Contest 03

Consciousness was forcing itself onto Lotor, telling him what he already knew–it was time to get up. It didn’t mean he had to listen to it, and with an angry snort, he rolled onto his side, fingers reaching for a pillow. Instead he felt something poking into his stomach, a hard plastic material, and when he turned back on his left, that side too had the strange object jabbing against his body. In fact, now that he was aware of it, his whole bed was decidedly uncomfortable. The mattress was not his usual goose down, but coarse velvety material that couldn’t mask the lumpiness of this new resting place. Nor was it the same width or length of his normal bed, instead forcing his legs to bend, his body just fitting snugly inside the two pieces of plastic.
With a sigh, he snapped open his eyes, and saw for himself where he was. Not in his room, not on a couch in his harem, or in a hotel room. And most definitely not on a cot in the dungeon, which was an all too possible scenario since his father had recently taken to using such measures to punish him–be it because of his failures on Arus, drunken displays in public, or even just because Zarkon was in a bad mood.

Where the handsome Prince of Doom found himself now, was inside the cramp cockpit of his one man fighter jet. Which explained the plastic arm rests, and the uncomfortable chair. After nearly crashing into a moon one night when he had fallen asleep at the wheel, he had undertaken to foreseeing his ride be made into a most unpleasant napping spot. And for the most part it had worked, the skies of Arus and her moons being safe from Lotor’s sometimes erratic driving habits.
However, there was a new puzzle to be solved. How had he ended up on Arus, when he didn’t even recall leaving his planet in the last few days? He knew it was Arus, he would never be able to mistake this place for anywhere else. No the sky, just now lightening into predawn colors, the beautiful landscape, or the gleaming white towers of the Castle of Lions were instantaneously recognizable to him.

“What am I doing on Arus without my fleet?” Lotor wondered out loud. “Without a robeast?” A gasp emerged from his lips as he realized he wasn’t wearing his swordbelt. “Without my sword?!” He sat up, a bit frantically sweeping chocolates and roses off the console, fingers fiddling with buttons and switches. “Come on…come on…” He muttered, adjusting the frequency for a long distance broadcast to Doom. He got nothing but static in return.

“Damn…” Lotor muttered. “No clues to be had that way…” He frowned, considering his next option. “I’m probably going to get screamed at by my father, no matter what I do. Worse case scenario, I return to Doom, discovering I left right before a planned attack–oh how the old man will love THAT…best…I partied a little too hard, and went out on a drunken bender…” He sighed. “I guess I better just go home, and prepare to face the music…”

But his hands didn’t move towards the ignition, the prince turning to give the castle a longing look. He knew it would be foolish to try and see Allura, especially in her home, when the Voltron Force didn’t have his minions to keep them occupied.

But it would be a shame to have come all this way and not get a glimpse of that beauty.

Lotor found himself nodding, agreeing with what he thought was HIS thought. It was actually the demon Pujim, trying to give subtle hints to the prince on what should be his next course of action.

“Allura…how I long to see thee…” Lotor grinned. “Especially after that last dream!”

That’s it!

thought Pujim excitedly. THIS too is a dream.

“It is?” Lotor said, surprised.


Pujim purred seductively. One of those extra nice dreams you are so prone to having.

“You mean…one of THOSE dreams?” Lotor asked eagerly.

Yes, one of those steamy dreams about meeting with an all too willing princess…

He trailed off, letting Lotor fill in the blanks.

“Well then hot damn! What am I doing just sitting here?!” This time there was no hesitation as Lotor turned on his ship, enabling his cloaking device at the same time. Pujim was ready to turn cartwheels, so ecstatic was he, that Lotor appeared to not only be able to hear him, but seemed to be agreeing with him. Apparently it was the result of his earlier possession, or maybe the young prince had not yet woken up enough, either way could allow some form of communication to be made.

A bored Sakkira was floating about the castle, regretting her decision to have come to Arus. This place is dullsville! She announced. Nothing interesting EVER happens here! The demoness couldn’t believe just how boring life at the Castle of Lions was. Or that it could mainly be the fault of one woman–an overweight, over bearing, woman with a thick Swedish accent and zero tolerance for childish antics. A human woman that could pass for a demoness herself, whose named was uttered via frightened whispers, as all feared her rage.
This place could have been fun, it was a veritable hotbed of sexual energy, many a crush was being nursed inside these very walls. The maids for the pilots–all four of them–the male servants for the maids, the Royal Advisor for the princess’s strict care giver, and even Nanny had more than a passing interest in Coran. Even more delicious was a threesome not acted upon. The Red Lion pilot Lance had some intense feelings for the princess, while the pilot of Black Lion, Keith nightly dreamed of embracing a naked Lance. And most troubling of all was who the princess yearned for. She spent far together too much time on thinking of the blue skinned Prince of Doom. Clearly, Sakkira’s chances at winning the bet would be endangered if the two were ever to come together!

Not that there’s any chance of that happening.

The pretty demoness thought smugly.

The cloaked ship, invisible to the naked eye, pulled close to the castle’s outer walls. So near in fact, one of the ship’s wingtips grazed it, shooting up sparks, and grounding a permanent black scar into the cement. Normally Lotor was a much more careful driver, especially when it came to his beloved ship, but since this was a dream–or so he thought–he didn’t much care about anything. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. He did care about someone, even if right now she was only a figment of his sleeping mind.

I’m going to see Allura!

He thought giddily, a big grin on his face. The only thing that could make this experience any better if it was real! His brow furrowed, as he thought he heard giggling, he shrugged it off. Who cared what he thought he heard, as long as he got to be with his princess!

He did a slow circle of the castle, eyes intently scanning the windows, trying to locate which bedroom was hers. He found it without too much trouble, and was gratified to see the protective shielding was down. “I would say this was almost too easy…” Lotor murmured, popping the hood of his ship. “IF this wasn’t a dream.”


whispered Pujim. Girls love flowers.

Lotor stood up, making sure to tuck the bouquet under one arm, and carefully stepped out onto the sleek barrel of his ship’s front. The ship dipped slightly, and Lotor paused, trying to adjust to the feeling of walking on something hovering in mid air. “Okay…easy does it…one foot after the other…” He eased his way down to the tip, getting closer to Allura’s room.

He went down to his knees, crouching slightly as he judged the distance to her balcony. It was only a short drop to it, and a more lethal drop if he missed it. But being this was only a dream to him, our dashing hero threw caution to the wind, and took a flying leap off his ship. The Gods were on his side, and he landed perfectly–on his feet no less, and smirked. It was then a simple matter of walking over to her glass door, and punching a hole in the glass.

Allura heard the sound of breaking glass but was unconcerned, burrowing deeper under her blankets. Oh what a foolish princess she could be, ignoring tell tale signs of intruders–especially when you take into consideration how her planet was always being attacked. Keeping her eyes shut, she missed seeing a shadowy figure at her door, hand clearing away glass, carefully reaching inside the room, to unlock the door.

The door was slid open, Lotor long being an expert at doing things without making a sound, slipped quietly into Allura’s room. He crept toward the bed, forgotten flowers in one hand. Closer and closer he got, almost forgetting to breathe as he stared at the bed. It didn’t take him even a full minute to cross from the balcony to her bed, but to Lotor it seemed an agonizing eternity.

Eyes caught by the flash of gold hair peeking out from under sheets, the bouquet falling onto the bed, as his hands reached towards it. One hand gripping the blanket, he pulled it free of the princess, eyes eagerly taking in the sight of a sleeping Allura. She was perfect as always, his earthbound angel, but he found it strange that in his dream she would be wearing something so modest, so unrevealing! A nightgown that fell all the way down to her ankles, with long puffy sleeves, and a bodice that buttoned all the way up to her neck. It was a little childish for a woman of her years, but he looked forward to helping her out of it.

He got one knee up on the bed, leaning over her to kiss her. It was then that the princess chose to open her eyes, her first sight of a new day being that of Prince Lotor hovering over her, lips pursed for a kiss. Blue eyes widened, and she inhaled deeply, preparing to let out a loud scream–more so because she was startled rather then frightened.

“EEEE–mph!” She only got four e’s out of a potentially sixteen lettered EEK!–before her mouth was covered with Lotor’s! His lips slowly and sensually worked at hers, the mashings of mouths surprisingly pleasant, and far more enjoyable than one could ever hope to convey to someone who had never before been kissed. Allura hesitantly tried to imitate Lotor’s technique, hoping he wouldn’t think her clumsy with inexperience.

She felt a twinge of disappointment when he pulled away, she sighing deeply, staring up at him with what she hoped was a coy expression. “Boy…” Lotor murmured huskily. “My dreams of late have gotten really intense…that almost felt real…”

“Almost?” Allura frowned, confused. Wait…what is he saying…that this is some sort of dream? Like uh the other one.. She found herself blushing as she recalled the dream where there had been much nudity involved But hadn’t the other one proven to be more than a flight of fancy?! As she mulled over these thoughts, Lotor was already moving in to kiss her again, one hand on her waist. I never did find out how I went from going to sleep on Pollux to waking up on Arus… She trembled slightly, trying to shove away thoughts of how nice Lotor’s kisses were. What if this is some sort of spell? A trap by Hagger! Her paranoia made her narrow her eyes at Lotor, and she slowly pulled back from his kisses. He didn’t seem to notice, pushing forward, she having nowhere to retreat to with the mattress pressing in from under her, and Lotor from above. I could wake up this time, and be on Doom! One of his hands was at her throat, deftly unbuttoning her nightgown. DOOM! She thought again, and suddenly managed to push Lotor off of her!

“Allura!” came his startled reply as he hit the floor with a thud.

How did I managed that?!

Allura wondered, staring at her hands in surprise. I guess I don’t know my own strength! No, the Princess of Arus did not suddenly develop super powers. She had only managed to shift Lotor off, because the prince had not been expecting it–still thinking this was a dream, and add the fact that Allura had not been offering much–if any resistance to his ardent advances.

“What did you do that for!” He sat up, his height being at just the right elevation to receive a slap from Allura. “Stay away from me you pervert!” She hissed, eyes angry.

“Ow!” Lotor couldn’t help exclaim. That hit from her had hurt! “What did you do that for?!”

“You know why!” Allura raised her hand threateningly, ready to land another blow on him. “How could you do that!!”

“Do what?!” He snapped, bemused. This dream of his was fast becoming a nightmare!

“What?! WHAT?!” She flared, sitting up on her knees. “How could you kiss me like that!”

“Well I’m sorry, but at the time you seemed to be enjoying it.” Lotor retorted snidely.

“OOOOOOOH!” Her hand came down again, slapping his cheek.

“This can’t be a dream.” He muttered to himself, slowly standing up, Allura angrily glaring at him. “Those slaps sting too much.”
“I order you to leave my room this instance!” commanded Allura, in her best snooty princess voice.

“Definitely not a dream.” Lotor said, growing more and more upset over the looks Allura was shooting him.

“Didn’t you hear me?!” demanded Allura. “I said leave!”

“Wait…” A crafty look was in his eyes. “If this is not a dream, then…” A slow smirk spread across his face. “I’m really here…I can really touch you…” He couldn’t help it. His eyes took on a sheen of lust, and he leered at Allura. The look proved too much for Allura, and she let out a small squeak, and swayed, half swooning. He moved lightening fast, arms taking hold of her, she leaning against him, one ear pressed against his chest.

Why his heart is beating as fast as mine.

Came her surprised thought. She also liked the feel of his arms around her, his holding of her was comforting, exciting, and dangerous. “Let me go!” She said, and started to struggle.

“Fine, just as soon as we’re married.” grinned Lotor, only holding on tighter. He liked it when she tried to get away, loved the feel of her body against his, her flesh wiggling enticingly when she struggled.

“I’m not marrying you!” came her usual reply. “And if you don’t let me go, I’ll scream!”

“You’ve had plenty of time to do that.” But he reluctantly released her, not wanting her to make good on her threat. “I think you LIKE me holding you.”

“You arrogant jerk!” Allura retorted, and promptly slapped him for the third time.

“Will you stop doing that!?” shouted Lotor.

“Make me!” Allura said, and stuck her tongue out at him.

“Fine I will!” Lotor said, and promptly lurched forward, head coming right next to Allura’s so he could kiss her–without laying a hand on her!

“!!” Allura made a whimpering noise, hands coming up, fingers flexing as though she were unsure if she should ball them up into a fist or grab hold of him.

“Mmmmmmm!” She decided, and wrapped her arms around his neck.


This is progressing nicely.

thought Pujim, sitting off to the side of the bed, a bowl of popcorn in his lap. If they could just make up their minds over whether they want to be fighting or making love… He suddenly frowned, sensing something–another person walking in could be disastrous! But it was something even worse, it was his sister, returning to check in on Allura!
And if I can sense her, that means she can do the same to me!

And sure enough, the angry snarl of “PUGIM!!” And boy did his older sister sound mad! He took to the air, popcorn scattering and evaporating before it touched the floor. Frantic glance about the room, looking for a place to hide! The closet! He quickly dove that way, going through the doors.

“Don’t you dare try to hide from me you little twerp!” Sakkira screeched, materializing into Allura’s room. “I know you’re here.” She was quiet for all of ten seconds, twisting her head round to seek out her brother, only to have her eyes fall onto the scene–and believe me, it was quite a hot one!–of Lotor and Allura passionately making out.
Sakkira’s mouth dropped to the floor, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. “I have to stop this!” She announced, turning tail to leave the room, flee this horrific scene. It didn’t take her mind long to to think of just who to get to do her bidding. Nanny! She quickly began searching out the battle axe of a woman, dimly aware of her brother leaving his hiding place, coming after her.

“Lotor…Lotor…” Allura said urgently, as his lips grazed at her neck, nipping the skin lightly. “Stop…please…”

A very deep, annoyed sigh emerged from his lips, and he pulled away from her. “Could you please make up your mind. These yes-no games are wreaking havoc on my libido.”

She blushed. “Sorry…it’s just…” It’s just when he kisses me I find myself so easily distracted from being angry with him.

“Just…just what?”

“It’s nothing.” Allura moved away from him, putting more distance between them. “You shouldn’t be here…Keith won’t like it.”

“And you always do what Keith tells you to do, is that it?” Lotor demanded.

“Well yes…no…sometimes…it depends…” Allura sighed. “It’s complicated.”

“Well let’s make it simple then. Do YOU want me to leave.” Lotor asked, trying to keep all emotions out of his eyes. He didn’t want to appear too eager, and he definitely didn’t want the hurt to show in his eyes for what could possible be yet another rejection from the Arusian princess.

“I…it doesn’t matter what I want.” She looked away. “It’s what my people will think that counts.’

“That’s a load of bull and you know it!” snapped Lotor. “Quit hiding behind them, and think of yourself for once!”

“And I suppose you’re an expert. After all that’s all you know how to do.” retorted Allura, anger in her eyes. “Always looking out for number one, and damn anyone else who gets in your way!”

“Is that what you think of me?!” Lotor said, mouth agape.

“It’s the image you project to everyone.” replied Allura.

“Well it’s not who I am.” Lotor said stiffly.

“Oh my mistake. I forgot to add you are a blood thirsty war monger, only interested in violence and conquest.” She said harpishly.

“If that was true, I’d just take you right now!” Lotor snapped, and turned his back on her. “Clearly you haven’t grasped the concept of only letting your enemies see what you let them, in order to strike terror into their hearts.”

“…” Allura didn’t know what to say to this.

“They don’t need to know that I don’t like striking down innocents any more then they do. That I hate wallowing through blood, purely for the bitch it is to get out of my hair.” He gave a toss, his snow white mane catching the light, seeming to gleam like a halo. “Or that while I do enjoy being a playboy, I am looking for that special someone to settle down with.”

Allura had a pretty good idea who that someone was, but didn’t want to appear conceited. So she just remained silent, listening to Lotor talk.

“You think I want to let the whole universe know I like long walks on the beach, and candle light dinners, and slow dances?” He demanded.

“You like those things too?” asked a wide eyed Allura. “I thought you only…” She trailed off, being far too delicate to say such an awful thing.

“What, that I only like to rape women? That I don’t know how to romance them?” He sighed, and muttered. “That’s Doom’s P.R.’s manager’s spin on it.” He rolled his eyes. “Unlike my father, I get plenty of women throwing themselves at me.”

Allura let out a giggle. “No offense, but I don’t think any woman in her right mind would want to touch Zarkon.”

“That explains Hagger then.” Lotor said, and Allura laughed a little harder.

“Lotor…” Allura stepped closer to the prince. “Did you really mean what you said? About not enjoying killing people?” She blushed. “Or was that just a line to get me in bed?”

“While I don’t get off on killing others, I do accept that there are some people that do need killing–that should be killed. And there are certain individuals…” Like Keith. He thought. “That I would indeed feel a satisfaction to rid their blight from the universe. Much like I imagine you would enjoy witnessing the death of my father.”

Allura let out an indignant gasp. “I would never!”

“Come on princess, we all got that touch of darkness within us.”

“Some more than others.” She said prissily.

“That’s what makes life interesting.” Lotor replied.

“I suppose…” Allura stared down at her feet. “Lotor I…want to ask you something…if I may.”

“Ask away. I’ll be an open book to you.”

“You…you’re always saying you want to be with me…but on your terms…”

“My terms? Hmm…I guess it seems that way…you never had anything to say besides screaming for me to get away.” Lotor replied.

“What if I had some terms for you?”

“Not that you don’t always have my undivided attention, but now more than ever, I’m listening.” The Prince of Doom was very curious as to see what exactly the princess was trying to get at.

“Would you ever think of giving up your life of conquest? Help defend planets, instead of capturing them?” Her blue eyes stared at him intently, desperate to hear a yes in reply.

“Allura…” They stared deeply into each other’s eyes. “I would GLADLY give up war to be with you.” Her eyes widened in disbelief, never daring to dream he would say such a thing. “Do you…do you mean that?” She said, her voice barely a whisper.

“Yes…I’ve never wanted to fight you, and if I had to give up all my wealth and become a farmer, I’d do that to if I could live out my life with you by my side.” Lotor said seriously.

“Well…” Her eyes were mischievous. “I wouldn’t go that far.”

He couldn’t help it. He had to crack a joke. “How far are you willing to go.”

“How is this for starters?” She pressed closer to him, leaning up on tip toe to place a soft kiss on his lips.

“Hmm…nice…” Lotor said as Allura wrapped her arms around him. They kissed again, tilting over to fall onto the bed, the flowers Lotors had brought her getting squashed flat. Later the princess would comment on what a sweet gesture they had been, but for now they were too busy exploring each other’s mouths.

There she is!

An evil little cackle emerged from the demoness’ lips as she crouched down besides the sleeping Nanny. Let’s see Pugim win the bet with her around to run interference. An evil grin on her face, she concentrated all her energy on making her hands substantial, fingers reaching out to catch hold of the woman’s curly brown hair. She was just about to give the curls a vicious pull, when her brother came crashing into the room.

“Sakkira don’t!” Pugim shouted from behind her.

“Hmph!” Was all she would say to him.

“I mean it Sakkira! Leave them be!” cried Pugim. “Any interference will be construed as cheating!”

That got her to come screechingly to a halt. “I a cheater?!” She turned to face him, disbelief in her eyes. “And what exactly are you then!?”

“Uh…a mischief demon…”

“Don’t play dumb with me!” She snapped, arms folding across her chest. “I think it’s pretty obvious YOU had a hand in arranging that little scene in there!”

“Well maybe just a little…” admitted Pugim. “But what about you?!”

“Me?!” She cried, a bit too defensive. “I didn’t do anything.”

“Oh, so what? You just happen to be in the neighborhood?!” Pugim arched an eyebrow at her.

“Well I uh…”

“Tell the truth sis…you came here to make sure nothing happened between the mortals.” Pugim’s eyes dared her to try and deny his claims.


“Sa–kki–ra…” He said warningly.

“Okay, fine, I admit it. I did come here to help my victory along. Are you happy now!” snapped Sakkira.

“Not until you promise not to do something foolish.” replied Pugim.

“Hmph…Why should I?” Sakkira asked, turning to once again take hold of Nanny’s hair. “You’ve obviously stacked the deck in your favor, why shouldn’t I do the same?”

“…okay, yes I did cheat…we’re both guilty of that…why don’t we just declare this contest null and void.” Pugim said, trying to placate her.
“Hmm…so this wouldn’t count as a loss to me?” Sakkira asked, surprised.


“Pugim, this is highly unlike you.” She pulled away from Nanny. “Winning normally means everything to a demon. Why the change of heart?”

“…let’s just say…I’m a sucker…for romance.” He said slowly.

She cocked an eyebrow at him. “You really believe they love each other?” He nodded. “Enough to forfeit the game?” More nodding. “This is very interesting…very interesting indeed.”

“Do we have a deal?” Pugim asked, hopefully.

“Yes, but on one condition.”

“And that is?” He asked guardedly.

“That you allow ME to make an easy win bet.” Sakkira smirked, floating close to her brother. “I propose we bet on whether or not our royal couple has sex before they are married.” She swung an arm across her brother’s shoulder, as they slowly floated up through the ceiling.

“And of course you will be betting on before.” Pugim said.

“Why Puggy…” She playfully batted her eyelashes at him. “How did you ever guess that?”

“Sister dear, would you keep that beautiful man waiting any longer than you had too?” Pugim stated, as his way of explaining. Peals of laughter drifted through the castle, the two demons missing out on seeing Nanny’s eyes pop open, a look of worry in her eyes…

“It was just a dream…” Nanny murmured to herself, as she hurried towards the princess’ bedchambers, loose robe flapping behind her. “I don’t know why I am getting so worried. I know my baby, she would never do anything untoward with a man…” But it was all the brown haired woman could do to keep from running through the castle halls.

She rounded a corner, seeing the princess’ bedroom door a few feet away, and heard something. A woman’s giggle–it sounded like Allura, but it had a more mature resonance to it. Nanny’s blood pressure rose as a man laughed, and teasingly said, “Allura you really are lopsided!”
“Oh Lotor!! My right breast is only larger by a centimeter. Stop making a big deal out of it.”

“I’ll show you a big deal.” Lotor said wickedly, and Allura let out a wild screech of laughter. “Oooooh aren’t you my big, blue, gorgeous man!”

Hyperventilating, Nanny reached the door and flung it open, the wood crashing against the wall, causing the naked couple to start in fright. Two pairs of eyes–one blue–one gold–widened slightly, and stared at the woman whose heavy breathing could make Darth Vader jealous.

“Uh…uh…Nanny!” squeaked Allura, and threw a blanket over her head. Lotor just stared. This was the infamous Nanny he had heard so much about, the one whose life work of making Allura into a prude had just been destroyed in the course of one morning by the Prince of Doom.

“Do something!” hissed Allura, scared to come out from under the bed.

“Like what?” whispered Lotor.

“I dunno say something!” Allura retorted.

“Um…hello…” Lotor lifted a hand to wave at Nanny.

“…” Nanny just stared in dumbfounded shock at the bed, as the sun now having risen high in the sky chose to rain down rays of light into the room–directly onto the bed, illuminating what the sheets hid–that of Lotor and Allura’s lower halves entwined together, the princess’ legs wrapped tightly around the prince’s waist.

“Um say…you don’t look too well…” Lotor said concerned. It appeared the woman’s face had gone even paler, and she looked ready to vomit. “Perhaps you should go see a doctor.”

Speechless for once in her life, Nanny could only manage to nod her head slightly. Slow in her movements, she backed out of the room, seeming unable to take her eyes away from the bed. “And close the door please!”

Allura shouted from her hiding spot.

Nanny nodded once again, and pushed the door close. She stared at it for a minute, feeling tears well up in her eyes. “My baby’s all grown up…” She said, and backed a few more feet away. She got all the way to where the corridor split off into several directions before she fainted from shock.

As for our horny couple…they sat in silence for all of say…five seconds…listening for sounds of screaming. When it did not come, they merely shrugged it off, and resumed their amourous activities. “Oh well…” Allura said, in between gasps and moans of pleasure. “We can always calm her down later with the news we’re planning to marry.”

“Yes.” agreed Lotor, blissfully happy. “Got to make an honest woman out of you.”

“Out of me?!” Allura exclaimed, and playfully spanked her hand against Lotor’s rear. Much kinky sex went on for the rest of the day, the servants sneaking past the door, whispering to each other about the interesting sounds coming from within the princess’ bedroom.

And after intensive therapy, Nanny recovered just in time to take care of Allura’s triplets. Coran was bemused, but happy that Allura had found true love. It took a while for Keith to stop the assassination attempts on Lotor’s life, about the same time it took Lance to get over his heartbreak over Allura. The two pilots ended up falling into each other’s arms for comfort, and have since become lovers. Hunk and Pidge opened up a ship repair shop, and Pidge began designing web pages for extra cash. Hunk soon married the former slave Fala, and Pidge began romancing a girl he had met via a chat room. Zarkon disowned Lotor, then tried to reclaim him when he started losing one planet after another due to his bad battle tactics. Lotor refused to divorce Allura and return to a life of doing his father’s dirty work. Zarkon ended up having a stroke from all this stress, and Hagger is happily nursing him back to health.

As for the demons Pugim and Sakkira, Lotor and Allura’s antics kept them plenty busy. They were always finding things to make bets on, from what they would have as their first child, to even side bets over the Lance-Keith situation. Everyone was happy. And everyone lived happily ever after. Except for Zarkon. Sponge baths from an all too eager Hagger were enough to force the old man into constant relapses

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