Trade 03

They had been met with stares when they returned to the ship, Lotor’s men hardly daring to believe their eyes at the prize he carried cradled in his arms. Conscious of Allura’s naked state under Cossack’s cloak, Lotor had wrapped the fabric more securely around her, but still flashes of her arms and legs could still be seen. No one dared whistle in appreciation, the soldiers quickly looking away without comment on the state of the princess’ lack of dress.

“Get us moving.” Lotor ordered, walking past one of his generals. “I want no delays in leaving this place.”

“Yes, sir Prince Lotor!” The general saluted, ready to obey his prince’s commands. “But…” He hesitated, and Lotor looked at him, his eyes a smoldering glare. “Where should we go?”

From behind him came Cossack’s snort, the man thinking it a dumb question. “To Doom of course.”

“No…” Lotor’s words surprised the commander, the prince once again resuming his walk. “We continue on to the Phi Nom Sector.” He heard the answering murmurs of the general, the Drule hurrying off to force the staring soldiers into action. His voice was like a whip crack, ordering them to return to their posts, the men doing so with little complaint. Lotor knew once he was out of sight and ear shot, the gossip and speculation would begin, the soldiers eager to figure out just how he had come to acquire the princess of Arus.

He still couldn’t believe it himself, Lotor wondering just how and when the mysterious host has gotten a hold of Allura. He hoped she’d give him the answers he so desperately craved, Lotor stalking through the ship as he headed for his personal cabin. Cossack followed right behind him, both their footsteps echoing loudly through out the metal ship.

There were few servants out at this time, but those they encountered acted as stunned as the men on the command deck of the ship, eyes wide with shock and thinly veiled interest. He wanted to growl at them, annoyed at their stares, and the way they drifted closer to the trio, solicitous in their words.

“May we be of service Prince Lotor?” One man asked, falling into step behind Cossack. Lotor didn’t so much as glance backwards, offering a curt no in response. He wasn’t in a position to see the disappointment cross the man’s face, Lotor turning a sharp bend that led to a new stretch of corridor. A woman here tried to get him to pause, bowing, her eyes nervous as she talked.

“Your cabin is prepared your highness.” Her gaze flitted back and forth between Lotor and the unconscious princess in his arms, the prince all but sneering his dismissal at her.

“They just want to be of service…” Cossack began as they left the nervous maid behind, and Lotor nearly whirled on his commander.

“No, they want to pry and be privy to what is happening.” The prince retorted. “You can see they are all dying to know the story behind how Allura came to be in my possession…” He trailed off as guards suddenly appeared at the end of the corridor, the men pausing to bow to the prince even as their eyes went wide with curious shock. Lotor waited until they were out of ear shot before continuing. “I can’t let them know Allura was being sold as though she was some common slave!”

“She’s a bit more than that…” Cossack began, and Lotor made an agreeing noise. “I mean….common slaves don’t go for five point five billion credits!! Hell, not many pleasure slaves fetch that kind of price, even on the black market.”

“Not many of them are Arusian royalty either.” Lotor pointed out, at last reaching the doors that would lead into his private cabin. He started to juggle Allura’s body in his arms, awkwardly trying to shift her so he could get the door open when Cossack moved into action.

“Allow me prince.” The commander said, reaching for the handles of the door. Lotor nodded his thanks, and swept past Cossack into the lavish bedroom that made up the majority of the cabin’s floor space. He barely paid attention to his surroundings, far too used to this room and it’s muted colors of dark blue and gray. Instead he went straight for the bed, seeing the maids had taken the time to change the sheets, and fluff up the pillows.

As Cossack closed the door behind them, Lotor laid Allura down on the blood red sheets that were trimmed with black edges. She didn’t make a sound, just slumped against the cushions, doll like in her sleep. Lotor bent over her, touching her pale skin, feeling how warm it felt against his fingers. He studied her as he stroked her face, noticing her lips looked discolored, surely a mark of the drug that had been given to her.

There was other signs, Lotor checking her eyes to see them rimmed with red, the blue clouded over with a vacant look to them. Her pulse was racing, seeming far too fast for one that was asleep. Frowning, Lotor looked away from her to stare at Cossack who was wringing his hands together anxiously. “They said she was given mangepita and Alcueran powder…but I’ve never known either of those drugs to make one’s pulse race.”

“I wouldn’t put it past that child loving slime bucket to slip her something else.” Cossak said, a look of distaste on his face. Lotor’s own expression was grave, the prince worrying over what else was in Allura’s system.

“I think you better go get the ship’s onboard doctor…” Lotor’s voice was soft, his words more suggestion than command. “I won’t be able to put my mind at ease until I know what they pumped her full of, and how long the effects will take to wear off.”

“RIght…” Cossack nodded, and turned towards the door.

“Oh and commander?” Lotor called out, stroking Allura’s face with the back of his fingers. “Do not tell anyone just how we came to hold the princess of Arus in our grasp.”

Cossack paused, a look of confusion on his face. “Why not?”

“Because….I haven’t decided yet on the story we will tell people.” Lotor answered. Cossack’s frown deepened, the man not understanding.

“Story? What’s there to be confused about? You bought her…”

“I will not have people knowing I bought my bride…” Lotor snapped, his anger not nearly as fearsome as it would have been had he not been calming himself by touching Allura.

“Ah….it’s a pride thing isn’t it…?” Cossack wondered out loud, though he flinched at the glare the prince shot him.

“Call it what you like…” Lotor shrugged, fingers sliding back into Allura’s golden hair. “I will not have anyone, ANYONE treating Allura like a slave. Official documents or no, she is a royal princess, and my intended queen. She will be treated with respect and the awe awarded to one of her station.”

“Yeah but……what are you going to tell people?” Cossack wanted to know. “I mean what story will you make up to explain how you got your hands on her?”

“I don’t know yet commander.” Lotor replied with a sigh. “But this side trip to the Phi Nom Sector will give me a chance to think up some believable tale. Now go. Every moment we waste, is another minute Allura is afflicted by the poisons pumped into her by that loathsome toad’s minions.”

“Yes, your highness.” Cossack quickly hurried out of the room, slamming the doors shut behind him. Lotor continued to pet Allura’s hair, staring thoughtfully at the doors to the cabin. He had in his possession official documents stating he owned Allura, handed to him by the host’s minions. He knew he should burn the papers, and introduce a virus into the slave data banks to erase all records of purchasing Allura. Yet a part of him hesitated to do that, Lotor wanting some kind of leverage over Allura to force her compliance in his grand plans for them both.

“Oh Allura…” Lotor sighed, turning his gaze back to the sleeping princess. “This is not how I would have brought you here….you have to know that. But…we must make do with what the situation gives us.”

He didn’t expect a response, seeing her eyes move beneath her eyelids, the girl surely dreaming of something. He bent over to kiss her forehead, noticing her tiara had been taken from her, no doubt still in possession of the host. He wondered if he’d be able to somehow get it back for her, Lotor finding it strange to see Allura without the tiara in place on her forehead.

His hands reached for Cossack’s cloak, Lotor hesitating just an instant before unraveling it to reveal the naked body it concealed. He drew in a sharp gasp, staring at her nude loveliness, feeling a quickening of his blood that sent heat shooting through him. Back at the auction house he had been too angry, too incensed with rage and jealousy to properly appreciate Allura’s beauty. Now he had the luxury of being affected by it, though he forced his hands to behave as he freed her from the last of the cloak.

Instead he turned a studious eye on her, trying to make sure there were no marks on her. Thankfully she appeared free of a slaver’s mark, the host surely thinking her buyer would want to put his own brand on her. Lotor felt ill at the thought of Allura’s tanned perfection being marred with the slave mark of Doom, the prince shaking his head as though to chase away that sickening thought.

She appeared to have no scratches on her, the slavers being sure to avoid damaging their merchandise before the big sale. And yet…he noticed something on her skin, color that seemed darker a shade than it should be. His gloved fingertips touched her bare hip, rubbing at the color. It stained his fingertips, Lotor realizing it was make up, some sort of concealer used to hide the bruise underneath it.

His hands clenched into fists above her body, Lotor wondering where other bruises might be hidden. He vowed to himself that for each bruise she suffered through, the host would resolve retribution that was a million times worse. “He’ll pay for what he did to you.” Lotor hissed to the sleeping Allura. “This I vow, my beloved.”

He didn’t have time to check her over completely, Cossack could be back with the doctor at any minute. Lotor hurried over to his closet, thrusting the doors open to scan the meager offering of outfits. There wasn’t anything that was suitable for a woman to wear, Lotor not having packed anything but his own outfits for this trip. He rummaged through the nearly identical uniforms, until he came across a dress shirt, Lotor grabbing at the silk.

Rushing back to the bed, he pulled the shirt over Allura’s head, slipping her arms through the silken sleeves. The shirt was too big for her, drifting down past her knees, but it offered adequate coverage. He rolled up the sleeves as best he could, leaving her hands uncovered, his own touching the backs of them. Allura stayed in that coma like state, not reacting to his touches which made him sigh.

“I wish you’d wake up.” He told her, sitting on the edge of the bed next to her. “I’d give almost anything to see your eyes open, free of the clouds the drugs forced on you.” Lotor kept his eyes locked on her face, but except for her eyelids movements, there was no reaction. It left him to wonder at things, worrying about how long she had been with the slavers, and if they had fed her properly. He wanted to know everything they had done to her, determined to use her horror stories to further his torture of the host and his minions.

At last a knock came at the door, the sound doing little to draw Lotor’s attention away from Allura. “Enter!” he called, but Cossack was already opening the door, shoving the ship’s doctor into the room.

“Ah…Doctor Szehban.” Lotor stood. gesturing the Drule closer to the bed. “This is the patient…my…fiancee Allura.”

“What is wrong with her?” Szehban asked, and Lotor wondered how he would explain the drugs in her system.

“She’s been drugged…” Cossack interjected, Lotor shooting him a sharp look. “We were hoping you could tell us with what…”

“I’ll have to run some tests…” The doctor said, Lotor nodding his head for the man to approach Allura’s side. He kept a careful eye on the doctor’s actions, quick to make sure the Drule didn’t touch Allura any more than necessary.

Nervous, the doctor opened his medical bag, pulling out a stethoscope which he used on Allura. He frowned, surely disturbed to hear her heart beating so fast. “We were told the drugs were a mixture of mangepita and Alcueran powder…” Lotor began, wondering if he’d have to kill the doctor once his diagnosis of Allura was complete. “But her symptoms appear to hint at something more.”

“Mangepita and Alcueran powder…” The doctor said thoughtfully. “Yes, they could explain the sleep, but not the discoloration of the lips or her elevated heart beat. Allow me to take some blood, and I will run tests on it.”

“Of course.” Lotor nodded, watching as the man withdrew a large needle, along with the vials he would fill with Allura’s blood. He was unflinching as the doctor inserted the needle into a vein, staring hopefully for a reaction form Allura. She didn’t so much as gasp, the doctor replacing vial after vial, till he had three in all full of her blood.

“Can’t you give her something to wake her up?” Cossack asked as the doctor wiped at her arm with an antiseptic tissue.

“I’m afraid not. Until I know for certain what the other drug is…well…” Szehban sighed. “What I give her could have an adverse reaction, leading to more extreme symptoms, even death.”

“Damn…” Cossack swore as the doctor stowed the vials of blood in his bag. The doctor then began shining a light in her face, forcing her eyes to open to check on them. He even went so far as to check her mouth, looking at the color of her tongue and her gums.

“I will return to my lab, and start running tests immediately.” The doctor said, standing. “Until we know what we’re dealing with, it’s best to make her as comfortable as possible.”

“Any estimate on when she will wake up on her own?” Lotor asked without hope.

“I’m sorry, no. It could be a few minutes, it could be a few days.” The apologetic doctor said. Lotor sighed, and waved a dismissive hand in his direction. The doctor bowed and hurried from the room, leaving Lotor alone with Cossack and Allura.

“You can have your cloak back.” Lotor said, tossing the cape in the direction of Cossack. The commander barely caught it in time, the ends of the fabric slapping him in the face.

“Thanks…” Cossack’s tone was somber the commander bundling the cloak up over his arms. “So they got the princess with some pretty bad stuff eh?”

“Looks that way Cossack…” Lotor sighed.

“What if it’s something she becomes addicted to?” He asked, and Lotor turned to glare at him. “I’m just saying is all!”

“We do not need any more added problems!” Lotor snapped, and this time it was the commander who sighed.

“Yeah you’re right. It will be hard enough coming up with a cover story for your father to buy.” Cossack frowned. “You know how good he is at ferreting out lies, especially with that witch of his using her magic.”

“I know Cossack.” Lotor brought his hands to his face, fingers rubbing at his temples. “The mission to intercept the Voltron force should take a few days…”

“That’s if they’re not off looking for their princess.” Cossack pointed out. “Hey…I wonder if blue lion was captured along with Allura!?”

“If it was, and that vermin neglected to tell us…” Lotor trailed off, noting Cossack shivered, surely disturbed by the look on the prince’s face. “He already has a lot to pay for, selling and drugging Allura to start!”

“Taking you for that obscene amount of money too…” added Cossack and Lotor tsked.

“It’s not about the money.” A sneer was curling his lips, Lotor seeing Cossack didn’t understand. “It’s the principle of the matter! Allura should have never been put up for sale. He should have contacted me directly, and arrangements could have been made.”

“What kind of arrangements?” wondered Cossack out loud.

“Ones that would have kept that pissant alive.” Lotor told him.

“Oh good.” Cossack looked eager. “So we are going to kill him?”

“I meant it when I said this wasn’t over.” Lotor smirked. “I always keep my promises.” He glanced at Allura, resisting the impulse to touch her hair once more. “Isn’t that right Allura?” His tone softened, his eyes becoming warm as he gazed at the princess. “I told you, you would be mine. That we would be married. And now, that promise will come to pass.”

To his surprise, her lips parted, and a small moan escaped her. Lotor was startled but hopeful, immediately seizing hold of her right hand as he bent over her, casting Allura in his shadow. “Allura? Can you hear me?”

No other sound came from her, and he sighed in disappointment. “Maybe she’s dreaming.” Cossack suggested, and Lotor shrugged, squeezing her hand. To his pleasure, he felt her fingers move, doing the tiniest of squeezes back. “Hope she’s not in pain…” The commander’s words were followed by another moan, both men staring wide eyed at the princess. “Hey..” Cossack look a tad uncomfortable, shifting from foot to foot. “Didn’t that sound rather…”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Lotor interrupted, just as Allura let out an even more drawn out moan. He blinked, something in him reacting to the sound, for Allura had just let out a very sexual sounding cry.

Cossack coughed, looking embarrassed. “I may be no expert when it comes to ladies, but even I know what a woman sounds like when she is in need….”

“Need…” echoed Lotor, staring at Allura’s parted lips, seeing her tongue lick across them. A moan followed her tongue’s actions, and then she moved her left hand, fingers creeping closer to her breast. Breasts that even covered by his shirt showed that her nipples were two hard points, straining against the fabric. “It’s a side effect of the drugs…” Lotor said, entranced by the sight of Allura’s heaving chest, her breath coming quicker.

“Another…gift from the host?” wondered Cossack, and Lotor shook himself free of the spell Allura’s breasts were having on him.

“Cossack, leave us..” Lotor ordered, and heard Allura let out another moan. His cock reacted to the sound, excitement coursing through him to hear Allura make such delicious noise.

“Yeah…I think it’s best…” Cossack said, nodding as he backed towards the door. “It might be good for you two to be alone together…” A sly smile then, the Commander looking lecherous. “He did say to make her comfortable…!”

“Cossack go!” Lotor snapped, a put upon expression on his face. “See if you can’t locate a device to cut off the collar she wears.” He hoped the doctor hadn’t noticed the collar underneath Allura’s shirt, the metal a thin band of iron.

“Right…I can do that…” Cossack’s voice drifted away from the room, the doors slow to slam close.

“And take your time in returning!” added Lotor, voice a loud shout that had no effect on Allura’s need to moan. Her hand moved, touching her breast, her moans vocalizing her desire as Lotor climbed into the bed next to her. He chased her hand away from her chest, his own shaking with excitement as he considered just where to touch her.

“The hell with it.” He muttered, and reached with both hands to cup her breasts, hearing her moan again an instant before he was burying his face between her chest.

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