Freedom 27

She stood next to Lotor’s chair, her hands resting on the back of it, Allura gripping tight hold of the metal, as she watched Doctor Gorma draw Lotor’s blood. She didn’t flinch at the sight of the red fluid, long used to seeing blood spilled on the battle field. Instead she stared at the vial, trying to see if it looked any different, wondering at the changes the poison may have wrought on his blood.

The poison alone wasn’t the only thing that was distressing her, Allura thinking back on all the revelations Commander Merack and the good doctor had revealed this day. She found it hard to believe that somewhere on her staff there existed a killer, an assassin with murder on his or her mind. She wondered at their motives, Allura feeling she had never given anyone on Arus cause to want to harm her.

As if that wasn’t enough, there was the news of the resistance’s recent proclamation. It left her reeling, Allura shocked to be labeled a traitor by her own people. She had thought they would understand her position, thought they would know she would never willingly do anything to bring harm to them. And yet for all her sacrifices, her attempts to guarantee their way of life was not disrupted, she ended with a slap in the face.

Allura felt as though her efforts were being shunned, leaving her depressed, a part of her angry at her own people. But she attempted to push down the negative feelings, lock them up tight within her as she focused on Lotor and Doctor Gorma. The doctor was finished with Lotor’s blood, ready to leave and run tests to determine whether the poison was completely out of her husband’s system.

Allura dutifully thanked him, turning to watch him leave, when Lotor opened his mouth to speak. “Oh doctor? When you get a moment, I’d like to see about putting Allura on some birth control.”

Immediately Doctor Gorma turned to look at Allura, his eyes wide with shock. An unspoken question was in them, leaving Allura’s cheeks to burn with shame as she realized the doctor now knew she and her husband had been intimate. Her anger must have shown on her face, Doctor Gorma was stuttering out a reply, already turning to flee the room.

The door had barely swung close when Allura turned to face Lotor, her blue eyes flashing with anger. He did a double take as he beheld her expression, Lotor starting to stand. If he hoped to intimidate her with his height, she wouldn’t let him, Allura marching right up to him to glare in his face. She practically went up on tip toe, so determined to make eye contact with him as she hissed out her words.

“How dare you!!”

Lotor blinked, just a slow closing of his eyes, the prince surely trying to think of something to say in the face of her anger. She didn’t give him the chance, practically spitting in his face as she spoke. “What were you thinking?!” Allura wanted to know, hands on her hips. “Announcing it just like that?! And without even consulting me first?!”

“Uh…which one are you more mad about?” Lotor asked, his voice remarkably calm in response to her ire. It was her turn to frown, Allura looking at him in confusion. “That he knows we are sleeping together, or that I didn’t ask you about the birth control first.”

Her mouth opened and closed, Allura trying to think. She weighed the options in her mind, trying to decide which one was the greater offense. At last she exhaled, some but not all of her anger escaping with her breath. “Both are bad.” She said, eyes still glaring at him.

“But the sleeping thing is what is bothering you, isn’t it?” Lotor asked, determined to wheedle out an admittance from her. She frowned harder, but nodded, and Lotor sighed.

“I’ve barely gotten used to the idea myself.” She admitted, looking away from him. “I thought we’d…I’d have more time before others would have to know.”

“Time to do what Allura?” Lotor asked, and she glanced at him, lips hesitating to say anything. “Time to reconcile yourself to what has happened between us?”

“Yes.” She nodded her head, seeing him smile. She didn’t like seeing that grin of his, not now, not when things were suddenly so serious, Allura finding her life rapidly changing before her eyes.

“Allura, we are husband and wife.” Lotor spoke softly, tone as patient as one addressing a child would use. It left her frowning at him, Lotor continuing. “People are going to expect these kind of things to have happened between us.” He actually had the gall to chuckle, reaching to touch her cheek. She stepped back, avoiding his hand, staring at him.

Lotor sighed. “Did you really think anyone would believe us to have a sexless marriage?” A laugh then, causal and carefree. “That someone like me would be content with just our names on a slip of parchment?”

“No…” She said, admitting to herself how foolish a notion it was. “But I thought…things would be different between us. I thought…”

“You thought I would force myself on you.” Lotor finished for her, a calculating look in his eyes. “Would that have made things easier for you Allura?”

“Yes, and no…” Allura answered, starting to pace in the small space of the room. “Things would be less complicated if you did…”

“I’m glad I didn’t.” She didn’t have to look at him to know he was smirking at her, Allura staring at her feet, watching as she set one foot down after the other in her endless pacing. “It forces you to think about me, to cast aside preconceived notions.”

“I find myself thinking far too much about you.” Allura muttered angrily, not liking that he laughed at her. She glanced over her shoulder at him, eyes narrowed into a glare that had his laughter dying down.

“Are you ashamed of me?” Lotor wanted to know, his question giving her pause. She knew her eyes were surprised, Lotor continuing. “Or perhaps….you are ashamed of what we have done…that you regret giving yourself to me so completely.”

She resumed her agitated walking, steps swifter now, causing her to turn back and forth in a span of seconds. “What would your nanny think?” Lotor’s tone was sardonic, and she whipped around to stare at him in surprise.

“Don’t you dare bring her into this!” Allura snapped, stepping closer to him.

“Then answer my question.” Lotor said, folding his arms over his chest. “Are you ashamed of me? Of what happened between us?”

She stopped just a step before him, staring at him. His expression was unreadable, but she could sense a tension in Lotor, an undercurrent of energy that spoke of his displeasure. “I…I don’t know…” She began, causing him to shake his head no. “I…maybe a little…” Allura conceded, fidgeting before him. “Lotor I wasn’t thinking beyond the bedroom when I…when we slept together. I let my sense take leave of me…”

“I see.”

“Do you? Do you really?!” demanded Allura, hands wringing together in a wretched movement. “I mean…before I could speak honestly when I told them we did nothing together, it didn’t matter what they thought, the people who know me…Nanny, Coran, Docotr Gorma, even some of the maids, know I would never, ever give myself to you.”

“But you DID give yourself to me.” Lotor pointed out, and she winced as though his words held daggers to them.

“Yes…I…I let everyone down.” Allura sighed, eyes down cast. “They will be so disappointed in me…but no more than I am in myself. For…” She swallowed nervously, darting a quick look at his face. “For I find I cannot regret what we have done….though my people may damn me for it.” She could see the surprise on his face, Lotor’s eyes widening slightly as he looked at her.

“Do you really mean that?” Lotor asked, and at her nod he offered her a small smile, taking a step towards her. She nervously moved back, leaving him clearly confused by her evading his embrace.

“It doesn’t mean I am ready to announce to the world we are sleeping together!” Allura added hastily, tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear. “I mean…I want to break the news gently to the staff, especially Nanny.” She trembled at the thought of the large woman’s reaction, fearing the tongue lashing she would receive from the woman. The thought of the disappointment in Coran’s eyes left her sighing, Allura knowing that he would be even more difficult to face than Nanny.

“Well, if you don’t want anyone to know, it’s good we take precautions.” Lotor told her. “We’ve already taken a great risk, Drules are very fertile you know. We wouldn’t want any unwanted…accidents to occur.”

“Accidents?” She echoed, seeing him smile gently at her.

“A baby Allura.” Lotor said, his words making her eyes widen in understanding.

“You don’t want to have a baby with me?” Her voice was soft, Allura finding herself saddened at the thought of Lotor withholding a child from this union. She was even more taken a back by his chuckle, her husband stepping towards her to catch her in his arms. He pulled her tight against his chest, resting his chin on the top of her head.

“Gods Allura, no. never think that! Of course I do!” Lotor assured her. “And many, many children. But not right now.”

“Why not?” Allura asked, pulling back to peer up at his face.

“It’s too soon. We are just finding each other.” Lotor explained. “I want us to spend time together before we bring a child into the mix.”

“…….” She hesitated, but he urged her to speak. “Nanny says it’s wrong to wait. That the whole point of marriage is to make a baby, an heir.”

“I think that nanny of yours has given you a lot of misguided information.” Lotor chuckled. “There are many reasons to get married, a baby is just one of them.”

“Maybe…” Allura replied, unable to keep her doubt from her voice.

“I know so.” Lotor told her, tenderly placing his lips against her forehead. She glanced up at the kiss, Lotor smiling down at her. “And as much as I look forward to seeing what kind of beautiful children you will give me, I still want to keep you all to myself.”

“I shouldn’t be surprised that you are the greedy type.” Allure retorted. That made him laugh, his smirk widening.

“Well, I am an only child.” Lotor said. “It’s only natural I am spoiled and used to getting my way.”

“I’m an only child too.” Allura reminded him. “And I grew up with completely different values from you.”

“It’s good to be different.” Lotor said, smiling that wide grin of his. “The universe would be boring if we were all the same. And…” Now his eyes twinkled, Lotor touching noses to her. “They say opposites do attract.”

Her lips twitched, Allura’s first impulse to insist she was not attracted to him. But the past night only served to prove her wrong, as did her heart beat increasing it’s pace as his nearness. Lotor smiled, she knew from the look in his eyes he was going to kiss her, and she tilted her head back expectantly.

Instead his lips brushed her ear, a deep, throaty chuckle caressing her audio senses as he whispered out a suggestion to her. “I think you should check the hall.”

“The hall?” Allura frowned, brow furrowed as she stared at his chest. She felt him place a moist kiss on her ear lobe, lips tugging playfully on that dangling bit of flesh. Immediately she felt the first flickers of interest, Allura cursing her body to be so quick to react to him.

“Yes, the hall.” Lotor said, and this time he licked the inside of her ear, Allura grabbing onto his shirt, fearing she might fall. “Make sure we’re all alone.” His arms were releasing her, but not before he slipped a hand against her rear, giving her a squeeze that had her letting out a high pitched gasp. Allura pulled back from him, Lotor’s hands turning her, guiding her towards the room’s sole door.

A blush on her cheek, she walked over to it, pulling it open and checking the hall. She looked in both directions, seeing it empty, although people were surely just beyond the closed doors that lined the walls. “Lotor….no one is…” She gasped as his hand took hold of her arm, he was pulling her against him, this time kissing her passionately against her lips.

His foot kicked outwards, causing the door to slam shut. Her body followed the door, Allura bouncing against the frame, Lotor pinning her there. Her hands came up, but she didn’t go to push him away, finding Lotor’s hand on the small of her back, his other reaching for the door knob. The sound of the lock clicking echoed in her ears, Allura feeling a perverse thrill as she realized he meant to take her here.

“Lotor…” Allura said, trying to speak around the tongue in her mouth. His hand was pushing her more firmly against him, his tongue dominating hers with pushes and strokes, encouraging her to move her muscle against his. She did just that, shy, hesitant flickers of her tongue against the underside of his, Lotor growling in response. His hand pressed against the metal of the door, Lotor still keeping her trapped between it and his body.

Allura squirmed, enjoying the unyielding hardness of his muscles against her soft body, her arms going to wrap around his shoulders. They were connected at the lips, Lotor all but making love to her mouth, his tongue mimicking the thrusting motions of another wicked, sinful part of his anatomy. A part he was rubbing against her, his body plastering her skirts against her legs so that she could feel him. Grinding against her, a growl escaping him as he writhed with urgent need, feeling as though he would grind a hole through their clothes in an attempt to reach her.

“Lotor.” She tried again, this time getting his name out, finding his lips kissing all over her face. Not an inch was left untouched, her cheeks, her nose, her chin, all were met with the velvet feel of his lips, Lotor pausing only long enough to lick along her jaw line. “Oooh Lotor! We….we can’t do this here!”

“Why not?” A devastatingly sexy growl asked her that question, Lotor not pausing, licking a path towards her ear. Allura fought to keep hold of her senses, trying to ignore how good each brush of his lips felt.

“Why…?” She gasped out, finding his lips had found that sweet spot just under her ear, his mouth working to drive her wild. “Because!!”

“Because is not good enough.” Lotor laughed in her ear, the hand on her back moving, finding the buttons of her dress. One by one they popped open, Lotor’s fingers opening them far faster than it had taken Allura to close them. Her bodice was loosening, slipping down over her breasts, leaving only her bra to preserve her modesty’s sake.

A bra that was no match for his fingers, Lotor giving a mighty jerk, the material tearing so that her breasts bounced free. She gasped, dismayed as she glanced down at her ruined brassier, shredded threads remaining on her chest, seeming to call more attention to her disheveled state.

“It’s not proper!” Allura moaned, finding Lotor had buried his lips in the crook of her shoulder. “This is Doctor Gorma’s office….his private room….we should wait until we are back in the bedroom!”

He wasn’t listening to her, his chuckles vibrating against her skin as he kissed his way towards her neck. She moaned, her flesh goose pimpling under his ardent attention, Allura wondering if he meant to take her against the door.

And still she didn’t try to push him away, wondering what was wrong with her. She opened her eyes, Allura casting about helplessly, trying to think of something to dissuade him. Her mind didn’t want to work so long as his lips were on her neck, teeth biting gently as he sought to mark her skin. He licked across the imprint of his teeth, Allura shuddering in pleasure.

“Ah…” She was panting, trying to catch her breath, tongue licking nervously across her lips. “What about…what about precautions?” Allura asked, feeling him freeze against her. “I’m not on birth control.” She reminded him, disappointed when he began to pull back. “We might make a child…” A child he didn’t want, she reminded herself, trying to steady the fluttering beat of her heart.

“You’re right….we should be more careful.” But Lotor wasn’t letting go of her, still rubbing himself against her. She fought to keep still, but lost that battle, wiggling her hips in a move that had both of them drawing in sharp gasps.

“Damn it, I can’t wait!!” Lotor said, kissing her again. His hands were on her hips, pulling her away from the door. He walked backwards, crashing into the desk, setting her between his legs. One hand left her body to reach behind him, Lotor feeling along the surface of the desk, knocking things over.

“What are you doing?” Allura asked, her face turned to the side so his kisses fell on her neck. “Those are Doctor Gorma’s private things!”

“He’s a doctor, so he should have some…” Lotor muttered against her neck, bending back further to pull open a drawer. His fingers slid along the contents, searching for something. He gave a triumphant sound when he found it, bringing his prize forward to show her. She stilled and stared at it, eyes wide as she got a good look at the condom.

“Well, Allura?” Lotor asked, already moving to kiss her unresisting lips. “This solves everything!” He placed it in his pocket, stowing it away until there was need of it. Allura blushed, and shook her head, feeling his lips glide across hers, Lotor smiling.

“It’s still not proper…” She murmured, but he barely paid any mind, working to free her completely from her gown. With a hard shove, the skirts fell down her legs, crumpling around her feet. Allura was left standing before him, clad in her panties and ruined bra, feeling as though her whole body was turning pink from her blush.

“I’ll decide what is and isn’t proper.” Lotor announced, his eyes traveled over her body from head to toe, his grin saying he was pleased with what he saw. Again he was pulling her close, she could feel the bulge in his pants against her, Allura squirming against it, pleased to hear him moan. She loved that she was able to get a reaction out of him, loved that she could have this effect on his body.

His hands cupped her cheeks, Lotor pressing his lips against hers with bruising force, causing her to whimper. He was so controlling, keeping her head from moving, tongue forcing her lips apart as he let out a desperate sound against her. She grabbed at his wrists, not trying to break his hold, just holding on for dear life as his kiss stole the very breath from her.

She was panting for air, when he lifted her onto the desk, placing her next to him. Again he kissed her, a quick smacking of the lips, this time pushing off the desk so he was standing before her. His hands landing on her waist, hesitating just an instant as Lotor tried to decide where to touch her first. He settled for caressing his hands upwards, catching hold of her breasts, the Drule ever eager to worship at her flesh.

His lips were less then gentle, working her flesh over hard, leaving red marks all over her skin. Lotor’s mouth found one of the bruises from the night before, he licked it, tongue flickering across the skin, working to expand it in size. It was times like these that Allura knew she wasn’t thinking right, not worry about him leaving a mark that she wouldn’t be able to hide with her gowns.

Instead she arched encouragingly against him, hands in his hair, pressing him against her feverish skin. His lips seemed to burn where ever they landed, Allura shivering as though cold in response to the heat he stirred within her. Each touch of his lips sending pleasure coursing through her, straight down her center, to pool low in her body. Without even realizing it, she was whimpering, begging him to stop teasing her.

Lotor’s amusement vibrated against her skin, sending her trembling from the feel of it. He brought his mouth over her left nipple, that tiny bit of flesh already hardened from anticipating his moves. Lotor breathed on her skin, just a huff of air that had her stomach doing excited rolls, Allura staring down at him through lowered eyelashes. She cried out when he teased her, avoiding bringing his tongue to her nipple, instead licking a wet circle around it, never once touching the part she wanted touched most of all.

She wiggled, trying to trick him, to force her nipple to brush against his tongue. He deftly avoided her, leaving Allura to let out a frustrated sound. “Please!”

“I never thought I’d hear you beg Allura.” Lotor purred, and her cheeks reddened even further. She started to damn him with her words, but they were lost to her cries of pleasure as his tongue flicked across her nipple. It was almost too fast, just a ghostly presence she thought she imagined. But the pleasure was real, Allura moaning and staring glassy eyed at Lotor.

“Want me to do it again?” She nodded rapidly at his question, Lotor smirking. “Then ask me.” She hesitated, dismayed at the thought of vocalizing what she wanted him to do. “Ask me or I’ll stop.”

The threat worked, Allura hastily crying out. “Your tongue! On my nipple! Please…lick it.” Mercifully he didn’t make her repeat herself, Lotor licking forward with short, quick flicks of his tongue. Just a taste but it set her writhing, Allura feeling the dampness between her legs increase.

Lotor licked her harder, Allura reaching out to grab onto his arms for support. That tongue of his was insidious, moving in teasing ways, making her whine and shift restless on the desk. She would have sang out loud if not for the fear of being over heard, Allura biting her lip to keep her voice in as Lotor swirled his tongue over and around her taut nipple.

Her other nipple was aching, desperate for his attention, leaving her conflicted as one was tended to, the other neglected. Lotor pressed his lips against her nipple, and then was kissing down her breast. He moved his mouth right between her breasts, kissing the skin there. Allura moaned a please, and Lotor continued his trek, heading towards her other breast.

His lips found the nipple there, and now there was no tease, he went straight to sucking on it. His lips were pursed together around it, tight and warm, pulling on her body with every draw of his mouth. Allura arched her back, pressing herself against his mouth, finding Lotor was parting his lips to take in more of her breast. He not only worked at her nipple, but the dark skin that surrounded it, tongue washing over the flesh in his mouth as Allura dug her nails into his arms.

She was panting when he finally stopped, his kisses continuing downwards. His hands were on her waist, resting just above the band of her panties, hooking his large fingers into the material. He began drawing her panties downward, his body doing a slow slide against hers, kisses landing on her belly and lower.

Somehow he ended up on his knees before her, shucking the panties off her feet, and onto the floor. Shamefaced but oh so willing, Allura spread her legs without asking, willing him to have his way with her. As with her breasts, he sought to tease her, strong hands catching hold of her leg, placing a kiss on the side of her thigh. His tongue swirled patterns into her skin, dancing across it ever higher as he moved towards the crease of her body.

She was practically dripping with desire, waiting for him to pay attention to her glistening core. Instead he took his time, his teeth biting down on her flesh, Allura crying out as he left the imprint of his teeth on the inside of her thigh. It was such an outrageous place to mark her, Lotor’s lips now sucking on the skin, the man determined to drive her mad with waiting.

Allura let out her own growl, snagging him by the hair, pulling him back from her thigh. He was smirking, his eyes full of laughter as he looked at her impatient face, Allura’s lips turning pouty as she realized he had been teasing her.

“Okay Allura.” Lotor grinned. “No more waiting.” No delays, he went right for her center, taking the time to scent her arousal. Allura was torn between embarrassment and being turned on, feeling his breath tease along her wet slit. He brought his hand to bear against her womanhood, using fingers to spread her open, so he could stare at her. He spared a quick glance at her face, already bringing his mouth against her, his tongue giving her the first lick of the morning.

“AH!” Allura winced, praying she hadn’t been too loud, feeling the first pleasurable drags of his tongue across her wet folds. Something tightened within her at the feel of his tongue moving sinuously along her crease. Up and down, bold strokes, lapping up her wetness, Allura letting out soft whimpers, not daring to be loud.

She soon grew impatient with his slow licking, wanting to experience more, Allura starting to wiggle her hips, trying to encourage his tongue to go faster. Lotor reacted, but not in the matter she wanted, his hands grabbing hold of her hips, holding her down so that she was fighting against them. She wanted nothing more than to move, but Lotor wasn’t letting her, Allura biting her lip as she tried not to scream in impatience.

Still he continued that slow licking, and now his tongue flicked against the part of her Lotor had named her clit. An excited ooh escaped her, Allura trying to wrench herself free of his grasp. The pleasure made her reckless, made her want to scream and to push against his face in an attempt to drive his tongue harder against that bit of flesh.

Still he held her down, his tongue licking her completely from top to bottom. And each time it brushed against her clit, she let out a little squeal, feeling as though she might faint from impatience. Allura knew her toes were curling in her slippers, she couldn’t control them, they reacted to Lotor’s tongue. Her hands were gripping the edge of the desk, hard enough that the color bled out of her knuckles.

Finally Lotor grew tired of teasing her, instead touching the tip of his tongue to her clit. She almost shredded her lip in the effort not to scream, Allura enjoying the way he flicked that nub of flesh back and forth with his tongue. It didn’t take long for this exquisite torment to have her moaning, her body clenching up, seeking something that was not there. Juices flowed out with her release, Lotor licking them all, each stroke of his tongue sending trembles through her that had her purring.

A kiss on her thigh, Lotor at last giving up trying to clean her of her release. There simply was no point, with every lick of his tongue, only more moisture flowed out of her, leaving her sopping wet and ready for him.

Wickedly, she raised her leg, pressing her foot against the bulge in his pants. She rubbed it, pressing her toes against it, hearing Lotor let out a moan. She stared expectantly at him, expecting him to reach for the laces of his pants, free the erection that was confined in that snug space. But instead his hands were moving her, Lotor growling in her ear. “On your knees!”

Allura was confused, but willing to comply, letting him move her so that her back was to him, her body on all fours on top of the desk. Picture frames lined the edge of the desk, showing the smiling members of Doctor Gorma’s family, silent voyeurs to what they had been doing. It was jarring to see them, Allura starting to protest, but a growl from Lotor had her falling quiet, Allura reaching to hastily push the frames picture side down.

A mirror was hanging behind the desk, positioned so that she could see the rest of the office. Lotor was partially blocked by her body, Allura blushing and looking away from her reflection. She didn’t like seeing herself looking so shameless, her chest heaving as it hung downwards, with her on all fours like some kind of animal.

“Lotor…” Allura started to say, and suddenly she stiffened, feeling his cock pressing against her entrance. She wanted to tell him to stop, at least long enough to take down the mirror, but already he was pushing inside her, his massive girth spreading her open so that she moaned.

Lotor was going slow, taking the time to savor her body as he pushed inch after thick inch inside her. His hands gripped her waist, and he was pulling her back towards the edge of the desk, using her own body to impale herself on him. Her feet nearly fell off the edge of the desk, Allura scrambling for purchase as Lotor began to pull out of her. He went slow, building up friction, waiting until he was almost completely out of her. Then he suddenly pistioned his hips forward, slamming hard into her, Allura letting a shriek escape her.

Lotor soon found his rhythm, a nice steady pace that was neither too fast nor too slow, hips moving constantly as he thrust into her. Allura rocked back and forth, pushing her hips back on his length, letting out little moans. Somehow she ended with her rear up in the air, while her face was resting on her arms, a hand pressed against her mouth to muffle her cries.

“Allura, you’re holding back.” Lotor moaned, not at all trying to hide his voice or his pleasure. “Let me hear you.”

“I can’t!” Allura protested, her eyes shut tight, enjoying the rocking motion that was occurring between her legs. “Someone will hear us!”

“Let them.” Lotor hissed, stabbing into her viciously, Allura biting down on her hand to hold back her yelp. Aside from Lotor’s cries, his steady panting, there was the sound of the desk creaking, shaking violently in response to their rapid movements. Allura wouldn’t be surprised if it caved in, knowing the Drule was capable of doing just that with his strength.

And yet for all his strength and his muscles, Allura knew Lotor was holding back, taking care to keep from being to rough on her body. He was as gentle as he could be given the circumstance, and she loved him for that. Her eyes widened as she realized the thought had come unbidden, the word love being used. She shook her head to deny it, little squeals escaping her in the process as Allura grew distressed at the thought of loving any part of Lotor.

“You’re tightening up…” Lotor moaned, pleased. Allura blushed, still panicking over her revelation, her eyes looking up to fall on the mirror. She could see her shell shocked face looking a tad paler than usual, her breasts swaying forcefully from his thrusts. But most of all she could see Lotor, moving behind her, his handsome face carrying beads of sweat down the corners as he concentrated on her.

Without warning he looked up, his reflection meeting her eyes. He smirked, that familiar, rakish smile, and it held a world of knowledge to it. Allura feared he could read the truth on her face, but she couldn’t turn away, staring at him in shock.

It was all the more jarring to feel her body reacting, feeling it tighten up and clench tight hold of his as she let her mouth fall open, a pleased cry escaping her before she remembered herself. Lotor soon followed, and she missed the feel of him shooting his seed in her, the Drule almost collapsing on top of her as he bent to kiss the back of her shoulder blades.

“I love you.” Lotor said simply, and Allura could only nod, reeling back from her thoughts, repeating to herself over and over that she did not love him back.

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