Porcelain 32

It was with an eager spring in her step that Allura entered the classroom, the girl smiling a greeting to the four teenagers who were already present in the room. They chorused hellos at her, Liandra waving her towards the empty seat next to her, Allura dropping down gracefully onto the padded cushion. Her book bag followed her descent, hitting the floor with a thud, left neglected for the moment as Allura stared at the device sitting before Liandra.

The older girl wasn’t the only one to have such a device, there was two more, each placed on a table, looking small and unobtrusive. The desks each sat two people, Allrua realizing the device was meant to be shared between her and Liandra. Crystalline, the odd girl out, was sitting at the third table, not having to share the device with anyone. And still her fingers fidgeted over the device, her touch possessive as she studied the object before her.

The boys, Corrum and Phillip were also staring at the device, fingers prodding and poking at the metal. Allura glanced back at Liandra, noting the look of concentration on her face as she fiddled with the various buttons, trying to activate it into motion.

“What’s that?” Allura asked, breaking the concentrated silence of the room.

“Don’t know.” Came Corrum’s answer. “But it’s some kind of teaching aide.” Not one of the teenagers present suggested they should wait until Madame Elianza arrived, each one involved in trying to work out the device’s secrets. Allura knew why, today was to be a special day at least according to the rumors that abounded. And it was all tied in with her sixteenth birthday, the girl having celebrated it the day before.

As the youngest in the class of five, Allura’s age had been that which had held them back, the Madame refusing to teach them anything more salacious than the basic anatomy of both Drule and human. Fascinating though those lessons were, the gathered teenagers were all eager to move on, to get to the nitty gritty aspect of their lessons. For over five years Allura had waited for this day, and as impatient as she was, she couldn’t imagine the depths of Liandra’s curiosity, the girl having been with the Madame since she was eight.

They had been through much together, Allura and Liandra, and not even the addition of two more children close to their age had shattered their bonds of friendship. Crystalline and Phillip were relatively new arrivals, having only been with the Madame’s family for the last two years. Those two still had much to learn, being inundated with information, lessons and studies piled upon them.

The two took it with remarkable good stride, Crystalline and Phillip feeling grateful to the Madame for adopting them when they had been so late into their teens. In addition to attending the courses prescribed for the teenagers, the pair was taking part in classes with the younger group of children. Allura didn’t know how they managed such a heavy work load, the girl looking back on her preteen days with a shudder, recalling how many classes she had had to take.

It was better now that she was just two year shy of being an adult, having only a handful of classes she must attend to. None of them had to do with the advancement of ones’ intellectual skills, the classes focused more on training the teenagers for the job that would be awaiting them in just a few short years. Allura felt both nervous and excited at the future that was drawing near, to the point her stomach fluttered constantly with anxiety.

But the time to leave the Madame’s care was still years in the future, so for now Allura tried to concentrate on the present, watching as Liandra let out a triumphant sound. “What, what?” She asked her friend, the girl shaking her head.

“It did something!” She prodded the device once more, Allura hearing the faintest of sounds at Liandra’s touch. Lights flickered over the device, and then coalesced into one beam, an image appearing over their heads, the girls craning their necks back to stare. And stare they did, their eyes wide with shocked interest, their mouths falling open at the scene playing out in the air.

It was a man and a woman, and they were having sex, frantic, desperate fucking that left Allura blushing as she wondered how the man didn’t break the woman in two. The woman was just as eager as the man, her head tossed back, her painted lips parted as she let out moan after moan. It was the moans that got the boys’ attention, Corrum and Phillip abandoning their own device to hurry over to Allura’s desk.

Crystalline also approached, staring wide eyed at the scene playing out above them. “It’s so…” The girl trailed off, at a loss for words.

“Wonderful..” Sighed Liandra in appreciation.

Allura was torn between averting her eyes and staring, the girl absolutely fascinated by the scene playing out before them. For years they had heard rumors, whispers trickling down to them about just what went on behind close bedroom doors when a courtesan was alone with her client. Of course the five knew about sex, but it was only the basics, what little information the Madame had allowed them.

And that information had been presented to them in a clinical way, the woman determined to keep them from engaging in such activities with each other. Sex between family members was a big no no, Madame Elianza forbidding all but the most inoffensive of touches. They weren’t even allowed to kiss, except when she was present to supervise, leaving the teenagers very curious and also extremely frustrated.

An understanding of what was supposed to happen, and seeing it presented before them in graphic detail were two very different things, the teenagers chattering quietly about what they were seeing. “Look at how she lifts and moves her hips to meet his thrust.” Phillip pointed out, never taking his eyes off the two figures in the holo. “She doesn’t just lay there and endure.”

“Of course she wouldn’t Phillip!” Crystalline exclaimed. “If a client wanted a dead fish for a partner, he’d stay with his own wife rather than take a courtesan for his mistress!” That produced giggles all around, the teenagers laughing but with an undercurrent of nervous emotion. Inexperienced though they were, they knew enough to know they would be expected to perform, and to perform well. The nobles wouldn’t settle for anything less, spending valuable coin on the purchase of their contracts. A disappointed noble would bring shame to the house, would lower the Madame’s standing in society.

It was something Madame Elianza would not allow, and Allura wondered how they would learn the tools needed to please their benefactors without actually engaging in sexual intercourse. Madame Elianza was often fond of saying she would turn them into the most experienced of virgins before she was through, leaving the teenagers to speculate on what just sort of methods she would employ.

With the holo before them, it seemed one of the methods was revealed, the man’s face twisting in expression, his eyes squinted shut as his powerful hips slammed into the woman’s welcoming thighs. He was groaning, grunts emitting at a steady pace, the man looking and sounding like his very life depending on his reaching release before the day was done.

“He’s making a funny face.” Liandra complained, fingers absentmindedly playing with the surface of the deivce. “Do all men look so…so silly when having sex?!” That got Allura and Crystalline to look at the two boys, Corrum and Phillip shrugging.

The woman looked only marginally better, her mouth open in a never ending moan, her head tossed back so her hair swept across the floor. Her eyes appeared to be rolling back in her head, the woman’s cries becoming more urgent. “Is he killing her?” Allura wanted to know, and nearly jumped when Madame Elianza of all people answered her question.

“No Allura.” The woman sounded amused, slowly shutting the door to the classroom. The other four flinched at the sound, but seemed unable to tear their eyes away from the hologram. “He’s not. Although some people have referred to climax as dying a little death.”

“Climax?” She risked a peek at the Madame, the woman slowly sauntering towards the desk the five teenagers were gathered around. “Is that what that look on her face is?”

“Indeed.” Confirmed the Madame, and reached past Allura to press a new button on device. The moans quieted down, but the action remained, the Madame taking on a lecturing tone. “The climax is everything, at least when it comes to a courtesan and her client. It is not enough to merely make your partner come, it must be an exquisite quest for pleasure. A journey to bring your partner to new heights of pleasure.”

“And they us?” Corrum asked, the boy frowning when Elianza told him no. “Why not?”

“A courtesan’s pleasure is secondary, neither needed nor required. You will be the ones doing the work of making your partner feel the earth move and the heavens shake for them.”

“That hardly sounds fair.” Liandra said, a pout forming on her lips. “Why should they get to have all the fun and we don’t?”

“You will be compensated in other ways.”

“Money…” Phillip said knowingly. The Madame nodded, and Liandra continued to pout.

“Of course…” continued the Madame, tone taking on a sly quality to it. “That isn’t to say if you do reach a climax, no one will penalize you for the act.”

“They won’t?” Liandra asked hopefully.

“In fact, some of your future partners may enjoy it more if you do find release within their arms. But that is more rare than you think, your partners will most likely not want to expend the energy to seeing to their mistress’ enjoyment. However….men..” A pause, the Madame smiling. “And women, are a fickle, strange lot. They’ll want more then their bodies stroked, their egos demanding a show of enjoyment on their partner’s face.”

A pause, the Madame letting her words sink in for a full minute. “You’ll put to use your acting classes when it comes time to pleasure your partner.”

“You mean…we’ll lie to them?” Allura asked, appalled at the thought of such deceit.

“Just a little lie. Think of it as giving the performance of your life, this faking the enjoyment.” A twinkle in the Madame’s eyes, the woman ruffling Allura’s hair fondly. “Your moans will heighten their excitement, their arousal.”

Another touch of the buttons on the device, and now the pair switched with another, a human woman and a large Drule male, the sex even more desperate and needy. Allura gasped anew, staring at the Drule, seeing the way he seemed to dwarf the woman with his massive body. “He’s too big…!” squeaked out Crystalline, and Allura realized the girl was staring at the Drule’s member, that large glistening tool driving in and out of the woman’s body.

“This is a typical size of the Drule male.” Madame Elianza said, allowing the hologram to do a close up of the Drule’s thrusting cock. “Notice how he doesn’t have just length, but width to his size. You’ll find a human’s body just barely fits such a large instrument, care must be taken before allowing your Drule partner to penetrate you. That goes for you boys as well.”

Madame’s last words had Corrum and Phillip paling, Allura feeling a pang of sympathy go through her. She knew that the boys wouldn’t have much choice in who their partners ended up being, anymore than the girls would. Corrum and Phillip were struggling with the concept of sharing their bed with another male, the two desperately praying the Madame would take pity on them and arrange female clients for them.

“If you’re partner doesn’t care to get you aroused…” continued the Madame. “You’ll have to submit to other means. There are lubricants to help ease the passage of a Drule into a human’s body, I suggest you use them.”

It all sounded horrible to Allura, the girl shivering and hoping fervently that a a human bought her contract and not a Drule.

“In fact, that will be part of your homework for tonight.” Madame Elianza told them. “I want you to look up the various lubricants, and find the ones you think would best suit you. What our bodies cannot make for us, we must get from somewhere else.”

“Wha…what if they don’t want to wait to use the lubricants?” It was a horrible thought, and it was Crystalline who gave voice to it.

“There are ways to dissuade them. It is in their best interest as well as yours not to do you any lasting harm.” Elianza explained. “Of course sex is not just limited to one position and one hole.” Another press on the buttons, the woman now kneeling before the Drule, her head bobbing up and down the length of his shaft. The girls made uncomfortable sounds, wincing at the sight.

Corrum and Phillip were another matter, growing aroused at the sight of the woman servicing the Drule. Their delight lasted only long enough for the Madame to switch the holo to a human male and a Drule male in that same position, the two boys paling as they realized it went both ways for them. It seemed to grow even worse when the Drule reached down to grip hold of the human’s hair, the larger man beginning to thrust his hips into the youth’s mouth.

“We have a lot to go over…” Elianza said, allowing the image of the two men to remain. “In the coming months, you will learn a variety of positions, and your flexibility will be put to the test as we learn just how far each of you is capable of bending. There are after all, over a hundred different positions possible between a couple, and you will be expected to know most of them.”

“And to perform them?” Liandra asked, having grown bored with the two men on the holo. Madame Elianza nodded, leaving Allura and the other children to wonder just how flexible they would have to be for their upcoming profession.

“Have you all had a good enough look at the holo?” The teenagers nodded, Madame Elianza smiling and gesturing for them to return to their seats. “Then it’s time to get serious…” She had them press buttons on the devices, a certain sequence that triggered the image to change. This time a Drule male was standing over them, arms and legs spread, the man totally naked.

Another push of the buttons had red appear on the Drule’s purple skin, key points highlighted on the body. “What’s this Madame Elianza?” called out Corrum, the boy looking disgruntled at having to stare at a naked male. Allura knew he would much rather they be looking at a female, but the chances were low that their contracts would be bought a woman. The high ranking noble ladies simply cared little for those in a courtesan’s line of work, preferring to get their relief elsewhere.

“You’re looking at the Drule male’s erogenous zones.” Explained the Madame, leaning against her desk. “Please note they exist all over the body, and are not focused in just their groin.”

“But the red is the brightest down there!” protested Liandra.

“It is. But only a clumsy and inexperienced courtesan would settle his or her attentions on the cock alone.” Elianza told them, a shock going through them at her language. She almost never used such words, the teenagers quick to realize the Madame was serious about keeping their attention. As if their minds could wander, not with the subject matter presented before them!

“You’ll want to start with one of the smaller zones..” Continued the Madame. “A simple caress on the arm, or a kiss on the neck will suffice. As you become more familiar with your partner, you will be allowed to become bolder, your touches becoming more insistent. You may even be permitted to bite at the skin, but you must do it gently.”

“To not bruise them?” Allura asked, tone innocent.

“To not bleed them.” Allura shivered at the Madame’s answer. “A Drule’s blood is sacred to them, they only allow another Drule the honor of bleeding them during bed sport.” It was left unsaid that the only way a human could hope to bleed a Drule was on the field of battle, only getting away with it if they somehow managed to kill the Drule. “It is unfortunate considering the Drules find it quite arousing, both to bleed and to make others bleed.”

“What happens if we do bleed them?” Corrum asked, then quickly added. “By accident?”

“Pray you never learn.” Madame Elianza told him, expression serious. “If you feel you cannot control yourself, then avoid using your teeth on your Drule partners.” Allura had a feeling that many of the students in the room, herself included, had just made a vow to never bite a Drule.

“There are of course other ways to titillate your Drule partners.” Madame Elianza had them do a close up of the man’s face, red light flaring into life over his purple colored skin. Most of the light centered on the Drule’s ears, the red burning brightest at the very end of the pointed tips. “The ears are highly effective. You may find your Drule turning to putty in your hands with a simple caress of your tongue against his ears.”

“And the tips?” Liandra asked, and Madame smiled in approval.

“I’m glad you noticed. You must pay extra attention to the tips. It’s not uncommon to make a Drule purr by sucking on the pointed tips of their ears.”

“As much as they like other parts sucked?” Liandra wanted to know, Allura blushing as she remembered the holos of the humans servicing the Drule on their knees.

“Almost as much.” The Madame allowed. “Their ears are very sensitive. The added length allows for much more nerves than humans have. You must use that to your advantage.” A murmur from the teenagers, and then Madame Elianza had them zoom out to the rest of the body. “Study the zones, try to guess how they need to be stimulated…”

Allura stared at the image, keeping her eyes averted from the male’s erect state. She saw red glowing over his nipples, and realized with a start that that too was a zone for pleasure in a male. Liandra giggled next to her, having the male rotate above them so they could see his back. Red glowed over the rectum, leaving Allura startled and wondering why.

“Most Drules won’t like to admit to this, but they can feel pleasure in their ass.” The Madame told them, and glanced at the two boys in the room. “Corrum, Phillip pay attention to what I’m about to say because this applies to human males as well.” The boys sat up straighter, unhappy looks on their faces. “There is a gland inside, a spot you can work to your advantage to increase pleasure. This gland is limited to males only, and can be simulated by fingers or the thrusting of a male’s cock. Of course…” Another sly look. “There are toys that can be used to also reach that gland, but we’ll cover that in a future lesson.”

“Toys?” Liandra seized on the word, looking intrigued. “Will we be allowed to handle these toys?”

“Under strict supervision, yes.” The Madame told them. “You’ll be expected to be well verse in the use of these items, willing and ready to perform with them, either on yourselves or on your partner.”

“On ourselves?” Allura asked, and the Madame nodded.

“It’s not unheard of. Your partner may find enjoyment in watching you tend to your own needs. You have to remember Allura, there are many ways to arouse, many ways to give your partner pleasure. Especially if they are Drule. The Drules…have more of everything. More size, more zones, more needs. Specialized ones. If you get a Drule for a partner I’ve no doubt you will be kept busy pleasing them in and out of the bedroom.”

“Oh…” Allura said quietly, thinking it all sounded like a lot of hard work. Madame Elianza had the holos change, this time a Drule female appearing in the air. The two boys let out excited sounds, this was the first time either of them had seen a naked Drule female. The red glow was in place over the female’s body, Madame Elianza beginning to call out the spots of interest to her students.

The lesson continued, enough time being spent to go over the human male and female’s body as well. “Take the holo devices with you when you leave.” Madame Elianza advised them. “You’ll be expected to have these zones memorized by next week.”

“Will there be a test?” Corrum called out, and the teenagers let out disappointed moans at Elianza’s nod.

“There will indeed…” The bell chimed the hour, Elianza looking surprised. “Is it that time already?” She stared at the chrono meter on her desk, then nodded. “Very well. You have acting lessons to attend to. Try not to let what you learned today distract you too badly.” It was with a twinkle in her eyes that the Madame said that, the raven haired woman giving a toss of her head.

The teenagers got the message, and hurriedly gathered their bags, Allura allowing Liandra to carry the device in hers. It was still early in the day, there would be hours to go before they had a chance to even look at the holos once more, let alone review what they had learned. Allura, ever studious, was determined to score nothing less than perfect on the test that was to follow.

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