn’t force me to strip!”

“It’s my love for you, my very need for you, that makes me do these things.” Lotor told her. “If you would only come willingly to me, there would be no need for subterfuge, for coercion.”

“Never.” Allura said. “Never will I come willingly to you!”

“And so we are back to where we started.” He sighed, hand going up to take hold of the back of her head. A slight tug on her hair, Allura reluctantly tilting her head back, knowing Lotor was in command of her head’s movements. “Allura, you will come to love me. This I vow.”

“You are deluded if you believe that!” Allura hissed out, moments before his lips claimed hers. She tried to make the kiss as uninteresting as possible for him, going limp in his grasp. Lotor didn’t seem to mind, his lips urgent against hers, clinging and moving sensually. She was surprised by how soft his lips were, having expected the same hardness of the rest of his body to extend even to his mouth.

A sound escaped her, Allura’s lips parting to his insistent coaxing. It was all the invitation Lotor needed, slipping his tongue inside her mouth. She had never been kissed like this before, panicking and not knowing what to do about the tongue in her mouth. Lotor’s own muscle was smoothing along hers, caressing and stroking, even curling around the tip of hers. It was an odd sensation, one Allura was unsure of, realizing she was torn between disgust at having Lotor kiss her like this, but also finding it felt kind of nice.

Her hands went to his shoulders, pushing at him, trying to draw back from the kiss. Lotor let her only long enough to laugh, an admonishment on his lips. “Ah ah ah Allura! Don’t fight me on this. I can guarantee you won’t like the outcome of your actions.”

“Monster!” She exclaimed, even as he seized control of her mouth, resuming where he left off. Allura was left to curl her fingers in his uniform’s material, enduring his wicked kiss as best she could. Lotor moaned into her mouth, and his hands dropped to her waist, picking her up. She squealed in surprise, finding he was carrying her over to the center of the table, setting her down on the edge.

His arm lashed out, knocking over the plates behind her, clearing a spot for her. She heard the dishes clattering to the ground, the sound of the ghoul dog running to eagerly eat up the wasted table scraps.

When Lotor finally broke the kiss, her chest was heaving, Allura gasping for breath. Lotor touched her lips, thumb caressing her bottom one, a pleased smile on his face. He then turned his attention to her lower half, hands pulling off her boots, dropping them carelessly on the floor. He grabbed at the rest of her uniform, Lotor easing it off her body. It left Allura clad only in her undergarments, the girl trembling before him.

“You are a sight for sore eyes.” Lotor murmured, hands reaching for her breasts.

“Ah, wait! Wait!” Allura exclaimed, shifting about in his grip. “Haven’t we gone far enough for one night?”

“I told you I meant to consummate our union and I meant it Allura.” responded Lotor, staring at her chest, His hands were fondling her breasts, rumpling her bra with his vigorous motions. The straps started to slide down her shoulders, Lotor manipulating her breasts out of her bra. He left the bra pushed down under her breasts, his hands kneading her skin. The leather of his gloves was rough, an odd sensation across her nipples as he rubbed palms over them in circles.

“So responsive.” Lotor said, sounding satisfied. “You’re not the ice maiden you pretend to be!” Allura looked away, feeling her body reacting to his handling, an odd tingling sensation in her nipples. Lotor leaned into her, burying his face in the side of her neck, lips and tongue coming out to worship at her skin. All the while, his hands continued to fondle her, giving her tender squeezes that had her squealing and him chuckling at her sounds.

His fangs pierced her skin, an intense love bite that had her jumping, trying to squirm away from him. It left Allura to wonder if she was bleeding, Lotor licking at the spot he had bitten. His tongue teased at her skin, Allura shaking her head no, her hair brushing against his face.

“Stop…please…” She begged him, voice as soft as a whisper. Lotor ignored her, continuing to suck at her neck, his fingers caressing her skin. He kissed around to the front of her throat, nipping playfully at the delicate flesh, his hands easing her back down on the table. He smiled down at her, mischief in his eyes, and reached for something. His hands came away with a container of cream, Lotor dipping a spoon into it.

She frowned at him, wondering what he was doing. Surely he didn’t mean to make her eat, not after getting her half naked on the table. Allura’s eyes tracked the spoon’s movement, seeing the dollop of cream threatening to fall free of the metal. For one brief instant Lotor held it over her mouth, Allura just watching as it came dangerously close to dripping onto her lips.

A smirk from Lotor, jerking the spoon over breasts. Allura squealed in surprise when the cold cream hit her skin, Lotor dipping for another spoonful. He began leaving cream trails all over her breasts and stomach, licking his lips as he watched her. Chocolate syrup was added to the mess, Lotor squirting a generous amount onto her left nipple. The syrup was heated, Allura skin at odds from the cold cream and hot chocolate. She was left shivering with goosebumps, a sticky mess that Lotor continued to add to.

“You look positively delicious Allura.” Lotor commented, a large strawberry in hand. “Good enough to eat.” A wolfish smile, Lotor dipping the berry in the mess on her stomach. Generous amounts of cream and chocolate decorated the red fruit’s skin, Lotor bringing it to her lips. “Have a taste.”

“Who will suffer if I don’t?” Allura demanded, taking a bite.

“Smart girl.” Complimented Lotor, bending to bite into the other half of the strawberry. It left their lips connected once more, Lotor careful to hold himself off of her, so that he didn’t ruin his uniform. But the kiss was no less passionate, the taste of the berry adding flavor to it.

Lotor didn’t hold the kiss quite as long this time, Allura no less relieved to see him hovering his face over her breasts once more. His hands sank into the cream and chocolate, smearing them further, leaving mud colored imprints of his hands on her breasts. “I love a good snack, don’t you?” Lotor asked, and his tongue flickered out, tasting the chocolate on her nipple.

“You need to go on a diet!” snapped Allura, trembling as Lotor continued to lick at her nipple. He soon had it clean of the chocolate, and still he lavished attention on her crinkled skin. That tongue of his was flicking back and forth, teasing, hard strokes that had Allura twitching. Her fingers curled and uncurled into fists, Allura laying back watching as Lotor dined on her skin.

He opened his mouth, practically inhaling her nipple and the darkened skin around it into his mouth. Lotor rolled his eyes upwards to watch her face, mouth working to suck on the skin in his mouth. A whimpered moan escaped Allura, finding his mouth felt like nothing she had ever experienced, warm, wet heat that was far too pleasurable.

She lost track of how long he suckled at her breast, Lotor’s mouth leaving a wet ring of saliva round her nipple. But he wasn’t done with her breasts, lifting them up to kiss at their underside, licking at the chocolate that had dribbled down to coat them. His mouth kissed and sucked, Allura moaning again, feeling his chuckles vibrate against her skin.

Kisses were soon placed on her belly, his hands gliding down her waist and onto the lace material of her panties. Visible fingerprints on the material, Lotor beginning to ease down her panties. “Lotor…please…” Allura begged, and he looked at her. “Reconsider.”

“No.” He said, yanking her panties down the rest of the way.

She didn’t quite scream, but she did let out an angry sound, closing her eyes in shame. She felt Lotor’s hands on her thighs, spreading them open. His hands were touching her, leather sticky from the cream and chocolate. His fingers caressed the insides of her thighs, and her breath caught in her throat, Allura fearing his next move.

She nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt him kiss her thigh, lips dancing their way up her leg. The higher he went, the more she trembled, Allura trying to close her legs. “Ah ah ah!” Lotor tsked, holding them apart. “You know better than to try that.”

She opened her eyes to glare at him, seeing his hand reach to touch her center. A pleased smile lit up his features, Lotor’s fingers stroking, dipping inside her. “You’re wet Allura. Do you know what that means?” She said nothing, and his smiled widened. “It means you’re aroused. There’s some part of you that has enjoyed my touches.”

“You’re wrong!” Allura said, her voice coming out far too high. “It’s just…”

“Just what?” Lotor asked. “Your body’s natural reaction to me? Face it Allura, I make you feel good. And I’m about to make you feel even better.” That last sentence was purred out, Lotor bringing his face right up against her womanhood. She could feel his breath, hot and heavy on her center, Lotor just staring at her. She felt ashamed, hating how his eyes lingered on her most private part, Lotor smirking as he looked at her.

When he suddenly pressed his lips against her core, she yelped, finding his tongue slithering about, reminding her of a snake’s. Quick flicks against her womanhood, Lotor teasing her as he tasted her essence. A few more of those brief licks, and then his tongue was gliding along, moving up and down her wet folds, Lotor licking her thoroughly. His tongue was confidant, moving with a purpose, his hands on her thighs, keeping Allura spread open to his insidious muscle.

She fought against his hands, wanting to close her legs around his head. She no longer knew if that was in order to try and deny him access to her, or to trap him there and force him to keep using that tongue of his. “Please…” She found herself whispering, though Allura didn’t know exactly what she was asking for. Lotor merely licked her harder in response, Allura finding herself growing wetter and wetter, moisture being encouraged to flow out of her in response to his tongue’s actions.

He licked to the top of her slit, and there he dallied, tongue probing about. He found her clitoris, and there his tongue turned determined, harsh licks against it that had Allura crying out, her hips wiggling hard against him. She nearly wept when his lips pursed around it, Lotor beginning to exert gentle force as he sucked on her clit.

Such actions left her reeling, her mind dizzy and confused, Allura only conscious of the immense pleasure between her legs. It felt as though Lotor wanted to drive her mad, Allura moaning and whimpering, fingers gripping the table cloth, nails tearing into the satin. Her voice grew louder the more intense the pleasure became, Allura finding herself dangling, ready to hurtle forward into the pinnacle of bliss.

She came screaming, a wordless cry as her insides clenched and her body shuddered. Her whole body was quivering, Allura panting, feeling her cheeks wet with tears. Lotor didn’t cease immediately, his tongue began licking at her drenched core, as though the man was attempting to clean her up. But every pass of his tongue merely set her trembling, Allura moaning out a weak protest. “Stop, stop!”

Lotor ignored her, continuing to lick at her, even pausing to kiss down to her thigh and lap at the moisture that had dripped down on her legs. His hands left her legs, Allura not tracking them, just laying there a limp doll that was riding the highs of pleasure coursing through her body. Thus she was unprepared for the sound of a zipper being eased down, the sharp sound echoing in her ears.

Allura tried to sit up, finding her body weak and languid, Lotor still licking at her center. He had found her weak spot, and she felt helpless to resist, just lying there, not quite smiling as she tingled all over.

She actually whined when he finally stopped licking her, Lotor standing. Her eyes widened as she caught sight of his exposed cock, Lotor pressing it against her wet womanhood. “Lotor no….”

“No?” He arched an eyebrow, even as he rubbed his cock against her, getting her moisture onto the tip. “And here I thought we were getting along so nicely.” He chuckled, shaking his head. “Allura, whatever shall I do with you?”

“You could let me go…” Allura told him, but her words lacked even a hopeful edge to them.

“That isn’t going to happen.” Lotor told her, and gripped hold of her legs. “Not when we’ve come this far. Even you must realize that.”

“Yes.” She sighed, closing her eyes.

“Allura I want you to look at me.” Lotor said, and she did as he asked, misery in her eyes. His expression was serious, no hint of his smile as he prepared himself to penetrate her. “I love you.” He told her, and she shook her head.

“You have no love!” The last of her sentence came out a high pitched shriek, Lotor suddenly thrusting inside her, the swollen head of his cock stretching her open painfully. Tears came to her eyes, Allura whimpering from the sensation of her maiden head being torn.

Lotor stared at her the whole time, watching her expression, going still as though to let her adjust to the feel of him. “I’m sorry. First times always hurt.” She sniffled, a half laugh, half sob escaping her as she nodded in agreement.

“I’m going to move now Allura.” Lotor told her, seeming impatient with her tears. “Let me know if it’s too much for you.”

“Will you stop if it is?” Allura asked him.

“No.” He told her, then offered a half smile. “But I will try to be gentle.”

“Gentle?!” She exclaimed in disbelief, feeling him start to move. He was slow at first, Lotor trying to get her used to him, moving his hips in a rhythm that was as steady as it was so slow. His hands gathered up her legs, holding them up around his waist as he moved, Lotor drawing his cock out of her only to thrust it back in. Allura held back her sniffles, finding the pain had faded to a dull ache, Lotor’s gentle movements becoming familiar if not pleasant feeling.

He soon had her moaning, Allura forgetting her tears as Lotor coaxed her body into responding to his thrusting motions. He grunted and groaned, driving himself faster into her, a pleased smirk on his face. She found herself being rocked up and down the table, breasts bouncing harder with each thrust from him. Over and again he plunged his cock into her, building u a pleasurable friction, an intense heat between her legs.

Allura could feel Lotor filling her up, his cock throbbing with need. Each push from him seemed to go in deeper than before, until at last he was hitting something deep inside her. She cried out, finding everything was new and so alien in sensation to her, her body tightening up around his. Lotor moaned, and cursed, her name soon becoming a chant on his lips.

He bent forward to lick at her breasts, still thrusting away inside her. Allura felt the same type of pleasure she had experienced from his tongue, holding her breath as she felt it building and building inside her. Lotor himself was starting to sweat, beads of moisture on his brow, his eyes falling close as he continued to work himself in and out of her. She tensed, and seconds later she was coming, gripping tight hold of his length.

“Mine….” Lotor exclaimed, hips starting to move faster, a frenetic pace of energy as he thrust between her legs. “You’re finally mine. After all this time…ngh….how long I’ve waited….Allura!” With a shout of her name, he came as well, shooting his seed deep inside her. Allura let out a panicked squeal, horrified that he might get her pregnant, the princess trying to back away from him. He merely held onto her legs, keeping her in place as he emptied himself inside her.

Lotor laughed, a giddy sound, and pressed his lips to her once more. She was still in a state of shock, hardly reacting to his kiss. He paid her no mind, kissing down her chin and onto her throat, peppering her flesh with kisses.

She just laid there as he pulled out of her, reaching for a napkin to clean up the mess he had made. He soon had set himself to rights, kilt back in place over his pants. “I’ll send a servant in with a dress for you.” Lotor announced, moving to walk away from the table. “You’ll have no need of pilot’s uniform after today.”

That got her to react, Allura sitting up to glare at his back. She grabbed a plate, and with a scream flung after him, the porcelain crashing into the door he had left through. It shattered on impact on the locked door, pieces crumbling to the floor, Allura wanting to crumble as well. But she held in her sobs, slowly easing herself down on shaky legs onto the floor. There was blood and come on her thighs, fluids Allura cringed to see, the princess grabbing napkins and trying to clean up the mess.

She really needed to take a bath, she was sticky and wet, and wanted nothing more than to have a good cry. Instead she settled for pulling on her uniform, determined to defy Lotor in this regard.

She was just buckling up her belt, when she felt it. A ghostly presence in the air. “Allura….!” A disembodied voice called out her name, the princess gasping, and turning.


King Alfor stood behind her, his body translucent, and wavering like a badly sent hologram. His expression was grave, his eyes saddened as he looked at her. Allura was amazed to see him here, thinking his ghost was tied to Planet Arus. Surely great need had brought him here, but he was too late. Lotor had won.

“Father please, tell me what to do.”

“Allura…You must fight for your friends and your honor…”

“I have no honor left.” Allura said, eyes downcast. “Lotor has taken it from me.”

“Your friends are near….you must fight to return to them.”

“My friends? The Voltron Force?” She asked, and King Alfor nodded.

“They are near. Go to them. Escape while there is still time.” He raised his hand, pointed at the door Lotor had left through. A light seemed to glow in the cracks, opening the doors. She was in luck, there was no guards there, and she turned to thank her father. But he was already gone, leaving her to wonder if she had imagined his visit.

With a sigh, and on shaky legs, she ran towards the door, determined to escape, and find her way back to her lion. Lotor would simply have to find some other princess to be his bride!

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