02 Broken

The weird mood continues…it’s a one shot called Broken, which I imagine takes place in the same universe as Shattered. 

Botias once asked me if I thought Lotor took Allura with him after the events in Shattered. Here I guess he did.



The gold of her hair was the first thing that caught his eye, Lotor immediately seeking her out upon entering the bedroom. It trailed down her back, reaching past her shoulders to brush it’s ends against her hips. It was currently weighted down, a combination of twinkling jewels in her hair, and the rain that soaked through it to the body below it.

It made Lotor sigh, the prince approaching her, his footsteps loud on the floor. She didn’t turn, just kept standing on the balcony, staring out into the garden. The rain was heavy, falling down in fat drops, pelting everything it touched. And still she barely reacted, just standing there letting it hit her.

“Allura…” His hands touched her shoulders, feeling how chilled to the bone she felt. It made him frown, to see her standing there in her thin sundress, skin broken out in goose bumps, a violent shiver working it’s way through her body. It was just a sign of the times, a sad fact that had him shake his head for his princess no longer had the sense to come out of the cold.

“Allura, come here.” He felt the reluctance of her body as he pulled her away from the balcony’s edge. She was too enamored with the flowers, able to spend countless hours just staring at their beauty. Bit by bit, so as not to hurt her, he forced her inside the room, Lotor turning quickly to shut the balcony doors. His released grip on her had her moving, Allura padding barefoot across the floor to stop and stare at the pink roses that lay dying in a vase. They were still lovely, their color bright, he’d get rid of them long before they’d fade.

They had been skinned of all their thorns, the sharp edges snipped away to prevent Allura from cutting herself. She touched them now, stroking her fingers down green vines, a vacant smile on her face.

Confidant the roses would hold her attention, Lotor disappeared into the bathroom, retrieving a fluffy towel. He quickly returned to the bedroom, approaching her side. Without a word he set to drying her off, towel wrapping around her long mane, his movements vigorous as he rubbed the towel across her hair, disrupting the diamonds and sapphires tangled within them.

The towel was soon as wet as she, and still she remained wet, her pink dress clinging to her cold skin, turning transparent on her body. He was taking aback by how cold she was in contrast to the heat of his hands, Lotor rubbing them up and down her arms in an attempt to warm her. The towel was discarded, lying forgotten on the floor, her dress soon joining it as he set about to stripping her.

Lotor wrapped his arms around her, hugging her from behind, pressing her now nude frame against his clothed one. She continued to play with the rose’s petals, the mirror showing a vacant smile on her face, Allura hardly aware of his touch. It frustrated him, Lotor burying his face in her hair, closing his eyes to block out the sight of that smile. It reminded him too much of a doll’s, lifeless and without emotion.

“Allura come.” Lotor said, stepping back from the hug. He caught her hand, and gave an insistent tug, this time reaching through to some spark inside her. Something that recognized his voice, and knew enough to come when called.

Allura turned slowly, eyes still lingering on the roses, the girl half stumbling as he led her towards the bed. “Sit.” He said, and she obeyed, perching herself on the edge of the mattress. She stared at him, gaze going through him, her blue eyes glassy, as though she was blind. But he knew that wasn’t true, knew that she could see the flowers.

He sighed, and knelt before her, hands reaching for her, feeling how cold she still was. The shivering may not have bothered Allura, but it did Lotor, the prince setting about to warming her in the best way he knew how. With his hands and his body, trying to transfer his heat to her. He massaged her arms, and caressed her legs, fingers kneading her thighs, and stroking down her legs to the tips of her frozen toes.

It wasn’t enough, she still shook, Lotor pulling back and rising up to stand. He began undressing himself, until he was as naked as she, Allura’s gaze on him, but without reaction. No emotions flared to life in her blue depths, her eyes just continued to stare, that disturbing smile of hers never wavering.

He touched her shoulders, and her body seemed to sag, moving to fall back on the bed. Her hair spread around her like a wet blanket, the jewels that remained sparkling as they caught the light of the room.

No sounds from her as he crawled into place on top her, Lotor pressing his body against hers, his arms wrapping around her possessively. He pressed his lips against the crook of her shoulder, kissing her there, skin so cold, so frozen. It warms slightly under the touch of his mouth, Lotor moving, placing kisses along her neck. His hands start their massage once more, reaching to touch her breasts, kneading the skin there.

His lips soon join them, kissing and biting, mouth opening to impart some of it’s warmth onto her frozen nipples. He feels her relax, Allura going from stiff to soft, turning to liquid beneath his seduction. He takes it as an encouraging sign, Lotor knowing she didn’t always respond, sometimes lying as still as a corpse.

He continues to play his mouth against her skin, his hands parting her legs. If he was to glance at her face, he’d see the tremor of her lips, the way her face seemed to grow tight with tension. The bad memories playing out in her eyes, her smile fading as his fingers touched the most intimate part of her.

But he doesn’t look, doesn’t wish to see, hiding from the truth. A conscience can only feel guilty if it acknowledges the deed, and Lotor had his locked away so tightly it would never see the light of day.

His fingers caress her for a while, encouraging liquid heat to pool in her center. Allura’s long since stopped shivering, left lying on the bed in the way he’s positioned her, hands limp on the mattress, her legs slightly spread. He nudges them wider, drawing his hand away from her, quick to replace them with his erection. It’s a quick piercing he does of her body, Lotor sinking into her with a moan.

The bed makes more sounds than she does, creaking and groaning from the force of his movements, Lotor sending his heat deep inside her. His hands continue to caress and touch her, and he brings his lips to kiss her trembling ones. His actions are causing her distress, a hint of tears in the corners of her eyes, but he doesn’t stop. He just holds onto her tighter, his hips a constant blur of movement between her legs.

The bed bumps against the wall, the mattress rocking against the night stand. It jars the furniture, causing the pitcher of water to go tumbling to the floor. The glass makes a piercing sound as it breaks, both of them freezing, both of them recalling the sounds of a night neither of them will ever forget. Of the night he first came to her, of when he forced himself on her, breaking her mind in the process.

The sound of the broken glass has a perverse effect on Allura, she opens her mouth and screams. One loud wail after another, Lotor trying to silence her with his lips. He gathers her against his chest, arms wrapped tight around her, rocking her in place as he continues to seek his own pleasure.

Allura is little more than a doll for him to play with, irreversibly broken. It only ties her further to him, Lotor sighing as his own desire hits it’s climax. He’s gentle as he lowers her back to the bed, pulling out of her as he wipes away her fallen tears. She is his one regret, his one mistake. A constant reminder that he had never been very good at taking care of his toys.

An Ending

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