Chained 04

The water was the perfect temperature, a soothing warmth that chased away any chill she might have felt in the moment. Allura smiled, and leaned back against the tiled edge of the bathing pool, her bare bottom resting on the topmost step of the pool. The water caressed over her in waves, Allura in the shallowest section of the bathing pool, her breasts barely covered save for the foam that created bubbles all around her.

She wasn’t alone in the pool, two of her most favored slaves were present, Jahn and Terrance on either side of her. The two handsome men each had a hold of one of her arms, Allura limp and languid in their grasp as they worked jasmine scented oils into her skin. Their strong hands massage her arms, sending soft pleasure along her skin as their fingers kneaded and caressed. It was almost enough to relax her to the point of sleep, Allura letting out a content sigh as she let her head fall back to rest on the pool’s edge.

Someone slipped a pillow between her and the tile, Allura smiling as she kept her eyes close. It felt good to be pampered like this, the girl enjoying the gentleness after her new slave’s roughness. As exciting as Lotor had been, he had succeeded in leaving her sore, a pleasant ache between her legs that she attributed to being well fucked. Lotor was a magnificent beast, a rough, wild lover that had her excited in a way she hadn’t been in a long time.

For too long had she grown complacent in the surroundings of her harem, with her men falling to their knees at the sight of her, all but begging for any scrap of attention she’d throw their way. It had grown boring, Allura realizing now she had been settling into ennui, her life predictable and dull. The sex of course was fantastic, but her men no longer challenged her in the way she had grown to crave.

Thank goodness for Nanny, the woman realizing exactly what Allura needed. What a prize she had stumbled on, the woman purchasing the Drule at some covert underground market. She could have easily kept Lotor for herself, but Nanny was always a generous sort at least where Allura was concerned. Her smile turned fond, Allura thinking of the woman who had been both a mother and a teacher to her.

She shuddered to think what would have happened to her if not for Nanny. Of how ordinary her life would have been had the woman kept quiet about her extracurricular activities. Allura would have been just another spoiled princess, girlie to a fault, ignorant of the true role of women in the universe. Instead of being in charge, she would have been a mere puppet, her strings pulled by her advisors and then by the man she would marry. Her planet wouldn’t be hers to rule, anymore than her life would be hers to make choices for.

Nanny had shown her different, had opened her eyes to the alien concept of women being in charge. The woman reveled in the power she could command over men, those males sex starved and half crazed for her body, the woman using all of her charms and skills to keep them wrapped around her finger. Allura marveled at Nanny’s talents, and understood that the power she wielded now doubled what she had wielded in her younger, trimmer days.

Such was Nanny’s skill that though she was no longer considered a beauty, the woman long past her prime, she could still bring men to heel under her foot with just a few choice words and looks. She exuded power, and men trembled before her. Nanny was only too kind to pass this knowledge on to Allura, introducing her to the secret world where men submitted to a woman’s every whim.

Allura had embraced the concept eagerly, becoming a favored apprentice to her Nanny. She learned everything Nanny had to teach, her lessons not limited to just using her body and her words to control men. She learned how to handle the tools of the trade, and it was Nanny who first put the whip into Allura’s hand. Allura could still remember the thrill of power that coursed through her when she cracked a whip for the first time, men dropping to their knees in open supplication.

She only continued to shine under Nanny’s tutorship, and soon Allura became a master of her own. She soon had Coran and the other men that had been her parent’s advisors heeling under her, Allura taking control of her kingdom. No longer would she be a ruler in name only, she wanted the power that went with it.

And it was good to be Queen, Allura reveling in the control she had over everyone’s lives. She immediately began implementing changes, allowing slavery to be established on the planet. But never of her own people, the slaves had to come from elsewhere, the Arusians often buying from the Drule slavers. It wasn’t long before there was at least one slave per every household, and the richer families owned several.

Allura also became a new kind of symbol for the women of Arus, many of them aspiring to be like her. There was many wanna be Dominas on Arus now, though they couldn’t hold a candle to Allura’s own prowess. They simply lacked the advantage of an education by the woman known simply as Nanny. Allura was on top of the world, in more ways than one, absolutely supreme in her rulership over the men and women of Arus.

It was a feminine revolution Allura ushered in under Nanny’s guidance, the women of Arus seizing more power for themselves, breaking free of the familiar roles that had been handed to them for centuries. No longer content to merely be happy home makers, the women were forging ahead with career paths of their own, demanding and getting equality in and out of the bedroom, or even becoming masters in their own homes.

Allura nearly laughed out loud, thinking of how the men of Arus had had their whole worlds turned upside down in just a few short years. They had barely been able to form a resistance, too stunned and shocked by the way the women seized authority.

Allura saw nothing wrong with this shift in power, looking on with approval of her sisters. She thought it high time the men learn their places in society, which on most days meant they should be on their knees worshipping at the feet of a woman.

She smirked now, feeling her slaves caressing the oils into her torso, hands moving up and down her waist, another set fondling her breasts. It was a sexual touch, but it didn’t arouse her, Allura currently having no interest in the two men besides her. It was no slight to Jahn and Terrance, she simply was too consumed with thoughts about her newest slave.

She wondered how he was dealing with things, if he was even awake yet. She giggled, thinking if he was up she’d have heard something by now, for Lotor did not seem the type to settle in quietly to his new surroundings.

Jahn’s strong hands were parting her thighs, Allura enjoying the way he began massaging her left leg. Terrance’s hands left her breast to tend to her right thigh, each man doing slow, smooth strokes down from her thigh to her knee and then back up again. She practically purred with contentment, Allura satisfied she would smell of jasmine all over.

Heels clicked on the floor, Allura recognizing the determined click clack of foot steps that belonged to her Nanny. She didn’t even open her eyes at first, just concentrating on the sensations of the oil massage. The shoes came to a halt besides her head, and only then did Allura speak.

“I’ll have to think up a suitable reward.” She said, and opened her eyes just in time to catch Nanny’s smile.

‘Then you’re pleased with the new slave?”

“Oh pleased doesn’t begin to cover it.” Allura told her, grinning. “I’m ecstatic.” Out the corner of her eye she noted Jahn and Terrance moving down her legs so that they placed her feet flat against their chests. Their fingers flexed and kneaded, working over the soles of her feet, and she let out a blissful sound of appreciation. The two slaves did good work, relaxing away any cramps she might have felt from breaking in her newest pair of heels.

“Good.” Nanny’s smile curved, the woman pleased with Allura’s response. “I knew as soon as I saw him he would be perfect for you.”

“Oh he’s something all right.” Agreed Allura, aware her two slaves were listening to everything she said. She wondered if they would be jealous of Lotor, if they would make life hard for him in the harem. It didn’t really matter to her, and she had the suspicion that the Drule could hold his own against any abuse the other slaves might try to throw his way. “I wouldn’t go so far as to say he’s perfect. Not yet.”

“That’s because you haven’t broken him in properly.” Nanny replied, looking a bit predatory in the moment. “But once you do, you’ll be reaping the benefits.”

“I already am hard at work on that.” Allura assured her. “He’s going to be a stubborn one, I can tell.” Her eyes gleamed, Allura feeling excited for the challenge Lotor would present her. “I may even need your help with him.”

Nanny looked positively delighted at the thought, her hand going to her hip where a coiled bull whip lay resting. “I am always available for consultation to you, your highness.”

“Yes, I know.” Allura smirked, then let out a hiss, finding Jahn was pressing just under her toes in a way that felt delightful.

“So what is he like?” Nanny was brimming with curiosity, a fact that had Allura lifting one golden brow in surprise.

“You did not take the time to sample him before giving him to me?”

“I left him untried.” Nanny told her, still fingering her whip. A laugh then, the woman confidant in the words she spoke next. “You know me Allura. If I had dallied with him, I would have been unable to resist breaking him. And then where would be your fun?”

“A wise choice.” Allura nodded, so confidant in Nanny’s skill that she was certain the Drule wouldn’t have been able to withstand the woman’s tender mercies. “He’s got a lot of fight in him though. This may take me some time…”

“Only if you doubt yourself.” Nanny answered, making a tsking sound. “But if you are confidant and use your skills to the fullest, I don’t see why you can’t have him trained within a week.”

A week seemed too short to Allura, the girl hoping to get more enjoyment out of Lotor than that. “Give me a little more time! Two weeks at most!” A lofty laugh from them both, the women taking pleasure out of the thought of making the proud Drule slave realize his place.

“Although…” Allura added thoughtfully, pulling her feet free of the men’s hands. “He is a stubborn one. He has a lot of fight and fire to him. I could see the tempest churning in his eyes, even when he was drugged it blazed with a violent fury.”

The sound of water splashing was heard, the men moving to help Allura stand. She straightened and began to climb out of the pool, Jahn hurrying to fetch a large white towel which he wrapped around her. Nanny ran a critical eye over her form, lips frowning as she spotted the bruises on Allura’s arms.

“They look worse than they feel.” Allura told her, holding the towel in place with one hand. “They’ll fade soon enough.”

“Still he’s taken liberties he shouldn’t have.” Nanny said, and Allura nodded. She was well aware of Jahn and Terrance listening, the two slaves working to clean away the oils and things she had used during her bath. She couldn’t admit, not with the two eavesdropping, that she had found Lotor’s use of force exciting. Even if the men hadn’t been present she probably would have kept silent about it, not wanting to see disappointment on Nanny’s face.

“We’ll have to work on coming up with a new cocktail.” Allura said, dripping water as she strode towards the bathroom door. “He’s resilient. The drugs wore off far too quickly for my liking.”

“I’ll get to work on it right away.” Nanny replied, then murmured in her ear. “Your…advisors are waiting for you.”

“What now?” Allura sighed, having hoped to have a free day to rest and contemplate her plans for her new slave.

“It’s Pollux again.” Nanny answered. “There’s been movement from it’s royal family.”

“Damn.” Allura hissed, and pushed open the door that led into her spacious bedroom. Coran and the other advisors were waiting inside for her, immediately coming forward, voices speaking a mile a minute. Allura held up her hand for silence, her demand for quiet being granted. “One at a time, please.” She stalked over to her closet, and began looking over her outfits, trying to decide what she would wear next.

“Your highness…” Coran began, a few stray grumbles from the other advisors being heard. “As you know, the moving planet Pollux is coming on it’s yearly trajectory that will put it at it’s closest to Arus.”

“And that means the King of Pollux will lead another invasion attempt against us.” Allura sighed. It was practically tradition that Pollux attack Arus every year at this time, the planet’s king overly predictable in his lust for her world. In her short life span of twenty years, the king of Pollux had skipped the invasion only once and that in and of itself was a mystery. “Honestly Coran, I know all this. Tell me something new.”

“There’s rumors that the King is on his death bed. His son, the crown prince Avok is poised to take command.” Now that she hadn’t known, Allura turning interested eyes at Coran.


He nodded grimly. “Yes.”

“And does the prince share the same ambitions as his father?” She asked, and Coran hesitated.

“He seems to.”

“You’re uncertain. I want facts.” Allura told him.

“Then how is this for a fact, my Queen.” His usage of her title drew her attention, Allura waiting for Coran to continue. “Of the last five years, four of the attacks on Arus have been led personally by Crown Prince Avok. And each time, he’s come closer and closer to conquering us.”

“But they haven’t.” Allura said confidently.

“Yet. Don’t forget your highness. They almost won last year.”

“Almost doesn’t count in war.” Allura pointed out, and dropped her towel. Coran immediately turned his attention elsewhere, the man still leery and uncomfortable around Allura’s easy going nakedness. She smirked at him, and turned back to her closest, puling on a short silk robe that was in the kimono style favored on a section of the planet Earth.

She belted it loosely around her waist, the fabric opening enough to flash her cleavage as she walked over to her vanity. She set down, doing a slow crossing of her legs as she reached for her hair brush. “Besides.” Allura continued, working the brush over her hair. “We have Voltron. They’ll never be able to defeat us so long as we have the lions to protect us.”

“Then how do you explain last year?” Coran wanted to know, and she gave an uncaring shrug of her shoulders. “Queen Allura, you are aware that it only takes one loss on our part to give Pollux the victory they so craved? You can hand them a thousand defeats, but they will always come back. Perhaps we should try making peace with them….”

His words had her other advisors making alarmed noises, the men and women having various reactions to the idea. Some were for it, some were not, some feared Pollux and Arus could never peacefully coexist, not with their bloody history. “Peace….?!” At her quiet but stern word, the advisors fell silent, one man paling as Allura pointed her brush at Coran.

“I will never, ever make peace with Pollux.” She hissed. “Their assassins killed my parents. They would have killed me too, if Nanny hadn’t been there to protect me.”

“And we’re all grateful to Mistress Nanny for her interference.” Coran said, and just the sound of his voice annoyed her.

“There better not be a but involved.” Allura returned the brush into her hair, her stroking angry and vicious, to the point Nanny tsked.

“You’ll rip out the strands of your lovely hair if you don’t treat it more gently.” The woman’s voice calmed Allura down somewhat, her hand slowing, becoming more gentle.

“We can’t keep fighting with Pollux…” Coran tried one more time, but Allura cut him off.

“Then we don’t.” She saw hope in Coran’s eyes, Allura crushing it in the next instant. “This time we won’t give them the chance to attack us first. This time we will go to them.” Gasps all around, only Nanny looked like she approved. “It’s time we prove Arus can be as ruthless and on the offensive as Pollux could ever hope to be. And advisor? I won’t stop until all the heads of that royal family have been slain….and then? Then you shall have your peace for Arus!”

“Queen Allura, is this wise? Violence only begets more violence and tragedy!”

“They should have thought of that before they sent assassins to wipe out Arus’ royal family.” Allura retorted. “Coran, I don’t even have a cousin left to my name. I’m the only one left..if I die, Arus will suffer as others come to fight for my crown.”

“Which brings me to our other agenda.” Coran began, And Allura fought to keep from rolling her eyes in annoyance. She already knew where this conversation was going. “My Queen, you simply must choose a husband and soon. We need to work on rebuilding the royal family, on strengthening your hold on the throne.”

“And you think a husband will do that?” She was snide, knowing she held as much power as one person could on Arus.

“Yes!” An exasperated Coran exclaimed. “At the very least, you could finally give birth to an official heir, one that would be recognized by the nobles.”

“I’m not ready to play baby maker.” Allura retorted, flipping her hair over her shoulder. “Nor am I in any hurry to be tied down by the bonds of matrimony. I value my freedom too much for that.”

‘It’s a freedom you can’t afford!” Coran snapped. “You can’t keep up this ways, you can’t keep running around with a harem. Not when so much is at stake! You need to settle down and stop this foolishness, stop sleeping around and…”

“ENOUGH!” Allura had leapt to her feet, the brush flying through the air to strike Coran in the face. “I rule here! Never forget that! At best you can simply make suggestions, one I can and will ignore! You’ve no right to tell me how to live my life, and no right to try and take my freedom from me!”

Nanny looked like she wanted to clap her hands in approval, Allura and Coran locking eyes, the tension between them apparent. The man had to fight to keep from openly displaying his anger, but she could tell by how red his face was that her words had affected him.

“Queen Allura…” he began tersely, fingers clutching at the data pad in his hand. “I meant no disrespect. I only meant to…” She’d never get to find out what he meant to do, for guards suddenly came running into the room, the two men excited and panting.

“What is the meaning of this?!” Nanny demanded, striding forward to meet them, her hand already uncoiling her whip. The men cringed, knowing she’d be quick to use her weapon against them if she didn’t like their answer.

“Your highness…” Both guards dropped to one knee, keeping their heads bowed. “It’s the new slave…”

“What about him?” Allura asked, making no move towards the men.

“He’s going wild!” One answered, and the other nodded.

“He woke up in a fury. We can’t get him under control. Furniture has been broken, and already two men, one a slave, has been injured by his fists.”

“What about the sedatives?!” Allura demanded, and the men seemed to pale.

“We can’t get close enough to use it on him. We fear we may have to use lethal force to calm him down!”

“That is unacceptable!” Allura hissed, and now she was moving, padding barefoot towards the men. They seemed to cower, Nanny already lifting her arm back as though she would lash them with her whip. “Hold Nanny.” She placed a hand on the woman’s shoulder, staying her attack. “You’ll get to put your skills to use on a more satisfying target.”

“You mean the Drule?” Nanny grinned when Allura nodded. “My hand is your hand, your highness.”

“Yes.” Allrua agreed, voice faint with amusement. “It is.” Without a backwards glance at her advisors, she stalked out of the room, Nanny following close behind. Even from this distance she could hear voices shouting, echoing down from the harem’s corridor. Nanny and Allura exchanged a silent glance, and then both broke into a run, hurrying towards the chaotic noise.

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