Wish 13

Lotor tasted of whiskey and wine, a potent combination that left a sour sweet taste on her tongue, Allura moaning for more. He gave it to her, his mouth hot like a furnace, his tongue ready to burn her with his touch. She reveled in that heat, working her tongue against his, eager movements as she battled for control of the kiss. Lotor wasn’t giving that control up, trying to dominate her with his lips much like he dominated her with his body.

She felt the delicious weight of him on top of her, pressing her down into the mattress. Allura made eager sounds, squirming enticingly beneath him, feeling the cold silk of his shirt on her belly and arms, the feel of that fabric making her warm body shiver from the contrast. Shaking, she fit her body against his, the leather of his pants rubbing against her spread thighs as she drove her lace covered crotch against his.

Allura’s hands were in Lotor’s hair, she was practically fisting it, gripping it so tight he thought she’d pull the strands free of his scalp. His pretty little captive used her hand’s hold on him to keep him in place, making Lotor a prisoner to her whims. He didn’t mind, losing himself to the feel of kissing her, abandoning all restraint as he performed that action.

Her kisses were feverish, Lotor feeling as though he had been sucker punched in the stomach, the princess stealing his breath away with her needy mouth. Her tongue pushed at his, then glided past it into his mouth, starting a frantic exploration of it’s contours. He heard a sound, a male groan, and realized that pleasured noise was coming from him.

His hands were on her shoulders, holding her steady in contrast to the desperate way she grabbed at his hair. When Lotor tried to pull back, Allura made a desperate sound, nosily making protests even as she placed urgent kisses on the corner of his mouth. Somehow he managed to turn his face to the side, her kisses falling on his jaw. Lotor’s eyes rolled back in his head, feeling pleasured bliss at the way she worked her mouth up towards his ear.

“Allura stop….” Lotor moaned, feeling the wanton way she rubbed herself against his hardening cock. His own hips couldn’t stay still, Lotor absentmindedly thrusting his groin into hers, relishing in the feel.

“Stop?” She whispered breathily in his ear, a moment before she licked it, dipping her tongue along the inside. He shuddered and gasped, feeling every sensitive nerve on fire from her tongue’s caress. “I thought you were going to put me in my place?”

To Allura, her words sounded more like a petulant child than a challenge. But from the way Lotor growled, he took it as one all the same, rearing back so violently she nearly tore out handfuls of his hair.

“I’ll have you ruing the day you chose Keith over me…” Lotor said, his large hands now on her body, palming her lace covered breasts. Her breath hitched in her throat, Allura arching sensuously in reaction to his touch.

“What makes you think I don’t already?” She asked, fixing his eyes with a sultry stare.

He ignored her question much to Allura’s frustration, Lotor still so stubbornly refusing to believe anything but the worst of her. Instead he began pulling at her strapless bra, fingers jerking on the material so hard she’d fear it would rip.

“Off, off!” Lotor growled, lifting off her just enough so she could sit up. “Remove your clothing before I tear it off you.”

“That would be bad…” Allura teased, reaching around her to find the clasp that his drunken fingers could not undo. “I’d have nothing left to wear but my skin itself…how ever would you survive….”

He kissed her to silence her words, but not before Allura painted an intriguing picture of the girl clad in nothing but her skin, forced to live out her days exposed to his eyes and rampant desires. The bra snapped open, he felt her breasts bounce free of the lace, his hands snatching the bra from her hand to toss it away from the bed with an impatient throw.

His hands found the front of her breasts, his breath escaping in a hiss as he felt her nipples hard against his palms. The little minx was certainly eager to be reacting this quickly, Lotor rubbing circles over those two stiff points. Allura was the one to break the kiss this time, a throaty moan issuing out of her swollen, red lips.

“Oooooh yes!”

That sound was all the encouragement Lotor needed, the prince going wild as he cupped her breasts, fingers fondling her flesh. He rubbed and kneaded her skin, squeezing her breasts to the point it bordered on pain and pleasure. And all the while Allura continued to moan like a cat in heat, writhing beneath him as she grabbed at his back.

He pulled back to watch her, eyes heavy lidded with lust as he played with her body, enjoying the way Allura squirmed and panted out his name. Another squeeze of his hands, Lotor swearing her nipples hardened before his eyes, and then he was releasing his grip on her to watch her breasts bounce back into place.

“Lotor…” Allura opened her eyes, a confused pout on her lips when he stopped touching her breasts. The look in his eyes stilled her tongue, the girl seeing him placing a hand on her belly. For a second he just rested his hand there, firm pressure that brought it’s own heat off his palm. And then he moved it, an odd smile on his lips as he stared down at her body, watching that hand of his caress up and down her waist.

He nudged his hand to just below her breasts, and just when Allura thought he’d resume his handling of them, he smoothed his hand back downwards. A few more of those up and down sweeps, and then Lotor lifted his hand, leaving only the pads of his fingertips on her skin. “I didn’t get to touch you before…” He said, tone conversational. Allura gave a start as she realized he was right, he had avoided touching much of her body, hands holding only what was necessary for the act of love making.

Now Lotor seemed unable to stop touching her, taking pleasure from the simplest of acts, his fingers tracing elaborate designs into her skin. He kept the pressure just light enough that it wasn’t tickling her, Allura alternating between watching his hands and his face.

“I was a fool to deny myself this pleasure…” Lotor said, fingers brushing the edge of her panties. That got Allura interested for another reason, the princess watching as he traced the waist band of her panties, fingers gliding around the ties that held them secure to her hips. He nimbly stepped his fingers over that bit of lace, and began caressing down her thighs.

He reached all the way to her knees, Lotor skirting his fingers to the back of it, an instant before he put his palms down flat on her legs. This time he used his whole hand to caress her, his smiling widening as he moved towards the inside of her thighs. She couldn’t help herself, that light touch on so sensitive a flesh had her wiggling, Allura finding the whole touch of his hand on her body incredibly arousing. Pleasurable as it was tormenting.

“You’re so soft Allura.” Lotor commented, enjoying the texture of her smooth skin under his hands. “Soft and smooth.” He was trying to memorize the feel of her body, wanting to leave no part of her untouched. But Allura had different plans, reacting by grabbing at the front of his shirt, hauling him down for another brutal kiss.

“I want to see you.” She hissed into his mouth, fingers already shredding the buttons free of his shirt. “I need to feel you on me.”

He liked the thought of that, Lotor knowing that this was another thing he had denied himself. He didn’t fight her when she began pulling his shirt down his arms, in fact he helped her, holding back a shudder when Allura’s warm hands touched his sides. He was in the process of tossing the shirt on the floor when she shifted downwards, positioning herself so that her face was beneath his stomach.

Lotor gasped to feel her mouth on his skin, her nails on his lower back as she pressed her cheek against his abdomen. Her hair rubbed against his skin as she nuzzled her face there, for a second Lotor forgot himself to just enjoy the feel of her. When her hands suddenly dipped into the back of his pants, her nails scratching down the cheeks of his ass, he growled, finding the front of his pants had grown unbearably tight.

“Allura!” He practically snarled with need, catching her arms, and dragging her hands up over her head. She pouted and protested, squirming about, lifting those slender legs of hers to cross over the backs of his.

“Lotor!” Allura cried out, wiggling harder, fighting against his hold on her wrists. “No! I wanna touch you!”

He wasn’t sure why she wanted to do such a thing, but Lotor liked the power he had over her. He kept her hands over her head, long fingers encircling her wrists as he scooted down her body so that his face was even with her breasts. Her bosom heaved in an enticing manner, Allura sucking in a fast breath.

“Lotor please!” She said, her tone desperate. “Let me touch you….I need it…”

“Maybe later if you’re good.” A smirk on his lips, he went to lower his face to her bosom, burying his nose between the valley of her breasts. His hair fell forward to drape across her chest, Lotor twitching his head from side to side as he rubbed and kissed at her skin. He made sure to transfer her hands to a one fisted grip, fee hand coming down to caress fingertips over the side of her body.

He lifted his head, catching her eyes with his, a look of possession in his golden depths as his hand took hold of her right breast. Allura didn’t stop trying to jerk her hands free, but her struggles lessened in intensity, her face anxious as she watched Lotor carefully lower his mouth to one taut nipple. Slowly, his eyes never ceasing watching her, he let his tongue drag across that stiff protrusion.

She didn’t try to hold back her moan, giving voice to it with an excited exclamation. “Ah!” He continued to watch her, seeing how the curls of her hair clung to her cheeks, her face colored with two spots of red as she blushed and moaned. And all the while he continued to tease her, tongue swirling around her taut nipple, licking it harder and harder until she squealed.

“Lotor! I….I need…”

“What?” He demanded huskily, breath huffing across her wet nipple, hearing her hiss. “What do you need?”

“You! I need you!” She told him, wiggling against him once more.

“Do you need me more than Keith?” Lotor asked, and she nodded. “What was that? I don’t think I heard your answer.”


“‘Yes what?” His question made her groan, Allura trying to entice him with the arching of her back. “You, I need you more than Keith! I…I want you more than life itself!”

“Smart girl.” He rewarded her by taking her nipple into his mouth, pursing his lips tight around that dusky peak. She seemed to go wild at the touch, quivering and crying out again and again. He didn’t respond with words, Lotor grazing his teeth on her nipple, a slight tug of teeth that had her mewling. He quickly licked away the sting of his teeth with his tongue, lips pulling on her nipple as he began to suck hard on her flesh.

“Yes, Lotor yes…” Allura moaned it out like her mantra, giving fitful tugs of her hands, feeling as though he was close to cutting off the circulation off in her wrists. She wanted to touch him badly, to run her nails down his body, and lick every inch of him. But more than that she burned, his mouth making her hotter as he suckled sweetness on her breast.

His other hand was not idle, drifting over to her left breast to play with her neglected nipple. He did pinches of it, squeezing motions she thought would hurt but made her moan all the harder. She kept her legs wrapped around him, squeezing her thighs tight to hold him trapped against her as she moaned. When at last he lifted his head from her, she was almost dazed, panting harder than she had ever panted before. Allura stared at the strand of saliva that connected his lips to her skin, and shuddered, finding a decadent pleasure in that sight.

The mere sight of him licking his bottom lip left her moaning, Allura wanting his mouth back on her almost as much as she wanted to touch him. Another generous squeeze of her left breast, and then he let go of her hands, bringing both down to her hips to tug at the ties of her panties. She let Lotor get as far as untying them, and then she was grabbing at him, one hand at the base of his neck, the other running worshipful fingers down his belly.

“Allura!” She loved how Lotor gasped out her name, a mixture of surprise and arousal at the heart of that sound. She slid her hand down the waistband of his pants, forcing her palm against his hardened manhood. He practically throbbed against her skin, thick piece of hot flesh that left her feeling awed at the magnificence of him.

“Your pants.” She hissed in his ear. “I want them off, now.” She grabbed at his cock, a tight grip that had Lotor gritting his teeth, his hands abandoning her body to fumble with the fly of his pants. Allura didn’t let go, wouldn’t accept anything less than Lotor stripping himself bare before her.

Lotor got his pants down to his knees before he remembered his boots, a swear word escaping him as he went to pull back from Allura. She still held onto his sex, hand squeezing and caressing, making it hard to think. “Is this good enough?” He moaned, finding she was practically crawling into his lap, her bare breasts pushing against his legs.

“All of it Lotor.” Allura said, and he nearly screamed when her tongue snaked out, digging into the slit in the head of his cock. “I want you as naked as me.”

“All right…” Dazed, Lotor nodded, hunching over the girl in his lap, to reach down and unzip his boots. His fingers trembled on the zipper, finding Allura was still worrying her tongue against his slit, lapping up the fluid that oozed out of it. She made throaty sounds of approval as she did it, Allura sounding as though she relished the taste of him.

Somehow he got one boot off, the shoe hitting the floor hard with a resounding thump. Allura’s lips closed around the head of his cock, doing a dainty suck on the crown that tore a growl from Lotor’s throat. “Allura! You’ll make me come before I get inside you!”

She said nothing to that, merely moaned louder, her hum a vibration down his shaft that left him shaken. The other boot was kicked off, Lotor fumbling with his pants to get them on the floor.

“There now!” Lotor said, even as Allura began to bob her head up and down his length. “Now there’s no barriers between us.” But she wasn’t listening, too far gone to the taste and feel of him in her mouth, Allura gripping him with one hand, while the other held onto his leg. It forced the prince to grab at her hair, hauling her up off him as best he could.

Lotor stared at Allura, watching the lazy way she licked her lips as she stared at him with a dreamy look in her eyes. “Oh Hell.” Lotor muttered, and dragged her in for another fierce kiss, tongues rubbing together as he urged her to lay back against the pillows. His hands touched her hips, then moved lower, grasping one of her legs to lift it up around his waist.

His freed cock was already seeking her out, moist from her lips and growing wetter when he rubbed it against the damp folds of her body. She moved, wiggling about so that he had to lift her other leg, hold her still as best he could as he lined up to pierce her body. Allura eagerly locked her legs into place behind him, smiling up at him as her eyes shined with emotion.

Lotor stared at her for a second, seeing that bright eyed look of hers, wondering what his own face showed. He knew he had long since abandoned the pretense of coldness, too far gone to passion to maintain impassivity. “Lotor…” Allura began, and for a second she hesitated, chewing on her lip. “I…I love…”

He cut off her words with a sharp thrust of his hips, body surging forward to claim her in one smooth movement. Allura shrieked and clawed at his back, her nails surely turning scarlet from the blood she drew. Lotor shivered to feel them scraping across his skin, his own hands holding onto her as he stared down at the woman beneath him.

Shaking, Allura could feel his massive Drule cock stretching her open, leaving her with the sensation of being full. Except for the initial thrust, he stayed still, letting her get used to him once more. It was a fact she appreciated, for wet as she was it was still with some difficulty that she took his cock inside her. Her breathing evened out, Allura nodding at Lotor to move.

He grinned and set to work, each thrust making her breasts bounce, Allura hearing the bed groan in protest. From the vigorous way he was thrusting, she was sure the mattress would be knocked off it’s frame, Allura loving the wild abandon he showed.

“Gonna make you forget all about Keith.” Lotor told her, a confidant smirk on his face. “Ruin you for any other man.”

How could she tell him she was already ruined, knowing no other lover would make her feel as good as Lotor did? So she merely smiled, and grabbed at his hair, pulling on it as she wiggled on his cock, hips bucking backwards against his thrusts. She watched his face as he made love to her, adoration in her eyes, Allura noting the beads of sweat on his face. On impulse she urged him downwards, hands touching his face to hold it steady as she began licking at his skin, tasting each drop of perspiration on her tongue.

Lotor’s arms wrapped around her, the prince holding her in a way he had not attempted to before. He hugged her as close as possible, his hips never stopping their movement, keeping their bodies pressed together as Allura squealed. She could feel her nipples rubbing against his chest, the friction pleasant, the princess letting go of his face to clutch at his bleeding back.

“Allura….Allura….” Lotor moaned, losing himself into the feel of how good she felt. He buried his face against her throat, peppering that delicate flesh with his kisses. She coiled tight around him, the tightness of her body beckoning him onwards to greater pleasure. He savored the friction offered, his cock seeking out her heat, striving deeper and deeper inside her with each thrust.

“Lotor….” She kept saying his name, the sound sweet to his ears. “I love…” Again she tried to voice those words, Lotor biting down on her shoulder to distract her from saying that damning phrase. She let out a wild cry, losing herself to pleasure completely as her body constricted, doing rhythmic squeezes that were designed to milk a man of his seed.

Lotor’s hips became a blur of movement, the prince frantic now as he sought to take his own pleasure from her. To reclaim that what had been denied to him the last time. He grunted, practically pounding the imprint of her petite frame into the mattress, hearing something give, the bed seeming to collapse beneath them. It didn’t stop him, he wouldn’t stop until satisfaction was had, Lotor biting at Allura’s shoulder harder.

With a scream he came, come bursting free of his cock to shoot into her womb. Allura let out a deep hmm of pleasure, tugging at his hair so that he lifted his head up. Love, be it false or be it real, shone in her eyes, the girl kissing him once more. He kissed her back, and this time when she said the words he didn’t stop her, feeling a pang in his heart at her love confession.

His own mouth opened, words desperate to come out. “Allura, I…I…” He faltered, unable to say it, but she smiled and pet his hair, ever patient as she waited for him to get over his hang up. “I love you.” He said simply, and she laughed, genuine happiness in that sound.

“I know.” She said, then kissed him. Lotor rolled with them both, shifting them onto their sides so they could cuddle close. Their tongues were still dueling with each other for supremacy, and Allura hand was touching his limp cock. From the way she was handling him, he knew it wouldn’t be long before he’d be recovered enough for another round of sexual ecstasy.

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