Game 01

There was a knot of tension within him, festering in his shoulders, leaving Lotor to scowl. He was no stranger to tension, the pain of it taking root within him every time he endured another screaming match with his father. Such incidents were becoming common place, his father disappointed with him, and all because of his failures to capture Arus. It mattered not to Zarkon all the success Lotor had prior to returning to Doom, the many planets and people he had enslaved. No, what matter to the old King was new results, the Drule greedy for more riches, more slaves, and ever more planets to add to his Empire.

As long as Lotor continued to fail, Zarkon deemed him all but worthless, and the two often clashed both verbally and physically when they came together. For an old man, Zarkon was surprisingly spry, able to just barely hold his own against Lotor. The prince’s scowl deepened, remembering how his father had easily sliced off his helmet. Of course Zarkon hadn’t come away unscathed, at the exact same moment he was scoring a blow on his son, Lotor had sliced open the sash of the King’s robe.

In the end the fight had ended as it usually did, interrupted by Haggar, leaving them to settle on a draw. It didn’t lessen the screaming, or the insults, Zarkon and Lotor picking at each other daily. Lotor thought he was almost immune to his father’s insults, save for the tension that worked its way through his body. He often retired to his harem, forcing the girls there to massage it out of him.

Unfortunately for him, his harem was no longer an option, another thoughtful gesture on his father’s part. It was just one of many, the old man arranging things so Lotor would be forced to marry. It wasn’t even the first time Zarkon had tried to force a marriage onto his son, Lotor remembering princess Corral. Somehow he had wiggled his way off that particular hook, and the other fiancees that followed.

But not this time, Zarkon all but holding him at sword point, forcing him to marry a young Queen. Merla. She was some half Drule, half human hybrid like Lotor, her human blood softening her features so that she was actually quite pretty. She had a shocking mass of pink hair that spoke of some other alien mixed into her DNA, but other than that and her human features, she was all too Drule.

Merciless and mean, calculating and cruel, she made a fine and ruthless ruler. She had her own beginnings of an Empire, enough power that Zarkon wanted a part of it. Lotor often wondered why the old man hadn’t married Merla himself, but then he supposed Zarkon had wanted him to suffer. The Drule King was well aware Lotor’s heart lay elsewhere, a love that Zarkon cursed and did all he could to do destroy.

Merla was just the latest attempt to wean Lotor off his obsession with the princess of Arus, Zarkon thinking a bride like Merla would quickly douse any fire Lotor felt for Allura. Lotor had laughed at the very idea, knowing nothing and no one could make his love for Allura lessen. He wanted no one for his bride but her, and he hated Merla for daring to try to be his wife.

Almost as much as he hated his father, Lotor feeling trapped in a loveless marriage without even a harem to turn to in his time of need. His father had seen to getting rid of those slaves, thinking without them for a distraction, Merla would have an easier time controlling Lotor. Zarkon thought his son was ruled by his libido, and felt certain that once Merla took him firmly in hand, and stroked his desires, Lotor’s resistance would crumble, turning him into her eager pet.

Instead Lotor hated Merla with a passion, taking out his anger with his father on her. She quickly proved just as angry as he, revealing that Lotor wasn’t her first, or even fifth choice in a husband. And yet she refused to grant Lotor the divorce he so craved, the Queen content that they both be miserable rather than she give up the power of the Doom Empire.

Lotor held no delusions, his bride wanted him dead. She had an eye for the throne, and though she was content to wait out Zarkon’s death, she didn’t want to suffer a second more of Lotor’s attention. And so she had taken to trying to kill him, both subtle and outrageous schemes being concocted and attempted. It certainly made his days interesting, but Lotor could do without Merla’s particular brand of excitement.

She attacked him everywhere, and without warning, leaving no spot a safe haven inside Castle Doom. It was why Lotor was tense all the time, the prince skulking about from shadow to shadow, trying to remain off her radar. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t, Merla unerringly being able to find him no matter where he hid. He hated that a woman had him on the run, almost as much as he hated the fact that sooner or later he had to return to their bed chambers.

He was walking there now, hoping she wouldn’t be there, and if she was, hoping she was too tired for another one of their arguments. Lotor was actually sneaking towards his own bedroom, creeping about in an attempt to not make a single sound. He found himself holding his breath as he reached for the door handle, Lotor tensing up as he checked for booby traps. There appeared to be none, but he didn’t sigh in relief, wishing there was a guard he could trick into entering the room first.

Turning the handle, he winced at the noise, the door’s hinges needing to be oiled. He let the door swing inwards, and took a step back, prepared to duck any lasers that might fire his way. When that didn’t happen, he set a cautious foot into the bedroom, looking around the large room. It appeared empty, and he was relieved, even as he wondered where his bride had gone to this night.

It wasn’t so much a matter of curiosity as it was survival, Lotor wondering if Merla had tired of trying to kill him herself and gone to hire an assassin. Truth be known, he was considering taking out a bounty on the young Queen himself, if only to distract her for a while from her attempts at killing him. Maybe then he would have peace, Lotor thought, moving to close the door.

It was then that Merla sprang out from behind it, having hidden just inside the room. The door’s inward swing had hidden her from his view, his bride holding a lazon dagger in her hands. She had an angry scowl on her face, purple painted lips parted just enough to show a hint of her fangs. She didn’t do anything as cliche as shout, “Die you bastard!.” but she did snarl.

It was the only warning he got, Lotor turning quickly. And still it wasn’t enough, the lazon being embedded to the hilt in his right shoulder. He wondered if Merla’s aim was just that bad, or if she wanted to make him suffer before she killed him. He quickly decided on the latter, as she drew another dagger off her belt.

With her gold eyes narrowed, and her arm raised, she slashed downwards with her hand, dagger a red glowing blur as it headed towards his chest. His own arm was moving, Lotor snagging hold of her wrist with his left hand. His right shoulder throbbed, but he didn’t think she had done any permanent damage. But still it infuriated him, Lotor squeezing down on her wrist, forcing her to drop the dagger or suffer broken bones.

“AH!” Merla cried out, choosing to let go of the dagger. It clattered to the floor, lazon burning the carpet before the safety measure switched it off. Lotor shoved Merla deeper into the bedroom, and lashed out with his leg so that the door would slam shut behind them. He wanted no one to hear the argument they were sure to have, nor did he trust that some ally of hers might not rush into the room and attack him.

Even without her daggers, Merla was still prepared to fight, lunging towards him with her fingers curled into claws. Her nails were sharpened to a point, and Lotor knew from experience she could draw blood. He quickly avoided her, kicking out her feet so that she tumbled to the floor. He dropped down with her, straddling her hips and pinning her wrists over her head with one hand.

With the other, he gripped the dagger’s hilt, trying not to wince as he forcibly yanked it out of his shoulder. “That HURT, you bitch.” He snarled, and saw her smirk. Merla liked that she had hurt him, a fact that enraged him almost as much as it pleased her.

Fortunately for Merla, he was not into killing women. At least not while sober, and without good reason. Of course his bride had given him ample excuse to end her miserable life, but when he thought of the bitching his father would do, Lotor’s head began to hurt. So he settled for slamming the dagger point first in her hair, pinning the end of her braid to the carpet.

She shrieked in outrage, smelling her hair burning before the lazon switched off, the dagger toppling over, harmless now. “Merla…” Lotor spoke, trying to keep from growling. “Aren’t you tired of this already? You never win. You never WILL win. You’re as stuck with me as I am with you…”

She frowned at him again, and began struggling against his hold, trying to buck him off her body. Lotor refused to be budge, staring down at her exasperated. “If you would just divorce me…” he started, and she made a scoffing sound.

“And give up the riches of the Doom Empire, the power that comes with the throne?! I think not!”

“Don’t you have enough power as Queen of your world?” Lotor demanded, and her look was shrewd.

“Wouldn’t they ask you the same thing Lotor?” Merla arched one pink eyebrow at him, having ceased her struggles when she realized all she was doing was tiring herself out. “Let’s face it Lotor, all Drule are inherently greedy. It’s simply our nature to want more, and to crave things we cannot have.”

“There’s nothing I can’t have.” Lotor automatically retorted, incensed when she laughed.

“I think a certain princess of Arus is proof of how wrong that statement is!”

“Allura is just playing hard to get!” Lotor was heated as he spoke. “Even she will not be able to resist me for long!”

“Oh yes, because you are quite the charming and complete package. However did I get so lucky as to be married to you.” Merla rolled her eyes then, her words sarcastic. “Face it Lotor, you’re chasing after something you can never have. And not all the riches, power and planets will get you to get that girl to love you!”

Lotor felt his one eye twitching in annoyance, his shoulder throbbing with pain as it continued to bleed. His first impulse was to scream at Merla, as if shouting would make her take back those words, or prove how wrong she really was. Instead he tried for a level of calm that belied his dangerous mood, Lotor actually managing to snarl. “Allura will love me for me. She’ll see the kind of person I really am….”

“She already knows, and she despises you!” Merla snapped, and this time Lotor growled.

“At least she’s not a gold digging bitch like you!” Merla’s jaw dropped open at that, her eyes narrowing further. She clearly wanted to strike him, her hands tensing up for another struggle. He kept right on pinning them down, glaring back at her. “Face it Merla, that’s all you are. Another power hungry noble who wants nothing more than to get their hands on my birthright, my father’s throne.”

She hissed in reply, struggles getting more fierce. “You should have just married the old man, and spared me all this drama.”

“Your father would have been a million times preferably to you!” Merla snapped, then smiled, looking absolutely vicious. “He’s at least a real Drule, man enough to satisfy me both in and out of bed.” Lotor bristled at the insult, but Merla didn’t stop, relentless. “It’s really such a shame Lotor….so much experience and you don’t know what to do with it.”

“I’ve never had any complaints.” Lotor said gruffly, and abruptly got off Merla. The Queen lay there for an instant, and if he didn’t know better, he would have said her expression was one of stunned disappointment.

“Of course you haven’t had any complaints!” Merla pushed herself up on her elbows, glaring at him. He’d be a fool to turn his back on, Lotor watching as that self satisfied smirk reappeared on her face. “That’s what happens when you indulge in nothing but slaves.” A tinkle of wicked laughter, Merla amused. “The first real woman you get in your bed, and you woefully disappoint.”

“You’re not exactly a prize when it comes to bedroom arts yourself.” Lotor was quick to retort, seeing those painted lips of her drop open in shock.

“That’s a lie and you know it! You liked what i did, I felt the proof of it when you were shooting off deep inside my body!”

Now it was his turn to smirk, Lotor crossing his arms over his chest. “Doesn’t take much for a man to reach satisfaction. Even with the most clumsiest and inadequate of partners!”

“Inadequate?!” Merla sputtered, seeming shocked. His grin lasted only as long as it took her to come up with a new insult, Merla’s quick mind seizing on one within seconds. “That’s rich, coming from one as incompetent as you.”


“The whole kingdom knows what a weak and ineffectual idiot you are…” Merla snickered. “You can’t even conquer one weak planet! Really Lotor, it’s not as though Arus is some technological marvel…it’s poor farming planet, that was devastated by Drule hands….surely it can’t be that hard to capture. Your father did it after all!”

“My father got lucky!” Lotor snapped. “And he needed a witch to do it. If it wasn’t for Haggar, Voltron would have kept Arus out of my father’s grasp.” He was growling, watching as Merla got up off the floor. She pretended to busy herself with brushing off nonexistent dirt off her clothes, acting as though she wasn’t paying attention to his words. “And he didn’t get to keep Arus did he?!”

“He managed to hold onto Arus for nearly sixteen years. You haven’t even held onto it for more than a minute!” Merla pointed out, then sashayed over to the corner bar of the bedroom. She always walked with a purposeful sway of her hips, sending her short skirts bouncing, and drawing any healthy male’s interest to her shapely rear and long legs. Even Lotor had to stop and admire the view, even as he knew she had an acidic personality and sharp tongue.

“Face it Lotor…” Merla began pouring herself a drink, not even bothering to look his way. “You’ll never even be half as great as your father.” Lotor felt his eye twitch even more, hating what she had said. “It’s no wonder he married you to me…he knew it was the only hope for the kingdom if you had a competent bride on your arm.”

“Hmmph, competent? Hardly.” He watched her stalk towards him, a drink in each hand. But when she offered the second glass to him, he brushed it aside, watching it spill to the floor. He knew better than to eat or drink anything his venomous bride had prepared, especially after that one incident where he had nearly succumb to her poisons!

She fixed him with a petulant pout, Merla playing at being upset that he had refused her drink. “If you were really so competent, I’d be dead now.” Lotor pointed out, and her eyes flashed with irritation. “Not only would I be dead, you’d have captured Arus. And we both know, those few times you set foot on the planet, you failed miserably. So, my foul tempered bride, who is the failure now?!”

“Those don’t count!” She hissed, earning Lotor’s mocking laughter. “Those times I attempted to win Arus for your father, it was YOU who interfered.” He continued to laugh, right until she threw her drink in his face. The brandy burned his eyes, Lotor howling in pain as Merla snarled. “It was you who warned Allura about my poison, you who stopped me from killing the princess with my cosmotron. It was always you!” He felt her fists hit his chest, Lotor shaking his head, and blinking rapidly to rid himself of the brandy.

“If you weren’t intent on getting in my way, I’d have everything!” Merla continued, still pounding her fists against him. “Arus would be gone, and Voltron would be mine!” He suddenly shoved her, and she let out a squawk, stumbling from his violent push. Lotor quickly used the sleeve of his shirt to wipe the brandy off his face, snarling at her.

“Voltron will NEVER be yours. And I will never allow you to destroy Allura or Arus!”

“I will kill that brat, and wipe out the planet so that no trace of either will have existed! And I will do the same to you!” With that said, she lunged towards him, intent on striking him again. Lotor was catching her by the arms, and she screamed and slashed her nails down the front of his chest. “Bastard!”

He didn’t so much as blink, easily holding onto her. She raged even more, hurling insult after insult, lashing out with her nails. “Whore!” That got his eyes to twitch again, Lotor not liking she threw his sexual history in his face like that. She noticed, smirking long enough to start a tirade about his bedroom prowess. “You weak, ineffectual man! You make love like a HUMAN!!”

Lotor was torn between gasping and growling at that, completely insulted. In a red haze of anger, he slammed Merla into the wall, hearing her squeak out a protest. But she had noticed how much the insulted had bothered him, and she continued in that vein. “What’s the matter Lotor?! Did mommy dearest poison you with her human blood?! Did she weaken you so badly that not even a virile Drule like King Zarkon could hope to bring out your true potential?! Hmph! Zarkon could give it to me a million times better than you!”

“That old man!? I doubt he could even get it up!” Lotor retorted, then smirked. “But then I hear ALL men have that problem with you.”

“What do you mean by that?!” gasped Merla. He was without mercy, leaning in to whisper against her lips.

“It’s simple wife…I had to think of Allura the entire time I was with you. For every kiss, every touch, ever suck of your lips…I saw the princess of Arus in your place. It was the only thing that got me through the ordeal of bedding you.”

Her eyes had widened in shock, Merla making sputtering noises an instant before she screamed. And with that scream came her fangs, the woman biting down on Lotor’s lip. He cried out in pain, finding she was bleeding him, Lotor letting go of her arms to grab at her hair. He jerked cruelly on her braid, Merla’s arms locking around him, pulling him closer as she fed on his lip.

With a jerk of her hair, he managed to pull her away from his mouth, Lotor staring at her, the taste of his own blood on his tongue. Merla was staring at him, eyes half lidded, her breath coming out in soft pants. She looked very much aroused, and she continued to stare at his bleeding lip, her own tongue flicking out to taste the blood that lingered on her bottom lip.

Her arms were still locked around him, Merla trapped between him and the wall. His lip hurt, but more than that he felt the faintest flickers of interest in his groin, body reacting to the look Merla was giving him. He cursed his cock a traitor, and tried to reason it had been days since they had last had sex. Days since he had sex with anyone, what with his harem stolen away.

“Zarkon would know how to treat me right…” Merla said in a breathless tone, and rubbed right up against him. His own eyes widened, the woman wiggling as she spoke. “He’d make me scream a thousand times over, and I’d come in a way I never came with you…”

“Then he’d be doing the impossible.” Lotor told her. “For he’d never be able to top my performance. Not that I was particular trying with you. I am after all, saving my best efforts for Allura.”

“Allura…” hissed Merla, but she didn’t lose her arousal. “As if that naive little virgin could ever hope to satisfy a man.” She said the word virgin as though it was a dirty word, the woman scoffing. “Let alone a Drule.” Before Lotor could retort, she was continuing, Merla not needing to go on tip toe to put her lips near his ear. “Not the way I can…” She was suddenly licking his ear, Lotor doing a reluctant shiver as her tongue assaulted his sensitive skin.

“You’ve yet to satisfy me…” Lotor said, feeling her tongue lave attention all over his long ears.

“Maybe I’ve yet to try.” Merla purred, then bit gently down on his ear lobe. He wanted to close his eyes and purr at the attention she was giving him, but he didn’t dare, too conscious of her threat. He didn’t trust that she wouldn’t attack him the moment his guard was down, even as his body screamed at him to relax and enjoy what she was doing.

She bit harder on his ear, the line between pain and pleasure blurring, Lotor growling. But it wasn’t an angry sound, the Drule more turned on than anything else. Something in him was responding to Merla’s savagery, making him want to be wild with her. “Merla…” That was all the warning he gave her, Merla pulling back to smirk at him.

“Of course….you wouldn’t know what to do with me if I showed you any real attention.” She was goading him again, even as she wiggled, rubbing right up against his burgeoning erection. He tried not to gasp in pleasure, Merla moving determinedly against him. “It’d be wasted on you…” She suddenly stopped moving, Lotor almost groaning as Merla let go of him. “I think I should find your father….he’d know what to do with me…”

She was attempting to squeeze past him, as though she really intended to leave and seek out Zarkon. Without thinking, Lotor growled and grabbed her, slamming her back into the wall.


That was all she got out, Lotor’s lips crashing down on hers, Merla immediately responded to his kiss. It was as though she tried to climb up his body, hands gripping his shoulders, heedless of the injury she had caused him. Instead she lifted her legs, locking them around his waist, skirt riding up her thighs as she ground against him. His cock thickened the rest of the way, Lotor trying to maintain a grip on his sanity and on Merla.

But it was a losing battle, both of them growling, fierce in their kisses as they tugged and pulled at each other’s clothing. Merla got Lotor’s belt open, and he was so far gone he didn’t protest that she was tossing it and his scabbard onto the floor. Nor did Merla think to draw his sword on him, now the perfect chance for her to kill him. In fact the only damage she did was to dig her nails into his shoulder’s wound, the pain making Lotor hiss but not lose his arousal.

He grabbed at her top, ripping it apart with his nails, her flawless skin being exposed. He began running his hands over the front of her, unable to pull back from her kisses long enough to look at her beautiful blue skin. Occasionally they bit each other, just a hint of Drule foreplay, the blood exciting and fueling their lusts further.

Lotor rubbed his palms over the front of Merla’s breasts, over and over until her nipples were two stiff points. He found his mouth watering for the chance to suck at them, but Merla had a firm grip on his hair, preventing him from pulling back from their kisses. It was fine with him, he didn’t want her ruining things with talk, Lotor using both hands to gently pinch and pull at her nipples. It made the Queen purr with pleasure, her hands fumbling with his pants, as she reached inside the crotch to grasp hold of his cock.

It was his turn to purr, Merla knowing what she was doing as she stroked and teased him. She kept on digging her finger into the slit, playing with the pre come oozing there. His cock twitched in her hands, Merla squeezing him determinedly. Lotor managed to break the kiss long enough to murmur her name, Merla laughing flirtatiously in response.

There was a shifting of their bodies, Merla guiding him between her legs. He wasn’t shocked to find out she wore no panties under that sinfully short skirt, though he was amazed at how wet she was from what little foreplay they had done. And when he felt the heat of her body, he went mindless, thrusting into her in one smooth movement. She gasped and moaned into his kiss, satisfied at the feel of him.

She was all warmth and tightness, muscles seeming to ripple in invitation. Merla began clawing at his back, fingers moving in time to his thrusts, and tearing holes into his shirt. He wasn’t thinking of Allura then, concentrating on the female against him. His hips found the perfect rhythm, pounding into her so hard the Queen’s toes curled inside her boots.

She broke the kiss to cry out his name, and Lotor eagerly began kissing the side of her neck. He found her pulse point, and began biting down, almost savage as he bled her. That only made her tighten up in response, Merla digging her nails into his back now. “Lotor yes!”

Her back was rubbing up and down the wall, and the way he had at her, she would have hurt if she had been human. There was no holding back in this frantic moment of sex, both putting energy they normally devoted to fighting into loving one another. Lotor bit down again, drinking in her blood, Merla feeling as though she was melting in his arms. He was all but supporting her upright, the woman going limp as she neared her orgasm.

When she hit her climax, he kept right on pounding into her, refusing to let himself come. He wanted to sear a claim into the Queen, ingrain himself so thoroughly into every cell of her body, that she’d never compare him to a human again. Nor would she speak of going to his father for satisfaction. Just thinking of Merla in the arms of his father made every possessive instinct flare up in him, something in Lotor snarling that the Queen belonged to him. She might not know it, might refuse such a claim, but he would force her to accept it.

Just like he was forcing another climax on her, Merla now mewling and whining in pleasure. It was only then that he gave in to the urgings of her body, thrusting in so deep he bumped against the entrance of her womb. He flooded her with his sperm, Lotor howling his pleasure for all to hear. He couldn’t drown out Merla’s pleasured screams, the woman clinging to him with everything as she eagerly accepted his seed.

He didn’t let her down right away, resting them both against the wall, Merla’s legs still locked around him. Her fingers had yet to relax, nails digging into him, to the point it hurt now that his pleasured buzz had faded. He frowned against her neck, starting to try to shift out of her when Merla made a protest. He couldn’t resist, smirking as he looked at her.

“Not so human now, am I?!”

“You were…adequate.” He reared back, annoyed with her. “But you’re no Zarkon.”

“And you’re no Allura!” Lotor retorted, seeing her face twist in anger. She immediately set about to trying to separate from him, a move Lotor helped her accomplish, letting her drop to the floor. She tried to maintain her dignity with her dress torn, and sitting down on her knees, but he snickered all the same.

“You didn’t think of her!” She insisted. “You couldn’t have faked such passion!”

“Oh but Merla, didn’t you realize? I am a consumate liar!” She screamed then, looking around for something to throw at him. Nothing was in reach, Lotor continuing to laugh as he stoide away from her. He was almost in the bathroom when a dagger hit the door, Lotor whirling around to see the anger on Merla’s face. He tried not to act shaken by the near miss, giving her a mocking bow before he stepped into the bathroom.

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