A Doll’s Life

So back in the last week of June 2010, I commissioned doll makers to make me Lotor and Allura dolls. They finally came in the middle of October! 😀

I requested the dolls be in a box where they are together, just like my Lezard Lenneth Dolls. However, as you can see, both of them were really squished in the box. Allura’s head is being pushed down…and Lotor was all bent at the knees to fit in. I blame Allura’s squishiness on her dress. The skirt is massive!

The one pic I have of Lotor with his helmet…unfortunately like two seconds after this pic his helmet promptly fell off. And the darn thing broke one of the wing tips off. I wasn’t too disapointed, since I hadn’t been expecting them to make his helmet in the first place. Lotor even has pointed ears, and his head and hands (covered by his gloves) are painted a blue lavender color. His sword is removable from the sheathe on his sword belt too!

A close up of Allura…

Full body shot of her…

A shot from the back to try and show how massive her skirt is!

And finally shots of the two love birds together!

I’m keeping these two displayed out of the box on a very tall shelf. I kept my VP dolls in their boxes, but for Lotor and Allura, they were so God Awful squished, I had to take them out. Luckily since the third move about my room, I finally found a spot my cats can’t reach! \o/

I’m still planning to get Romelle in her pink Doom Terrorist outfit as my next doll commission. But that won’t be until some time in 2011 most likely, since there’s these Valkyrie Profile doujinshi I want to order this month instead. Choices choices choices…

These pics do not do the dolls justice! I might try to retake the photos some time in the future…


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