Double 01

Dangerous smiles were aimed in her direction, beautiful in their own predatory fashion. White teeth gleamed, a hint of fang in their smiles, the two Drules looking like twin reflections of one another. It was eerie how identical they were, right down from the snow white hair on their head, to the beetle black boots that they wore. They even moved similarly, each holding the same mannerisms, the little traits that gave Lotor his personality.

It was more than just the smile, they even held the same look in their eyes, the very essence of Lotor when he looked at something that he liked. And right now, both men were liking very much what they saw, staring at Allura with an open hungriness that scared her.

It made her take a step back, and then another, Allura bumping into the wall. She placed her hands palm down on it’s marble surface, trying to steady herself as she stared. The two Drules smirked, and sharing some form of silent communication advanced on her, Allura letting out a weak protest.

“No. Stay back.”

Their laughter shivered down her spine, Allura feeling each decadent sound stir things deep in her stomach. It was no understatement to say she was in trouble, she had known that from the moment the two had ceased their fighting. Fighting, she was quick to note, that had been over her. She wasn’t sure how they had reached their agreement, choosing instead to work together rather than against each other.

Once united in mind and intention, the two had quickly took to chasing her down, one throwing her over his shoulder. It was in this undignified manner that she was carried aboard a Drule ship, listening to the cheers of the crew as the two Lotors paraded past them with her as their prize. No one onboard the ship had been surprised to see two princes of Doom, acting as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

She knew it was not, thinking this whole situation reeked of Haggar’s magic. Unfortunately for her, the two Lotor’s weren’t in a mood to divulge the secrets of the twin’s origins, far more interested in pinning her against the wall between them. Up this close they were even more intimidating, exotic alien beauty with azure colored skin and golden eyes. She saw herself reflected in them, four tiny images of her frightened face, her hands coming up to push at their chests.

Both moved at the same time, each one capturing a hand, entwining their fingers with hers. “Allura.” One Lotor purred, bringing her hand to his mouth, pressing a kiss across her knuckles. “Don’t be scared…”

“How can I not be…” She whispered, hoping she wasn’t blushing at so simple a touch.

“We’re not going to hurt you.” Added the other Lotor, fingers brushing her cheek. She flinched at that touch, but it accomplished what he wanted, Allura turning to look at him now.

“You’re not?” Allura asked, hands still held hostage in their grips.

“We’re not.” He promised, touching the curls that escaped her bun. “We’d never hurt you Allura. We only want to offer you our love….offer you untold pleasure between us.”

She frowned, not liking the sound of that. “Think about it Allura.” The first Lotor said, drawing her attention back to him. “Think of what we offer you. Forget about our planets, forget about the war, and merely think on the love, admiration, and pleasure that no one else can give you.”

“That doesn’t sound like the Lotor I know talking.” Allure stared at the first Lotor, wondering if he was the real one or the copy. “He’s always talking about uniting our kingdoms, and the power and money he can give me.”

“Perhaps I am ready to try a new tactic.” He said, expression so serious. “If uniting for the good of our people doesn’t sway you, if money and jewels don’t move your heart, and power does little to interest you then what else can I do but lay my heart bare to you.”

“Your heart?” She questioned, seeing him give a solemn nod of his head.

“We love you Allura.” The second Lotor spoke, still playing with her loose curls. “Totally.”

“Completely.” Added the first.

“We only want to make you happy.” She kept looking back and forth between them, trying to decide which was the real Lotor. There was no physical difference between them, none that she could see, leaving her confused. That confusion extended to the Lotor’s seeming willingness to share her, Allura always thinking Lotor would be too arrogant and possessive a man to even think of allowing another to touch his woman.

“Which one of you is real?” Allura blurted out, catching sight of the smiles that made her stomach twist into worried knots.

“Can’t you tell?” asked one, and the other added.

“Does it matter?”

She supposed it did not, the real importance being to get away from the both of them. Allura wished they would let go of her hands, not liking the trapped way they made her feel. She gave an experimental tug with her arms, the Lotors not letting go, leaving her frustrated.

“Will you let me go?” She said in exasperation, disappointed when they shook their heads no.

“No. Not after we went through so much trouble to bring you here.” Allura wondered if they purposefully misunderstood, both men giving soft squeezes of her hands.

“This won’t work…” Allura began, licking her lips nervously. Both men’s eyes immediately locked onto her tongue’s action, making her nervous for another reason. “Your plans never do. And the Voltron Force will be along soon to rescue me….”

“Ah, but will you want to be rescued?” Lips replaced the fingers at her face, mouth brushing against her cheek. Allura made a sound, her lips forming a round o of shock as the second Lotor kissed her.

“Of course I will….” Allura started, then jumped when the first Lotor bent over her, pressing his mouth against the side of her neck. A throaty chuckle followed his actions, lips ghosting along her skin, up and down the short length of her neck.

“We think you won’t.” She wasn’t sure which Lotor had spoken, the words rumbling across her skin in between kisses. She gave fitful tugs of her hands, the Lotor’s holding fast to her.

“You think too much of your charm and your skills if you believe that!” She snapped, the Lotors hardly bothered by her words.

“Say that after you’ve sampled our bodies.” The one at her neck said, lovingly nuzzling her neck. The second Lotor had kissed his way up to her ear, tongue coming forth to do quick licks at the inside of it. Allura shivered, more from his words, then his actions, not liking the promise it held.

“Your bodies….?” She echoed dully, not getting a response. “This won’t work…” Allura said, her next words causing both of them to chuckle. “Even if I agree, one of you….would have to step back. I mean….two men and one woman. They can’t….” It was making her blush, trying to make them realize the impossibility of the situation. They couldn’t continue to share her, and maybe, just maybe once they realized that they’d start fighting once more. It would allow her the chance to escape if they did.

“Ah Allura, you are so naive as to be adorable.” The Lotor at her neck said. The one licking her ear made a sound of agreement, lips now capturing the lobe, giving a gentle tug with his teeth. “Two men CAN share a woman. She’s more than equipped to handle several men at once.”

Her eyes went wide at that, Allura starting to shake. She tried to imagine what they meant, and all of the possibilities left her less than pleased. Her trembles did not go unnoticed, both men issuing soft shhs to her, the first Lotor letting go of her hand to press a palm against her belly. He rubbed circles on her stomach, whispering soft entreaties she could not understand.

The second Lotor finished with her ear, kissing down her face and onto her neck. It left her with two Lotors nuzzling against her, both their bodies fitting against her much smaller one, lips worshipful as they kissed her. Allura held back her sounds, more worried than turned on, especially when the hand on her stomach caressed it’s way upwards. It lingered between her breasts, Allura aware that each breath from her pushed her chest into that hand.

Her collar was touched, fingers tracing the edge downwards, finding the zipper to her pilot’s uniform. “St….stop.” Allura said, and found she was ignored in favor of moving the zipper downwards. The hand on her chest moved, long enough for the zipper to be eased down to her belt, and then both Lotor’s were touching her, hands peeling back her uniform to reveal her skin.

She was grateful for her bra, that plain white material keeping her breasts covered. It didn’t offer much protection to their hands, both Lotors palming a breast, their lips kissing down her neck and onto the crook of her shoulder.

“Don’t…” Allura begged, finding their thumbs rubbing across the front of her breasts. Even through the fabric of her bra, she could feel the heat of their hands, the Lotors chuckling as they rubbed friction back and forth across her nipples. She was startled to feel a tingle start in reaction to what they were doing, the feeling low but building in intensity, making her move restlessly between them.

Even worse, a glance downwards showed her nipples were starting to stiffen, two pebbles pushing against the cotton of her bra. Allura felt embarrassed heat warm her face, the girl unused to the sensations of her nipples being teased. She was especially unprepared for one Lotor to pinch her, a surprised sound escaping her. “Oh!”

“You like that Allura?” asked the Lotor on her left side, the one who had pinched her.

“No.” She shook her head no, glaring at him when he did it again, this time in quick succession. It made the tingling increase, trails of it starting to drift down her body. “Don’t do that! It feel strange!”

“Strange how?” The Lotor on the right wanted to know, and Allura shrugged her shoulders, unwilling to elaborate.

“Good or bad Allura?” The other Lotor asked, continuing his infernal pinching of her nipple. “I want to know.” She glared harder, seeing him smirk, his eyes half lidded as he stared at her.

“B….bad.” She admitted at last, and was rewarded with a genuine smile.

“I’ll kiss it and make it better as way of apology.” He said, and she heard a sound from the other Lotor. A glance to her right showed his eyes had lit up with glee, his hand reaching to help pull down her bra.

“A most delightful idea.” He grinned, and together with his twin, jerked down her bra, causing her breasts to bounce from the sudden freedom they offered her. “I will kiss too!”

“You don’t have to do that!” Allura protested, blushing harder to be exposed to their eyes. The second Lotor was staring at her chest, his hand doing reverent touches of her skin.

“So perfect.” He sighed, touching her carefully as though she would break.

“Hmm, yes.” Agreed the first Lotor, and now he resumed touching her, holding her breast in his hand as he tested the weight of it. “Soft and round, pleasing to the touch. You are exquisite Allura.”

She was hardly in the mood to be complimented, even less so to thank them for their words. “Don’t….don’t touch me.” She saw glittering gold eyes glance up at her, an instant before both Lotors moved, each one choosing the breast closest to them. The one that had pinched her gravitated immediately to her nipple, fastening his puckered lips around that sore bit of flesh.

“AH!!” Allura couldn’t help herself, she cried out when he began to suck on her nipple, barely aware of the other Lotor nuzzling his face against her right breast. That Lotor then started kissing all over her skin, even going so far as to lift her breast up to plant kissed on the underside.

Her nipple in the second Lotor’s mouth was a hard point, and feeling as though it was stiffening further at his insistent sucks. His mouth felt incredibly warm, wet heat surrounding her skin, making her tremble and moan. The tingles increased, Allura dismayed to realize it was pleasure that coursed through her body, dipping down low past her stomach and into the valley between her thighs.

“I think she likes it.” Chuckled the first Lotor, a second before he flicked his tongue across her nipple. She made a sound, gasping and pressing her hands against the marble of the wall.

“Please don’t.” She begged him, finding he was licking her nipple, actions vigorous as he got it wet with his tongue. She didn’t think she could handle two Lotor’s suckling at her breast, Allura doing her best to stay still when the second Lotor gave a tug with his teeth on her nipple.

“Admit that you like it then, and maybe I won’t.” The first Lotor said, and paused, staring up at her for her answer. Allura blushed, knowing she couldn’t admit to such a thing, helplessly shaking her head no.

“Such a pity.” He huffed, breath washing over her wet nipple, exquisite sensation making it stand out more. She locked eyes with him, watching as he hovered his mouth teasingly over it, as though giving her a chance to voice what he wanted to hear. Allura said nothing, just made a tiny sound of no, watching shocked when his lips captured her nipple.

He was gentle where the other Lotor was not, suction slow but steady, a direct contrast to the fast, hard sucks of the Lotor on her left. Allura couldn’t take it anymore, she let out a wild sounding moan, her body starting to squirm. Hands immediately gripped her waist, attempting to hold her steady, Allura shaking her head from side to side in fitful motions.

The first Lotor’s tongue laved warmth across her nipple, swirling over and around it as he sucked. Her breasts ached, soothed only by the warmth of their mouths, and the suction they provided. Allura fought to keep her hands down by her sides, nails scratching at the wall. She didn’t trust what she would do if she touched the two Lotors, not sure if she would push them away or cling to them.

Her voice continued to come out, loud mewls she did not recognize as her own, Allura shaking harder. She wanted to squirm, hating the way they restricted her movements, and crying out for them to stop. She feared they would listen to her, Allura gasping back another plea, eyes falling close as she slowly lost her way to the sensations of both breasts being sucked.

Her legs felt weak, shaking as though they didn’t want to support her. Allura leaned more heavily on the wall, feeling as though she was pinned in place by both Lotors. The one on the right let go of her waist, hand sliding down the smooth skin of her belly, past the closed part of her uniform, and under the band of her panties. Her eyes opened in shock, Allura crying out, “No!”

But the hand continued it’s descent, fingers stroking through the tiny curls on her body, sifting past them to touch the very center of her body. Her no turned into a breathy oh, Allura feeling his fingers carefully touch her most private flesh, fingertips delicate in their actions as they stroked up and down the crease of her body. It felt so different from when she touched herself, bold where she was hesitant, sliding up and down for several more passes before his fingers spread her lips open.

“Ngh…hmm!” Sounds came from Allura, the girl biting her lip, wanting to move. At first she thought she wanted to squirm away from his fingers, but when the other Lotor let go of her waist, she found herself wriggling herself onto those digits.

“Eager girl.” Said the Lotor on the left, chuckling.

“Give her more as a reward.” The Lotor on the right purred, lips moving across the wet flesh of her breast.

“More?” She gasped, shaking her head no. She didn’t think she could withstand any more stimulation, especially when both men resumed sucking on her nipples, the one Lotor’s fingers sliding through the slick wetness her body was producing. He eased that wetness onto every available inch of her pink flesh, tracing intricate patterns into her skin.

She felt strange where he touched her, burning heat that transferred into an itch she could not scratch, Allura going breathless as she waited for him to rub relief into her. She nearly lost her footing when he brushed his thumb over her clit, her cry loud enough to carry into the hall outside the room. The realization of that had her embarrassed, even as she moaned a please out.

The Lotor on the right released her breast, nipple soaked from his attention. He straightened enough to be even with her face, smiling at her as he lazily played with her breast. She stared at him through a vision that was clouding over with lust, not protesting when he leaned forward to kiss her. She kissed him back, hungry and needy, wiggling her body on the finger that was moving determinedly over her clit.

Her moans were muffled against his mouth, Allura making urgent noises as they kissed, parting her lips for his tongue’s intrusion. Her mouth was his for the taking, Lotor thrusting his tongue inside, wandering lazily about as he explored the velvet contours of her mouth. She teased him as he did it, brushing her tongue against the underside of his, trying to encourage him to dance that muscle against hers.

He denied her that much, pulling back to whisper against her lips so that she felt every word spoken. “You’re shaking Allura.” He stared into her eyes, Allura gazing back, trapped by his golden gaze.

She felt as though she couldn’t speak, couldn’t form words with the play of fingertips on her clit. She shook and shivered her way closer to climax, legs unsteady as the second Lotor captured her clit between her fingers, rubbing even more vigorously. Something must have shown on her face, the Lotor before her smiling, giving her a quick kiss, moaning out a warning.

“She’s close.”

Abruptly the fingers stopped, the second Lotor removing his hand from her uniform. Allura let out a protesting cry, her very being hovering on the edge of greatness, a greatness she had been denied. It left her wanting to sob, and she gave in to the urge to faint, half swooning as she began to sink down to the floor.

She ended up with her knees bent before her, back still against the wall, staring dully at the two men before her. They gazed down at her, twin expressions of dark gold, eyes clouded with desire, looks that had her shivering. A sexy twist of their lips, mouths turning upwards in smirks, and then without so much as a nod, they moved, hands reaching to grip the bottom of their tunics.

They were in perfect synchronization, revealing the finely toned muscles of their chest, skin rippling with power. She stared, taking note of their azure colored skin, and the nipples that were a slightly darker blue in color. That blue extended down to their waist, where baby fine hairs of snow white started, the curls spilling over the top band of their pants.

Her eyes dropped lower, Allura blushing furiously to note the obvious bulges tenting the crotch of their pants, the two Lotors very happy to see her. She quickly jerked her eyes away from that frightening sight, but their smirks were worse, the men proud of their aroused state. With one graceful move, the tunics were tossed on the floor, the Lotors slowly dropping to their knees before her.

Allura trembled, and tried to make herself look even smaller, pushing back against the wall, wishing it would open up and give her room to escape. But she wasn’t sure if she really wanted to leave, body aching and full of need, a need that reacted to the knowing looks the Lotors gave her.

Twin smiles on their face, they began crawling towards her, movements slow and steady as though they were trying not to frighten her. It didn’t work, her heart beating more frantically in her chest, Allura unable to tear her eyes off of them, even to look for a way out.

They reached her at the same time, the one on the right touching her knees, trying to coax them to relax their tense pose. His fingers massaged just under her knee, smoothing his hands down both of her legs, and onto the vinyl of her boots. Allura wondered what would happen if she kicked at him, but something in Lotor’s eyes warned her not to try.

A tug on her boots, Lotor slowly drawing it downwards, making an art out of removing her footwear. It left her one foot bare, Lotor setting the boot down carefully, his hands returning to touch her foot, fingers massaging the arch of it. It felt good, Allura fighting not to relax, watching as Lotor bent over her foot, hair falling forward to hide his actions.

A kiss was placed, just above her toes, fingers never ceasing their artful massage. The kisses went higher up her foot, lips gentle and reverent, Lotor practically nuzzling his face against it.

The other Lotor was not content to be ignored, his hands reached for her belt, unfastening the clasp with a loud click. She glanced away from the foot massage, seeing Lotor grin at her, the man tossing the belt to rest on his shoulder. He then reached for her arm, slowly drawing off her glove, the material sticking to her skin. When her hand was bared to him, he lifted it up to his mouth, placing tiny kisses on her fingertips. He stared at her while he did this, kissing down to the palm of her hand which he then licked.

The other boot was being removed, the Lotor down by her feet spying his twin’s actions, and getting an idea of his own. Allura let out a giggle, the sound mirthful when he kissed her toes, tongue’s tip peeking out to lick lightly across the big one. She tried to pull her foot away from him, but he held on, the other Lotor rubbing his face against her hand now.

More giggles from her, the sound nervous as she gave in to her ticklish nature. The Lotor holding her hand kissed down onto her wrist, lips seeking out her pulse point, and doing a gentle suck on the skin there. Her pulse fluttered in response to that, speeding up a notch as he worked over the skin over it. Her flesh would be bruised by the time he was done, a red kiss mark to show he had been there.

The Lotor by her feet began smoothing his hands up her legs, rubbing friction into her skin that she felt through the thin fabric of her uniform. Her legs relaxed enough for him to lay them straight on the floor, Lotor shifting to sit to the side of her legs. It almost put her face to face with his chest, Allura staring and wondering how his skin would feel to her hand’s touch. She started to move her free hand, and the man caught it, Allura glancing up at his face with a guilty blush on her cheeks.

“You can touch me if you like.” He grinned, and quickly removed her glove, leaving both hands bare now.

“I don’t think I should.” Allura said, even as he pressed her hand against the center of his chest. She was surprised at how warm he felt, skin smooth and hairless, leaving her to wonder if he shaved or if Drules simply did not have body hair. She kept her hand still, though every nerve in it was tempted to move, Allura wanting nothing more than to give him a caress.

The other Lotor had finished with her wrist, moving to kiss up the length of her arm, ascent slow but steady, making progress towards her shoulder. She glanced at him, seeing his eyes on her face as he moved, and then her hand was let go. She didn’t move it immediately, letting it linger in place against Lotor’s chest. When she finally realized what she was doing, she pulled away as though burned, hearing his chuckle chase after her.

Double kisses on her neck, a Lotor on either side as both men reached to pull down the sleeves of her uniform, the material moving far too fast for her liking. They caught at her arms when she tried to move them, wanting to cover her chest though she knew they had already gotten a good look at her breasts. They had done more than look, the heat rising in her face as she recalled the feel of their mouths on her skin.

The Lotor who had marked her wrist gave her one last careful nuzzle, and then he was reaching for her body, urging her hips to rise up off the floor. Allura gave in to the insistent demand, finding he was attempting to tug her uniform down the rest of the way. “No…” Allura protested, even as he urged the pants to go down her legs, the fabric clinging to her feet for one instant.

With one last jerk, the uniform was freed of her body, leaving her covered only in her dragged down bra and panties. Panicked, she sat up, pushing at the Lotor who stayed snuggled at her side, feeling his teeth graze the side of her neck. Such an action would normally have her jumping under the best of circumstances, but now she barely reacted, too concerned with pushing him away from her.

He caught at her wrists, arms wrapping around her and pulled, somehow shifting her so she ended up with her back to his chest, Allura sitting between his spread legs. She continued to thrash, not liking feeling his erection pushing against her back. “Easy.” He whispered advice to her, resting his head on top of hers. “Don’t fight…it only delays things.”

“Maybe I want things to be delayed!” Allura shot back, and kicked out with her leg, ankle being caught by the kneeling Lotor. He smiled at her, then placed a kiss on the side of her foot, beginning a slow and steady progress up her trembling legs. Each kiss left a slight ring of wetness on her skin, marking his passage. Each pressing of his lips was firm, pressure put on her skin so that she’d know he was there even if she closed her eyes.

The Lotor behind her continued to hold her, a loose hold that tensed up whenever she tried to jerk free of his embrace. He rubbed his face against her hair, making soft crooning sounds as though trying to calm her down. “Easy there Allura, this won’t hurt at all.”

The other Lotor had reached her knee, pausing to lift her leg higher to kiss on the back of it. That flesh was surprisingly sensitive, not quite ticklish as he licked and kissed his warmth there.

She was breaking out into goose bumps, a sign of her nervousness as she watched him climb higher up her body. He kept looking at her as he kissed along her leg, eyes bold and seductive, sure in the knowledge that he was pleasing her. Her own breath hitched louder in her throat when he reached the inside of her thigh, his large hands spreading her legs so that he could fit between them.

Her panties were still wet, a slight damp stain on the material over her groin, Lotor touching a finger to it. He rubbed it across that spot in a teasing manner, making Allura cry out and try to wiggle away. That put her pushing against the other Lotor’s erection, the man groaning into her hair. “Do that again.”

She went still, refusing to accommodate him, hearing him let out a disappointed sigh. The other Lotor kept on rubbing her wet spot, Allura biting down on her lip in an effort to keep from reacting. It was useless, the girl tasting her blood, hips wriggling harder as she lost control. The climax she had been denied was still there, lingering in her skin, being fanned back to life at Lotor’s insistent touch.

“Please…..” She whispered, the sound a half sob. “Either leave me be or….”

“Or what?” He asked, eyes showing his interest.

It was too mortifying to say, Allura shaking her head no. Lotor gave a mighty sigh, exchanging a glance with his twin behind her. “Well, we won’t leave you alone, so I guess I should take care of your itch.”

He was reaching for the ties of her panties as he spoke, fingers quickly unraveling the ribbons. The panty sagged, Lotor pealing it back slowly, teasing them all with the big reveal. She heard the Lotor holding her take a sharp breath, his words urging his double to hurry.

“Patience my friend.” He replied, plucking the fabric free of her body. “Good things come to those who wait…”

“I don’t know if I can wait much longer….” The second Lotor said, busying himself with kissing behind her ear. “She feels so good, and all she’s done is brush against my cock.”

Allura said nothing to this, staring down at the Lotor between her legs. He grinned at her, smile absolutely wicked as he lifted her legs, placing them on his shoulders. It left her sex level with his face, Allura feeling as though she grew wetter just by being stared at by him. He blew gently on her wet flesh, and that alone had Allura’s head falling back, a gasp escaping her.

Lotor adjusted his grip on her hands, transferring her wrists to a one handed grip. His one hand now free to move, he touched her throat, urging her to keep her head bowed backwards. She didn’t fight his request, finding he was bending down to kiss her at the precise moment the other Lotor flicked his tongue against her slit. Her cries were eaten up by the kiss, Allura dazed as she got her first sample of oral pleasure.

Greedy were the sounds both Lotors made, tongues moving in insidious ways, bringing pleasure to both ends of Allura’s body. She felt the tongue thrusting in her mouth, moving in sure strokes to touch the tip of her tongue, only to draw back in the next. The tongue between her legs was just as teasing, licking carefully over her furled folds, lapping at the moisture there and spreading it to other parts of her.

She moaned and gave a tug on her wrists, shaking as Lotor continued to lick between her legs, tongue moving up and down in a pace that was far to slow to be satisfactory. It was the ultimate tease, promising delights but not delivering on them, making her weep in frustration. Lotor’s hand held onto her thighs, keeping her from closing her legs around his head, that infernal slow pace licking over her clit now, touch too light and too fast to garner anything more than a whimper.

“That’s it love…” The Lotor above her whispered against her lips, giving her a precious few seconds to get her breath back. “Move with me…” He urged, lips reclaiming her mouth, his tongue dipping inside to meets hers. This time she moved her muscle against his, her neediness causing her to battle him for control of the kiss. The longer she went without gratification, the more wild was her kiss, Allura taking out her frustration on Lotor’s tongue.

Her clit was touched again, this time the sensation of tongue dragging across it was harder, touch lasting longer. She squealed, giving shaky jerks of her legs, fighting against Lotor’s hands as he licked at her clit. One more lick, and then he was retreating, lifting his face to speak. “Do you want me to continue?”

He had to wait for the other Lotor to release her, Allura panting desperately for air. She blinked, dull-witted, needing the question repeated. “Do you want me to continue?”

“Yes, yes!” She cried out her affirmation, staring into the eyes of the Lotor who had been kissing her.

“Then, you won’t mind if we ask that you participate just a little more.” The other Lotor said, doing a light flick of his tongue across her moist center.

“Participation?” Allura was confused, but only for a second, her hands being released. Lotor kept on alert for her sudden movements, ready to grab her should she try to fight. But she merely laid there, legs propped up on the man’s shoulders, breathing heavily and yearning for his tongue to return to licking her out.

She heard a zipper move behind her, Allura turning to glance over her shoulder. Lotor had opened his pants, his proud erection standing up free of the leather. She stared, wide eyed at it, nearly jumping in fright when her hand was caught.

“Touch him.” The Lotor pausing between her legs ordered, and the one behind her moaned an agreement.

“Ooh yes, touch me.” He was already guiding her hand to his cock, urging her fingers to wrap around that hard length of flesh. She hesitated, but a part of her was fascinated to explore that blue skin, Allura giving a soft squeeze that had another moan escaping Lotor.

At the sound of his moan, the second Lotor resumed licking her, Allura doing her own moan as she felt him probe at the entrance of her body. Just the tip of his tongue entered her, Lotor wiggling it back and forth, making her yelp. A chuckle purred against her, vibrations tingling down her skin as the tongue slid in deeper. Her hand was urged to move, Lotor guiding it in an up and down maneuver, the man moaning as his cock twitched in her hands.

The tongue inside her was wiggling, moving back and forth as it rubbed against her passage’s walls. She felt herself tense up, trying to squeeze tight around it, and he gave an excited sound at her body’s actions. Another thrust of his tongue, pushing back and forth, making her sing as she stroked her hand up and down Lotor’s shaft. He moved too, doing tiny thrusts into her fist, whispering words in his native tongue.

He palmed a breast as she worked his erection harder, feeling his hand rub circles over her stiff nipples. Allura rested her face against his chest now, listening to his heart as it increased it’s tempo. The second Lotor withdrew his tongue from inside her, but he kept on licking at her damp center, reaching for her clit once more. This time his attack was fierce, furious flicks of his tongue that had her writhing, he own hand picking up speed as she stroked Lotor’s cock.

She squealed, a loud, high pitched sound when Lotor pursed his lips around her clit, shocking her when he began to suck. Each draw of his lips had her seeing stars, pleasure spiking in her in fierce waves that she felt all the way down to her curled toes. “Ah…no don’t….stop…” She weakly protested, going wild with pleasure, her legs fighting against his grip.

Thankfully he didn’t heed her words, continuing to force fierce suction on her clit, the pressure in her building. Higher and higher it climbed, until she was screaming out her release, feeling as though something burst inside her. Dizzily she collapsed against the first Lotor’s chest, hand doing weak squeezes of his cock as she sought to regain her breathing.

It didn’t help that Lotor was still licking her, lapping up all the juices her body had released in the moment of her climax. Each wash of his tongue sent pleasure vibrating through her, half remembered joys that had her shuddering, a weak smile on her face.

“Hmm, enough…” Her voice sounding throaty, Allura almost not recognizing it as her own.

“Never enough.” One of the Lotors said, a chuckle escaping them. “We’ve only just gotten started Allura.” A shiver went through her, one that had nothing to do with the tongue between her legs, Allura wondering just how far the two Lotors intended to go with her.

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