Mask 04

Pain throbbed through him, a concentrated sensation that focused on his aching groin, Prince Lotor letting out a grunt as he pushed up off his knees. He knew he was grimacing, Lotor gritting his teeth as he tried to ignore the fading pain as he staggered to his feet. As he moved, he cursed himself, angry recriminations that helped distract him, and fuel his rage.

“How could I have fallen for such a trick?!” He snarled to himself. Never had he expected the princess of Arus to be such an accomplished liar, Lotor wondering if his lust for her, the sheer and unbridled joy he had felt at her words of submission, could render him stupid. It was only for Allura, only for that one woman that he allowed himself to fall prey to such an attack, Lotor finding it a first to be kneed in such a delicate area by her.

With a growl, he turned towards the door, her name a soft scream on his lips. It frightened him how angry he sounded, Lotor knowing Allura would not come running back at hearing the fury in which he displayed in the voicing of her name. But still he screamed, fists wrenching the door open, and lurched into the hallway. A quick sweep of the area showed it empty, of the girl and of the servants. A grim smile was on his face as he realized the night’s festivities had to have started, servants being ordered away so as not to see their betters in such a lewd state.

He didn’t quite laugh, Lotor forcing himself to run, the prince imagining Allura’s reaction when she saw the words he had spoken were true. If he was lucky, she’d be so stunned by the sordid display, he’d be able to quickly catch up to her, and usher her out of the mansion before she truly realized what had happened. A smirk on his lips as he imagined his victory over her, Lotor hurried towards the door that led into the ball room.

The door itself was not fully closed, an awkward sliver revealed the light of the room it guarded. Lotor did not pause, giving a hard push of the door, and stepped into the ball room. His eyes swept over the room, noting the naked and gyrating bodies of the guests, Lotor hardly perturbed by the display. Clothes were strewn all over the place, an uncaring discard of both outfits and morals as the people participated in all matters of sex games.

Allura herself stood out among these depraved nobles, her purple gown a stark contrast against the flesh on display. Lotor saw her on the arm of a masked man, his hair a reddish brown that reminded him of Prince Tristan. Lotor’s eyes narrowed to see this man escorting her towards the exit on the other side of the room, the distance between them seeming to stretch on for an infinity.

“Allura!” Lotor shouted out her name, trying to get her attention. He saw her jump at the sound, but the princess did not turn in his direction, taking a hurried step towards the door. That made him curse under his breath, Lotor moving to follow.

He had to step over couples, meandering around bodies, and trod over ruffled clothing. Lotor tried not to let desperation build in him, the prince fearing that every second wasted meant another chance for Allura to escape him. He feared she’d get off the mansion’s property before he even made it across the room, Lotor angrily kicking at hands that reached towards him in entreaty.

Pouts formed on masked faces, the people not understanding why Lotor chose not to join them. But they didn’t focus too long on this puzzle, quick to turn to their more eager partners and resume their amorous activities. Lotor himself ignored them as best he could, and was almost to the door when a familiar voice called out to him.

“Lotor! Where the devil have you been?!” It was the Baron who spoke, mask still firmly in place, the Drule completely at ease with his state of undress.

“The princess of Arus is here.” Lotor hissed, seeing the shocked turn of the Baron’s mouth. “Get your clothes and find the Duke. We have work to do.”

“The princess here?!” The Baron repeated, stunned. “But…but why would she be at this type of party?!”

“She didn’t know.” Lotor said, then added impatiently. “Get a carriage or some mode of transport ready for me. I want to leave immediately!” He was already moving, ignoring the Baron’s weak protests, the man hardly ready to leave the party. A glare from over his shoulder had the Baron moving into action, his protesting words dying down as he went to seek out the Duke.

Lotor reached the door, and yanked it open, stepping into the narrow hall. The door fell close, muffling the music, Lotor’s sharp hearing trying to listen for Allura’s voice, her footsteps, the crinkle of her skirts, something. He stepped to the left, unsure of where to go, when he heard it. Faint but distinct, Allura’s voice, a panicked scream issuing out of her.

That got Lotor’s heart beating faster, the prince wondering what could have his angel so upset. The scream sounded again, Lotor turning to move in the direction it came from, the prince slow to realize it was coming from the second floor. With her screams in his ears, Lotor took to the steps, sprinting upwards and onto the second floor’s landing. Her voice was louder here, stronger in volume and in fear, Lotor dashing past rooms as he tried to narrow in on Allura’s location.

Amidst her screams, he heard a man’s voice, raising in anger to bellow at her. “Damn you be quiet!” Allura seemed not to listen, her voice a clear cry for help, followed by the man’s angry retort. “Little bitch, I told you be silent!”

Lotor arrived at a door, hearing the two shouting from behind it. Lotor tried the door knob, even though he was positive the door would be locked. It rattled in his fist’s grip, but did not budge, Lotor growling as he backed up. “Allura!” Lotor shouted, and threw himself shoulder first at the door, feeling the impact rattle him down to the bones.

“Lotor!” shrieked Allura, the prince throwing himself again at the door. It shook on it’s hinges, hardly able to bear up to the full impact of a Drule’s male’s weight and strength. “Help me!”

“I’m coming!” Lotor assured her, throwing himself a third time at the door. It creaked and groaned, wood starting to splinter.


The fourth time did it, the door falling off one of it’s hinges, the lock busted as Lotor and the door swung into the room. For a second Lotor just stared, wondering why he was so surprised by what he saw. He knew from the way Allura had been screaming that there was little options in what was going on behind this door. It could have been only two things, murder or rape, and the way her breasts were laid bare to the room, her skirts hitched up to reveal her smooth thighs left no question in Lotor’s mind as to what was going on.

Even as he moved, his eyes were taking in details, noticing that one cheek was redder than the other, bearing the imprint of a man’s hand from where it slapped her. His eyes flashed with murderous intent, Lotor glaring at the man who was on top of Allura, with his breeches shoved down to his knees. Lotor barely registered that it was Prince Tristan who was attempting to prey on Allura, the prince hearing himself let out a fierce snarl.

Prince Tristan was red faced and sweaty, his hand letting go of Allura’s wrists, the other still resting on the inside of Allura’s thigh. Lotor’s gaze was heavy on that hand, the prince letting out a gasp at the look on Lotor’s face. But there was no guilt in Tristan’s expression, only outage that Lotor had interfered at a key moment.

“Just who do you think you are, barging in here uninvited?!” Lotor realizing that all this time Tristan had been shouting at him, the man displaying a false bravado he clearly did not feel. “Can’t you see you’re interrupting?! Leave now before I summon the guards!”

Tristan wisely tried to back up as Lotor advanced on the bed, the prince of Doom’s fingers curling and uncurling into fists. At Tristan’s movement, Lotor became aware of his revealed erection, and that sent another wave of fury through him. Almost without being aware of it, Lotor had reached the bed, and though Tristan raised his hands to defend himself, somehow Lotor had wrenched him up off the bed, and down to the floor. His right foot was on Tristan’s head, pinning him cheek first to the floor, Lotor kneeling over the man.

“Are you all right?” His tone was gruff as he spoke to Allura, doing a cursory glance at her body, seeing bruises on her breasts. That made him push harder with his foot, Lotor tempted to crush Tristan’s face into pulp. Allura tried to speak, but it came out a squeak, the girl using her head to nod. Her eyes were too wide, blue startled and he realized she was in a state of shock.

“Good. I won’t be but a moment.” Lotor said, and lifted his foot off of Tristan. The slime who dared pride himself on a reputation built on good deeds, immediately tried to crawl away, Lotor snagging him by the shoulders, and hauling him upright. “How dare you!!” Lotor hissed, and flung him into the dresser, the man’s body bouncing hard against the wood, the knick knacks on top it’s surface falling to the floor. Tristan seemed to cringe at the sound of glass breaking, but tried to muster up a show of confidence.

“This is a private affair.” Tristan began, Lotor appearing before him to slam a large fist into his cheek. Tristan howled in pain, reeling back as another fist hit him, this time in his stomach. The flabby gut of the prince was no match for Lotor’s hand, the prince punching him two more times there, seeing Trsitan choke on his saliva. “This…” He panted and wheezed, trying to get the words out. “This is a moment of disagreement between my fiancee and I. I’ll have you not interfere.”

“Your fiancee?” Lotor questioned with a snort. “Do not make me laugh. Allura would never lower herself to marry scum such as yourself.” His eyes narrowed further, staring at Tristan. “You struck her, didn’t you?”


“DIDN’T YOU?!” Roared Lotor, backhanding Tristan across his face.

“Yes.” Came Tristan’s whispered out response, which only enraged Lotor further. A few more punches from Lotor, Trsitan cowering before him, his hands held over his head.

“You tore at her dress, at her body, you would have raped her if I hadn’t arrived in time.” Lotor hissed, pausing in his brutal beating of Tristan.

“Yes. Yes to it all!” Tristan cried out, an instant before Lotor’s hand was around his throat. Tristan made a gurgling noise, Lotor lifting him up off the floor so that his feet dangled. The reddish brown haired prince grabbed at the Drule’s wrist, trying to scratch at the sleeve that covered his skin. Tristan’s eyes bulged out, he made pitiful wheezing sounds as he tried to claw and pull Lotor’s hand off his throat.

Lotor was dimly aware he was smiling, a grim look of satisfaction in his eyes as he watched the light grow dimmer in Tristan’s eyes. He didn’t quite laugh, but Lotor was close, tensing his fingers tighter around Tristan’s wind pipe. It would be so easy to just crush the man’s throat, but Lotor wanted Tristan to suffer, to feel panic and disbelief over the situation as his life slowly ebbed away from him.

“Lotor!” Allura’s voice was followed by the touch of her small hands on his arm, the princess tugging urgently at him. “Please…..don’t kill him!” It made him blink, Lotor stunned by the note of pleading in Allura’s voice.

“He tried to rape you Allura.” Lotor said, his tone calm, his face blank of emotion. “He slapped you and held you down. He deserves to die.”


“But what?” Lotor asked, still choking Tristan to death.

“But let us settle this another way. In the courts, on the battle field….but not with outright murder…” Allura begged. “Please Lotor I…I…” She suddenly burst into tears, Lotor pained to hear the sound of her unrestrained sobbing. “I just want to leave!”

Tristan was already unconscious, Lotor relaxing his fingers so that the man dropped from his hand and onto the floor. Lotor didn’t even check on him, turning to sweep Allura up in his arms. She shook with her tears, burying her face against his jacket. Lotor’s hands were on her bare back, rubbing comforting circles into her skin. “Shh…” Lotor made soothing sounds, trying to calm her down.

Allura continued to sob softly, her hands clinging to the front of his jacket. Now that he wasn’t trying to kill Tristan, Lotor was unsure of what to do, what to say, feeling some of his anger evaporate as he held the trembling girl.

“Allura…it’ll be okay….” Lotor whispered, continuing to stroke his fingers up and down the length of her back. “He won’t ever hurt you again. I’ll make sure of it.”

“Not by killing him!” Allura cried out into his chest.

“Yes, yes I promise. I won’t kill him.” Make his life miserable, enslave his planet, blast it into ruin, and leech away all his resources was just a few of the ways Lotor planned to pay back Tristan.

“Thank you.” She whispered amidst sobs. “Lotor…I was so scared. I thought he’d….he’d…”

“Shh…he didn’t. I got here in time.” Lotor reassured her.

“But if you hadn’t…” She shuddered, and Lotor hugged her tighter to him.

“But I did.”

“You were right about everything.” She finally looked up at him, Allura’s face tear streaked and pale. “About the party….and what kind of man Tristan is.” He said nothing to that, feeling a hollow victory at being right. “He…he’s awful!! He told me everyone would believe I wanted him since I was seen leaving the ball room with him.” She sniffled. “He had this planned from the start!”

Another wave of rage passed through him, but outside Lotor showed Allura a calm demeanor. “I’m sorry this happened to you. Sorry you had to learn that not all men who do good, are as nice behind closed doors. I’m just glad I was here to save you from him.”

“I’m glad too. Grateful….” Allura said.

If the situation wasn’t so traumatic for her, Lotor would have teased Allura by asking her to prove just how grateful she was. Instead he merely sighed, and pushed her out of his embrace, seeing her look questioningly at him. “Here…” Lotor unbuttoned his jacket, forcing himself not to look at her bare breasts. “Put this on. We’re leaving.”

She nodded, taking the jacket from him, and putting it on. It trailed down past her hips, her purple skirt extending beneath the jacket’s hem. It was really too big on her, dwarfing her hands, and bagging around her, but Allura looked grateful for the coverage. Her face was still streaked with tears, mascara running down in dark rivulets that revealed to all that looked at her that she had been crying.

“Take my mask.” Lotor decided, pulling the black satin from his face. “They may have seen your face once, but they need not see you in your moment of tears.”

“Thank you.” Allura said, and put the mask on. He didn’t quite smile at her, taking hold of her hand, their fingers being laced together. She moved willingly enough when he took a step forward, the prince eager to leave behind this room and the nightmare it held for her. “Lotor…?” At the questioning note in her voice, he stopped, glancing at her. “How will we get back to town? Prince Tristan said all the carriages were sent away for the night.”

“Don’t worry.” Lotor said, choosing not to inform her that he planned not return her to town. “I have some men working on getting me transport. They shouldn’t take too long.” They had better not, he thought grimly, thinking on how he would punish his friends if they failed him in this manner.

“All right.” Allura said, accepting his words as fact. She still seemed shaky, but she followed him all the same, almost blind in her trust now that he had proven to be her savior. Lotor only prayed that she wouldn’t come to hate him before the night was through….

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  1. AHHHHHHHH i love this story. I had to go re-read it because I found that you had changed a thing or two, and I must say, I like it. I’m so glad you found the energy to write some more, I LOVE your work, it always inspires me.

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